Mommy’s Little Sissy Ch. 6

Brenda  Gova

Chapter 06:  My Secret Place

As soon as I got home I rushed to change into my ‘boy’ clothes, old jeans and flannel plaid shirt. Then I realized I still had Patty’s bathing suit on, and my mom’s dress and petticoat were at her house.  I was in a panic, what would I tell her.  I’d just have to tell her the truth, that we were practicing a for a school summer play and I had gotten a girls part.  That satisfied me, and I was happy now that I had a reasonable excuse ready for her.

And just in time, cause then in walked mom ‘How was your first day of summer vacation son’.  I told her all about swimming and what a god time I had. I didn’t tell her I was wearing Patty’s bathing suit (that was my secret).  By now mom was in the kitchen taking out pans and dinnerware getting ready to make supper, so she really wasn’t listening to me.  What are your plans for tomorrow Brian?  Well Steve and I were going to get a baseball game going, if we can find enough boys (We needed five for a mini game).  That sounds like fun dear, good, just stay out of trouble.  ‘OK mom’ I responded.
The rest of the evening was uneventful, Dad came home, my ‘noisy’ sister was playing on the living room floor, we all watched TV till 9 O’clock, then it was bed time.  Kissing first, my father goodnight, then Mom ‘have sweet dreams son’, then my ‘yucky’ sister, I ran up the stairs to bed.  Stripping off my ‘boy’s’ clothes I couldn’t wait to put my babydoll nightie on.  First I put the panties to my cheek, oh it was so cool and soft, my little soldier was ‘standing at attention’, and when I put them on he almost fired his gun (tee-hee).  Then I slid into the top and jumped into bed, happy now that I knew my dreams would be good.  And they were, I had a smile on my face all night.

When I awoke in the morning mom had already left for work, and my sister was at my grandma’s house.  So I walked ‘brazenly’ in my nighty down to the kitchen for breakfast.  Breakfast was a bowl of cereal, that was what I called ‘breakfast’.  Then I smiled as I planned the rest of the day.

First I would need to put a special dress on.  Then I would get Steve and walk down the tracks to my special place.  Oh what fun that would be taking Stephaney into my special ‘Girlie’ spot (giggle, giggle).   Actually I had two favorite spots, one was the Girls School trash dump where there was all kinds of girls stuff and it was FREE, and the other was the Girls School Thrift Shop on the other side of the school but it took money to go there.  Well I guess we’d try the dump first, then maybe the thrift shop.  That decided, I started walking to Steve’s only to see him coming down the road and he had a really cute dress on.  Wow he’s looking good!

On the tracks we were gabbing about all kinds of girlie stuff when I changed the subject to the girls school trash dump. ‘The dump’ he exclaimed “I’m not going to get my sister’s dress all dirty routing around in a dump.  OMG my sister would kill me, and if she found out you were with me, she’d kill you.  She doesn’t even know I borrowed it from her closet, uggghhhh’.

Don’t worry Stephaney I’ll make sure you don’t have a mark, or wrinkle, on it, she’ll never know honey.  You promise to keep me clean Brenda.  Yes Stephaney I do, she’ll never know it was off the hanger.  OK Brenda I’m holding you to that, let’s go, where is the girl’s trash?  Just around the bend in the tracks, up there I pointed, less than a quarter mile.  See I told you it wasn’t far and I come here often when I’m feeling really girlie (tee-hee).  We both laughed at that and before we knew it we were at the girls trash dump.
Gabbing all about the slips, panties, petticoats and bra’s, as well as dresses, we’d find there free for the taking.  Talking about girlie stuff all the way, we were there in no time.  Arriving at last Stephaney parted the trackside bushes and ‘gasped’, oh Brenda, you were right, I’ve gone to heaven.  I looked and ‘WOW’ there was new stuff since I was there last week.  Reaching down I picked up a pair of lacy panties and a bra that looked my size, then I saw a full slip, and a tight ‘A’ line dress.  Taking my little girl dress off I put my new treasures on and danced around ‘how do you like me now Stephaney? I asked.

Stephaney was busy picking out ‘stuff’ he wanted and looked up ‘Oh Brenda your gorgeous dear.’  Then she put on a white lace blouse and a super tight ‘A’ line skirt.  Straitening his skirt he turned and ‘wiggled’ his butt at me saying ‘How do you like this (giggle)’.  Oh Stephaney don’t do that, you’re making my ‘little soldier’ stand at attention (tee-hee).  We played there for several hours, actually, until it was time to go home.

On the walk back Stephaney couldn’t stop thanking me for showing him ‘my special place’.  The walk back was taking a lot longer than it did to get there.  Then I realized that carrying our dresses and the tight skirts were limiting our stride.  But we had plenty of time before our moms got home.  So we planned how we would surprise Patty and take her to ‘our spot’ (giggle).  Patty would just die if she saw us ‘Trash Picking’ for a new dress (giggle).  We laughed about that all the way to my house; we kissed each other on the cheeks and saying a ‘loving goodbye’.

In my bedroom I was having a hard time getting out of my new dress.  It seems that the dress was so tight (hugged every curve (tee-hee)) that the back zipper was stuck.  I wiggled and squirmed every which way (Oh, the dress and slip felt so good when I moved like that) till finally I reached the zipper and moved it down a bit.  Sliding out of it I was so sad, I really felt like it belonged on me (sniffle).  Putting it on a hanger I hung it, and the full slip, brazenly in the back of my closet.  Just knowing it would be safe there (mom never looked in the back). My new panties and bra I stuffed in my sock drawer.  I giggled (tee-hee) knowing I had put everything safely away from discovery.

Proud as a peacock I pranced downstairs to watch TV till mom got home (giggle).

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  1. Cute stories. Although the tee-hees and th giggles in the text seem unnecessary but it's your story.
    Why is it called Mommy's Little Sissy when the mother seems completely uninvolved?