Andy Latex Interview

Hello Everyone, on this edition of the Erotica Author’s Corner we will have in conversation erotic creative visual artist, Andy Latex. 

For several years he has shared his writing and his own unique style of erotic art to his growing fan base around the world through his blog, Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....

His art has a feel of kinky nostalgia illustration which feature promently strong dominant women and shiny latex. Andy Latex blends rich erotic and sensual undertones which are displayed through the dialogue in his characters. At center of his stories is a young man named Andy who is taken through a transformation into femininity by his Aunt Jane who uses skin tight latex and lace outfits to cement his new appearance and role as a young submissive lady. 

Fans and readers of the Forced Feminization Illustration Art blog, I am proud to welcome Andy Latex to Erotica Author's Corner!

I wanted to start off with what was your earliest exposure to this genre?

The first time I really took notice of latex and shiny clothes was my brothers video of a tv show called the word. One of the presenters was the beautiful Dani Behr and on that episode she wore this red
button up blouse in PVC and a real tight black latex pencil skirt. It blew my mind because I had never really seen anything like it before so shiny and tight. It was also obviously rather odd to wear because
through out the show she seemed uncomfortable wearing it. Funnily enough it turned out years later I read she was never really comfortable being the sexy pin up. So being squeezed into tight latex on national TV much have been something for her.

So that's the first time I noticed latex. It was about 1997 and that year PVC pants were all the fashion and lots of the pop stars and tv presenter i liked started wearing shiny stuff and i just fell in love
with the style.

When I first started to love feminization and such, I can not say,

it is something i can recall from being very young, my Mum was and
still is a really stylist dresser, she is proud to have been a real
Punk and still retains some of that edge, so fashion and the like have
always been  there. It is just in my DNA

 How would Andy Latex describe himself? In other words, how are you different than from other authors/creators? 

I am a writer and romantic, that is how I would describe myself,I love words, all my art is driven by the dialog and captions, that is always what comes first, story. I like to illustrate the story in my head. Which is why i really can not create to order. I have many requests but if  i do not feel it inside, i get bored and lose interest.

My first step into this world was via writing stories,I had a long long story called Captives of Eroticon, which I started writing when I was about 15/16 years old. It was a latex fetish bondage story of a
guy, called Andy (surprise) who along with a girl from his school is
transported to a world where men are very few and highly sort after.
Andy is rescued by some latex clad ladies one of whom was the head of
the queen Tanta Fash's security and, disguised as girl is taken on a
Journey across this fetish world in search of escape back home. It
contained lots and lots of my earliest fantasies and things. Sadly it
was lost during a house move.

I started creating my art, long before I had access to the Net, I
started drawing my favourite pop stars and things, then creating
One of many Christeen's artworks.
little sequences where a boy becomes a girl and then onto the first
versions of the art you see now. Originally hand drawn,but later, they
were  scanned into a computer and digitally manipulated. and coloured.
I don't know what makes me different to other artists, however once i
gained access to the internet I realised there was nothing that
matched my desires. There were artist that caught my eye, Christeen,
who i feature on my blog, was one I liked, she shares my love of the
romantic gentle side of Feminisation and had a real influence on me
creating art. Later when i joined Deviantart I came across the
wonderful  RocketDave whos art also shares the same emotion. However there was no one who created what i was looking for, that mix of
romanitic feminization,Latex and domination and so I began to post my
early pics and then as people started to like them I gained the nerve
to do more.

You create such erotic/suggestive stand alone illustrations about a young man Andy and his Aunt and friends, what is the story about? How did this all start for you?

  I think there is a sweetness to my art, to Andy and Aunt Janes
stories. Though she revels in his embarrassment and helplessness, she would never do anything to hurt him, she loves him dearly and he her, but she just wants him to be her beautiful girl, something he finds confusing  and embarrassing but, ultimately it is his love of her, of her beauty and sexuality that draws him back. They love each other and that is possibly why I find it hard to relate to some of the other art on the net.There is a harshness to some of the art, a harsh sexuality which i turn away from. Degradation and humiliation, I do not like that
side of things.

The first person I think I can remember who matched Aunt Jane, was a lady who owned a lighting shop in my home town, I passed it every day on the way to school and college. She was in her 50s and pretty much as in my art,she was always immaculate, hair, make up, dress everything was perfect. She would stand at the door and I would always glance in. I caught her eye on a few occasions and I am sure to this day she knew what effect she was having on me. That was the first time
I felt this thing for the older woman. She will become Aunt Jane and
why Jane?, because Jane is a sweet, beautifully feminine and
aristocratic name.

The story, well there is no real through story, Jane just thinks her
nephew is too pretty, to sweet to be a boy and that is that. I opened
the story out to include the sisterhood, who Jane goes to to help
finance her choices for Andy, but in doing so she has "sold" herself
into their debt and control. Some of the stories kind of fit together
and others just drop in and tell an individual tale. There are many
different versions of Andys first time as a girl and many more that
fit in later. As i say, i create what is in my head at the time and I
think i am blessed with a very very naughty imagination, which just
needs to be expressed.

Where there other creators that inspired you? 
Christeen's artwork

I love Christeen work. I also love Rocket Dave on deviant art. I am
also a huge fan of Rubbermatt and his digital art, his Latex work is
wonderful, as is Rick Van Koert at 4fcreations. I love his work and am
in envy of his talents, the way he can manipulate well know faces into
his work is brilliant.  I love Sardox work as well, his women are so
casual in their dominance.

  as for writers, I love all well written work, some of my friends on
my blog contribute brilliant stories and comments. But away from them
I would say Mike Vickers stories for Marquis Magazine were superb on
the latex side, whilst Christina Shelly wrote some wonderful books in
the feminisation genre.

Tell me about forced feminization. The forced feminization genre has a complex fan base, It is a genre where readers are taken into a situation where a male is coerced/forced/manipulated into wearing female clothing and being put into a traditional submissive role of female by strong and smart females. What is the appeal of it to readers? Did you struggle at first understanding this for your own life? Do you find contradictions with the genre?

Some suggestive dialogue in Andy's images.
A tricky question and after all this wait one which I find hard to answer. I think surrendering to the whims of another is quite a common thing, not just with the feminization world, bondage and such all require the same submission. Personally it is odd because all my art is about manipulation and coercion  of a young man into femininity, (though in a gentle and loving way) but in my own real experiences I have always been very happy to take on a feminine roll. I love being dressed up and Made up. The married couple who took me under their wing, when I lived In France, embraced me because I was so eager to become as feminine as I could be and Gi (The wife) is such a lover of dressing up and things she encouraged me to even greater adventures. Creating my alter ego Amanda Keira Louboutin and refining her to the point of my happily and openly living as she for a week when we visited Paris.

There are so many various sub cultures of feminisation, there is my side, which is gentle and loving and happily sexual and then there is the hard core, with forced fem and forced sexual activity and some which is purely the dressing up and some which embraces humiliation and such.

So in truth I do not have an answer, everyone reasons are their own and that is fine, I honestly can not place my head into anyone elses feelings, simply because I do not understand why I like it myself, I just do,



  1. Great interview. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you Annabelle, I am totally honoured to be part of your blog. You asked some tricky questions and I had to really think to put my thoughts into words. I thank you for letting me share them.

  3. Great interview, and really lovely artwork - delighted to start following your work!

    1. Thank you Sally, so nice to meet you

  4. Thanks for sharing Andy,, Really enjoy your Sissy Andrew series.

    1. Hello there, this was all Annabelles Idea and thank you for your compliments

  5. Great interview, and really lovely artwork

    1. Hi there, Annabelle asked some great questions. I was happy to help

  6. Such an interesting person, just as his art. Thanks for doing the interview and Annabelle Thanks for continuing to bring us just a little closer to people we can admire.

    1. Hello Anon, you are kind. Annabelle has such a wonderful site, I should visit more often.

  7. Hello Andy. After admiring your art for years, it's really nice to learn something about you and how you got started writing and drawing. If you don't mind sharing, I'm sure many of your fans would like to hear more about your real life experiences as Amanda, and how your Parisian friends helped with your feminizing. Being a cross-dresser (I bet I'm not the only one on here!), I'd be especially interested in hearing all about your clothing and makeup. Thanks for all of the cool pictures and stories. Wish I had an Aunt Jane :-) JN

    1. Hi Janice, That is very kind of you, so glad you like my work. I have been asked and have told, of my fun times in France, perhaps I need someone to interview me on the subject "Wink Wink".
      Thank you for your kind words, they are greatly appriciated

  8. What can I say? A lovely interview with one of the nicest people you could hope to meet, and very talented too both in artwork and writing.
    S xx

    1. Thank you my friend. You are responsible for a lot of my happiness and inspiration

  9. It was fantastic when I discovered Andy's blog a couple of years back and, although he's delightfully open with his feelings there, this interview was interesting and welcome indeed. Thank you both.

    1. Hello My Birdie, you are so sweet. XXXX

  10. Thank you for including this interview as well as Andy's artwork on your blog. Although we have never met I am a fan of Andy's artwork, and in some ways a friend. More people should get to see his talents and this interview and samples of his art will bring him even more admirers.

    1. You are a friend RH, i admire your writing and imagination as much as you do mine. Thank you for sharing and having fun

  11. That was great, Andy is lucky to be able to indulge in his fantasies with supportive people in real life.

    It's interesting to see the prospective of different forced fem writers/artists as to what "crosses the line" so to speak. I agree there is a sweetness to Andy's work, even though the protagonist is not willing . I wonder what brings a forced fem work into harsh territory, although lack of love from the feminizer is definitely one you could point to.

    1. Hello Charlene, nice to meet you. There are many examples of harsh forced fem and although the art is often very good I can not relate, nor enjoy the work. You are right a lack of love is one pointer, Aunt Jane, as I say, loves Andy dearly, but can't resist seeing him all bright red with embarrassment.
      Thank you again