Mommy’s Little Sissy Ch. 10

Brenda  Gova

Chapter 10:  The ‘Preggos’ Boutique

Well the trap has been set for 3 days, and, all I had to do now was wait and see what happened (giggle).  I certainly hope my mom got the message.  My birthday was only 2 days away now and I really wanted my own Wedding Dress, or a Ballerina Outfit, to make my 13th birthday memorable (tee-hee).  I knew mom had something planned cause I heard her talking on the phone (to who, I don’t know) planning my party.  Oh well, mom was gone food shopping and I knew I had at least 3 hours to myself.  So I striped off my babydoll and headed for moms room.

I went right for her panty drawer and and pulled out several colors, a yellow, a black, and my favorite, a pink.  Seems like pink was my ‘girlie’ color (tee-hee).  Next I went to her bra drawer and did the same thing only this time I picked a white bra (white was for virgins (tee-hee)).  Then I pulled a full slip from a hanger and slid into it.  Feeling the cool silk sliding down my body woke up my little soldier and it started drooling (giggle, oh stop that or I’ll have a mess to clean up).  Then I spotted something I hadn’t noticed before in the back of her closet.  It was a pink smock and matching skirt, a ‘Pregnant’ outfit (I smiled).

Well if I was going to look the part I was going to have to do something.  Looking around her bedroom I spied a throw pillow on moms bed that appeared to be the right size. Grabbing it up I stuffed it under her slip.  It was a tight fit but the slip held it in place.  Pulling the skirt on over my belly made me giggle, but when I put the smock on and looked in the mirror I had to smile.  ‘You’re a lovely little mother Brian’ I thought (and I giggled out loud).  Then I wondered what boy had ‘nailed’ me (and I giggled some more).
Sitting at the dressing table I brushed my hair into a ‘girlie’ cut and applied some lipstick and a little cheek ‘blush’..  Adding some earrings seemed to complete my ‘girlie’ look and satisfied I stood up and ‘waddled’ around the room.  Just then mom came home and called out ‘Brian’, where are you son’.  ‘Up here mom’ I croaked, just knowing she was going to beat me silly.  But instead she saw me and said ‘Oh son, you’re beautiful!  I see you found the ‘Maternity Clothes’ I left for you.   When are you due?  Giggle, come on tell me, you must have an idea!  When’s the baby due son, giggle?’  I guess I looked like I was about 5 or 6 months pregnant so I told her ‘in about 3 or 4 months mom’.  “OK, we have plenty of time to get the nursery ready then.’  ‘The nursery’, I exclaimed, I hadn’t planned on going that far.  In fact I hadn’t planned on carrying the baby to term, ugggghhhh.  Mom was in her own little fantasy world.  Oh it’s going to be so much fun son!  In fact, let’s go get you a new Birthday Party dress right now, giggle.

We’ll go down to the ‘Pregnant Teen Maternity Fashion’s’ boutique, since you’re all ready dressed appropriately, and pick one out today, giggle.  Noooo mom, I pleaded, to no avail.  Mom had her mind made up, I was going shopping and that was it.  So picking up her purse and grabbing me by the hand out the door we went, down to the teen girls shop (I was waddling all the way).  On the way we passed several people who all asked ‘Oh how pretty, when are you due dear?’ Which I answered all, with a pretty smile, ‘in September Ma’am’.  My mother just let out a barely audible, low, giggle. Finally, we reached the shop and stopped to look in the window, right at a naked pregnant black mannequin (the store must have been changing dresses), with mom commenting on how pretty they all were.

We looked at the window display for a couple of moments then walked in. I had already picked out the dress I wanted from the display but I went in to look anyway (tee-hee).  I thought the pink dress would look great on me (I guess pink was my color, giggle).

So I tried on several dresses to please my mom.  I tried on a Classic Black (I really liked that one, but was too old for me), a Fairy Blue Tinkerbelle print (Uggghhh, too gay), and  a Lemon Yellow with Daisy Print (that was OK too), but I kept coming back to my favorite.  The pink with abstract flower print I had picked out in the store window.  Putting it on I modeled it for mom and she liked it too saying (in too loud a voice) ‘Oh you look wonderful son!’  ‘Mom, not so loud everyone will hear you!’  I want everyone to know my son is a beautiful ‘Sissy’, tee-hee, and you have that wonderful pregnant glow, tee-hee.

I left the store embarrassed and beat red, and definitely not talking to mom.  She giggled all the way home telling me I was wonderful, and that all the girls loved me and wanted to see me again.  To that I responded ‘figure the odds on that mom’.  But they’ll help you in your third trimester son, that’s the toughest time in pregnancy.  But mom, it’s a pillow, I’m really not giving birth, and remember I’m a boy. Mom gave out a low ‘giggle’ and said ‘Only time will tell, we’ll see son’.

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