Bambi Ch. 2 - Illustrated

Brenda Gova  

Karen and Annie share my secret 

Karen left that evening, leaving behind that beautiful dildo saying ‘have fun my lovely (giggle)’.  So here I was all alone, and still holding her beautiful ‘Johnnie’ (that’s what I named it because something so beautiful had to have a name, giggle).  That’s when I decided to do something this evening, I was already half dressed, all I needed was some panties and a skirt and I could go shopping.  Selecting a navy blue mini-skirt and some sexy black panties I looked in the mirror and what looked back was a pretty young girl and I giggled.  Then looking at ‘Johnnie’ I felt sad leaving him home, so I decided to take him with me.  But that caused another problem.  I didn’t have a purse big enough to carry him (after all he was a big one (giggle).
That’s when I decided to wear him.  Laying back in the bed I pulled my panties down and slowly inserted him.  It took a while to get him all the way in (seems I was still a partial virgin tee-hee).  But finally he was there, all the way to the end.  Another quick look in the mirror and I was off to my favorite lingerie shop, Trashy Lingerie.

Sitting in the car on the way down I was OK. But walking down the street was another thing.  It seems ‘Johnnie’ just wouldn’t stay where he belonged.

And as soon as Annie, my favorite sales girl, saw ‘him’ she snickered. She couldn’t stop giggling, and she continued till I stopped her saying ‘it’s not funny Annie’.  OK dear, I’ll get you something that will keep ‘him’ in (tee-hee).  She looked around the racks, stopping at the ballerina section, and returned with a body suit.  Handing it to me she said try this on, it’s sure to cure your problem.  I slipped it on in the dressing room, checked it in the mirror, and stepped out to model it for her.  But just the few steps from the dressing room to the showroom I could feel ‘Johnnie’ slipping out.  It didn’t take Annie a second to notice ‘Johnnie’ too. ‘Damn, I thought the fabric was strong enough to hold ‘him’ in’ she said.  I had never heard Annie talk like that and she surprised me.  But before I could say anything she continued on saying ‘I know, I’ve got just the thing for you dear, a ’girdle’ (‘Ohhhh Nooo’ I thought to myself).

Then she led me over to the lingerie section and sat me down in the in the private sizing area.  My little ‘ding dong’ was coming alive walking through all the bras, panties and slips.  I really loved the ‘unmentionables’ in lingerie section.  She looked at panty girdles and long leg girdles in all colors.  Holding up a black girdle then put it down saying to herself ‘that’s not you dear’.  Repeating that with a pink panty, and a pink long leg, girdle, then she settled on a ‘virgin’ white long leg saying ‘now, that’s you dear’.  Now model it for me honey.  So stepping into the changing room I removed the body suit and ‘struggled’ with the girdle for a full five minutes before I got it on.  Now with ‘Johnnie’ in place, and proud as a peacock, I marched out to show Annie (forgetting, that the body suit didn’t require a bra).  When Annie saw I was naked on top she let out a yell.  Forget something my dear, like a bra.  With my mouth agape I ran back to the dressing room, and Annie handed me a ‘girdle’ matching lace bra.  It seemed like it took me half an hour to back hook it.  My boobs were getting so big (I giggled at that).

I marched out to Annie again (not so proud this time) and she turned me around for inspection and said ‘your perfect my dear, ‘he’ doesn’t show at all.  Reaching back to feel it, in horror I couldn’t find it.  Too my amazement my ‘boypussy’ had swallowed it all, and closed the back door (I giggled and thought how much ‘I loved this girdle’).  Then Annie sat me down and started touching up my make-up saying ‘when I’m done I’ll get you a pretty ‘see through’ dress like mine so you can show off the new you on the way home dear’.  Did I mention that Annie had on a pale yellow tight fitting mini-dress, I really loved it and I told her how happy I was that she had picked her dress style.  We both giggled and tee-heed for some time. Finished with my make-over she headed for the dress rack and I wondered what color she would come back with.

Wow, she had gotten a fuck me ‘Hot Pink’ mini-dress in her style. ‘Oh we’re sisters Annie’ I said out loud, and Annie answered ‘how about Lesbian Sisters girlfriend’.  I’d like that my dear and tee-hee’d at the thought.  We even made a date right then for tomorrow night.  Then she pulled me too her, and with her arms around me gave me a tight boob to boob hug, a French kiss with her tongue down my throat like it was a ‘Peter’.  I sucked it dry.  We tongue fucked for about five minutes, and when we finished I was a mess, with drool running down my chin like it was ‘baby juice’.  Annie laughed at that and started to lick it off and she even offered me some which I gladly accepted thinking even second hand ‘baby juice’ is good (I giggled).  Finally we broke it off, and giving me a ‘Loving’ kiss she said ‘goodbye honey, till tomorrow night’.  I kissed her one last time, till tomorrow dearest, and left.

On the way to my car I met a lot of men who whistled at me to come and get in their car, or go into a bar, I just smiled a ‘sluty’ smile.  Wouldn’t it be funny if they really tried to ‘fuck me’ and ran right into ‘Johnnie’ (giggle).   I giggled to myself all the way home.

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