G is for Google / Go Ogle


George had always been a nerd. He could read without moving his lips in nursery school; he could do a row of four-digit sums in his head in kindergarten; by fourth grade he was tutoring teachers on navigating the net; he skipped a mere two grades in elementary school only because his mum was afraid he’d be too small in upper grade levels and vulnerable to bullying.

By tenth grade, when George was only 13 years old, he was picked on unmercifully by the bigger boys and beautiful bitches in his class.  On a whole, his older tormentors were  physically more but spiritually less mature than George who they deemed to be crackers. Those kids might have thought George an idiot savant if they knew what one was,  but they would be wrong on all counts.

George was not out of his head so much as too far into it. Yes, he bumbled about in dowdy and ill-fitting clothing, he was ‘socially challenged’, he had his head in clouds of mysterious mist his so-called peers could never imagine.  George saw things that were not there… yet.

Of course, his attire and demeanor reinforced his nerd, nut-bar reputation. Worse than his two-inch pant cuffs, worse than his  ill matching striped shirts and polka dot bow ties,  worse than his regularly mismatched socks were his glasses.  Spectacles would be a more apt term because they were a sight for sore losers.  The nastiest of schoolmates used sarcasm , which innocent George took at face value,  to compliment him on his appearance.

The less articulate louts and losers taunted him about his specs, calling them googly-goggles.  In fairness,  the thick eyeglass lenses did resemble old Coke bottle bottoms and the huge, round plastic frames made  him look more like Brenda Lee than John Lennon.  But George needed the thick lenses to see as he was short-sighted in the extreme, but only in his sense of sight.

His other faculties gave George visions bright and well focused.  But the mocking never effected him because his mind was elsewhere. George was above it all That is, until puberty hit and the jokes and jibes from junior Jezebels jolted him out of his world which lay beyond others’ feeble understanding.

For the first time, George was vulnerable to the vicious venom of these vixens.  Their words had a sadistic siren quality to them now, as George was drawn into the torrent of temptation  their teasing unleashed.  His body, not his mind, betrayed him,  but both paid the price.  He heard and understood the giggles now. Playful punches, masked in mock comradeship, hurt.

One day George’s desire and hormones brought him to the brink.  He had been indiscreetly admiring two of the prettiest, sexiest girls in the school. Jessie and Kaila   were cheerleaders four years his senior.  They were also arch bitches who were offended by George’s unwanted attention. But they played it cool and arranged a twisted tryst for ‘googly-goggled’ George; they panned a humiliating ambush.

It was Friday just after the last bell when students made their way to their lockers to get outer gear and books for a weekend away from the drudge of school. These days George lingered at his locker and watched the girls dressed in their sexy outfits as they flirted their beaus and sent out hopeful sensuous signals.

He let out a sigh as his two favorites came walking down the hall towards him.  An unusually large crowd began to form.  This was Friday and one would have expected most kids to be rushing to get home, but not so this unlucky Friday the thirteenth of April, as it happened.  Jessie and Kaila  walked right up to him and George became excited and nervous at the sight of their smiles, their hip swaying sashay, their siren sensuality,  their devil-eyes boring into his soul.

He could not resist nor did he want to as Jessie stood before him and Kaila just behind;  their buxom bodies and fair faces touched George in all ways and left him their captive.  His senses were flooded with the sweet scent of their un-perfumed bodies; the soft sound of their breathing beguiled him; the look in their eyes promised both loving warmth and lusty hot times; the touches on his brow, cheek, stripe-shirted chest and from behind touches at his baggy-pants covered thighs and along his zipper (!) were as the feathery feel of winged angels.  Fallen angels, as it happens.

In swift moves which could only have been rehearsed, Jessie, feigning passion, ripped open George’s shirt popping all his buttons (literally as well as metaphorically) and threw her lusting body upon him.  It was a manipulative maneuver by a mischievous minx.  Jessie was deliberately rearranging George’s upper gear to be used to pin his arms behind him.  She lifted the open shirt over his head then back down behind him to keep his arms at his side.

At that same moment, Kaila, who had been massaging George’s crotch to give him an erection, had slowly unzipped his fly and loosened his pants belt.  As Jessie pulled George’s shirt up and over, Kaila pulled his trousers and underpants down to his ankles.  He was naked from head to toe and, for a 13 year old boy, he had quite a boner.

The two girls’ giggles soon turned to guffaws as laughter from boys and girls alike rang in George’s ears.  He just stood there, helpless, and heard his humiliation.  He was unable to see the jeering looks of the dozens of classmates around him because, in pulling up his shirt, Jessie had knocked George’s googly-goggles off his head and on to the floor where they were cracked and crushed beyond repair.  George was helpless without them and he blindly groped on his knees in search of them  which just made the spectacle he’d become all the more hilarious to the crowd.

It took five or six minutes of naked kneeling and crying before George managed to find one unbroken lens.  He took another two minutes to get his clothes back on as some of the grade nine girls  continued to taunt him by pulling his clothes back down whenever he tried to get dressed. Six times he tried to pull up his underpants only to have a girl pull them down and spank his bare bottom chanting “George is a naked nerd! George is a naked nerd!”

That weekend George hid his shame in his only friend, his mind.  His computer and Google were his home.  With the massive search engine driving him,  George drove away from his ever present fear and misery and into imagination’s future.  There he found himself and he liked what he saw.

George was ostensibly looking for on-line eyeglasses he could have delivered over the weekend.  His prescription was digitally recorded and he was free to find lenses in person or on line.  He was too embarrassed to go anywhere outside .. that is, to take his body anywhere he might be recognized as the boy who was stripped naked in school by two 17 year old cheerleaders. The stumbling walk home had been a blur in more ways than one as his broken vision was more than a optical delusion.  He felt ongoing nakedness in the darkness of his mind.  But once safely home at the computer, he felt comfortably clothed in a cyber-space suit.

The naked nerd was needy no more. George had keyed in the words ‘vision’, ‘need’ ‘glasses’ and, for some reason ‘nude’.  He must have had the humiliation of being seen naked on his mind and it transferred to his search request.  The result was over seventeen million possible sites about sight,  but the first one listed was for ‘ X-ray goggle glasses which linked to the parent company, Advanced Intelligence Spy Shop.
The web site promised X-ray vision in color delivered through SuperThru Vision.  It’s main product was X-Reflect Glasses that can see through clothes. The product line, they claimed, was originally developed on a US Security / Surveillance grant.  But the voyeuristic potential was immediately recognized and therefore federal funding was cut off.  But X-Reflect glasses went underground and were now available for XXX-Reflective use.  And they only cost $500 plus shipping and handling.

It was a scam, of course.  But George’s mind had been stripped of logic and critical acuity when his clothes were stripped from his body. He was no where near as reflective as he should have been.  He wasn’t thinking,  just imagining. So he clicked “ Add to My Cart “, sent in Paypal info and in four weeks a small package arrived at his door.  George had already dealt with getting a proper set of glasses to deal with his real sight problem.  These X-Reflective ones would fit over the optician-designed pair perfectly and, although they made him look even more dorky, would greatly improve the sights he longed to see.

George was indeed a funny sight with his double vision wear.  But George didn’t care as he sauntered through the halls and classrooms of the school.  He was seeing each and every girl in a new nude light.  The SuperThru Vision seemed to work in degrees, so that a glance would reveal a girl in her bra and panties ( for those who bothered to wear undergarments) but by gazing hard and long at a girl,  George could see them naked.  The more he ogled, the more naked they got. Their clothes, outer and under, would appear to melt away and disappear completely.

The funny thing was,  the glasses seemed to only work when viewing female bodies.  Guys kept their clothes on in George’s visionary world.  Well, he wasn’t interested in seeing naked boys anyway.  The SuperThru glasses gave George an exclusive view of girls’ and women’s nakedness and no one was the wiser.  None of the nude girls he watched seemed to notice that they were naked.  Well, they wouldn’t, would they? Because they, in fact, weren’t; they appeared naked to only George. And they only appeared naked to George. The imagination is a wonderful thing.  Luigi Pirandello with a twist:
“It seems so, if it’s seen so / Whether it is so or not”

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