Man Dating Ch. 9

Written by Caroline S.

Edited by Sis

The shopping trip was now complete; in fact they left the last shop about
thirty minutes ago. Their hands full of gaily colored bags with lots of
dainty ribbons from a collection of stores that not only had he never heard
of or even mentioned before, but ones he had dared not enter for any reason
what so ever. They were so feminine and obviously women's stores that his
mere presence would be so noticeable he would have been too embarrassed to
even go into and further he would have been asked to leave and to never
return. Each were now all mere memories but clearly present in the colorful
mountain of plastic and ribbon. The very ample bags now full of cute,
possibly even some clothing that could arguably be described as feminine,
but all fully hidden from view and only hinting at their unique contents by
an imaginative use of typography, clearly and loudly proclaiming the name
of the store.

Tuck sat opposite from Mrs. Getty at one of the small bistro style
restaurants sipping a cup of Camille tea, laced with sweetened lime cream.
The fragrance alone was so delightful it pulled a smile from Tuck just
sitting in front of him, waiting casually for him to take the first sip. He
had his hands crossed carefully in his lap, nearly adhered with mastic and
cement to his inner thighs, as he did want to raise them to the table's
full platform.

"Well that was one of the most enduring shopping expeditions I have
undertaken in many a month," Mrs. Getty said lifting her cup of tea and
blowing gently against the surface in an effort to adjust the temperature
more to her liking.

"Yes, I am truly overwhelmed and do not know how to even begin to say thank

"Nonsense, I consider it an investment which will be paid back in full and
many times over in the coming months and years. I think we have started on
a fine and highly distinctive wardrobe."

"I just hope you will find that I am worth the trouble," Tuck added most
truthfully not yet understanding his unproven value to his new boss. "There
must be hundreds of dollars worth of clothes."

"Not another word regarding funds or amounts," Mrs. Getty said almost
sharply, "and that would be in the thousands," she corrected with a just a
hint of a smile. Tuck looked stunned but Mrs. Getty was glancing off in a
different direction and took no notice of the lost look filling Tucks
smooth face.  Turning back with a smile on her lips, "Come now dear, drink
your tea before it gets cold."

Tuck slowly pulled his arm from his lap up to the table top and took hold
of the tea cups delicate handle. As he looked down at his hand as it was
impossible not to notice the smooth and soft skin, slender fingers and
artfully tended nails. The soft gloss pink shining back to him, a near
perfect match to the rose petals in the art work adorning the porcelain
glass, looked as if they could belong to a different person. She might be

"I am so enjoying our day, I want to thank you," Mrs. Getty said turning
back to the impromptu gathering allowing her feet a welcomed rest from the
hard tile floors they had trod upon for the past several hours.

"My pleasure, and additionally my thank you and," Tuck added laughing or
more of a giggle, "and your most welcome," he smiled back and took a
tentative sip of the tea.

"I do look forward to our dinner this evening, a fun gathering, lots of
friends, I want Mr. Getty to meet you as well and course Jake will be there
and I also invited Debbie from the club," she said waving her tea cup
gracefully making each point very clear, "she was very pleased with my

Tuck was also glad for the brief moments of rest and stretched his toes
inside the confines of the new shoes he was wearing. He was getting used to
the increased height the heels added to his stature. He was afraid still
that they were slightly more feminine in appearance than first thought. But
it was a special occasion and it pleased Mrs. Getty no end, so any
discussion relating to alternate footwear remained unspoken. But Debbie was
going to be there too, his mind flashed to the list of demands she had made
and all not yet filled.

He looked to his hand again holding the tea cup now fully raised and no
longer hidden. His eyes continued their inspection as he took in the shirt
or better defined as a blouse.  The cuffs were much larger than any shirt
he owned or had ever considered for purchase, but again Mrs. Getty's
guidance and expert taste, especially in fashion made him most comfortable
with the choice. The gold and very large cuff links added a truly unique
leaning. The shirt itself, a very pale blue, was set off by a large bright
red tie with little flowers that you could hardly see unless you were up
close.  The securing knot at his neck was big as his hand, widening as it
fell down his chest, at the end it was a least two hands spread, finally
coming just to the tip of his belt. As he touched the smooth fabric he had
to admit, it was indeed striking.

The new pants were extremely tight and actually zipped up in the back, it
was a near argument but the look of confidence in Mrs. Getty's eyes told
him the decision had already been made. In some ways he was glad that the
earlier treatment of his smaller cock, and the size reduction cream that
Debbie had used the day before was still in full affect, allowing the
material to pull smartly between his legs. The smooth tight front would
have most uncomfortable with even the smallest bulge.

Mrs. Getty laid her hand on top of Tucks as he carefully replaced the tea
cup on the matching plate, "I am so pleased as to your full countenance,
the drab clothes gone, the exquisite hair now the color of the angles too."

Tuck smiled at the warm compliments and felt his hand being squeezed by the
older woman, her multiple finger jewels pressing into his soft flesh. "Well
you had a part in that", Tuck added waving his free hand near his face.

"No, I only brought out your natural good looks," she squeezed his hand
softly, "the perfection was there already."

Tuck just smiled at the unexpected but welcome compliment.

"No everything looks just so good," she continued, "perfection is a rare
commodity and you my boy are the purest form of the definition."

The familiar tone of the phone rang briefly limiting further conversation.
It was Mrs. Getty's and she pulled her purse to the table top and reached
inside to recover the needed instrument and hitting the receive button as
she lifted it to her ear. "Yes dear," she said immediately recognizing the
voice and number on the identification stream, " I am fully able to speak,
only among trusted friends," she took a second away from the phone to speak
to Tuck, "its Marie,  I will only be a moment," she returned to the phone.
"Please go on."

The next five minutes were essentially quiet and the silence and
concentration barely disrupted by the soft clink as the tea cups resettled
on the respective plate after every sip.

Tuck turned his hand to catch the light, lifting and slightly spreading his
fingers to better inspect each finished nail.  The color and shine were
without a comparison, wholly unique to past experience, the slight nail
addition, a quarter inch to each, only added to the overall finished look.
He turned his hand over now examining the palm, noticing his wrist coming
out from under the light blue material, fully devoid of even the reminder
of hair. Taking the other hand, he stroked the smooth skin from along his
middle finger to well past his wrist, both noticing the absence of covering
and the softness of his skin.

"Very well," Mrs. Getty's voice broke the self inspection session, "as
always, an exemplary effort, your devotion to me is such a pleasure for me
to experience."

There was some other short form of acknowledgement that only brought a
continued and even bigger smile from Mrs. Getty as she closed the
conversation with a brief comment that was not entirely clear to Tuck, but
he thought he heard the words, "rewards to come" but the conversation was
completed and the phone restored to her purse. "All is going well with the
new Marian project, I am so pleased."

Tuck could not believe how quickly things were moving. The Marian project
must be his software; he was hoping that he had not left to many tangles.

"We have not heard from Jake this afternoon, don't you think you should
share with him the success of our shopping expedition up to this point,"
Mrs. Getty said changing the subject like a left turn in the middle of the

Tuck had not actually thought of Jake for some hours, his new phone having
been silent and his attention focused elsewhere during the very full
morning and now afternoon. He had not ever used the new phone to call Jake
however it had been used several times in the past to contact him, so he
was sure that Jakes number was safely stored in the call file on the phone.

"I suppose I could give him a quick call," Tuck said pulling his own phone
from the man purse he carried, "I just don't want to disturb him, he can be
quite busy and is cross if I disturb him."

"Nonsense, just tell him that Mrs. Getty suggested that you call him to
tell him how the day was going," she smiled her hands crossed on the table
waiting for Tuck's compliance with her suggestion.

"I suppose that should be ok then, I imagine he won't be cross with me if I
share that you suggested I do so."

Tuck took the phone and pushed the phone directory picture and watched an
immediate appearance of a directory page.  There were only a few names
listed and Jakes was listed among the first.  "Here it is," he said opening
the listing for Jake. It was quite full of information address, email, and
more.  Under the phone section the listings included cell, office, main
office, his pager number, he wondered who carried pagers anymore, and there
were two numbers for his home that he had never seen before.  "I wonder
which number I should choose, he has several."  Feeling a bit flustered at
seeing the range of numbers his friend was assigned, and only recognizing
the one he normally used, which was his cell phone, he thought that it was
also the safest one to use.

He looked at Mrs. Getty for some level of assurance and she just smiled
back.  Carefully he hit the proper key for Jakes cell phone.

"Put it on speaker so I can say hello too," she said taking the phone away
and laying it on the table hitting the speaker button as she was doing so
in the brief but firm theft. The phone rang twice, filling the small table
with the familiar noise.

"Marian, is everything all right." Jake's voice was a bit tense but the
immediate recognition of who was calling indicated that the two phones had
a special link.

"Hi Jake, no all is fine, I am with Mrs. Getty and she suggested I give you
a quick call and let you know how the day is going and its going very

"That is very good to hear, your making her day both enjoyable and
comfortable?  You can assure me of that?" Jakes voice was hard and
demanding even through the small speaker.

Tuck looked up nervously to Mrs. Getty hoping she would add some immediate
and audible assurance that he was indeed making the day both enjoyable and
comfortable for his new boss. She smiled back at him as she finished a sip
of tea placing the cup down gently.

"Oh Jake, I am having such a wonderful day with this adorable boy, and my
newest employee.  Our shopping expedition is nearly complete. You would not
believe the adventures we have had already and how pretty he is going to
look for you this evening."

"That is just wonderful to hear Mrs. Getty, I was just worried that he
might be too hard to handle, he can be a bit difficult at times."

"Perhaps your little conversation this morning was most appropriate and
highly beneficial, as we have had such a wonderful day of shopping, haven't
we dear?" With the last words she raised her eyes to Tuck, asking for a

"By all means, yes," Tucks voice was a little distant, and he was still
hearing the word "pretty" as his future description.

"Especially while he was getting the new shoes," Mrs. Getty added smiling
hinting that she wanted to share the full story.  "Marian met the nicest
and most handsome salesman, in fact the owner of the entire shopping
enterprise, three different stores at present, and perhaps a potential
entry for you and new business."

"Is he looking to build or remodel," Jakes mood had shifted to all

"Oh I don't know, you will have to ask him, I know Marian made a very
special effort to say thank you for the excellent service, so I am sure,"
her smile grew larger again and her emphasis on the word "sure" opened the
door clearly and wide, "he can offer an introduction, or even make a
another visit and ask him personally for you."

"A potential for the future," Jake said simply cutting off that part of the
conversation.  "But all is going well?"

"Marian could not be better, yes again the effort you made this morning was
well worth the attention and when needed, a strong repeat might well be
appreciated," she paused and looked at Tuck quite seriously, "when called

"That is something you know will be well handled when the issue demands
it," Jake added directly, his comment obviously towards Tuck.

Tuck blushed knowing that Mrs. Getty was well aware of the personal
attention and was not only condoning its initial appliance but was openly
advocating the continuance of such punishment in the future. It was a
question that would have to be answered but now much more complicated with
his new boss, firmly in place, and in the middle.

"Well I must return to work. I look forward to seeing you and Mr. Getty
this evening..." a pause,  "Marian," the tone changed markedly, "I want your
assurance that your behavior and compliance to the wishes and desires of
Mrs. Getty will continue in a positive manner."

"You have my assurance; my only pleasure is seeing her smile."

"Such a sweet boy," Mrs. Getty said patting Tuck on the hand lightly.

"Til tonight," and the phone clicked off and Jake was gone.

"You are lucky to have such a strong friend, there is a true affection and
caring and that is rare."

"Thank you," Tuck answered not knowing what to say next, "Jake has been a
close friend for many a year. He means a lot to me." It was an answer
possibly more honest than he would have liked to admit or make verbal.

"Come drink your tea, we have several more shops and hours before Jacob
picks us up."

Tuck smiled at her, twisting his head slightly, his blonde hair falling
into his face and over one eye. Mrs. Getty leaned over and gently brushed
it back behind his ear.

"I asked him to bring the Rover to pick up the bags. This establishment
will care for them until his arrival; come now we must make haste as there
is much to do before our time is expended."

Tucked looked over at the pile of previous shopping as the total array of
colors and ribbons were being loaded on to two large trolleys for their
eventual transport and storage.

They stood, each taking hold of their purses and strode out of the bistro
into the array of people, almost growing by the minute. Mrs. Getty took
Tuck by the hand and they moved off to the right. Tuck glanced at his new
watch, gold and very unlike what he normally wore. Three o'clock, so much
was not the usual, it was difficult to know where to start.

The afternoon had moved along at a pace that was not so much an improvement
over the morning but without the risk of asking or objecting to Mrs.
Getty's decisions and over that insecurity, his concerns or objections
absent from the conversation, the time floated along smoothly and without a
crevice.  The bags continued to build up and disappear almost as fast.  The
trolley's, which now seemed to follow their trail through the giant mall,
filled and emptied without further discussion or worry.

Each store they stopped in, they were greeted like distant but long lost
and close family, and now found. Water, wine, and impossibly small
chocolates were the offering at each stop. Tuck stopped looking at price
tags and merely concentrated on the fit. Even the question of conforming to
seemingly normal and past values of appropriateness seemed to vanish, again
making the afternoon seem to travel by without even noticing. Additionally,
without the negative self advice that he had been under during the morning,
the time, and his conversations with Mrs. Getty, were even more delicious,
her sense of humor and his own, a sharing of the same events, brought a
near a constant smile to his lips.

He had lost track of the quantity of clothing that had been procured and
had been told on more than one occasion that it was purely an investment in
his and her future. The time spent he was told would be equally met again
at different centers of fashion excellence and where ever their travels led
them.  Her advice and direction in his new style would be most welcomed,
not only for her but for all of her inner circles and most especially with

Jake, that was the question, a question that Tuck was afraid to ask. Would
he like the new Tuck, the new Marian?  It was a question that he pulled
back on, as the answer was not clear and in hours it would be. In hours, he
would be in front of Jake and it would be decided. The question of
appropriateness, one that he had fully stopped asking, would be answered
and it would be a hard yes or no. There was no gray area.  Mrs. Getty had
seen to that, as her vision of him had been set. The question of course,
how would Jake react.

"Well this is it, my humble abode." Tuck had nearly gone catatonic and
wondered what if anything he had said on the ride there. There he was at
the Getty mansion, and sitting under the covered parkway he could only see
the front door and someone who had already opened his car door.

"Good afternoon Mrs. Getty, I do so hope you had an enjoyable day."

"Yes Mark, it was absolutely divine, it could not have been better. Have
our packages arrived?"

"Yes madam, they have and Heather has pulled them around and loaded them
into the spare bedroom."

"Very good, thank you."

"Come along Marian, I want you to meet Tommy, my husband."

Tuck swung around on his seat and stepped carefully out of the car.  Mark
was at his side waiting patiently for his exit, his hand out as a point of
contact for assistance should Tuck require it. Tuck was determined that it
would not be needed but the heels he was wearing, the foot ware for special
occasions, were still new and the exit from the car and change in height
offered no intrinsic sense of balance. He swayed slightly to his right and
Mark immediately took the proper and required action, catching Tucks hand
in his own and offering the point of contact that prevented a fall and
potential injury.

"Thank you," Tuck said regaining his footing and looking at Mark who was
now only a few inches from his own face, "that was very kind of you."

"Not an issue at all, do you feel alright to move forward now."

"Yes, again, thank you," and Tuck stood up and took another step testing
and insuring his ability to stay upright. "I am good now."

"Come dear, Tommy is usually in the library playing with his model boats,
hurry we need to get changed for dinner, Did you give Mark a thank you
kiss, dear?"

Tuck was a bit surprised at the question, and did not really share an

"Well, next time, please do, he did deserve one or two, that cement is not
padded in any way."

"Ah next time... yes," Tuck said softly nearly to himself looking back at
Mark who had kept him from serious injury and was still smiling in Tucks

Tuck let himself be taken by hand and was led at a faster rate than he
would have intended but did not have to worry about following or getting
lost in the massive home. The quick steps, almost at a run, led them past
several rooms, the doors wide open, a dining room, seating twenty or more,
fully set with sterling white plates, crystal clear glassware that
literally seemed to fill every last bit of space and the gigantic gleaming
wood table. They strode past another room that looked to have several
different leisure items to include a pool table and several pin ball
machines and then down a brightly lit hall and through double doors and
finally into the library.  He had not quite lost his breath but nearly
running in the new footwear was indeed a challenge.

The run ended but the quick stepping followed, across the expanse of deep
red carpet to stand behind a man of an uncertain age, indeed as old or
older than Mrs.  Getty.  The older gentleman turned on hearing the
approaching noise and smiled as he took Mrs. Getty in hand and pulled her
close, their lips met open, kissing fully and without a sense of time.

"My sweet pet, you were gone for so long," he smiled as they parted at the
inner joke of lost opportunity during the morning's secret adventures and
hinting at ones in his universe but never having materialized.

"Yes," she said "but now I have returned to her man and his cavern," she
waved her hand over her head an effort to show him the expanse of his man
cave and private domain.  They both laughed at the private humor of lost
time and opportunity.

"And who might this lovely young man be?"

"Teddy dear, this is Marian."

"Ah Marian," he took Tuck by the hand and pulled him toward him, Mrs. Getty
releasing her hold and seeming to pass it over to the older and very strong
gentlemen standing before them.

"I have heard so much about you already."  He pulled Tuck even closer, "my
sweet tells me of your value to her in near epic prose, I can see why," and
on the last words the small limit that had defined a space between them,
closed. Their lips touched gently at first and then with more intensity and
desire, mouths opened almost if by a magic touch, eyes both closed and held
close.  The kiss, sudden unexpected but with normalness defined and taken
as common as a hand shake,  one which would be given and received again,
each occurrence adding to the growing friend ship. The kiss ended as
quickly as it had begun.  "So happy to have you part of our life."

His voice was deep and resonate, almost as if he belonged on the radio.
Tuck smiled his blush growing, trying to deal with the occurrence of the
unusual and passionate greeting.  "Thank you sir, I am so pleased to meet
you as well."

"I understand that Trudy here has already acquired your services, let me
warn you young man she can be very demanding."

"Mrs. Getty has only been such a pleasure and is the most giving person I
have ever met. I could not be happier to be in her employ," Tuck added

"Very good, I look forward to getting to know you better," his smile and
soft  wink telling Tuck that the kiss was a prelude to much more.

"I do as well sir, thank you."

"So what is next for you two?" Mr. Getty asked his wife who now took Marian
back in hand.

"We have been ravaged by shopping and must repair before dinner?"

"Ahhh most understandable, then I will see you both at another hour or

"Yes, we will be most prepared on our return."  She kissed Mr. Getty once
again this time only a light touch on the lips, "Oh Jake will be coming
this evening he and Marian are dating."

The older gentleman stopped and thought before saying anything but looked
and smiled at Tuck who was blushing heavily again. The Getty smile, set off
the color of his near silver beard, close shaved to being arguably absent
but looked so appropriate on his handsome face. The blue eyes peered out
and nearly closed, his smile so large and full.  "That could not be better
news, my new friend Marian, You could not have a better friend than that of

Tuck only smiled, his blush growing deeper and more profound as the time
moved forward in the large room.  He would not call it "dating" it was just
two friends spending quality time together, but it was not distinction that
he was prepared to discuss with Mr. Getty at the moment.

It was Mrs. Getty that pulled the plug on the fast moving clock, having
Tuck by the hand, she turned away from the still grinning man.

"Ta, dear .. kiss too," she yelled over her shoulder and they were off
again nearly at the full trot as before.

The house flew by as they retraced some steps past the dining room and game
room and then a left at a short hall and then steps wide but not full or
grand as would be in the front of the house and soon they were atop the
second level and down the hall through another set of double doors and into
a bedroom and judging from the color and furnishings, it belonged solely to
Mrs. Getty.

A tall blonde girl in a maid uniform with crisp white apron, a towel over
her arm was leaving as they entered.

Before Mrs. Getty could get a word out the young girl began speaking. "To
madam's pleasure and request, the bath is ready and I have fresh towels on
the warmer. I have added two robes, if you care to use them, classical
music number 7 is playing at the proper volume level, and the lights are
low, with candles neatly placed. I so hope you will find all pleasing and

"Oh Camille your efforts at pleasing me are growing every day, I can see
such improvement."

"Thank you madam, a smile and your words of praise are truly the treasures
that I hold closest."

Tuck could not get over how utterly beautiful the blonde was and secondly
how little she was wearing. The uniform barely covered her most private
parts, and her legs went for ever.

"Please let me know if there is anything more I can do for you."

"Camille please return in 30 minutes, glasses of wine and appropriate
nibbles, let me see continued improvement and perhaps the punishments you
have earned can be slightly lessened."

"Yes madam, as you desire."

She left the room closing the door without even the slightest noise.

"Come my pet, our bath awaits."

Tuck felt his arm being taken in Mrs. Getty's hand, both strong and firm
and guide him to the steaming and warm room at the far end of the bedroom.
The double doors were already open displaying the color and entrapments of
the potentially endless bathroom suite. Once in the door, he now stood on
the pink tiled floor.  The art filled tiles were in dozen of shades of the
flowers most vibrant colors, it was as if he had stepped into a dream.

"Hurry now dear, I don't want to shed any of our time together in talk that
is in any way not directly related to my desire and need to enter the water
quickly and without complaint or argument.  Off with everything." she was
nearly singing as she herself was unbuttoning and unzipping her feminine

"But, I... ," Tuck was speechless, he had no idea what there was to say as
nearly as soon as the word were out.  Seconds later, Mrs. Getty was
standing before him in only a bra and panties, everything else she had been
wearing was unceremoniously dumped on the floor and then kicked to the

"Now, I am not going to say another word dear until you are disrobed
completely. Hush and hurry I am getting cold."

Tuck could tell that the situation was not going to change or improve and
his only choice was either to leave the bathroom and most probably every
aspect of his life, that was indeed looking in the upward direction or
simply to remove the clothes he was wearing and enter the tub. He looked
over to the giant sunken, near swimming pool sized bath, it was still
roaring in terms of water entering the cavity and the bubbles were already
rising to the point of leaving the enclosure. He could not only see and
hear the roaring water but he could also smell the perfumes that had been

The decision really was most simple and he began the process of removing
his tie, and unbuttoning the blouse he was wearing. At first the buttons on
the wrong side were a bit of confusion but he quickly, after undoing the
first, allowed the rest to follow without further issue or at the moment, a
care. He was going to be undressed in a matter of seconds and he was going
to enter the water with his new boss, and she was now only wearing the
briefest of lingerie and he knew that would be discarded in the moments
before she herself entered the water.

Having finished with the buttons, he slipped the shirt off and then pulled
free of the t-shirt beneath, the silk lifted up and over his head, making
an electric hum as it rolled across his smooth and hairless body. The belt
was next and that came undone and then his pants were the point of
departure.  Reaching behind him, he lowered the large silver zipper to its
final position, any escape decisions having already been made, the act of
wiggling them down over his hips and off his legs was not that hard. He
stepped out of them and stood, now only clad in the powder blue socks that
rode up to just below his knees and the ultra brief panties, still with a
small store tag clipped at the waist.

Mrs. Getty was now smiling and reached behind her unclipping the bra she
was wearing and slipped it off. Her breasts were magnificent and Tuck was
just staring at them. The nipples were already stiff and erect.  "Oh sweet
pet, I love how you are adoring my lovely beauties, eyes can be a wonderful
way of sampling delicacies but as in life, it is the taste, the touch and
the smell that excites the senses."

Tuck smiled knowing that he was to have full access to the delight his eyes
were taking in. "They are beautiful." The words slipped out unbidden and
without any preamble.

Mrs. Getty smiled even broader, and nearly blushed as she ran a her finger
over the end of the soft red nipple, nearly an inch long and as fat as her
thumb, "Thank you, your words are a warm jewel and make me sing.   Hurry
now," she said taking no more than a few seconds to pull off her panties
and let them drop reestablishing her position slightly by spreading her
legs and letting the other hand wander to her now open and wet pussy, so
fully displayed for her newest employee.

Tuck's last bit of privacy, a pair of silk panties, their sheerness only
offering the slightest ounce of concealment, were held in place by a pink
ribbon tied so artfully hours ago by Mrs. Getty's own hand.  He looked down
at his small almost invisible toy behind the soft fabric and then across to
where his new boss stood, powerful and knowing, her body fully displayed
for him. The choice and decision, was not his to make.  He took hold of the
ribbon tail and with some hesitancy and nervousness pulled the ribbon free,
his panties dropping to the floor.   His little man was still soft and
without the ability to harden or increase in size. Tuck was getting more
and more concerned that the condition was going to be permanent. But for
now his little toy was free and open. He looked down at the floor, his
hands covering his embarrassment, waiting for her comment.

"Oh sweet boy, such a cute and petite toy," she took her hand pushing his
to the side and casually let her's rest on the small package still coiled
in its confined space between Tucks legs. She ran her fingers over the tiny
head and then under and between his legs to feel the two bits of balls so
tight in place.

Tucks eyes closed involuntarily as Mrs. Getty took possession of him and
his secret. Her hand warm, soft and gentle, he could feel the need and
desire and the feeling of growth but the reality, the physical change,
never happening, perhaps never happening again.  Then a spit wet finger
traced around the small tip opening, rubbing, collecting the fluid, clear
and warm, just beginning to ooze from his tiny cock.

"What a gift my pet, thank you," she said taking the soft slime from its
previous home to her lips. "What a lovely taste, I must have more."  She
laughed, "Soon, I feel assured." Her finger dipped far behind her lips and
as she licked the cream from her finger.

She took hold of Tucks small hand and led him to the water, his stockings
still covering his painted toes, entering the sea of bubbles as one.

Tuck sat at the far end of the tub and Mrs. Getty at the other, she leaned
back and closed her eyes her feet coming to rest on Tucks thighs. She ran
them back and forth over his bared legs, her knees popping through the suds
as the flex completed. They stretched again and her aim was perfect,
sliding to the inside and down to rest her toes on his secured and tiny

"Oh isn't this the loveliest," her voice soft and melodic barley heard over
the rushing water still filling the enormous bath, her toes now playing
with Tucks tiny toy.  "This is a sparkling touch to the most perfect of

"Oh yes," Tuck answered his voice changing to a slightly higher tenor, the
most pleasurable, if not embarrassing attention that was being paid to him,
turning his normal voice to an even more feminine pitch. "I could not
imagine a more perfect day and this is beyond words." He closed his eyes,
leaning back relaxing and enjoying the unexpected attentions.

Just then the door to the bathroom was slightly jarred with the gentlest
knocking, only a bit louder than the roaring water.


"Madam as you requested, I have appetizers for you and your guest." The
small voice came through the closed door.

Mrs. Getty voice lost its gentle tenor and targeted the door directly. "You
may enter."

In another part of the house

"Jake it's so great to see you," Mr. Getty got up from his work bench and
took long strides over to Jake who had just entered the private library and
den. A man's cavern of privacy now filled with two men.  "Your ride over
without disruption or consequence?"

"All fine. When I got your call and comment, I thought it best to not waste
any time and come here directly. I hope that meets with your requirements."

"Jake your perception is with significant merit, and I am pleased that you
could break away and meet me here as it is with some concern that I made
the call."

"I am here and attentive to any issue that is of a concern to you Mr.

"I trust I can speak openly and with significant assurance of the sensitive
nature and privacy I am about to share."

"Yes, by all means you have my assurance."

Mr. Getty walked a few steps to the bar that took over one side of the
large room and took a bottle of Scotch from its place on his well liquored
wall and then placed two cut crystal shot glasses on the small maple table
set precisely between the two leather chairs and slowly poured two fingers
of the rich brown liquid into each glass.  He offered one to Jake, the
glass held between two middle fingers and he took the other for himself.
"To secrets and confidences that may be revealed this afternoon." Jake took
his glass and clinked it against the other glass, both hanging in the air
as if they two men waited for what words were to be shared in the coming
minutes and hours. Mr. Getty took possession of the facing leather chair,
waiting for Jake to take a sip of the fine scotch. "Jake, it's about your
friend, Marian."

Jake looked to Mr. Getty his head tuning to the side his mouth tightening,
his fingers gripped the glass of whiskey nearly to the pint of shatter, "
How has he become a concern, sir?"

The door opened and the most beautiful and sweet sole entered once more.
Camille had evidently adjusted her makeup and she looked even prettier than
before. Her maid's outfit of black silk while striking to the senses was
more fitting for a risqué Halloween party than an actual work uniform. In
all ways, it displayed her most ample advantages.  In her hands she carried
a tray with two chilled glasses, the temperature of the glass in evidence
by the moist drips down the side, and an open bottle of wine. A plate had a
collection of appetizers; the only one that Tuck immediately could
recognize was the small beads of caviar covering slices of shrimp.

"Camille you look very nice, I see you have corrected your obvious short
comings, but you know that it will not lessen your punishments."

"I only wish to make my appearance more perfect for you madam; I in no way
would think it would lessen the rightful attention that I so richly
deserve."  She stood one hand expertly holding the tray and the other well
behind her back, it was held high as if it was being held there by an
invisible hand.

"Marian my sweet, do you believe in punishment?"

Tuck looked at Camille and then back to Mrs. Getty not knowing the right
answer but agreement seemed to be the proper direction for the
conversation.  "I can see where it can make a difference in attaining
proper focus and to understand that less than proper performance has

"Oh such a lovely answer, did your own spanking this morning by Jake over
his knee have that affect."

Tuck took a second thinking about being over Jakes lap for his own session,
his bared bottom fully exposed, his cheeks stinging with each non gentle
impact of Jakes large hand, the noise, the tears, but what came back most
clearly, was the little soft touches between his legs, the strong fingers
smoothing and touching and squeezing his little toy. His penis under the
water seemed to remember it too.

"I would say that his attentions were given to both teach me that my
actions of that morning did not meet his standards and that his corrections
would be needed in order to insure my improved future behavior."

"Yes, he punished you significantly, I saw the tears, for being a naughty
boy that morning, your bottom was quite red and I imagine it was somewhat
sore during the morning hours."

Tuck nodded he could still feel the impact areas slightly; they would not
disappear for another day or so. It was the first time he had received such
a spanking since he was in high school. Back then, a daily occurrence for
some months by the school principle, sometimes twice in one day.

"But did the spanking that Jake gave you, help you focus better on your
behavior and attitude?"

Tuck did not have second or need one to reply, "Yes, that affect was very
direct, I hope I have proven to you that I have had focus today and will
have it in the future for you."

Mrs. Getty smiled while playing with Tucks tight little cock with her toes,
"Well, we will see won't we my sweet pet, but knowing that, not only can I
redirect your attention but I have Jake to help in that manner, as he
showed so well this morning, makes me feel confident that our relationship
will be well monitored and very well structured too."

"Now I have only just this moment met the young man but Mrs. Getty is quite
taken with him and has hired him directly. Were you aware of this
occurrence?" Mr. Getty asked.

Jake stopped for a second and took another healthy sip from the glass,
knowing that he might need a refill before this conversation was concluded.
"Yes, I was informed this morning that indeed was the case, I had no plan
or provision towards this event, and I can assure you, if it is indeed
causing you distress, I can end it as fast as it may have occurred."

"No, I don't think that will be necessary, just yet. She seems quite
satisfied by her choice and decision and I do my best to keep a smile on
her face, the opposite affect is most unpleasant and is to be avoided at
all costs. So for the time being, at least, we will let this stand." Mr.
Getty was in most good-humored mode as the conversation was moving in just
the direction he had hoped for.

"I understand, but rest assured if it is not your pleasure, I will end it."
Jake reached for the bottle and refilled Mr. Getty's glass and then his

"Thank you," Mr. Getty took a sip of his drink.  "I also understand that
you are dating this young man."

Jake rubbed his face feeling the growth of his beard over the hours since
his mornings shave.  "Yes I suppose you could say that, I am experimenting
with an increased relationship, we have been friends for a long time, I am
taking it to new level under very strict control."

"I have heard of that, I commend you."

The conversation seemed relaxed and Jake's original concerns were slowly
being relaxed.  Jake laughed his drink moving in small circles as he
welcomed the compliment. "As I said, under control."

"A spanking, over your lap on his bared bottom, that's control," Mr. Getty
laughed almost spilling his drink. "I commend you on that level of control
and attention to his needs for correction," Mr. Getty pointedly replied.
"I am sure it won't be the last," he laughed again. "How many swats did you
give him?"

"Twenty in total, ten on each cheek, his plump little cheeks were fire red
when I finished and he was in tears."

"Bravo, well done."  Mr. Getty stood toasting his drink towards Jake,
adding a small bow.  They were both laughing as Mr. Getty filled the
glasses again.  "Mrs. Getty tells me he was a dream to be with, most
obedient and so well behaved, your attentions were not only well deserved,
they were also very much instructive." Mr. Getty stopped, took a sip from
his glass and left a pause in the room, and then looked directly at Jake.
"But I have a favor to ask," he said becoming serious again.

Camille listened carefully, her serving stray had not wavered, the one hand
purchase well practiced, she only waited for the next words of direction
from her Mistress before making even the slightest move in any direction.

Tuck could only imagine what her words might mean but the thought of being
over Mrs. Getty's warm lap only made his little toy flutter again under the
very personal ministrations his new boss was exercising.

"Camille, you were given some very personal attentions most recently were
you not."

The answer was most obvious and the answer was for Tucks ears only.  "Yes
madam, I was indeed."

"Please show Marian my expert attentions."

Camille turned around her tall heels giving her not the slightest of
difficulty, seeming to float as she spun to face her bottom directly at
Tuck. Spreading her long legs wide, and then bending from the waist, her
head nearly to the tile floor, she gently placed the tray away from her
attentions. Then taking her hands she raised her very short dress, exposing
her naked bottom. Not only her bottom was exposed but so was her pussy in
all its glory, shaved clean and open, the moistness already readily
apparent. The fantasy image all perfectly displayed for Tuck.

There were numerous harsh red welts, each singular and all weeping a light
clear liquid across her lower back and spread between both tender cheeks.
They were obviously fresh and Tuck could tell at once, fiercely painful.
Crisscrossed over both cheeks, the swollen lines showed no sign of blood or
rupture but the skin was well marked, even to the novice it was clear the
attention had been expertly applied.

"How many strokes had you earned this morning?"

"Twenty Mistress."

"Marian would you be a dear and count them for me. I want to insure she
received all twenty."

Tuck reached up and gently placed a finger on the first one that did not
seem to be as raised or overly angry. Camille flinched slightly, his
finger, water warmed and still wet. "One," he said softly. The water rush
now off, his voice seemed to echo across the bathroom.

"No, that will not do!"  Mrs. Getty voice thundered. Then in much calmer
tone, "I want you to trace each stroke with your lovely new nails, from the
very start to the end of the each element of my attention."  Her foot
echoed each word with a pat on his still shrunken member. "Firmly."

"A favor sir?"  Jake answered, "Anything I can do, please, it would be my

Mr. Getty smiled, taking another sip from his newly filled glass.  "Marian
is a very attractive young man, you are very fortunate to have him, quite
lovely and I think  Mrs. Getty is enjoying that as well."

"Any improvement has been a struggle. Nearly impossible getting him out of
his torn jeans and homeless man shoes," Jake laughed.

"You are doing a fine job, I can see that it will be a long process but I
also can see great promise."

"Thank you again. Your words of achievement are most appreciated, even
though they are quite premature, we have a very long road ahead."

"I too see where there is great room for improvement but what is needed
most is, how shall I say it  "strict" guidance. And not wanting to take
anything from you, I would be most interested in perhaps pursuing that, if
you felt a value in that effort," Mr. Getty brushed a hair back and looked
Jake squarely in the eye, his own desire and potential for pleasure mostly
hidden except for the smile hint that was hard to hide from his face.

"Your help in that manner would be most invaluable but I could not begin to
ask that your valuable time be spent in such a way."

"That brings me to the point of my favor.  I would like to borrow Marian
from time to time for company and service."

"Of course, Mr. Getty," his words were automatic but his concerns about
losing the tight control he was growing fond of and how the future would
continue to play out, traced lines in his face.

"No.. no.. these would be times when you were fully not available. Work
hours, overnight trips, where his presence would lead to distraction, times
when he would be essentially alone.  These will not be daily or weekly
occurrences, perhaps twice a month with your full assurance that the time
is convenient for you."

Jake's smile returned, it was not only, not going to interrupt his own
personal interactions with his dating partner but it was adding an element
of additional control.

"Mr. Getty, with that parameter space, we are indeed agreed that his
company and service to you would well serve the young man, myself and of
course you," Jake replied, his smile growing, a combination of the
conversation and drink.

"Excellent, you are doing such a wonderful job with him now, I can only
hope to emulate the patterns you have already initiated.  And, I would not
only welcome, I would demand to have your input as to how my interaction
should move forward."

"Sir, I trust your instincts and your perception of needs, so while he is
in your care and under your strict supervision I know you will apply what
is best and needed."

"Excellent I am so pleased we have had this conversation." Mr. Getty raised
his glass once again toasting to the agreement now met.

"But, perhaps I could ask of you, a favor in return." Jake said slowly
hoping the answer would be in the positive and in so doing assured that his
control would not be in any way be altered.

The light touch that he had started with was now going to be a continuation
of the pain the young girl was already under.  He formed a single digit,
the index finger isolated. Tuck looked at the tip of his finger, coated
expertly in a pink color, the tip extending a good quarter of an inch. He
approached the same welt again and placed his nail tip so it touched very
lightly on the so obvious swelling. He traced it slowly across the red
skin. Camille seemed to jump as his nail tip interfaced with sections that
were more swollen than others.  "One," he said again, hoping that his
efforts would be accepted.

"You will press harder unless you would like a fresh experience with your
own lack of performance and quality," her voice harsh and singular like the
hard birch rod that had been used with such expertise.  "I want to hear the
sound of your nail on each of my loving strokes.  Have I made myself clear?
I do know that Jake will hear of your disrespect and difficulty in
following such simple instructions." Her foot had retreated from its
previous resting spot.

"Please, Mrs. Getty," Tuck was in near tears, torn between the harsh
demands that she was requesting and knowing that her simple words would be
the evidence that Jake would need to reissue the mornings attentions and
quite possibly adding an additional level of instruction and motivation.
"I was only worried about damaging your property with my inexpert
attentions, I of course meant no disrespect or would I ever consider not
following your instructions or guidance. I offer, my most sincere apologies
if I gave you any indication of that possibility."

Mrs. Getty was quiet, her anger having been significantly lessened with
Tucks tear filled apology, "Well get along with your confirmation of the
twenty strokes then." she smiled again, "My dear.  I am sure Jakes
attentions will have much greater influence than my mere words have and for
a longer period of time as well."  She leaned back her feet taking
repossession of their singular purpose.

His finger again positioned as before but slowly he forced more contact, he
could see the welt grow instantly redder as he depressed his finger to a
point he hoped would satisfy the cruel command of his new boss.  He started
the move and he too could hear the movement over the inflamed and swollen
skin, he could also feel and almost taste the pain he was personally
inflicting on the poor girl in front of him. He concentrated on applying
the merest of pressure that would satisfy but also knew the tracing was
only an excuse for causing both pain and embarrassment.  As he finished the
first long stoke, the cane having crossed both cheeks, he said aloud once
more the initial count.


"Excellent, now each subsequent count had better be as firm and deliberate
as the first or two things will happen, well actually three. One, you will
repeat the count of the stroke miscounted, two, you will yourself be
getting the same stroke in the exact position as the one you miscounted,
and three, I will indeed have a conversation with Jake as to your inability
to follow simple directions and your disrespect for my wishes and desires."

She had not removed her foot. It was still firmly in touch with his soft
and small toy closely nestled between his legs, and her voice was just
above her normal tone of disenchantment. The consequences of failure to
count the strokes in the manner she had outlined were indeed serious, but
the most consequential and the one he feared the most was the last, as
disappointing Jake again in the same day might not only get a spanking, but
more importantly the thought might be there of the loss.  That was a loss
that Tuck could not handle and he was not going to let anything potentially
break the bond he so desperately wanted to continue.

"My only desire is to please you and follow your instructions to the best
of my ability and again the respect I have you and for Mr. Getty are beyond
reproach and of the highest level that can be attained."

"Continue," Mrs. Getty said simply and took a sip of her wine.

Tuck turned back to Camille, her bottom hanging naked in the air inches
from his face.  The sexuality of the situation was certainly not absent as
he looked again at her near open and hair free pussy and delicate rose bud,
their acute sexuality not fully hidden, as he concentrated on the next
crossed welt. As instructed,  his finger tip explored the cruel line, the
red hot flesh. He began to trace the welt carefully, the sound of his nail
barley heard above the ambient and soft music in the back ground and the
soft sobs of young submission.  He traced the line from the bottom of her
right cheek to a lower section of her back. He counted again and for the
first time.  "Two".

Tuck noticed that while Camille sobbed under the incredible pain she was
enduring as his finger traced across the fresh red welt, her open pussy
that was inches from his face was getting wetter and wetter, dripping its
sweet juice on to the bath ledge.

"A favor Jake,  of course how can I be of service?"

Jake was silent for a minute or more and took a sip of his drink and then
laid it on the table looking across at Mr. Getty.  "Marian means a lot to
me, and this venture has me thinking in two ways.  I see him now as much
more than he was, it's hard to define but I want him to continue to
progress, move forward, away from his previous position.  Does that make
sense sir."

"Absolutely, I can see what you are talking about and I guess that is the
reason I have asked what I have asked, I want to be part of that movement
forward, I can see the start of what you, my young friend, have brought to
the surface."

"Yes", Jake laughed, "like an ice berg, I have brought to the surface," he
laughed again, "so much is yet below and it too needs direction purpose and
control.  I only have so much.  Your offer to help is so utterly selfless
and kind, I don't know where to begin."

"There will be a mutual benefit , in fact we all will be well served I am
sure," Mr. Getty smiled and took another sip of his drink.

"To that end, I want to ask you," Jake continued, "if you will indeed
assert your own level of discipline,  when it is  needed."

"Am I to understand you wish me to spank your friend, his naked bottom,
over my lap."

Jake was serious and looked at Mr. Getty again.  "Yes, that is exactly what
is needed. I think having an older man correct him in such a manner, and I
in no way limiting or even suggesting that is the best form of attention,
but having you apply that, more in a liberal manner,  will be a positive
motivator to his continued desire to please me. That is my favor."

Mr. Getty was quiet for some time, thinking about the deep responsibility
that Jake, a friend and business collogue, was requesting. His smile was
inward but to have the lovely boy over his lap being warmed by his own
hand, brought a hidden but very real increase in the size of his own cock
held deep in his pants.

"What you are asking is deeply personal and would require me to move in
directions that were seldom trod upon.  I am to have free license to share
my forms of discipline when he is under my care and supervision?"

"Without exception."

"Do I need to ask permission as to the type and duration?"

"Not in any way, your forms of correction are entirely yours and I will
support any and all decisions you might make."

"I see," Mr. Getty was thinking very clearly as to what Marian would be
entered into.

"I will go one step further," Jake said quite clearly, "should a form take
place during your days of control but yet the form of discipline moves
beyond it, I will again not only support but will participate in the way in
which you have outlined, I would also expect that you would extend the same
courtesy should that be needed."

"Of course I see no exception to that condition at all."

"Then you accept my request for the favor."

"I do, and I will do my very best to full fill your wishes and desires."

"My only wish is that he serve you well and with respect."

"To control and respect," Mr Getty said aloud and they each raised their
glass and toasted again."

Camille was in tears, her quiet sobs evidence of the cruel retreatment of
her correctional exercise. The counting was nearing completion. However,
the fullness of her plump cunny, its river of hot cream only intensifying
on each count, could not be ignored.

"Taste it my dear, I know you have been wanting to do so since she came in
the room and presented her soft pussy to your face."

Tuck looked at the open cunt inches from his own face, the scent of her
heated sex filling the bathroom with her excitement. The pain still evident
in her tears but her pleasure open and displayed.

"Have you ever tasted the sweet cream of a beautiful young woman before my
sweet pet," she said softly caressing his own sex, still soft and
unresponsive, devoid of all hair and protection, her foot massaging it
slowly as she inquired of his limited past sexual lives.

"No, this would be the first. Mrs. Getty," Tuck's voice was soft and barely
above a whisper.

"Is it pretty to you?"

"Yes," his words caused Camille to giggle and move her bottom closer still
to Tuck, bending even further at the waist, her knees straight and her head
touching the tiled floor.

"Give it a soft lick, pull her sweet cream to you."

Tuck opened his mouth and let his small pink tongue come out and gently
touched the warm openness. His tongue filled immediately with cream.
Camille giggled, again shaking her bottom slightly, pushing against the
soft tongue.

"Oh, you have pleasured her I think, ...give her cunt a sweet kiss."

Tuck could only follow the directions, giving the openness so sweet and
soft, so intimate, a never before occurrence, a never again opportunity,
his attentions. His lips closed on the velvet smooth and soft skin, flame
red, dripping with excitement, the cream rich and full.

"Have you ever tasted such a sweet cunt in your life?"  She could sense for
his sudden stiffness, that her question was mute, this was his first, "Oh
my sweet pet, you have never tasted sweet cream, this fresh or ever have

He stopped for a second his tongue still between the folds of her ecstasy,
the sweet cream still flowing. He had never been this close. None of his
past girl friends had ever allowed him to get this close. Just having them
suck him off, two or three minutes of pleasure, was as close as he had ever
gotten to any kind of intimate attentions.

"I want her to cum, I want the sweet boy that caused so many tears and so
much pain to say I am sorry, so deeply sorry, and give her the pleasure,
the exquisite attention you are laboring over, bring her to a fulfilling

Tuck felt the young maid push herself back farther against his lips,
opening her even more. Her legs now stretched even farther apart, her hair
falling layered in waves across the floor, her sexuality so open and
giving.  He smiled, giving the soft pussy another kiss and lick.

Mrs. Getty just laid back in the tub, sipping her wine, her eyes closed,
her foot never coming away from her ownership, her pet toy, she sipped
again, listening to the soft sounds of music and young passion. Her two
girls were doing just so very wonderful.

Much more to come.. Thank you for being patient and thank you ever so much
for the wonderful reviews the story has received. I do have a new editor,
and she is just lovely and such a pleasure to work with. See you all again
soon for Chapter 10.  Dinner will be so memorable.

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  1. This is so hot, the Getty's are the bosses from hell I suspect and Jake the heir apparent. Marion is only beginning to see Mrs. Getty's treatment and threats made to her employee's and whatever Mr. Getty has in mind will be as surprising as the kiss. Is this apart of Jake's advancement in working for these two, that he procuress them employee's or is it just a result of Jake's dating plan. Can not wait to find out. Great story.