Saturday, February 24, 2024

Check out Rachel Vargas short story: Behind Every Great Woman

Priscilla recommended me this wonderful erotic short story Behind Every Great Woman by RachelVargas. I never heard of the author or story, but after reading it, I was glad she recommend it to me. You may have already noticed it published on the New and Feminization Stories (Stand Alone Author Section), and the feedback has been great.

"Kim" is engaged to Janice, little does he know that he is in a Female Led Relationship, but he does not fully realize this. After taking on some light harmless feminine roles which gradually escalate he finds himself fully immersed in the soft delicate role of a soft girly female.   

This new classic  is a soft gradual tale of Kim being led into being placed in the soft feminine role by his wife. 

Wonderfully written by Vargas. 


“Kim understands that I expect him to be obedient and pleasing to you also. You will let me know if he ever incurs your slightest displeasure. As my personal secretary, I intend to keep you very busy. We will work out a schedule for Kim which will allow him to help you around your apartment. He needs all the practice he can get with dusting, laundry and other household duties. Also, I want Kim to learn how to entertain. There will be times when I have guests, both ladies and gentlemen.”

Jan’s hand went to my chin, lifting it to where our eyes met.

“I think our little Kim secretly enjoys submitting to women. But he may be somewhat reluctant to please the gentlemen.”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. She grinned broadly at the shocked expression on my face. Though I couldn’t see her, I knew Julie could not suppress a similar grin. My eyes were locked in terror to her own soft gaze as she continued.

A relatively short story with open spaces where the reader can project their own imagination. The story is filled with emotional details describing Kim's feelings and emotional confusion as "her" masculinity is eroded with his wife's young secretary Julie, witnessing his emasculation as both ladies "bond" grows and they think its time for sweet innocent Kim to experience the attraction of a strong, but caring arms of another man....


Behind Every Great Woman

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Short Story: Tulip is all Washed Out

Tulip Fancy

Our heroine adjust to the routine of a traditional housewife....a girl's work is never done! Especially in the laundry room....

I suppose, I should be grateful that the hockey shirts don't need ironing. I was so proud when my wife was made Vice-Captain. What I didn't realize was, that also meant she would be in charge of the kit. 

After getting home, she would toss all her things on the floor expecting me to pick it up. Every time I bent down to pick up her kit she would smack my bum and laugh to herself. 

Since I'm the only one that does laundry in our house that meant it was up to me. I had ended up doing the laundry not long after we moved in together. Despite wearing a pipe ribbon, every three or four weeks I would discharge during the night. This would obviously make a mess in the sheets which my wife said she was not prepared to deal with and I needed to take responsibility. When that would happen, my wife would have me hand wash the white stains off by hand. After proper instruction from my wife and Kelly the laundry had become my domain. I can't believe how skippy Kelly's thong underwear is, I can't help but think that every time she stays over and has me do her laundry while she studies in the other room. 

With this extra work load I'm finding that I have to wash every day and sometimes twice. I'm getting up half an hour early every day just so I can get a load on the line before I go to work. In the afternoon I generally do our smalls and blouses in the sink. My wife, thankfully gets her suits dry cleaned through work. The hockey skirts are pretty easy to iron. They have no pleats and just two overlapped flaps to aid movement. I must say when the team runs out on Saturdays wearing my hard work there is a pride that I'm almost part of the team. I can't wait for the season to end though.... 

Love Tulip 

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Priscilla Photo Captions Picks of the Week (Feb 19, 2024)

Priscilla created a few good ones this week. Hope you enjoy....

By the way, thank you to all those that comment and engage in the comments section! It keeps the blog alive,  pumping and thrusting with vigor! We have a lot coming up so stay tuned. Big thanks to commentators: Donna (we love you), Throne (we love your stories), Mary (always a joy to hear from you) and those that leave comments under anonymity. 

Source; Sissy Nicky

Source: Sarah Graham

Source: Sarah Graham

Source: Sarah Graham
Source: Carol Jean

Source: Femme Forever

Friday, February 16, 2024

New Erotic Story: "The Bella Faire Bride": Cheating Husband is turned into a Feminized Princess to be Auctioned off!

Jordan had the best life, living a life of luxury to wealthy parents and married to a beautiful young wife. However his constant secret encounters with prostitutes behind his wife's back have finally caught up to him! His mother in law and wife have the perfect form of payback. A deal with a mysterious underground academy that specializes in emasculating males and turning them into"Feminized Maiden." Only to be later sold as a"Trophy Princess" to ultra wealthy international clients!


“You are classed as a Hetero-Virgin? Well, that will change as soon as we auction you off, I would dare presume? Which also means it will save us the trouble of Castrating you if you attempt to escape. If a wealthy man is bidding on a Hetero-Virgin he usually wants her testes to be intact, as well as her tits to only be hormonally induced,” the Doctor informed me. 

    “You see Priscilla. If one of the usual, extremely wealthy and powerful male bidders purchases you in order to strip away your maleness, and fully emasculate you, he wants to be the one that decides to have you Gelded. He also wants to be the individual that pays to have your Bosom enlarged to a set of DD sized tits,” Doctor Blaine smiled, heinously. 

    “Our only recourse, in order to discipline you, should you require it, would be to have you caned or properly whipped by one of our professional Discipline Mistresses. And those ladies truly enjoy the screeches and screams of their helpless, terrified victims. It could be a very long day and a very dark night for you, Priscilla,” the Doctor paused.

    “Some of those ladies will even stop to masturbate, prior to continuing your castigation. So be forewarned, Priscilla. Today, should I decide to promote you from Trainee, to Novitiate, the only way to go if you Fuck-up, is down. Way down. But we never permanently damage our most valuable properties,” Doctor Blaine added.

    “A Hetero-Virgin brings top dollar at any of our auctions. So we attempt not to leave any scars or permanent markings when we punish anyone such as you, Priscilla.

Priscilla's newest feminization erotica story offers her trademark style with new forms of emasculation that will become classic scenes that you will re-visit to re-experience and enjoy! 

Join us as Jordan is put through a enforced feminization education by the Bellafaire Institute and turned into sexy but sexually innocent Priscilla, The Bellefaire Bride!


Dinner with my “Witch" of a Mother-in-Law was never my favorite pastime. However this time the outcome was far worse that I could have ever imagined. Something must have been put into my Scotch-on-the-Rocks? I still have the very vague recollections of being dragged across the floor and the female voices, two of which were my wife and step-mother. 
    When I did come-to, I was seated and bound, in a tall-backed chair, with a penis-gag shoved into my mouth....

Link to the Complete Story:

Monday, February 12, 2024

Priscilla's Photo Caption Pick of the Week (2/12/24)

Happy Valentine's Day Week! Hope you all had a great weekend, how many of you saw the Super Bowl while wearing panties underneath? I won't tell.......We have some new stuff coming to the blog, but for now Priscilla sent some new captions for you to enjoy. Kisses.


Source: Sarah Graham

Source: Sarah Graham

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Short Story: How Tulip Survives the Diner

Tulips Fancy

Our heroine now has a job and she is getting a ton of attention! 

It had been a few weeks since I started working at the diner. The midmorning crowd were mainly ladies out shopping. Coming in for tea and a chat. Not big tippers but nice and friendly. Alway quick with a compliment and tips about my love life. Until I flash my fake engagement and wedding rings. Part of my diner survival kit . 

Then its "My husband is a very lucky man." I just smile, I never try and correct the record. 

How could I?

The real problem is 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. People coming in for food. Lots of workmen, construction workers and office types. Let me tell you one lot is just as handsy as the others. 

After the first week my bottom was laterally black and blue. I was crying at night. My wife would comfort me. Even once saying I should take it as a compliment. I said I didn't want to go back. She said I could not leave another job, what would I do? She took me out and bought me two pairs of padded panties and two girdles to fit over them. I think of it as my armor. Thats the second part of my diner survival kit. 

They did actually make my uniform fit better and I could see from the look in my wife's eye that I had stirred something in her and she would be exercising her conjugal rights tonight. Which she did. The third part of the kit the owner showed me. You glue a little metal stud on the back of your order book folder. When you feel a hand where it is not supposed to be, you swat it. If you get them on the knuckles, it hurts and they move fast. Men are such pigs! I hate them. 

Even though I still am one I suppose..... Anyway, it won't be forever. I'll get a new job. Something that will impress my wife and make her see me in a whole new light. 

Monday, February 5, 2024

Priscilla's Photo Caption Pick of the Week (2/5/24)

Welcome to a brand new week! Here are some hand picked captions from Priscilla. Have a great week everyone! 



Wednesday, January 31, 2024

NEW! Short Story: "Lulu's Story."

Clever Sissy

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lulu. I am a Sissy Maid....

Just three years ago I was you.  Sitting at home in front of the computer or scrolling through posts on my phone.  I too daydreamed about being a sissy.  Feminized by a man or woman whom I’d willingly and enthusiastically submit to if given the chance.

I too looked at the erotic pictures, read their captions, and dreamed of being the main character of the same fiction you stroke yourself to.  I too dreamed of wearing the outlandish beribboned satin dresses; with their accompanying petticoats, satin panties, thigh highs, garter belts, and more.  You see, we wanted the same things.  But I must warn you, there is more to becoming a sissy than those things.  There is so much more…

When I told my girlfriend about my interest in chastity she was quite unsure at the time.  Why would a man want his cock, that which makes him a man, locked away 24/7 and inaccessible to everyone else, including himself?  Wouldn’t that be humiliating and degrading for him, she mused?  What would he say when showering at the gym after a workout?  She didn’t quite understand it in the beginning, but nevertheless, she played along with his somewhat unusual fantasy.

Quickly though, she came to realize the power her key possessed over me.  Void of self-pleasure, I was soon subjugated to pleasing her more than myself.  With a plethora of material online, it didn’t take her long before she began to tease me further.  I vividly remember the first time she woke me up in the middle of the night by planting her sex on my face.  “You’re going to make me cum until I say stop.” Were the only words spoken before her slick pussy muzzled my face of any protest.  After a mere four weeks in chastity she had already been queened while my sex remained locked, begging for release.

A few months later she came across my one and only sissy dress.  A bespoke French maid outfit no self-respecting woman would ever be seen in.  This wasn’t the typical French maid outfit worn by Jennifer Aniston.  No, those were much to refined.  I, a sissy, required so much more than that.  Satin, ribbons, petticoats so wide doorways became troublesome, pinafores tied behind my back, unforgiving five inch heels locked to my feet, thigh highs, and garter belts.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, these were just the beginning in my three year long transformation.

Soon enough, bells were added. “They allow me to know not only where you are at all times, but also that my little sissy isn’t slacking off.  A jingling sissy is a busy sissy.” Was how she explained their necessity to me.   Nowadays, I wear bells on my heels, wrists, and collar.  “Now if any part of you moves ill know!”  she exclaimed enthusiastically the first time.

Even still, you may still be thinking to yourself this all sounds like a dream.  A fantasy land so many sissies would die to experience.   What sissy wouldn’t enjoy these things?  After all, isn’t it in our nature to be denied, humiliated, degraded, used, and overly sexualized in our appearance, mannerisms, and lifestyle?  I too enjoyed the mincing and prancing, the swishing petticoats, the hair, makeup, and breast forms.

But, as with many people, enough is never enough.  Learning to reliably cum from anal stimulation alone took months to acquire.  In that time, I was forbidden from being released.  I was only allowed one supervised unlocking every two weeks to shave.  Of course numbing cream was applied before starting to ensure I remained flaccid.  Mistress, yes, that was her name now, also locked my hands behind me to prevent any urges I may get during that time.  I was also blindfolded during this.  She insisted a sissy shouldn’t be permitted to look at their own unlocked clitty.  That privilege was reserved for her.

Do you know how dehumanizing and degrading it is to not see your own sex?  Not only can I not touch it, I can’t even see it locked behind the pink plastic!  You, the person reading this, most likely still have the ability to touch yourself, stroke yourself, and even orgasm on your own.  I’m afforded none of those privileges.

My milkings, which elicit virtually no pleasure for myself, occur on the first Saturday of every month at precisely 8 AM.  In the pursuit of efficiency, Mistress purchased a prostate e-stim device that, when inserted in my pussy, will milk me in less than 30 seconds.  I feel the tingling deep inside me as my prostate releases what little maleness I still retain.  She then brings the small dish of cum up to my mouth as I obediently swallow, thanking her at the end for being such a wonderful and caring Mistress.  Before leaving me though, I’m required to ask her to do the same to me the following month and to never unlock me again.  My once cherished release is now utilitarian in nature.

In order to keep up with her relentless chores and schedule I was given a choice.  I could either quit my day job and become her full time sissy, dedicating myself to this lifestyle.  Or, I could leave and never return.

I’m sure you can guess which option I chose.  My wardrobe quickly ballooned in size.  Dresses, shoes, and lingerie were delivered almost daily until my closet ran out of room and what remaining male clothes I had were donated.  Nowadays, the closest thing I have to what a man would wear are a few blouses I’m permitted to wear when running errands in public.

Her latest change has worried me more than anything else though.  Yesterday she showed me her Tinder profile for the first time.  She had men, real men, lining up left and right for her.  She flipped through a few of her matches before stopping at one in particular.

“His name is Liam and he’s taking me out for dinner this evening.”

My heart sank at this revelation.  My love, my Mistress, was seeing another man, a real man.  I was being replaced right before my eyes.  I was no longer her man.  I had very abruptly, and unceremoniously, been relegated to the role of cuck.

So yes, according to many people I’m living a dream.  But this ‘dream’ has cost me so much.  Please think of me next time you make love, masturbate, or read erotic literature, and know that I’ll be here in my own feminized world.  Devoid of all those things you take for granted.

Monday, January 29, 2024