Mommy’s Sissy Ch. 2

Brenda Gova

Chapter #2 In the Drug Store

We stood in front of the Drug Store for some time looking through the window.  Mom wasn’t watching me so I was actually drooling over the cosmetic counter.  So we all went is as a group, just like a ‘Gaggle’ of school girls.  But it didn’t take long for us to split up, mom to the pharmacy, Amelia to the feminine hygiene section, and me and Suzie to the cosmetics and costume jewelry section.  Suzie and I were trying the makeup, lipstick and rouges, when I felt Suzie’s hand on my round ass.  I was going to say something to her but I really liked the attention.  So I let her continue, turning I gave her a little kiss on the cheek whispering ‘Love you’ with a big smile.  Then looking up I saw a salesgirl watching us and said ‘I’m just using the free samples, it’s OK isn’t it’.  She assured me it was and commented on my beauty.  Blushing, I thought to myself ‘if she only knew’ and let out a little ‘squeak’.

Suzie was placing her fingers on my boi-pussy and I half turned to tell her to stop, but I couldn’t, it felt so good.  No one had ever touched me there so it was a new experience for me.  So I continued with the cosmetics.  I was putting mascara on when Suzie went too far.  She had two fingers inside me (Ohhh, that felt so good) when I told her, in no uncertain terms, to stop that.  Then I turned and whispered ‘later dear, then we can do it right’.  When she, after several minutes, withdrew I felt so empty.  The salesgirl then walked over and said ‘can I help you with the mascara dear ’.  It seems I had put a ‘zag’ over my eye when Suzie had surprised me by ‘entering’ me.  The salesgirl fixed my mistake and stood back, then she added ‘Now you’re really a beauty my dear’.  I thanked her for her comment and promptly headed to the jewelry counter.

There I tried on several pairs of earrings and a couple of necklaces. Finally settling on some fake pearls (I really loved the diamond earrings and necklace but Suzie convinced me they were too old for me). But I tried them on anyway.  That’s when a ‘chunky’ salesgirl (I think she was pregnant) walked over to assist me.  She encouraged me to try the diamonds saying they accented my beauty and said ‘wealth’ to all that looked.  So I then had to try them on and ‘prance’ around to Suzie’s disgust.  Even though they were only cheap, faux diamonds the pendant on the necklace looked fantastic around my neck.  I looked just like a classy hooker, and I let out a ‘giggle’, loud enough for Suzie to hear me, she gave me a disgusting frown.

The salesgirl came out from behind the counter holding a mirror saying ‘now you can see how beautiful you look’. Oh, I was beautiful with the diamond sparking in the light.  I was in another world when I felt the back of my dress slowly rising.  It was Suzie again playing with my boi-pussy but before I could warn her again to stop I heard my mom talking to the pharmacist.  I could hear her as she talked ‘My son is unruly and unmanageable, what have you got that will…… (unintelligible) .  …… (unintelligible)…. gurlie pills should ………… he said.  ……… (unintelligible) great, I love it, mom said.  Wow, I thought to myself, she’s really going to do it.  If I had known the whole conversation I wouldn’t have been so happy.

It was then that I realized Suzie had three fingers in my ‘pussy and it was feeling good.  Involuntarily my butt jutted out farther against his figures.  Ohhh, that’s good.  But it had to stop.  So I turned around again, breathing hard, and whispered to her ‘later dear’, but stop ‘NOW’, I said forcefully.  Reluctantly she withdrew her fingers, sighed, and smiled an evil smile.  I could guess what she was thinking (Oh my God).  It was then that my mom and Amelia found us and started babbling about their purchases.  Mom announced ‘I got you some ‘candy’ dear and a new doll from the from the toy section.  You’ll have fun with this one darling.  But mom, I stammered ‘it’s a black baby doll, a chocolate drop!’  But isn’t she cute dear.  If only I had heard the whole conversation with the pharmacist I would have known what was in store for me.  ‘Yes mom’.

Let me pause here and bring you up to speed with my mom’s plan for me.  The conversation with the pharmacist went like this:  My mom: My son is unruly and unmanageable, what have you got that will slow him down?  Well I have special girlie pills that should slow him down considerably, and as an added incentive I have ‘Chocolate’ pills that will turn him into a ‘black boy’ or ‘girl’ as you wish.  Oh I think that’s great, I love it, I’ll take both.  Soon my boy will be a ‘black’ sissy girl. So that was moms plan for my future.
Mom picked out some black nylons for me as an afterthought saying I would need these soon, giggle.  As we left the store I looked back and the sales girls, and the pharmacist, were all waving good bye, and good luck.  If they only knew.

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