Princess of Aragon Ch. 3

By Jennifer Reed
Chapter Three

The Limo pulled in front of the Hall, Thomas looked to his husband.
Thomas smiled softly. "I promise you that I will not embarrass you my
husband." Thomas clutched his husbands arm. He smiled and kissed his
husbands cheek. "I will be your elegant and graceful lady. Let's make a
good impression on everyone" Thomas smiled. It was a soft feminine
smile. They walked in together. Thomas smiled with his husband's semen
coating his lips and some dried on his chin and a thin reflective film
on his cheeks. He would make an impression.

Thomas's beautiful soft alluring smile was one of the qualities that
made Thomas so desirable and feminine. Thomas just didn't know it. That
smile was so appealing that it drew the Duke to him. The Duke paid
dearly for Thomas and he had to possess the young man at any cost. He
also began to suspect there was so much more to Thomas and these
appearances may cost him more than he had initially thought. A lot more.
The Duke smiled in return. "Yes my love. I am glad you are cooperating
with this. I was afraid you would make things difficult. I planned for
that occurrence."

That smile returned. "I know, I knew you had a plan in place if I wanted
to make things difficult. It would not matter either way," Thomas said
confidently. "I don't want them to see me unladylike. They will see a
refined elegant lady, someone they can respect. You can rest assured I
won't make an embarrassing scene."

They walked in with the Dukes security trailing them. Thomas reminded
himself to remain in control and be act as an elegant refined lady for
the Duke. He had to be respectful and confident. He had just married the
man of his dreams in the eyes of these people. Thomas held his head high
and draped his arm around his husbands arm and they walked together. He
saw the people assembled and waiting for them. Someone loudly introduced
them as they walked in.

A woman's alluring voice carried though out the reception hall. "I
present the newlywed bride and groom. Mr. Jose Cordoba and his bride,
Mrs. Isabella Cordoba." Thomas felt humiliation as he was introduced to
everyone as a woman and a bride to another man. He didn't let his
humiliation show as he let the Duke lead them into the hall. There were
many elites in the government and rich business people. Leanne was
carefully watching him from the back. She had an amused look as she
closely watched Thomas for any sign of rebellion. He would not let her
have the satisfaction of brutalizing him. Some of the women also smirked
at his appearance. They obviously knew what he had just done. It was
very evident on Thomas's face. The women knew, if they knew what to look
for. He gracefully nodded as he was approached and congratulated them.

"Congratulations on your marriage, Mrs. Cordoba. Oh my." The woman gasp
and smirked at Thomas when she noticed the appearance of his face. Some
of his hair stuck to his face from dried semen and it was on his cheeks
and lips. Some of it had tried on his bottom lip. It made her smile. She
liked it. A feminized man with dried semen from his lover on his face.
There was something so hot about it. She figured the Duke was really
rough with the small feminized man and it was hot. "It looks like you
couldn't wait to get all hot and steamy with your man." She smiled at
Thomas. "You must be a very kinky dirty girl, Mrs. Cordoba. Couldn't you
wait for tonight to get more intimate."

Thomas lowered his eyes in deep shame. The woman noticed that Thomas
flinched and looked at the floor. She had her suspicions about this
marriage. It was difficult to tell just by looking at the woman, but she
knew Isabella wasn't a woman. He was forced into it and she suspected he
wasn't homosexual or willing either. Now she knew that this young man
was forced into it, and forced to sexually service the Duke with his
mouth. He tried to hide his disgust and humiliation he felt, but his
mannerisms revealed his true feelings very clearly.  He was disgusted
and hated it. That somehow made it a lot hotter and she knew the Duke
had forced Thomas to give him a blowjob.  "You two must have had a good
time. Tell me," Maggie inquired. "What was he like, I mean intimately.
Did you enjoy it?"

Thomas just looked down at his painted toenails in shame. He couldn't
look at her anymore. It was also as she suspected. His face was twisted
in disgust at the memory of giving his husband a blowjob. She knew it
was something that was most straight men's' worst nightmares. "You must
have enjoyed yourself, Isabella and I am sure you will really enjoy your
first full intimate   night. You could have waited, or do you like
presenting yourself like this for all to see?"

"So how was it, giving your husband his first blowjob?" Maggie inquired.

The young man was silent and fidgeting, still avoiding her face with his
eyes cast down.

"How was the taste, did you enjoy giving your husband pleasure," Maggie
inquired with a smirk.

He didn't answer and she pushed on. "Come on answer me Isabella. Did you
like the taste of your husband's cum? How was it?"

He looked up and said softly, "I didn't like the taste, it will take
some getting used to. It was huge and I had trouble fitting it in my
mouth. I didn't like the taste at all. It was gross."

She chuckled. "The larger men are difficult, I know the feeling," she
admitted. "And some girls like the taste, but I don't. You will get used
to it. How do you feel about your husband?" Maggie asked him.

"Uh Yes, I love him very much," Thomas said to him. Maggie had to admit,
it was very convincing.

"She couldn't wait to give me a blowjob," The Duke replied. "She was so
aroused that she nearly ripped my pants to get at me. She told me that
she wants to totally submit herself to me in the proper tradition."

Thomas wasn't sure what that meant when Maggie smiled. "What, do you
mean the Three Nights. No one does that anymore. No woman would do that
anymore. We consider it too demeaning and sexist. Are you sure you want
to do that Isabella?"

"Yes," he said confidently. He had no idea what that was.

She looked at Thomas and smiled. "Wow you must really love the Duke a
lot to do the Three Nights of Consummation. No woman has done that in
years. Most women would think it is demeaning. Most certainly, no man
would put himself through such a demeaning feminine ritual. I can't
imagine any man with self respect as a man doing it. You must really
love him." She had a knowing smile on her face.

She knew the truth and she seemed to enjoy the fact that he was in this
situation. The fact that he was straight and forced into this seem to
excite her a lot. "Yes," said Thomas. "I will do the three Nights of
Consummation for my husband. I love him that much." He still had no idea
what it was. From what the woman had said, he didn't think he wanted to
know either. Either way, he was doing it. The decision had been made, it
had been announced. Thomas was going to find out and he had no doubt it
was going to be very humiliating, demeaning and probably traumatic.

"That is great, No man has ever done it and I think no man who had any
dignity would. Very few women would put herself though such a demeaning
ritual too. I am Maggie Thomson. I am in charge of a popular women's
charity. I wish you a long and blissful marriage," she said as she

Thomas politely nodded. "Thank you for your kindness." He knew all about
her and her relations to the elites in society. He smiled softly. "I
hope you do well with your charity. I will arrange a large donation to
help you. Just don't tell Alice. I know how you hate her."

She smirked. "Alice is annoying. I hope you and your husband have a very
exciting night together. From the way you look, I can see you two
started your intimacy early. You have my best wishes!"

Thomas's face blushed bright red in embarrassment and humiliation. She
smirked and knew Thomas was not that kind of man. She could tell by how
he looked at her figure. He was attracted to her, not a man. "Next time,
Isabella, Swallow faster next time. Don't let so much get on your face.
You look like a bimbo. It takes time to learn how to do it right. I am
sure your husband will give you a lot of practice using your mouth." She

He smiled back. "You must be speaking from experience, Maggie. Thanks
for the advice."

Her smile faltered as Thomas walked away in the arms of his husband. A
very large man approached his husband and they shook hands as they
approached the table. He wasn't as large as his husband. He was still
one of the largest men in the room and looked to be in his mid 30s.
Thomas knew who this large man was. He made most other men look small by
comparison. This man's sexual appetite matched his size. He was a man
that held a lot of power in this nation. He wasn't nearly as powerful as
his husband. The other man congratulated his husband on the wedding and
wished Thomas well. Thomas also knew by looking at the man that he was
very cruel and very greedy. Thomas smiled and accepted the praise.
"Thank you Baron Vargos. I wish you and Angela well too." Thomas glanced
at the beautiful refined woman at the Barons side. He had heard the
Barons mother didn't like the woman he was seeing. The Baron seemed
totally infatuated with Angela. He wished them well.

Maggie, who seemed to be leading this reception said, "It is now time
for the first husband and wife dance."

Thomas let his husband lead him to the center of the floor. The Duke
held up his hand and said, "First, my wife and I would like to make an
announcement. My wife has insisted and agreed to observe and consummate
the marriage in the old ritual of the Three Nights of Consummation. He
told me he wanted to show me his affection and submission as a wife. I
will let her tell you all herself."

Thomas looked at everyone. They seemed shocked, some of them were very
amused. He said in a very feminine voice. "I wanted to prove my devotion
and love for my husband in the most extreme way. I am told I will be the
very first and probably only man to ever observe the Three Nights of
Consummation. I am very eager to be the first and only. That is how much
I love him." Thomas was very humiliated to announce it and the shocked
and amazed look of everyone else told him what he needed to know. Many
of the women looked at him with disbelief and some smirked. They guessed
he had no idea what he was getting into.

He tightly embraced the Duke and they danced. Thomas hated this very
intimate dance with his husband. He was disgusted by how the Duke clung
tightly to him as they danced. This intimate embrace made him very
uncomfortable. He was revolted by the Dukes continually kissing and
licking his neck. Thomas hated the continuous pinching of his butt as
they danced. He was humiliated by how he felt the Dukes manhood harden
under his pants and press against him. Thomas told himself that he had
better get used to that manhood being used on him in various ways a
straight man would never have.

Thomas clung possessively to his new husband as they were dancing. He
couldn't help but overhearing the humiliating comments that were being
made about his new lifestyle as a beautiful feminized man. He heard
comments about how beautiful and feminine he was next to his husband. He
turned and saw the large baron watching them. The Baron smiled at them.
The Baron Vargos had a reputation for how he treated women and it wasn't
all that different from his own fathers. He tended to use women and
dismiss them. It was said he was selfish and sort of cruel. All of that
stopped when the Baron began his relationship with Angela. It was an
amazing transformation of the Barons character and they were expecting a
proposal from the Baron any time. His mother Constance was not at all
happy with it.

Their first formal dance together ended and Thomas was relieved. Then
all of the other couples took the floor and began dancing. He saw the
Baron and his girlfriend Angela get on the floor and dance. They looked
totally in love. His sister dancing with her boyfriend and his mother
had just sat down with another woman. He was very saddened by how his
mother felt. He never understood her coldness toward him. He knew his
mother loved Craig a lot. She devoted her entire life and heart to him
and he repaid her love with cruelty and humiliation that he got off on.
He hated the changed in her that he witnessed over time, but she never
treated him as a real son. There were reasons why, and Thomas partly
understood. He desperately hoped that in time that Renie could accept
him as her son. She never did and Craig passed away recently. The
strange things happening made him uneasy.

When Renie's husband passed away, she knew things would begin to happen
and the situation against Thomas became desperate. Many enemies would be
going after him. That included some very lethal enemies that had been
looking for him and she knew she had to protect him. She searched for a
man who help her family. She contacted the Duke. Her family agreed with
the marriage proposal. Fortunately, Thomas's homeland had laws about
arranged marriages. Arranged Marriages required the brides' formal
signed consent. Witnesses were required to assure the bride consented
and was willing. Marriages could not be forced like they could in this
nation he was trapped in now. However, once she consented, the old style
marriage laws applied which meant her life and body was totally subject
to the husband's authority. Her affairs were under the control of the
Husband.  The nation's marriage laws still placed the wife totally under
the husbands control according to religious law. She had to agree to the
marriage, unlike this nation which they marry at the family's consent,
whether the bride wants to or not.

His mother had received a massive sum from his father's passing and they
made out very well. She inherited much of the assets and Thomas received
a great sum also. He loved his mother and wished her well even if she
seemed to resent the fact that he was male. She seemed to get some
sadistic pleasure in watching him be feminized and treated as she was by
a man. The money from this marriage would help her with the debts she
was in. She had a lot of assets that she had to pay for now. So she
could afford to retain the assets of his father. She seemed to want what
his father gave to him in the will. He suspected that was what this was
about. His money was safe, he made sure no one could touch it, and she
couldn't either. They would find that out soon enough.

His money was safe in a federal reserve in the United States. The United
States had very strict laws about Human Trafficking. Money from human
trafficking was seized by federal officials there. No one would touch
his money. Spouses had access to each other's money there. The Duke
would find he couldn't withdraw from his account. Not in this type of
marriage. The United States would not recognize this marriage. So the
Duke would have no access to Thomas's account in the United States. His
mother would be unable to access it either. Thomas could not wait to see
their reaction to it all. Only one who had access to it, was him. Thomas

The dancing portion ended. The guests headed toward the tables. Thomas
sat at the table beside his husband as servant's poured drinks. His
mother stood up and made the first wedding toast.

Renie smiled at him as his sister sat beside her. "I wanted to be the
first to congratulate the Bride. The bride is my son and I am the
Bride's mother. Isn't she so beautiful? I have always knew my son would
make a beautiful woman. I never thought I would see my son as the bride
in a wedding to a man. What a shock it all is to me. My sons dream is
coming true. It is so beautiful, I am proud of you Isabella. She is so
beautiful and graceful. There were times that I have suspected that my
son was a transsexual. He enjoyed playing with his sister and wearing
her clothes when he was young. My son used to go out with his sister and
her friends as one of the girls. It was very embarrassing to me as a
mother. That girlish nature passed as he grew older and he stopped
wearing women's clothes and began acting like a normal boy. I was very
shocked when Isabelle told me of her relationship with the Duke in this
country and how she loved him. I never suspected that my son was gay. My
son had girlfriends and seemed to be attracted to women. My son
explained how he had fallen in love with a Duke. He explained how he was
going to have to dress as a woman for the Dukes desire. My son told me
how much he was devoted to the Duke that he was going to begin dressing
as a woman and living full time as a woman, for the Dukes pleasure. He
explained that he was not transsexual, he wasn't changing into a woman.
It was just dressing and acting as a woman. He just wanted to be womanly
for the Duke. My son told me that it would settle all of the debts we
owed and make himself a beautiful woman for the Duke. My son wanted to
make the Duke happy. He also wanted to prove he was worthy of such a
powerful man and his desire. He explained the laws in the nation the
Duke lived in and asked me to make a legal arranged marriage for him. He
also asked me to find a woman who would help feminize him. I met the
Duke and arranged the formal papers for the nation. I had attorneys draw
up the contact and we signed the marriage license for him. I arranged
the required number of signatures to make it legally binding. I met
Leanne and she explained to me what she was into and her experience at
such things. Leanne told me that she would be happy to make him the most
beautiful bride ever. I wish you well in your marriage to the Duke. I am
proud of you, Isabelle. I hope your transition to womanhood goes well."
They were all smiling.

Renie was smirking at him. She knew that most of what she said was a
lie. No one here knew it. Most of them believed her. Most of the guests
now believed that he was a gay effeminate man who fell for the Duke and
asked her to arrange this marriage for him. If that was the story they
were going to tell, fine. It would cost them to keep this illusion he
was willing to do this for her.

The guests approved and lifted their glasses for her. Thomas saw his
sister stand up with her glass. He silently groaned. 'this should be
good', Thomas thought sarcastically. The Maid of Honor always offered a
toast for the Bride. The bride was her brother. She would really enjoy

"Hello everyone," said his sister. "I am Katherine. My brother is the
Bride." She smirked at him as Thomas felt so humiliated. "We grew up
together. Thomas was just a normal boy for most of his life. He dated
many girls in high school. He was sexual with girls since thirteen. My
brother was handsome and girls fell for him.  He dated many girls from
thirteen to sixteen. My brother was like any other boy. My brother
became very weird around fifteen years old. My brother was always very
interested in girls and dating. It was very sexual in his early teenage
years as most boys that age. His interest changed around fifteen. His
interest in girls changed a lot. He took an interest in how girls acted,
how we dressed and shoes and styles. It wasn't in an average boyish way
guys pay attention to girl's sexual features and our sexiness. It was
much different. My brother was watching how we move and interact with
others. He watched how we dress and asked me why.  He approached me and
started asking me many questions about girl's behavior and why we dress
and when to look a certain way. He also asked many strange questions
about our bodies. He wanted to know how we interact with boys and what
we think is attractive. These were questions that no boy would or should
want to know. I started freaking out. I didn't know what was going on
with my brother.

"Then my brother asked me to dress him as a girl when he was sixteen. He
asked me to make him look like a girl. He wanted to be a totally
convincing girl and pass with other girls our age. How is a sister
supposed to handle that request from her brother? We discussed it and I
did it for him. He looked like any girl. He was small for his age,
handsome and had very feminine features. He asked me to accept him as a
girl.  He spent the entire day with me as a girl. We hung out, we went
to our friends and I watched as he got along with them and interacted
with my friends as any girl. They accepted him. Only one of my friends
actually knew that girl was my brother. The others didn't know. He kept
dating girls for the rest of the school year. I watched as his behavior
and mannerisms got to be much more feminine. He watched girls and
struggled with his own sexuality. My brother became more accomplished as
a girl. It was so cute and troubling. He kept trying to pretend he was
heterosexual, but I knew he was really gay. I saw it. He wasn't
transsexual. He just liked being girlish. Then this year, gathered me
and my mother and father together. He announced the he had fallen in
love with a very powerful man who promised to take care of him. One of
the conditions was that he had to be feminized and become a full time
cross dresser. He had to live his life as a woman. He told us about laws
of this nation. My brother explained that this was what he wanted. It
was going to be an arranged marriage and once it was one, he would no
longer have any choices in his life. He explained that the Duke demanded
this, and this was what he wanted. We discussed it and We agreed and
signed the forms. This is so strange now, here is my brother, dressed as
the most beautiful bride in a gown I will never be able to afford. There
is no way that I will surrender to a man the way my sweet brother has. I
am happy for you, Isabella. I guess now you are my sister. It's so sweet
and I hope you and your husband have a long life together. It is clear
you love him with all of your heart."

Thomas hoped that a hole would form under him and swallow him. He felt
that humiliated after his sisters speech. He actually wanted to cry.
Instead, he stood up. He would enjoy humiliating himself for a change.
It was better than others doing it for him. He felt humiliated wearing
his bridal gown he was put in this morning. He had the look of a
beautiful woman on her wedding day. His white lace floral grown hung
just below his knees. The top plunged down between his breasts showed
much more cleavage than any other woman there. The cups stuck out
further than most women's. Floral lace covered the cups of the dress.
Thomas felt beautiful and very elegant.

He looked at everyone at the large table and said, "I thank you for your
kind words. My Mother and Sister had just told you all of the secrets
that I had wished had stayed concealed. I didn't want my weird childhood
to be brought up in public. My beloved caring sister has kept me from
embarrassing myself at school more than a few times. I have tried to
live as a man and failed. I was unable keep steady girlfriends because I
was too much like them. A girl usually finds it very awkward and
uncomfortable if her boyfriend emulates her too much. Girls left me when
it was too weird. A girl really hates it when her date dresses as a girl
for a date. So I decided to seek a powerful man in a nation which would
allow this lifestyle. There are many western nations which are very
liberal and openly allow lifestyle transvestites. They allow gay
marriages, even if the man chooses to live as a woman for his spouse.
People might not like it very much, but it is allowed. I could have
found a man in New York or Las Angelis or Chicago. Some rich man would
for sure appreciate me. I visited this nation because I heard they had
just legalized gay marriages and a court battle was being fought to
extend the arrange marriage laws to include spouses in same sex
marriages. I heard of a man living full time as a woman, legalized and
accepted by society to a degree even New York would have a problem with.
I researched the laws and that male bride before me. I admit that I
really believed what happened to that young man was an atrocity. It is
very difficult for him to accept the conditions he was forced into. He
wasn't a man like me and didn't want to be feminine. I will make a very
beautiful bride for my husband. I hope I can be all the woman he
deserves. I love him so much." Thomas kissed the Duke full on the mouth.
Then he said. "I will prove my love for him. I proved it a little this
afternoon on the ride here. My lust gets the best of me at times and I
can't control myself. I had to give him a blowjob. It was wonderful,
Jose and I promise to give you many more. All man like you deserves! I
will prove myself fully with my complete submission during the Three
Nights of Consummation."

The speeches were done. Thomas cut the wedding cake and served it. He
admitted that it tasted very good. Thomas could not stop thinking of
everything his sister said. Thomas almost felt like crying. He
considered the rest of his life and it was depressing him. He would have
to live a lie and a very public lie. He had to live as a feminine man
who had a husband. All he could do was make sure it cost everyone who
was involved it dearly.

They finished the meal, the cake and everything was set. The Duke took
Thomas back to the Limo. Thomas was seated and the straps were secured
over his bust and his waist and his shins. He was immobilized as the
Limo pulled away. He was nearly in panic as the Duke kissed and rubbed
his body. He knew the wedding night was coming and what that would mean.
He always imagined that he would be the man on his wedding night. He
would have a woman who loved him and that she was going to submit
herself as his bride. Now, he was the woman and he had a husband. He was
the bride and he had a man expecting him to submit himself as a woman.
He was going to do the bride's part on his own wedding night for a man
he married. It was going to be a very violating and disgusting
experience. He would do his best.

He had to find out what the three Nights of Consummation was so he could
do it. Thomas had to find out what was expected of him in this ritual.
The Duke was sucking hard on his neck. The Dukes hard sucking was
bringing up an ugly purple stop on his neck. It was a very humiliating
visible hickey. His husband obviously wanted their intimacy to be
visible for everyone. He wanted to humiliate Thomas. Thomas said as the
Duke was sucking on his neck. "I know you want me to be your wife. I
don't know why. I know you don't need my money my father gave me upon
his death. It may have to do with my family, but I can't imagine what
that would have to do with you.  It may be because of something my
father did to you all, But why are you punishing me for it."

The duke smiled a loving affectionate smile. "I really have no desire
punish you at all. This is to help you. I knew what others were going to
do to you over your father. I am past what your father did, but others
are not." Then he kissed Thomas full on the mouth as Thomas gagged. He
hated being kissed this way by another man. It was so gross. Thomas
didn't know if he could ever get used to having another man's tongue in
his mouth.

The Limo pulled in up to the front gate of the estate. The gate opened
and they pulled up to the manor as the gate closed behind them. The Duke
unstrapped Thomas and lifted him out of the Limo. He easily lifted
Thomas up and him over his shoulder. Thomas was silent as he was carried
into the front door. "I will see you tonight. Leanne is expecting you. I
know what you said about submitting to me, and if things work out. We
will see if tonight can go smoothly, Or if we have to use other means."

The Duke uncuffed Thomas's wrists and walked away leaving Thomas alone.
Thomas walked down a large elaborately adorned hall into the very large
room. He felt very uncomfortable with his heels making a very loud
audible tap as he walked. He assumed this was the main meeting room of
the Manor. There were large sofas arranged along the wall. He saw a
large desk and most of the space was open. The room was large and domed.
This must be the drawing room. Where was Leanne and her preparation room
at? He looked around and meet a few others. He saw some of the women he
assumed was the cleaning staff. They looked too stuffy and formal for
him. Obviously wearing more Victorian conservative outfits. He wished
they were something less formal. They may appreciate it too. Thomas
figured and that's what he would do when he was given some authority
over the manor.

He walked around for a while until he saw Leanne's room. It was all what
he expected and she had not noticed him yet. The room was arranged like
a chamber to trap him in. She had her vanity arranged with all of her
cosmetics, hairspray and other items she would have to use on him. There
was a hair washing station and a commercial dryer. He was despaired to
see her special restraint chair there waiting for him. She had obviously
had it transported here just for him. He approached her. "I am glad to
see you are here and went through the trouble to have my favorite chair
transported here too. Are we ready to get started?" Thomas smiled.

"Thanks Mrs. Cordoba. As long as you are pleased. I had this brought
here just for you." She smiled as she approached him. "First, let's get
these clothes off you." She smiled more. "You won't need them for
tonight." She began removing his wedding gown when he stopped her.

"Thank you, Mrs. Sterling, but I can remove my own clothes thank you
very much," Thomas snapped. "There is one thing I want to know. May I
ask a question before we begin?"

"Sure, Mrs. Cordoba. What do you want to ask me," she inquired, having a
pretty good idea."

Thomas was still wearing his wedding gown, standing in front of Leanne.
It has been a rough day so far and he had been humiliated beyond
anything he thought a man could suffer. Sure he had been though far
worse, but this was different. It was demeaning and humiliating him.
Somehow it was more painful than what he suffered before. He was still
smiling and told her. "I think I am ready to prepare for the first
night. Ms. Sterling."

She returned his smile. "That's good to hear. Lets first get your
wedding gown off and get started."

He held his hand up. "Wait, there's one thing I wanted to ask you before
we start. Can you answer a question for me?"

"Sure," Leanne said. They had lots of time. It was still very early in
the evening. "What did you want to ask me Mrs. Cordoba?" She looked at
him and waited. Leanne had an idea what he was going to ask.

"Well-" He looked down forming his question in his mind. He knew he
didn't really want to know the answer. It was going to be rough either
way so best he ask, and know. "Leanne. I have heard about this custom I
am going to do. Alice at the reception said it was the Three Nights of
Consummation. The Duke said I was doing it. Alice said it was demeaning
and I was going to be the first male in the country to do it. Can you
tell me what it is?"

She looked away for a second. She looked unhappy for a few seconds. Then
she looked back at him and said. "I can't tell you that, Mrs. Cordoba.
There is someone who can explain these things. I have been instructed to
let you two talk and she will explain the Three Nights to you, and what
you can expect tonight and for the new three days. She is eager to speak
to you Mrs. Cordoba." Leanne opened the door to the dressing room and
said, "You can come in Jessica. Mrs. Cordoba is waiting for you."

Another woman walked in. Thomas assumed this was Jessica. She looked
beautiful. She was stunningly beautiful and Thomas found her enchanting
sexuality very appealing. Her hair was perfect. Dark brown hand fell
across her shoulders shaping her perfect beautiful face. Her face was
enchanting. Her dark swirling eyes drew him into their beauty. Her
mascara and eye lashes made her very enticing. They were almost an inch
from her eyelids. Her eyeshadow was dark purple and just the right
coverage on her lids to make her eyes very enchanting and exotic. His
eyes were drawn most to her breasts, but he was a guy and they usually
were drawn to women's breasts. Her top seemed almost designed to draw
all attention right to her very ample breasts. Her cup size was larger
than his right now and her top seemed to display a lot of them for the
public. She has more cleavage on display than his.

Her skirt was way too short, but that was probably the idea. Her
fingernails and toenails gleaming in the sunlight and were perfectly
polished in bright red. Someone had helped her. Her legs were shaped
right and very appealing. She was very tall and seemed to be very
dominant and strong. Thomas really liked Jessica. She noticed his eyes
locked on her breasts and she laughed. "I am used to guys looking there.
I am Jessica, and I assume you are Thomas!"

He stepped back. Jessica called him Thomas. He stared at her wondering.
She smiled at him, a soft warm smile. It didn't help, he knew something
was wrong. "No," Thomas said, "I am afraid you are mistaken Ma'am. My
name is Isabella Cordoba. I am the Dukes wife."

Jessica looked at Thomas for a few long seconds. She was smiling and
thinking about Thomas saying he was Isabella. Then she laughed a little
and replied. "I cannot understand how a man can be named a wife. It just
makes no sense, but it is a twist of the law. Because of the recent
court ruling, a man can be named the wife in an arranged marriage, and
bound and placed under the husband the way women have been for a
thousand years. It isn't really right," she said.

Jessica continued, "Isabella is just the name your husband forced on you
and there is nothing you can do about it. Isabella wasn't the name you
were born with and it is not your name, Thomas. So don't let it become

Thomas turned away. Thomas didn't really understand how she knew so
much. "Will you explain how you know my name?" Thomas demanded, staring
into her eyes.

"No," Jessica flatly said. "It is not yet time. I will tell you all
about me when the time is right. All you need to know now is One, I am
here to help and assist you. I am here to answer any questions you may
have about the martial ritual you will be doing for your new husband. I
feel bad that you are forced to do this."

Thomas didn't think Jessica really felt bad for him. The smirk on her
made made her seem very insincere.

"I just don't think it is right," Jessica replied with an amused smirk.
"The ritual was intended for a woman. The ritual is for the woman to
show her devotion and feminine submission to her husband. It was for
women of another time. Very few women of today would consider it. Except
for the especially devout and submissive women. Most women consider it a
demeaning and humiliating ritual.  For a woman who feels no affection or
devotion to the man she is marrying, it will be a horrid violation of
her person. It must be 100 times worse for a heterosexual man,
accustomed to being in the dominant position to a woman, to be forced to
take on the feminine submission to a dominant man." She has a big smirk
on her face now. "To be the submissive bride to a man. It must really
make him feel very demeaned and humiliated. It will be very difficult
for you Thomas. You will feel anything but a man."

Thomas glared at her for a few seconds, simmering in anger. "You are
enjoying this aren't you?" Thomas accused. "You will enjoy seeing this
man take my masculinity and dignity away from me wont you?" His glare
was one of the most fearsome things she had ever seen. "You enjoy seeing
me like this."

"Yes," Jessica admitted. "I must admit that this will be very amusing."
Her smirk widened into a full grin. "I don't mean to be offensive or

"Yes you do," Thomas interrupted. "Try to be honest with me. You love
this. You know I am going to be demeaned and humiliated, you enjoy it.
Your part in this is to make sure it is as humiliating as it can be, and
to enjoy witnessing it. There is an agenda here. You are involved or you
wouldn't be here and know my name. There has to be a reason you are
here. You being involved and brought here means you have some connection
with the people here."

Jessica stopped what she was going to say and just stood there for
around a full minute. This was a man who she couldn't deceive. He was
already very suspicious of her involvement. He pieced together some of
it and knew she wasn't here to help him. She may as well admit it. "Yes.
I will enjoy seeing you demeaned. I was told what you believe to be a
woman's place is in life. I was told about how you believe we must
submit to a man and how you have treated women in your life. I know how
your father treated women and taught you to treat them. I know how you
have treated women. So I fully admit I will love seeing you treated in
the way you have treated the women in your life. I love that you now
must submit to a man in the way you believe women must submit to a man.
Now you have to be the woman. It seems like justice."

Jessica knew a little about him and his family. There were a few ways
she could have known all of that she did. If he had to bet, he figured
he knew how she knew. He has strong suspicions, but he would keep them
to himself until he had further proof.

"I know you have questions," Jessica said. "And that's why I am here."

"Yes, you and others have mentioned a ritual. But, first thing I want to
know is, whose idea was it for you to come here?" Thomas inquired.

She smiled. "Your husband asked me to come here. I have known him for a
year now. I have personal experience that can help you?"

"What personal experience?" Thomas inquired. Nothing she said made

"Well, I was in a marriage like yours," Jessica replied.

"What? You married the Duke," Thomas stated in disbelief. That seemed
unlikely, but possible. It was more likely she was married to someone
else who treated her cruelly.

"No, the Duke has never been married. No woman really liked being with
him, as you can guess why. He has not had a long term relationship with
a woman. Most women can't stand him and he has traumatized a few. I just
know him," Jessica said, feeling uncomfortable.

"That makes sense. You weren't married to the Duke before, but you must
have been married to someone." Thomas mind was racing and it was very
evident to Jessica that he was thinking this though.  "You must have
performed this ritual I will be doing for the Duke.  So whoever you
married, must have had connections with the Dukes family, but I think it
is far more likely your connections was with my own family since you
know so much about me and my father. Since you won't tell me, then fine.
Please don't lie to me Jessica," Thomas said while Jessica now fumed.
"Since you won't tell me,  can you tell me about the Three Nights of

Jessica smirked evilly. "Oh it is fun. I loved doing it for my husband.
It was so fun," Jessica said dryly. Her voice was dripping with sarcasm.
Thomas knew that it was no fun at all. She was most likely forced into
it. Seeing Jessica's beautifully fit body, her hair and obvious
enhancements in certain areas. That narrowed down  the possibilities who
her previous husband was in Thomas's mind. "It was the most demeaning
thing I was ever forced though and I had no say in it. I was in a
marriage like yours."

"You mean your family agreed and you were forced to marry a man?" Thomas
said. Thomas had strong suspicions now, but he wanted final

"Yes he forced me to do a lot of things that I hated. He was very
demeaning and he never loved me," Jessica replied.

That made no sense. Of course he never loved her. Love should had never
been expected in a situation like that. Things were not making sense to
Thomas. He decided to let it go, clarification would come later. "You
are now free. May I ask what happened to your husband," inquired Thomas.

"He died," Jessica said. "As an answer to my prayer, I think. I am free
to determine the course of my own life once again."

Thomas's eyes bolted up suddenly, shocking and scaring Jessica a bit.
She stepped back defensively.  Thomas may look very feminine and
delicate in his bridal makeup wearing a wedding gown, but he still
looked fierce at that moment. That statement pretty much sealed it. Now
he knew. "You mean your previous husband is dead?"

"Yes," she said, not really understanding where this was going.

"Your husband's death freed you to live your own life. Now you are here
to see that I am feminized and abused. You will enjoy that I am forced
into the humiliating ritual you had to do for your husband." Thomas's
face wore a very brilliant smile as if a lightbulb just flashed in his
head and a hidden piece had just fallen into place. Of course, many rich
men died often. Her husband could still have been anyone, but the fact
she was here. The fact that she was so happy to that he was being
feminized and abused by a man in the way she was, narrowed the
possibilities quite a bit. It left only one option for who her previous
husband was. It made him very sad that she was abused and molested. All
he could say was. "I am sorry for what happened to you, Jessica. No one
should be forced to marry someone they don't know or want to marry.
Everyone should always get a choice in who to marry. It is an atrocity
to take such a choice away and force it this way. I will see if there if
there is anything that I can do for you. What is this ritual all about?"

"The Ritual is a very intense three days of very intense repeated sex.
It was designed by women of another era as a very public display of her
commitment and submission to her husband. The sex is rigorous,
unforgiving and intense for three nights in a roll. It was designed and
done by Noble women of another era when women were expected to submit to
her husband. The more extreme and public the submission was to her
husband, the better her status was. It was like a one up thing, she was
trying to outdo other women in her extreme submission and public display
of devotion to her husband. This was some time in the late middle ages.
The ritual is considered demeaning and silly now, but some women still
take it serious. More often, it's done this way and to display the man's
strength and fertility more than the woman. I can see by that dark spot
around your neck that the Duke couldn't wait until tonight."

Thomas looked down, totally humiliated as he rubbed the dark spot on his
neck. "Yeah he gave me one of these already."

"So what did you two do?" she asked.

"He forced me to give him a blowjob on the way to the reception. He
stopped the car and, pulled my hair. He forced me to give him a blowjob
like a woman. It was disgusting then he sucked on my neck."

Jessica reached out and rubbed the dark spot on Thomas's neck, marveling
at it. She wore a brilliant triumphant smile on her face. It was very
hot that the  Duke was seriously doing this to another man. Thomas was
going to be the first man to go thought this. She didn't seriously think
that the Duke was going to go thought with it when the Duke told her
about his plan. Here it was, a man with his first marital hickey,
displaying it proudly for all to see. A man was indeed going to be the
first to publicly perform the Three Nights of Consummation. "That hickey
is to show everyone that your husband is doing the Three Nights of
Consummation. He gives you a hickey each time he consummates you. It's
to show everyone that you have started the consummation. Each time he
makes love, or seeds you. He gives you a hickey. You proudly show it. It
is to show the strength and fertility of your husband. All of your
hickeys will be counted at the end of the three day period, when your
mask is taken off and you are shown to all the family and friends during
the banquet."

Oh my god, this was too much. Thomas thought as a tear ran down his eye.
It sounded disgusting and very demeaning. He would have many more
hickeys by the time it was over. It was to publicly display that he was
receiving sex from his husband. How could any woman consider doing this?

"It is difficult, I know," Jessica said seeing the tear run down
Thomas's face. "It was incredibly humiliating to me too. The first night
was the most traumatic. You aren't to even get in bed with him. You must
sit in a chair beside the bed, eagerly awaiting for him to wake up and
have sex with you again. You are to lean over the bed with your arms
spread, offering yourself for his satisfaction. I was restrained to the
bedposts. I didn't know what was expected and wouldn't have done it. I
expect that's what will happen to you too. He will have sex with you
three or four times each time. This first day is just the beginning."

Thomas was distressed and pacing the floor listening to it. He couldn't
believe what this young woman was put though. He felt so bad for her.
Now he would be doing it for his husband. It was going to be very
demeaning and humiliating. He was going to have to be eager, receive it
and proudly display the results for the public for this to work. He
couldn't let them see how humiliating and distressing it was for him.

"But you were a woman," Thomas said to her. "It was all meant for your
sex. It shouldn't had been that difficult on you."

She looked very offended. "Do you think it is acceptable to treat a
woman this way, but not a man!"

"No," Thomas said. "It's just easier. You were having sex with the sex
you are naturally attracted to. You submit and give him your body. The
sex is natural, the penetration is natural for your gender. It isn't at
all natural for me. Dressing like a woman, letting a man have sex with
it. It is repulsive. I don't know how I can deal with it," Thomas
whimpered. "You are a woman doing a woman's natural function."

"That is very sexist, Isabella." Then she smirked. "Since you are going
to live as a woman, your sexist attitude will apply to you."

He looked at Jessica and said, "A woman is meant to submit a man. But I
agree what you endured was a nightmare. I don't know how I can do this
as a man."

"Thomas, that's just the beginning of the ritual. The first night is the
Night of Seeding. Weird title, wonder what idiot thought that up? The
sex will be ruthless and hard all night. You will only wear white to
symbolize your purity and virginity during the consummation period. The
pure virgin is an important thing for this ritual. Then you will start
the really difficult part." Jessica was explaining the ritual to Thomas
and watching his reactions. He did seem very distressed to be told this.
"Your face must be hidden from the public after the first night. You
will be wearing a mask after the first night. The rules are only your
husband and your principal handmaiden, I assume that will be Leanne.
Only they can see your face. It's called a Bliss Mask. You will be
unable to remove it. The Hickeys will be seen around your neck. The Mask
donates your submission to your husband and his husbandly sexual rights
have begun to be exercised. It is a horrible mask. Its tight, sort of
painful and very constricting. It will be difficult to keep on all day,
but us wives don't get a say in it. The mask will be put on whether or
not we agree. There is nothing I could do to stop it, and it will be the
same for you. You and your husband will meet your family the first day.
Then you and your husband will meet his family the second day. Then you
will be presented in a public banquet, on the third day. Your mask will
be removed. You will be declared Lady Cordoba for the public. They will
celebrate your seeding, your hickeys. Your purity will be lost by then.
They will discuss how you entered the marriage as a pure virginal young
man and now you are seeded and consummated bride. That will be

She clearly thought it would be very interesting to see. She probably
couldn't wait to see the downfall of his masculine pride begin. Thomas
looked at her. "And I assume that this will not be the only time I see

She smiled warmly. "Of course not. I will see you a lot during the three
Nights of Consummation. I have been consulted by the Duke to help you. I
am here to  guide you thought the consummation process. I have been
thought it myself. I will be here to help you after the consummation

'I bet she can hardly wait to see me do the consummation process,"
Thomas thought to himself sourly. "I am glad you are here to help me,"
Thomas said to her.

Then Thomas said, "Jessica, I can see why your ex husband saw in you.
You are very beautiful. You have such large and lovely breasts. I only
wish you met a man who would treat you better. It's never right to force
a woman."

She looked at him with doubt. "I thought you were all about women being
weaker and her submission. That's what you told me, right?"

"Yes," Thomas said adamantly. "I do believe a woman must submit to her
man, but, to a man she chooses, and loves. A woman will willingly submit
to him out of love. It can't be forced. Her submission must be freely
offered though love. That is where many men make their mistake and get
it wrong. Forced submission isn't love. It isn't free, and it's not
really submission. Its fear and fear will is never a good foundation for
a marriage. That's the lesson I'm going to teach my new husband, if he
wants me to be a woman for him."

Jessica was stunned into silence, unable to reply for a few long minutes
as she sat down. Everyone seemed to have young man totally wrong. He was
very intelligent, well spoken and knew what was going on. He was also
incredibly strong. She wondered if the Duke knew what he has gotten
himself into. She, suddenly stood up and said, "I look forward to seeing
more of you, Isabella. I am going to have to start calling you that. We
both know you are a man named Thomas, but that is irrelevant. I will see
you some time tomorrow."

She turned to leave and added, "Try not to fight the Duke tonight. It
will be rough on you, degrading and probably painful if what I have
heard about him is true. You will have to adapt to being in the woman's
role for sex with a husband. I am sure it will be very mentally
difficult and humiliating. I know you have already went though the
ritual lubrication during the preparation for the wedding. You were bent
over in view of the bridesmaids for Leanne to lubricate your anal
cavity? Didn't you?"

"Yes," he hissed in anger. "I don't know why she had to do it that way
with the women and my sister giggling."

"It is one of the wedding rituals. The lubrication is a major part of
the ritual. It is especially in arranged marriages. They use massive
amounts of lube to insure you are well lubricated for the intense sex on
the wedding night. It was realized that it was better to do this to the
women, because she is usually afraid. She is afraid and usually does not
know the man. The unfamiliarity and fear prevents her body from
functioning naturally during sex. It will pervert her from secreting the
natural lubrication though the vagina. That only happens if she becomes
aroused. It can be done against her will, but most men aren't willing to
or knowable about how a woman's body works. He will simply want to get
straight to the penetration. He wont want to play with her first,
kissing, soft caresses to put her at ease, or message her vagina or
licking to get her aroused. So we developed this ritual and the
bridesmaids help and watch as her vagina and anus is lubricated. You
just experienced it. We know your body won't naturally lubricate no
matter how aroused you are. I suspect you will feel just like those
women felt, hence, the lubrication ritual." She giggled to herself.

"Yeah the women watched and giggled. I didn't understand when she asked
me if I wanted to be lubricated. I asked about it, she said in front of
everyone, 'for sex'. The bridesmaids squealed and laughed. I was so
humiliated" He looked down ashamed. "She was insistent, demanded
humiliating answers in front of everyone. She asked if I received my
enema before she did the lubrication. I couldn't believe what she was
asking. I hate that Leanne."

"I have heard that Leanne is cold and very cruel. I was told that she
cares nothing for the men she turns into wives," Jessica said. "I will
be here to help you tomorrow and we will discuss your part in it. You
will have sex with your husband tonight. You will be restrained to
assure you fulfill your obligations and that and he can do his part with
as little resistance as possible from you. That will formally consummate
the marriage. He will formally be your husband. That act will lock you
to him in marriage. Next morning, you will be washed, probably by a
young man and a woman. You will have to practice your walk with Leanne,
either a treadmill or a track. A special walk in heels the husband want
their feminized male brides to do for them to signify their status as
feminized male brides. Then you will be prepared for the day, including
wearing the bliss mask and then meet your family. "Do you have any
questions?" Jessica said.

"No I understand. I just wish I didn't have to be restrained. I will do
my part now that I know," Thomas told her.

"Maybe you can talk her out of it if you are willing to cooperate with
your husband tonight, but I doubt she will give in no matter what you
promise. She loves her power and wont yield it to anyone. I will be here
tomorrow, Isabella. Have a beautiful night with your new husband." He
watched Jessica walk away. Thomas knew it was going to be very painful.
He had that enormous penis in his mouth and it stretched his jaw to its
limit. It was over two inches in diameter. It was going to hurt him a

He was left alone for a few minutes which he assumed Jessica was talking
to Leanne. He turned and picked up one of the leather arm straps and ran
his hand though them. He hooked the buckles and pulled and felt them.

Leanne had came back while Thomas was still stooped over examining the
restraint chair he was immobilized in during the preparation for the
wedding. He has the arm strap in between his fingers, examining it
closely.  Leanne walked behind him, she assumed he was so focused on the
chair he didn't hear her. She was about to announce her presence. He
suddenly said without looking back, "It is nice to see you again, Mrs.
Sterling." He turned around and acknowledged her. "I had a nice
conversation with Jessica. Now what will we do?"

"I assume you now know all about the Three Nights of Consummation. You
must be prepared for your first intimate night with your husband."

He frowned. "I guess pleading or offering to pay you a lot to let me
leave will do no good. You will see this though until I am forcibly
raped by him, making the marriage official and legally binding. Am I

"You know you are," she confirmed. Have a seat Mrs. Cordoba so we can

He frowned at the chair. "Why?" he inquired. "You just spent all morning
curling and doing my makeup. I figured I would just go to the bedroom.
He is probably there waiting for me."

"He is waiting for his bride," Leanne confirmed.  "But we must make you
beautiful for your first night with him. You are very undignified and
not presentable yet. Your curls are messed up. Your makeup is running
and smeared. We must make you appealing again. He wants your appearance
to be flawless and beautiful for your night with him. So let's get

She took his wedding gown off and unlaced and took his corset off.
Thomas assisted her in removing the lingerie. He took his bra and
panties off. "Have a seat so we can begin," Leanne said to Thomas.

"Please don't make me sit in that again. It is so demeaning," Thomas

She was unmoved. "Please have a seat. Mrs. Cordoba. I will call the
security to assist me if it is needed. You will be in the chair and I
will do what I need to do."

"Fine, I will remember this too." He turned and sat down.

Leanne buckled the two inch wide leather straps across his arms and
waist. He noted that since he complied, the straps weren't nearly as
tight. Must be some measure of trust while she applied cold cream on his
face. His makeup was removed by the cold cream. She rinsed the
foundation off. He felt uncomfortable sitting in the chair totally nude
while she worked on him. She washed his hair again and he sat still as
she put the curlers in one by one. Taking a piece of his hair and
rolling his hair in the rollers. It was a lengthy process and she was as
meticulous she was. Except this time he knew it was coming and let her.
He didn't fight, she didn't have to have a man come in and hold his head
for her. He sat perfectly still, fuming and she saw the anger in him as
she worked. The level of anger disturbed her as she worked. She knew
sooner or later, he would snap and that unnatural control would break.
She was going to make sure she always had security close by to deal with
it when it happened. The process took around an hour then he was left
alone with his hair in the rollers under the dryer as she left.

Leanne was careful. She paid close attention to Thomas as he sat under
the dryer perfectly still. He didn't rage or yell like her previous man
did. He was in complete control over his emotions. It was almost like he
wanted all of this. Except that she saw the anger in his eyes. The
previous male bride screamed and cried in the empty room knowing the
time was coming soon when another man was going to have sex with him.
Knowing there was nothing he could do to stop it. Having tried to stop
them and was overpowered each time. The feeling of powerlessness, and
the foreboding feeling that the time was coming. He had a breakdown and
she watched it happen. Thomas displayed none of that. He just stared
ahead, letting his curls dry in silence. It was very unnerving.

Thomas was still, she saw he was thinking things though. She smirked in
the darkness. "Think all you want, Thomas Manning. Nothing you can do
about your situation. You will find no way out."

She returned forty five minutes later when she figured his hair was dry.
He said the most unexpected thing. "You were not going to tell me were

She looked down at the man strapped in the chair. "What. Mrs. Cordoba?"

He laughed. "About Jessica. You had no intention of telling me about

"I don't know her. The Duke knows her and she came to help you. That's
all I know Ma'am," Leanne said.

"And you are a liar!" Thomas said. She stepped back and Thomas saw her
anger. "You had no intention of telling me that my father was her
previous husband! She was married to my father, he abused her. That is
the only thing that makes sense. I will find out how she is connected
with the Duke. How that happened? And how you two know each other, but
don't for a second think I will believe you two do not know each other.
You and Jessica got together and planned this out. And you were not
going to tell me."

Leanne was stunned into silence as she cursed herself. She knew that
Thomas was very intelligent and that he had the ability to rapidly piece
together information. "It isn't my job to tell you these things Ma'am.
My job is to dress you for your husband's fetishes," Leanne replied.

He smirked. "Of course. You better not tell Jessica that I know. That
isn't your job either."

"Yes, we are clear," Leanne agreed. It seemed she had no problem keeping
things away from Jessica, but Jessica wasn't part of her job. Thomas
felt like he could trust her to keep this away from Jessica, since
Leanne didn't give a rat's ass about what Jessica knew. Then she
proceeded to remove the rollers from his hair and redue his face. Thomas
sat silently as Leanne worked on him. She reapplied the foundation
rubbing in a thick coat of liquid foundation on his face. She did his
eyes in a darker more exotic color. His lips were made in a shiny red
lip gloss. Thick long false eyelashes were applied to his eyelids. She
traced his eyes with an eyeliner pencil. It was a very overdone feminine
image. Thomas felt humiliated. Then, Thomas asked. "Excuse me Leanne.
Why didn't you moisturize my face before you applied the foundation?"

"Excuse me, Mrs. Cordoba?" Leanne looked.

"Well I know many women apply a moisturizer to their face before the
foundation so it has a smooth surface. Why didn't you do that? I figured
my face would be dry after having that on all day. Not a very good
surface for a foundation."

Now she had a deeper suspicion. How would a guy know about this? He knew
more than most guys did about makeup. "I don't think you need a
moisturizer. Your skin is smooth enough. We will do it tomorrow

She quickly switched the subject. "Now Mrs. Cordoba. I need you to
listen to me."

Thomas was silent as he just watched her. She figured he was listening.
"I will need your cooperation tonight. I will to unstrap you and you
will have to follow my instructions. You can't give me any trouble. Do
you understand?"

Thomas watched her with his icy cold glare. He refused to respond.

"If you resist or give me trouble tonight, I will have to punish you."
She reached and took a long cane off the wall. "I will have you bent
over as I cane your bare ass if you try to fight this. I need you to
dress yourself for your husband."

He refused to respond. She just received that icy cold look of his. He
understood. Leanne said, "I will give you a small example of what you
will receive. I will give you one wick swat across the thigh just so you
know how it feels."

There was still no response as she approached with the cane. "Just so
you know how it feels. Are you ready Mrs. Cordoba?"

She raised the cane and brought it down across the top of his thigh. The
whack sounded across the room. It was a vicious strike. Unbelieving,
there was no response from Thomas. He just smiled an angry red welt
formed. "What the hell," Leanne thought to herself.

"Now you know how terrible it is to be caned, I trust you will obey me.
Or you will receive more." She began to unstrap Thomas.

He stood up and said, "Is that all. When you progress to electrical
wires on my genitals, then we will talk what real pain is. I still gave
them trouble."

"What! I have seen your records Ma'am and you have experienced nothing
like that," Leanne replied.

"You have your secrets, I have mine. Leanne," Thomas stated. Then
continued. "Tonight, when I am expected to consummate this marriage with
the Duke. Can you please not have the guards restrain and strap me to
his bed?"

"Mrs. Cordoba What made you think about that?" Jessica must have told
him all about that.

"I was told how this is done on male brides and I hate being tied up.
Can you please not do that," Thomas begged her.

"I am afraid that is how it is done to insure you fulfill your
obligations to your husband tonight," Leanne informed him.

"I will submit to him. I will fulfill my obligations to my husband
tonight." He hated saying that the man was his husband. "I will lean
over the bed for him and sit in the chair when he is done," Thomas
pleaded. "Please don't have the security strap me to the end of the

"If you submit," Leanne said. "And give me no problems then I will not
have you strapped to the bed."

"Thank you Leanne," Thomas said with a smile "What should I wear

She pointed to the lingerie on top of a table. He examined them and
shrugged. "This should make me look very sexy tonight.' Thomas thought
to himself. He picked up the shiny silk panties. They were small, just
his size with embroider pink hearts on the thin waistband and front.
There was just a thin string in the back and they were clearly thong
panties. He slide the panties up his legs feeling an overwhelming sense
of shame. He has put on a pair of panties all on his own with Leanne
watching him. All so he would look feminine for a man to fuck him. He
picked the bra up and examined it. They were a very sexy underwire
padded cup bra. It was lacy white with embroider silk hearts on the
cups. The straps had lace trim. It was adorned in diamonds and must be
custom made for him. He slid his arms in the straps, looked at Leanne
facing her. He reached back and hooked the straps together like nothing
to it.

Thomas enjoyed leanness stunned look at how easily Thomas had hooked his
own bra with his inch long fingernails. Most men could never have done
that even without the fingernails. Hooking a bras eyehooks from behind
was never a skill men ever had to know. Fingernails made it more
difficult. Every man she worked with needed her assistance to hook the
bra. Leanne suspicions grew. She watched him wrap the lace garter belt
around his waist with the skill of a woman accustomed to doing it. He
sat down and carefully rolled his nylons up his legs, careful to avoid
snagging or running the material. He was careful to keep the seams
straight and he hooked the garter straps to the nylon tops. He was very
sexy as he slipped the breast forms into the cups of his bra. He posed
in the mirror and looking at the floral designs in the nylon stockings
that encased his legs. Then he put on his jewelry. He attached two sets
of clip on earrings to his ears. Each one had large sapphire stones
hanging from his ears. He wrapped the necklace around his neck and
hooked it. It had a large inset ruby in the center with a ring of
smaller diamonds. He applied a few bracelets to his wrists and then did
a very sexy feminine pose in the mirror.

Leanne was amused and a little worried. If her suspicions were true then
feminizing Thomas would be very easy. It would also be very ineffective
to the final goal. Making Thomas into a proper male bride was a
difficult process. Most men who wanted this, wanted a feminine pretty
man as his bride. The feminization was double edged. Part of it was to
satisfy the husband. The part part of the process and reason for the
feminization was to crush the male spirit. The feminization did that
part well, for most men. Their sexism insured that once they knew their
status as feminized men, it was crushing and ensured that their
resistance was broken. Their spirits crushed. They accepted their place
as brides to a man.

If the man secretly enjoyed the feminization process, then it would be
ineffective. Like feminizing a woman, it had little effect on her. If
her spirit was strong she wouldn't break.  If Leanne's suspicion was
true then this feminization would not demoralize Thomas. It would
stiffen his resistance and have little other affect on his personality.
He would throw it back in her face and go along with it. May even make
him happier. She began to suspect that Thomas was a sissy. A feminine
crossdresser, with a long history of crossdressing. This would have
little effect on him. If that was true, he would enjoy it.

He thought he looked sexy enough. He turned to Leanne and said. "I am
ready. Can you show me to my husband's bedroom?" She saw the disgusted
look on his face referring to the Duke as his husband. It was repulsive
to him. No matter what, Thomas was still attracted to women.

"Yes we are ready. You look beautiful by the way." Thomas stood there
looking like a natural woman and this was going to be frustrating.
Thomas's mother informed her that he did not want to look like a woman.
Thomas told her he didn't want to look like a woman. That gave Leanne
permission to make him look like a feminized man. No matter how hard she
tried to make him look like an overdone exotic transvestite with too
much makeup, he still looked like a natural woman.

Leanne went to the door and called out to the men. "We are ready."
Suddenly the two men appeared and seized Thomas by the arms. Fear filled
Thomas as they forced him out the door. He didn't struggle as they led
him out of the room. He gave the most hateful betrayed look at Leanne.
"I thought we had an agreement you would not do this. You violated my
trust, and lied to me. I will not forget this, Leanne. Ever."

He began struggling and he escaped the men's grips. They reacquired him
and he easily escaped again. The men forced him down on the floor and
pressed a knee into the small of his back as he wrenched Thomas's arms
behind him. They handcuffed him and strapped his feet together. Leanne
walked toward them. She thought Leanne was going to discipline him, but
Leanne just walked past him. Thomas watched as she walked down the hall.
He watched her open the door for the men as they lifted Thomas up and
carried him into the bedroom.

They put Thomas on the bed and unstrapped his ankles and stood him at
the end of the bed. Thomas was restrained while the other man who drove
him here, attached padded wrist cuffs to the bedrails securing him in
position at the end of the bed. Then attached ankle cuffs to the bottom
of the bedposts, to each of his ankles. He was pretty much immobile. Not
going anywhere. He could kneel up and down, but he was secured in the
perfect position for sex with his husband. Leanne examined his hair and
legs and noticed they were all right.

He was frustrated and yelled, "I hope you are happy with this Leanne,"
he raged. "Look what you done and I said I would do this all willingly.
Now you forced this on me."

"This isn't about me or what will make me happy, Mrs. Cordoba," Leanne
replied. "This is about your wedding night and what will make you and
your husband happy. The acts you will share tonight. That is what this
is about. I hope you have a beautiful wedding night."

She smiled as Thomas yelled louder, "I am not a woman, you bitch. I will
repay you for this."

She walked out. It was as Thomas had suspected all along. Leanne is a
liar, nothing she said could be trusted. She never intended to fulfill
the agreement with him. It was her plan all along, so he would willingly
comply and dress himself. He swore he would get her back.

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