Sketches/Concept Art

The working draft version of Martin strapped to the chair while Missy stands over him during the first Chapter of Rikki's Martin Hastings Saga.

One thing I always enjoyed about their relationship was the small "Mommie- Dommie" relationship that surfaces from time to time, where Missy asks Martin to call her Mother. I have always been a fan of Missy from the very beginning. Sexy and confident. Sometime readers overlook her intelligence.

 Concept Sketch for "Katsume" the partner of female vigilante The Jaguar who together feminize sexist criminals thugs. Kylie Gable described her in her story as being a Japanese young woman in her early 20's to mid 20's. In the current story she is described as wearing a skin tight white cat suit that hugs her every curve in her small tight body. Despite her being small in stature she is a master martial artist who is an expert in kinbaku (an ancient Japanese tying technique). In the sketch I tried to give Kat the same mask that the Jaguar wears on the cover of the book. I gave her a utility belt long with her rope.

An illustration I 'm working on for Rikki's blog. Work in progress.
The duct tape on the far right are ideas I tried to present to Kylie if she were to do another Jaguar book, duct tape with female lips over them to muffle the sounds of their male captives.
After described by Kylie, I looked to references such as The Shadow, Carmen San Diego and Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's. She is described in her vigilante outfit as wearing a shoulder cut off dress with large floppy hat like The Shadow and have a scarf over her mouth to conceal her identity as well as black glasses.

I imagined her to have a long flowing scarf that was reminiscent of The Shadow, but her appearance to have an air of Carmen San Diego.  
Katsume's early concept sketches (to the right), after reading her the first book she is described as wearing athletic clothing with a small cap. Personally I prefer her white cat suit. In the right image, I imagined her to have a bit of nerdy look as an office worker, but Kylie did not agree. We both agreed that she would have a short bob hairstyle

Another image of the Jaguar. This one has a purple paw print on the shoulder, but the author thought it was too  much like a super hero and less like a classic pulp vigilante. Notice the calling card of The Jaguar in bottom right. If you find it on you or near you, that means she is watching you and you are her next prey!

Another sketch to Katsume, this time with a scarf over her mouth to protect her identity.

A full body image of the Jaguar. Her skirt should be straighter though. A visual representation of the "Jaguar Claw Butt Plug" that she uses to "mark" her foes after dressing them up in pretty dress or lingerie is on the bottom right.
Sketch of Nikki (right) from the Perils of Paul about to "mount" Paul with her strap-on.

Rough sketch for Princess of Aragon series featuring Thomas (left) and Kathrine (right). 
Early sketch for Martin Hastings Saga character Lisa. 
Line drawing for Marttin Hastings Gossip Columnist Pheobe Mills 
Working illustration for Miss Annie's "Bridget" character in 7 Days story.

A working illustration I have for The Subjegated Step Sissy's scene
with Rhonda (Ron) getting asked out by Antonio!
What is a straight ladyboy to do!
 This scene has been the most requested illustration to the Subjegated Step Sissy. Where Rhonda is made to sit on a luxury seat and forced to accept a call from a male potential suitor while made to wear a negligee and a pink turban while his step mother takes pictures of him. Yikes! 


  1. I like the pictures a lot. My favorite is the last one with Tuck. That will be a hot Picture

    Phoebe looks good. That will be very good picture

    I never knew there was another Lisa

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I'm almost done with the Man Dating one, coloring wise. Phoebe is coming along as well. That sketch of Lisa was a little while ago while I was trying to visualize the character. She came off looking too much like Dorothy though....

    2. Perhaps, you should make Tucks face more upset, or some running mascara down his face as hes doing that

  2. I do look forward to your mandating one that is a wonderful story of becoming a sissy for a real man

  3. The cover you are making is great. I cant wait t see it completed