NEW! - Man Dating Ch. 10


"They should be down in a few minutes, I am sure," Mr. Getty said taking
another sip from his glass.  "Mrs. Getty likes perfection and sometimes
that takes a little longer."  Jake and Mr. Getty sat in the deep and
comfortable leather chairs still sipping on the smooth liquor, the
bottle of McCallan having lightened considerably over the past hour.

"Ms. Debra Sanster has arrived Sir and is seated in the living room,"
Mark said opening the door to the library and announcing the health
clubs manager arrival but not stepping into the private domain.

"Thank you Mark, you have seen to her needs for refreshment, I am sure?"

"Of course Sir, I have also released the tray of hors d'oeuvres which
will be available to her in a few minutes."

"Excellent, well done Mark, Mrs. Getty will be pleased."

The door closed as quietly as it had opened.

"You were taking Ms. Debbie for a ride back a few months ago?" Mr. Getty

The play on words was not lost on Jake, he thought for a minute as to
his response but the drink and company released his inhibitions, "Yes,
she was quite an expert in certain areas of the bedroom." The drink
further loosening Jakes words of the private interactions, normally kept
behind the closed door. "She was and I am sure still is, quite the

"Ah, I have always thought she was a very sexy young lady," Mr. Getty
laughed and spoke in a lower voice as if trying to keep the image secret
between the two of them.

"I know for a fact on more than one occasion I could see fresh cum
leaking into her tight gym shorts."Jake laughed, "Very hot.. for sure.
I know I enjoyed filling her and I am sure I was not alone in that...
activity,  and it's  a fact , she enjoyed keeping her sweet spot very
wet."  Laughing again,  "with hot cum as well, as hot sweat. It got so
that it was an added incentive to keep my gym membership current."

"Such a show, congratulations young man."

Jake continued on his tare, expanding on secrets, "Whenever I visited
the gym, before racquetball, it was great fun during my warm up," he
leaned in close. "I even made her stay open and wet, by holding on to
her panties and watching my own sweet cream slip back out and darkening
her sweats. Most thought it was just exercise induced." Jake laughed
loudly, "it was, just a different form of doing sit ups."

"Oh, how wonderful."

"But she could suck cock," he was on tear once the gate was opened, "she
could take it all and deep, I have never had such, before or since.
took it everything I could give her. All seven inches and fat too," he
added making a large circle with his fingers.

"Seven inches?  You are the man, bravo," Mr. Getty raised his glass as
if in a salute.

Jake smiled, knowing the line he had crossed was not going to be easy to

"However, I do think we should join Ms. Debra in the living room. But
you have made an old man laugh and smile. My view of Miss Debra is
forever changed, and for the better."

"Are apologies currently required?"

"Oh, heavens no, my friend, nothing of the sort. She will only get a
bigger smile and longer kiss hence forth.  Trudy may ask questions,
however." His smile continued, "But she will only laugh herself when I
share how and why the change may have occurred.  Come our party is

Camille stood slowly, her well attended bottom was now swollen and red,
her sweet cleft vanishing back under the black silk, a soft smile added,
as she pulled away from Tuck with a knowing mixture of exquisite
enjoyment and momentary loss. Her smile was formed from having an
assurance that while the sweet attentions were only first received under
the careful attendance of Mrs. Getty, they would be soon be repeated, a
second and third and more times; with the sweet dream, her smile
broadened.  Her options would certainly be expanded in the near future.

"Camille we will require towels, please return in fifteen minutes."

Almost as if the last hour had vanished like the end of a warm dream on
a lazy afternoon, drifting lazily under the sun, his eyes closed feeling
the warmth and the breeze of the ocean.  With the sound of the surf
lapping against the shore, he watched her leave and close the door. He
too shared the same soft smile.

"Now my sweet child, we must begin to think about this evening and what
you should wear."

Tuck was naked, sitting back now against the ivory white bath pool and
felt Mrs. Getty's foot sliding over his warm and bared skin, every once
in a while, her toes slipped between his legs, gently probing the
intimacy that she commanded and owned. His little toy was still
unrecovered, still small, and mostly unresponsive, but with Mrs. Getty's
attentions, his toy was full of pleasure; even more than he usually
with his own hand and little fingers, smoothing the soft skin of his
baby sized cock. The lack of hair, he thought, seemed to make his little
cock that much more sensitive. He again wondered when and if his little
man would spring back to life. His eyes closed as his new boss took him
under her wing in so many ways.

"I was thinking of the light blue pants we purchased at Maxine's. They
are a bit fem, I know, but I think they looked so cute on you and I know
Jake will be pleased too."

"Yes, I thought they were nice too.  They were very tight though."

"Of course they were."  Mrs. Getty said not adding any other evidence or
reason for the close fit that most of the garments she had selected had
in common.

"What shirt would you think would go with that," Tuck asked hopefully
showing he was being attentive to the conversation.

"There are several options.  I will let Camille make that choice for the
proper blouse"

Tuck was still unsure of how Jake would see the changes that had already
been made. He had already seen many from the morning's intense
encounter.  His bottom no longer held the lasting blush of Jakes strong
hand, but he was certain if he looked closely, perhaps in a mirror, he
would see a slight blush that was not there before.

The spanking, that's what he had to call it, was indeed a turning point;
one that he felt would be repeated.  With such close and personal
attention, Jake was still talking to him and moving the relationship
forward, making their friendship stronger, so the attention was worth
the occasional discomfort. He hoped it would not be that often but he
would strive to the best of his ability to not move the needle to the
side of the gauge that would require a repeat of the attentiveness
reminder he felt that morning.

Mrs. Getty moved her toe directly between Tucks open legs, her aim and
direction near perfection, slipping it past the tight little rose bud
and pushing it inside his hidden layer.  She waited for Marian to object
or accept her new touch.

"Oh.. ahhh," Tuck could feel the most intimate of interaction. He
smiled. There was a brief silence as Mrs. Getty toe pushed in and out,
opening his bottom more each time.  She pulled free, bringing her leg
up, clear of the white bubbles, presenting her toe to Tuck's lips.  He
kissed the toe and watched Mrs. Getty smile. She put it back in the
water, between his legs and finding him still open and wanting.

"Camille is really a treasure," Tuck began, sharing his desire to let
Mrs. Getty know he really enjoyed his brief interaction with her maid,
"I look forward to seeing her again."

"Oh yes, you will of course. Camille is such a gem.  She has a long way
to go of course, but she is improving." She smiled again wiggling her
toe, opening Tuck a bit more to her attentions.  "She has excellent
taste. Would you not agree?"

The way she had added a slight infliction to her voice and the small
smile, almost in secret, provided enough prompting that the secondary
meaning was more than evident.  It was almost not impossible to bring
the flavor to his mind again, so recent and now just a dream, he wanted
to lick his lips to see if any of her scent and taste remained.

"Yes, she does."

Mrs. Getty leaned over, her hand out of the water and taking two
fingers, she carefully traced a line around Marians' lips, the scented
water and the remains of Camille's lovely gift mixed. She slowly drifted
her scented fingers across Tucks' lips, urging him to open his mouth.
His small tongue came forward licking the tip of her finger and as she
slipped it, now wetted, between Tucks lips.

"She does taste fine, yes?"

Tuck could only nod his head, her fingers still and now more deeply
lodged. He sucked her fingers softly, his new boss fully taking his

"Debra, so wonderful to see you," Mr. Getty said, taking hold of the
blondes hand and pulling her closer to him.  He kissed her fully on the
lips, releasing her only slightly after a few seconds, her hand, still
strongly held. His smile set, his control never lessening,  "You are
just so lovely, it has been for too long since you graced our home," he
pulled her close once more and kissed her again, this time even longer,
and invited her to respond with equal passion.

Mr. Getty smiled, his most recent conversation with Jake so very fresh
in his mind. He felt confident that he would feel Debra's passion in
such a more meaningful manner in a very short time. The thought brought
an even warmer grin to his lips.

"Mr. Getty, thank you ever so much," she was fully unprepared for the
warm greeting but her pleasure in such, was most evident, defined by
both the warm smile and the warm wet pulse between her legs. She hoped
that it was not the last such greeting and further, with new ones, she
would be most open to more. "Such a lovely hello too, thank you so much,
I feel I have come home."

"Wonderful, then my efforts," he laughed releasing her hand, "were most
well accepted."

"Of course, ever so much."

His not so discrete plans seemed to be coming to together, almost on
their own. "Jake my boy, say hello to this lovely young lady."

Jake stood a bit to the side and behind Mr. Getty watching the older man
take active possession of his former girl friend, he was also equally
sure that Debra's own excitement, evident in the blush that crossed her
face, was causing her to feel a bit of warmth between her thin and
shapely legs."Hello Debra nice to see you again, away from the club".

Mr. Getty was having fun and was not going to allow such a small note of
welcome to stand. "Jake, I know that you too have shared so much more
than a handshake with this adorable lass.  I am sure she would
appreciate a warm and honest hello."

"Well if Jake does not feel that it is appropriate, I do not want him to
feel obligated."

"Nonsense, Jake, please, your making my guest feel unwanted."

Jake's small reluctance to take a more deliberate action was immediately
negated by Mr. Getty's words and infliction. The evening was moving
along on such a positive note that the seemly out of place welcome and
hello that was shortly to come was growing to be more accepted.

"Debbie, it's just been so long," Jake said stepping closer.

"I know it was just not the right time, I understand, " Debra said her
real feelings well hidden, her real plan of action moving down the road
with increasing speed, holding tight behind the closed door, but a small
kiss from Jake would not be a pleasure, however small, that she would

"Jake, please." Mr. Getty's voice was growing deeper with impatience.

"Yes, I just don't not want to step over any bounds."

"Again, nonsense," the words quick and demanding.

Jake stood closer, he took Debra's hand in his, engulfing her small palm
with his, his strength there, but holding it back, he pulled her closer
and whispering.  "It is really good to see you, in many ways, I have
missed you," their lips touched, her mouth opened immediately, he took
his other hand and grasped her long blonde hair in his hand and pulled
her to him fully, his mouth open as well, her eyes closed and the deep
intense feeling washed over them both as they become one.

As the kiss ended, Debra still had her eyes closed, her breathing was
still with him, only inches apart, Jake held her tight, she whispered,
"mmmm, we will have to do that again."

Jake smiled.

Oh yes, the thoughts of retribution and revenge never escaping from her
mind, we will.

"Oh, so much better you two.. so much better, even if you're not
fucking, you can still be friends." He laughed, enjoying the looks of
surprise on both Jakes and Debra's face.

"Now drinks," Mr. Getty said, as Mark appearing almost if by magic,
entered the room with a tray of mixed hors d'oeuvres.

"Sir, what might I prepare for you?"

Tuck stood fully naked in front of Mrs. Getty and Camille with only the
warmed thick Japanese bamboo towel, to hide his bared skin.  Mrs. Getty
stood quietly in front of him, hands on her hips and sipping from a
crystal champagne glass, watching as Camille carefully patted the towel
over Tuck's soft and hairless body, absorbing the last of the fragrant
water.  Camille took extra care with his diminutive little boy package,
lifting his cock carefully and insuring no water was hiding between his
legs and with a small touch and urgency, she turned him around bending
him over to take advantage of his open position, to remove the small
petals of liquid around his bottom cheeks and baby cock.

"Oh excellent, Camille is such a joy to have around as she takes such
good care.  Come, we must find the perfect out fit for your unveiling. "

The towel fell away as Camille pulled it from his body and the three
walked, Tuck and Mrs. Getty naked,  from the bath into the adjoining bed
room. On the bed already laid out was the evenings wear for both he and
Mrs. Getty.  Each outfit was laid out as if the invisible man was
wearing it. In Mrs. Getty's pattern of fabrics, it would be the female
version of the iconic character and in Tucks layout of tonight's wear,
the characters gender was a bit more of a questionable nature.

"My dear Camille, I am so pleased dear, such a wonderful selection."

Camille smiled, "You are most welcome madam."

It was hard for Tuck not to stare but his new bosses naked form was
getting to be a bit more acceptable while still amazing.  Camille's
wonderful and so illustrative form was a bit harder to manage as she was
now back in her maid uniform. Having had such intimate contact and
knowing that the evidence of his attentions were still there and only
inches from his face. The scent of her excitement filled the room, and
her taste was still fresh on his lips.

"Here let us get dressed together, that will be fun," she said handing a
pair of lace panties to Tuck, and taking the other pair for herself.

Tuck took the pair, trying to remember where and when these were
procured. He did not remember buying them.

"Oh these are going to look so cute on you, they are mine of course but
I wanted you to wear a little something of mine.  I like to know, that
as my newest employee, that is you of course, are close to me and part
of my very small and rare circle of my most trusted."

Tuck looked at the panties again, in a different light, and smiled, as
he pulled them up his thin and bared thighs, the total lack of hair on
his legs making the glide path that much easier. He pulled them up and
tight, covering his cock and balls, small and almost nonexistent, maybe
even smaller than before. He was coming to think that the cream Debra
had added was increasing the sizing changes, or decreasing, but however
you looked at his little cock, things were getting smaller.

"Oh so lovely," she smiled reaching over and taking hold of the slim
waist band and pulling them even tighter.  Her hand dipped under the
elastic and on to his little toy. Her expert fingers gently pushed his
balls back up into his body, with a little small, almost faint popping
sound and then pushed the remains of his baby cock up tight between his
legs. Quickly she adjusted the pair of panties even tighter. "The pants
I have selected will be much more comfortable, now that you are tucked

Tuck was still nursing the awkward soreness of the sudden shift of his
balls and the tight and binding of the silk pair of panties. They were a
light pink and somewhat transparent in nature and the lack of any male
bulge was a true success for the new wear.  He looked down and could see
not even a hint of his before package.

"In the mirror, my dear boy, we can see the true nature of the change,"
Mrs. Getty said turning Tuck to the side in front of a floor to ceiling
mirror not previously noted. The mirror image showed that his smallness
now was no longer a point of consternation or importance.  The lack and
absence seemed near normal. Fully tucked away, the flatness was most
extraordinary.  He turned slightly from side to side, both aghast and
amazed at the transformation, his maleness fading like the morning fog.

"Now we will need this," she said picking up a bright red bra, seemingly
cut too low to be of much mechanical support.  She slipped it over her
arms and then turned slightly offering a purchase for Camille who
quickly stepped forward and clipped the bra together; she smoothed the
straps, insuring their proper position and strength.  Mrs. Getty turned
back to Tuck looking for a comment.

"Oh very nice," it was the only words Tuck could say. His eyes now
locked on her beautiful breasts so clearly and overtly supported and
bared. They looked even more outstanding than when they were fully

"Oh yes madam," Camille said agreeing with Tucks rather pristine quote,
"Your tits are magnificent," she reached out to tweak the large fat
nipples, "the extenders have been magic, they are simply  just so
utterly engorged, they look like they need to be sucked." She bent over
taking one between her soft lips for a lingering kiss.

"Later my pet," Mrs. Getty said stroking her hair as Camille released
her loving hold and then stepped back to the bed picking up a pink
flowered bra, handing it to Mrs. Getty. "My dear Marian, this one is for
you."  Mrs. Getty said holding up the near identical bra, however much
smaller in size.

"So tell me Debra," Mr. Getty asked, "what do you think about your ex-
boy friend dating young Marian?"

The question was most uncluttered and honest, spoken as he took
possession of his leather chair in the expansive living room area, his
drink refilled to the proper level. Debra looked over at Jake not
knowing how to answer the question. She was most aware that Jake and
Marian were seeing each other on a more formal basis, while she had
considered it dating, and as such, she only wanted to enhance that
activity.  Mr. Getty's observation caused her to take a moment to
answer. She paused taking her own seat.

"Well, it is not really dating, exactly,"Jake broke the silence,
interrupting Debra's response.

"No sex?" Mr. Getty said laughing and holding up his drink and toasting
Debra with a brief notice.  "Although I do think it might not be frowned
upon, and should be considered on occasion. He is a rather lovely boy."

Debra laughed.

"No, not the case, we are just friends," Jake said again his voice
rising an octave and glancing back to Debra.

"Well Debra, what do you think of Jake here... dating," he said the word
slowly and carefully so that the aspect of sex could be subtracted from
the normal meaning of the word, giving her a new chance to respond to
his original question.

"Well, I know that they have been close as friends in the past.  I think
that Jake has the best plans for Marian, that includes an improved
an improvement in his manners, as they were positively atrocious, and
increasing his self value." She said seriously and then added. "But I
think they do make a cute couple," she laughed.

Jake was not having any more of the conversation, "I would not consider
the two of us as couple, but I am pleased with the changes that you were
able to make in just his overall appearance already. It is well

"Did you know Debra, that Jake gave young Marian a spanking this
morning." Mr. Getty added keeping this portion of the conversation

"A spanking?"

"Yes, that's right, on his naked bottom, over his lap, just before Mrs.
Getty began the shopping expedition this AM. Tell us about that. "

Jake laughed a little and took a sip of his own drink. "Well, yes I
did," he was not hiding the incident, "Marian can be somewhat less than
acceptable, a bit disrespectful, disobedient and I felt that this
morning some level of attention was appropriate."

"You spanked his bare bottom?" Debra laughed herself, "You had him over
your lap, his pants pulled down and on his bare bottom?"

"Yes, and it was not just for show either, twenty five hard smacks, ten
on each cheek, and then five more for good measure. There were real
tears and a heartfelt apology for his attitude that morning. Including
the issues you brought up."

Debra had to hold back her smile.

"I am sure you will find him much more accepting for your help and
assistance in the future. Which is again, I add, sincerely appreciated."

Mr. Getty was quiet, just enjoying watching the two once lovers exchange
words, and so enjoyed hearing about Marian's spanking of the morning,
wishing he could have been in attendance.

"Will you do so again?" Debra asked taking a sip of her own drink trying
to hide the growing smile.

"What?" Jake asked.

"Spank Marian's naked bottom over your lap", Debra said most clearly.

Jake smiled looking back at Debra as if it were a challenge, "Yes,
indeed if and when it is required."

"I don't need a bra Mrs. Getty."

"Of course you don't dear."

Camille had taken the delicate piece of lingerie back form Mrs. Getty
holding it in her hands. She held the two straps crossed over, close to
her as if warming the delicate fabric. The bra was pink as compared to
the red one Mrs. Getty was wearing, and had a row of little roses around
each of the cups and looked as if it was well padded. It was identical
in style and shape as the one Mrs. Getty wore except for the size, much
smaller and the color.

"Here, let me help,"  Mrs. Getty said raising Tuck's hands up and
turning Tuck around, his back now to her and Tuck facing the mirror.
She took the warmed bra from Camille and laced the two straps over
Tuck's out stretched arms, pulling the bra to him.

"But honestly I don't need a one," Tuck said sharing the same complaint
once more.

"No dear, you don't," she said pulling it tight Camille clipping it
behind his back, "It is a Bordelle," she added adjusting the straps
slightly. She turned him around to face her.  Both Camille and Mrs.
Getty took great care with the fit, carefully making small adjustments
under his boy tits and adjusting the straps to their ideal. "No, you're
right, you do not need a bra."  She turned him around again, facing the
mirror, wearing only the panties with no bulge and now the pink bra.
They matched.

He stood looking at himself in the mirror, more of Tuck vanishing.

"Camille picked this out; it's from Jacki's.  I so like the fit."

Still facing the mirror, a light pink top was slipped on over the bra,
still fully in place, seemingly like it was never a question should he
wear one, the question, did he need one, having been already answered.
Camille stepped in front of him, and began to button the blouse in
place, her soft scent filling his senses again, he felt like he could
almost taste her.  Finished, she stepped back, giving Mrs. Getty the
full view of the completed package. The view in the mirror, was now two
girls getting dressed with their maid.

"Oh my dear, Camille, you were so right the blouse looks so much more
perfect, it's wonder how lingerie can make such an improvement with
something so simple. Just perfection."

She turned Tuck gently by the shoulders left and right as she took in
his new form. Then stepping back two steps she held her position.
"Dear, could you do a full turn around?  So I can see more clearly. "

Tuck looked at both Camille, smiling behind him, and Mrs. Getty, who had
a most serious look on her face.  He turned quickly in a circle in
of the mirror.

"Oh no dear, much slower, put your hands down by your hips, head up nice
and proud dear, now turn for me."

Tuck did so, his point of view hiding Mrs. Getty from him for a moment,
and he came around to face front once more, looking into the mirror, the
smile on both Camille and Mrs. Getty was more than apparent.

"Well I have tried to make some adjustments in the young man's looks,"
Debra said recounting the efforts of the previous day at the club.

"I can see your efforts have been well rewarded, but I imagine there is
much left to accomplish." Mr. Getty said taking a sip of his drink
hiding the growing smile.

"Yes, so very true, I expect a return to the club in the coming days is
a requirement."

"I trust that, Jake my boy, you will make young Marian available to Ms.
Debra's needs."

"Of course, Debra.  Just let me know when you require his attendance."

Debra smiled thinking that her plans for adding more to Jakes new dating
regime will be even easier than she planned.  Her next steps in
improvement becoming clearer as the conversation continued.

"Jake, do you like his hair now?" Debra asked, the overtly feminine
style and color merely a first step in the transformation.

"Yes, while a bit more nontraditional than I would have expected, the
look, as I have become more accustomed to it, seems to be most apt for
his personality."

"Isn't the more modern look, the younger more adventurous, one taken
with a slightly longer style," Mr. Getty offered hoping that he could
move the young man into an even more lovely and overtly feminine hair

"Yes, so true, but you work with what you get, Mr. Getty, but such an
apt comment, as over the coming months, as Marians hair grows longer, it
is something we can consider.  I am most proud of the new color, I
that it works so well."

"Yes, I do agree, and you, Jake my boy, do you find the blonde to be
more pleasing."

Jake looked to both Debra, who was smiling and to Mr. Getty waiting for
his answer. "I find the new look both refreshing and much easier to
manage. Before, young Marian who used the name Tuck, was an
uncomfortable collection of untidiness and disorder. I think the
challenge is still there but what Debra and her team in the first pass
of correction have accomplished is a step in the right direction. I will
support her in her vision for future improvements."

"That's my phone," Mr. Getty said reaching into his coat pocket and
pulling it free, he read for a moment and then replaced it, "Ms Debra
your expert service is requested in the boudoir, to the stairs, around
the corner, first bedroom on your right."

"Gentlemen, I will see you in a few moments," Debra stood.

"Yes my sweet dear," Mr. Getty took to the floor and then took two steps
toward Debra, taking her hand and pulling her to him again. The kiss,
full and open, her eyes closed. "Hurry back, my dear."

Debra smiled, picked up her large purse and headed toward the stairs.

"Just a lovely girl, Jake. Just lovely."

"I have asked Ms. Debra to join us. I trust she has a few secrets to
help in Marian's transformation. "

Tucked looked in the mirror the clothes now even more openly fem,
especially with the bra that he did not need but still wore. The blouse
did look better with the added dimension the bra provided, but he did
not need a bra. The pants so tight he could barely breathe.

"Shoes," Mrs. Getty announced aloud. Camille smiled and turned to the

Tuck stood still memorized the image in the mirror floating back and
forth from feminine to unisex, maleness had vanished hours ago.

"We must have purchased at least a dozen pairs, I am sure Camille will
find the perfect pair.  That was such a lovely shopping visit wasn't it.
We will have to visit him again soon."

Tuck smiled. The thank you he shared with the sales man coming back to
him with colorful clarity

"What do you think of these?" Camille asked coming back to the mirror.
She was holding up the ones with the highest heel. At least 4 inches.

"Oh just delicious, so sexy." Debra said upon entering the room. "Jake
is just going to love those."

Tuck stood at the mirror and heard Debra's voice, the evening he was
sure was going to be a bit harder. He saw her in the mirror and caught
her eye; she smiled and lifted her purse showing him that she was indeed
prepared to help in his preparation.

"Oh, wonderful Debra's here. You have to help us. We are lost in trying
to take this cute boy to new realms as you have done."

"Nonsense, Mrs. Getty you have done wonders today.  Marian looks
fantastic and I know he could not be happier to be in your employ."

"You are to kind my pet," Mrs. Getty said, looking over at Tuck who
still stood by the mirror, "but yes, your help is ever so appreciated."

"Well, let us see what I have brought with me." She took her purse and
sat it on the large bed, and began to pull various items from its deep
ravines.  "Ah it looks as if I have a few things that we could use."

"Excellent, why don't you two have a seat at my make up table and any
brush or wand you find of interest please feel free to make them your

"Thank you so much, Mrs. Getty," Debra said walking over to the
elaborate make-up table and taking a seat. "Come now Marian let's see
what kind of improvement we can make. We will do your make up first and
then we can attack your blonde curls."

"I will leave you to it and I will return shortly. Camille why don't you
accompany me, you can take a closer look at my nipples and see what
of improvement has been made."

Camille left first knowing the location that Mrs. Getty wished for a
destination. She smiled as she knew also that it included a few minutes
of exquisite attention.

"Over here now, Marian. I do not want to have to tell Jake about your
bad behavior now do we?  Another naked bottom spanking would be
required, now wouldn't it?"

Tuck looked at the door that Mrs. Getty used to exit the area and knew
in that moment he was again the hostage of Debra. He walked slowly
across the room and took a seat next to her in the spot she was patting
on the padded seat. He looked in the large mirror that was now in front,
and noticed the ring of lights that surrounded the glass. They were
bright and strained his eyes looking directly at them. He watched Debra
take her hand and stroke it across the mirror slightly and the lights
decreased in their brightness.

"There that's much better, much more the light of the evening; we want
to prepare your face for the illumination that is present."

Tuck's smile was tight, he knew that Debra had a more hidden venue with
respect to Jake and that he indeed was playing a part. Tonight would be
another step in her plans.

"We need to do some touch up from this am." She began to pull items from
her purse.

"That Debra is a real doll, Jake. Not sure how you let that one get

"I think it was mutual decision.  I can be a bit of controlling person,
and some of the female gender has some difficulty with that."

"I imagine that there is some aspect with regards to your, how shall I
say, improved relationship with young Marian that balances that out?"

Jake smiled, and took another sip of drink and  walked across the room
to the fountain windows and looked out. "I suppose so, Tuck now Marian,
has been special to me, I mean I feel like he has benefited from our
friendship. This takes it a next step. He seems to be doing well, the
way he is taking it so far. The spanking this morning got his attention.
I think it might be good for that not to be so uncommon. "

Mr. Getty watched Jake from his chair wondering if there were other
aspects that at the moment might be hidden. "In my limited interface
with the boy I will take that as an advisement."

"I think that is best, sir. He should know that you are not to be
trivialized and that your presence in his life is to be highly valued,
as I do myself."

Mr. Getty stood and crossed over to where Jake stood, "Thank you your
words, they mean much. I presume that the spanking this morning was well
delivered and the reasons were well understood? "

Jake turned around and looked at Mr. Getty, " I just don't know, I feel
that he took the spanking this morning more as a means of attention,
more than punishment or correction. Although, it was well served."

"With your permission of course, I had intended to have the young man
feel my hand as well beginning tomorrow afternoon if that meets with
your schedule demands."

"Sir, I would consider that an amazing gift, it was actually one in
which I was hesitant to ask."

"It would be given fully de-clothed, as I find that the removal of
garments increases the understanding that it is intended as a

"I see, that is a excellent and insightful, one that I will use myself
in terms of continued and future interactions that will be sure to

"Might I make a suggestion?"

"Of course sir, your words are taken with the utmost sincerity and
value, please."

"Perhaps your interface should not be so seldom and only given when
needed or demanded, that they are more provided on your own schedule
without permission or precedence."

The comment stopped the conversation for a few, as they both took a few
minutes to view the scene out the window and continue to enjoy their
individual libation.

"How so, I mean,  I can see the benefit to some degree, but I would like
your reasons to this novel approach."

"The idea of a spanking is on several levels, there is an attention
sharing of course, but there is an element of control that is equally
important, one in which you have a significant interest in I might add,
there is also a key element of both domination and humiliation which can
be very effective teaching aides."

"Go on."

"Having young Marian over your lap and fully naked in more public of
places instills the significance of the correction, the immediacy, and
the humiliation adds to that considerably."

"In public, how so?"

"A restroom, your office, but the more the actual environment is no
longer important to you, the more behavior, I should say correct
behavior, is instilled, as the immediacy of the punishment outweighs the

"Oh yes, I can see that."

"That's why if we both have the same rules so to speak, the corrections
can be more evenly distributed."

"You have other means of control."

"Yes, I do."

"Perhaps you can share those with me at a later time."

"Perhaps.. but rest assured I will insure that his presence with me in
no way takes from your activities."

"Not a second more of concern," Jake wanted to make the point clear, his
voice was steady and low. "I know you have the best intentions for
Marian, I trust you completely."

"There, so much better, perhaps a little more in the cheeks," she said
brushing the soft brush along Tuck's cheek bone to the corner of his
eye, the deep and dark shadow bringing out the line of his face.

He looked in the mirror again as she swept the chair around to the
front, and he was amazed at the transformation, especially with his
eyes.  She had spent the fifteen minutes or more and swapping brushes,
pens and liners back and forth. His long lashes, already dark and long,
were now fully transformed, with the lush black mascara, the lining
around his eye, now a think dark pen trace, making his eyes look deeper
and alluring.  A rust brown, soft and gentle had scored his already
narrowed eye brows. He looked at the image in the mirror,  it was as if
he was looking at a painting.

"I want to warm up your lips just slightly."

"Oh my, how perfect, Debra. You are such a talent. He looks just
lovely."  Mrs. Getty said coming back into the room followed by Camille.
"Did you say lipstick, of course it is hardly needed but I have the
perfect color."

"Really, Mrs. Getty I don't think that it is necessary," Tuck said
trying to fend off the last element of his transformation.

"Of course dear, it's not, ahh, here it is." She had pulled out one of
the lower drawers of the makeup table and found a satin gold case,
inside were a collection of cosmetic options and among them she selected
a silvered tube. "Here it is.. I am sure this will be perfect."  She
handed the tube to Debra.

Debra took the tube removed the cover, "Yes, Mrs. Getty, you have such
an excellent eye, this will go so well with what we have done so far."
She turned the bottom, scooting up the lipstick, and approached Tuck.
"Slightly part your lips dear."

As Tuck did so, she deftly applied the warm red color. Tuck watched in
the mirror as the color went on. It was kind of funny as the color was
so close to the color of his natural lips, the lip stick application
went on as if the color was invisible. She finished the upper lip.
Looking at his face in the mirror, he immediately saw his original
observation was mistaken, the color not only emphasized the shape and
fullness of his lips, the color itself also stood out.  It was most
evident that he was wearing lip stick.

"Now the lower," she made a small difference in her own face that he was
to copy.

"You are so right, he did not need that at all," Mrs. Getty said. "But
the color is just so very lovely.  Almost as if he was not wearing
anything. But don't you just love the color."

Tuck took the question as if it was being addressed to him Mrs. Getty
looking directly into his eyes, "Yes, Mrs. Getty it's like its

Debra had him blot his lips on tissue twice.

"Much improved," Debra said reaching for a brush.

"I am so very pleased. We just need to do something with his hair," Mrs.
Getty said as she stood back beaming as if she had just opened a new

"The style I started with won't take but a few brush strokes, a mist of
spray and we will be finished. Oh by the way I noticed this is a
Hennesy," she said holding up the lip stick, the color still showing.
"It's a semi permanent color, and will not rub off. The color and shape
should last for days, if not removed with a hearty make-up remover and

"Wonderful, you are such a talent Debra.  Hurry, I want Jake and Mr.
Getty to see this amazing transformation as well."

Tuck looked into the mirror as Debra began to work on his hair.  The
brush flew though his soft blonde curls with ease, several mist sprays
holding the curls firm and in seconds it looked as good as it did that
morning. He closed his eyes and reopened them several times.  The mirror
image sliding more toward the feminine.  Then for some reason, as he
took in the whole picture, the look, his look,  became more unisex and
he became accustomed to the change.  He turned this way and that,
touched his ear ring, and tried a smile, and slowly he became more
comfortable and assured that the changes that were made were positive in
nature. Jake would like the new look, as long as he was confident and
assured. That was the hope.

"Oh, my dear Marian." Mrs. Getty kissed him on the lips, "You are a
sweet prince, just so lovely."

Debra smiled, and said to her herself, princess perhaps. We will see.

"Let's go, dinner should be in an hour or so, I have such a wonderful
food tapestry planned. I know it will be enjoyed by all."

Mrs. Getty led the group out the door.  Tuck stood, and was immediately
grabbed by Camille, as his novel balance on the higher heels took him
for surprise. The slight elevation was also an element in the
transformation he would have to get adjusted to. So much to adjust to.

"I think I hear the accompaniment returning.  Ah so, Mrs. Getty you look
lovely," he said as Mrs. Getty was the first to enter the room. She
a black silk dress, the red bra clearly seen supporting the ample and
open cleavage. Her heels, four inches and tightly spiked, glinted even
in the subtle lighting of the room.

"Debra is a rare genius, you will not believe how well Marian looks, the
transformation is just miraculous," she said sweeping into the room
taking new possession of the space.

"My efforts are not in the same league as your own, the new wardrobe you
have for Marian will be his preserver for many months to come," Debra
said following close behind.

"And we have hardly scratched the surface but we did make a small dent,"
Mrs. Getty laughed.

"In my wallet, I imagine, as well," Mr. Getty agreed.

"Shopping, dear, requires a certain investment," Mrs. Getty answered
quickly with her own smile.

"Yes, I am sure it does," the conversation having been repeated
countless times on her return from various shopping expeditions, not
only in this hemisphere but others as well.

"Well let's see the boy.  Marian come on in and let's take a look," Mr.
Getty called out, urging Tuck to enter.

Tuck had been the last down the stairs and was helped by Camille up
until she departed and left him alone and semi unbalanced in the
spacious hallway and the entrance to the room. His first steps most
awkward  but as he progressed down the steps and through the house, he
was getting better with the higher heels on each step. His efforts at
improvement  were to prevent  tipping over and landing in lump in front
of Jake, which he was sure would be a most humiliating and deplorable
outcome. "I am here, just a second," he called to the room, he stood
alone still outside of their view. Now terrified as to Jake's opinion.

Tucked looked across the hall to the mirror that was hung over a table
graced with flowers, fresh and fragrant. He wondered if he still carried
his own rare scent fresh on his skin from the earlier perfumed bath, he
lifted a hand to his nose to take a quick test, and picked up a slight
scent of morning dew and flowers in the back ground. He still carried
that fresh fragrance on his skin and in his hair. He brushed a soft
misbehaving blonde curl back behind his ear revealing the stunning set
of earrings that Mrs. Getty had placed there moments ago. He thought,
yes, moments ago and how much had changed in the last few days.  It was
now or never, Jake's eyes would be on him in seconds.

He stepped into the room.

"Marian, how wonderful, and so wonderful to see you again, you look just
lovely, a picture for the museum," Mr. Getty said taking a two steps
over from his standing position, taking Tuck by the hand and leading him
close, "just a wonder, you ladies are just magical. I trust that Mrs.
Getty has treated you well?"

"Oh yes sir, so lovely."

"And Miss Debra, I am sure," he added looking over at Debra who stood
next to her chair.

"I could not be in better company sir."

"So wonderful to hear, dear, "with his final words he pulled Tuck close
and gave him a very open kiss it, recently taken as a most normal

Tuck closed his eyes as he felt the older man take possession of him
once more. The kiss was deep and so intimate. Mr. Getty's free hand came
around and pulled him even closer, tight on his very well appointed
rear.  Tucks eyes closed almost involuntarily, the strength and
dominance taking him to places that were becoming more and more

"Oh Mr. Getty," Tuck said being released and still only a few inches
away, his lips still wet with Mr. Getty's excitement. Tuck searched for
the right words, "it's just been truly a lovely day."

"Well Jake, don't you think Marian looks decidedly better, and deserves
a nice welcome."

"Of course,"  Jake stood and walked over to where Tuck was standing, "I
trust that you were most obedient and respectful of all Mrs. Getty's
wishes and desires."

"Yes very much so, her smile was the only thing I was concentrating on."

Jake smiled taking Tuck's hand, "I am, pleased." He pulled Tuck a little
closer and leaned over and gave Tuck a small kiss on the cheek.

Tuck shivered, Jake's barest touch sending him in new directions, and
all senses pulled in different ones.  He looked at Jake, "I am glad you
are pleased."

"Jake, I think Marian deserves a far nicer welcome than that," the
comment a direct challenge from Mr. Getty.

"Yes Jake," Debra chimed in, "I am sure you can do better than that. "

Jake looked at Debra with a note of anger, her tone of disrespect was
more a bet against his ability to please Mr. Getty than it was a
supportive statement.  He was not going to let the dare go unchallenged.
He turned back to Tuck.  Taking hold of his hand and holding it behind
Tucks back, pulling him close, his hold tighter. "Yes, I should perhaps
welcome our Marian in more complete manner."

Tuck was worried that perhaps the look, even his scent was over the
limit, that in the next second he would feel the swift and sudden slap
and then release. A release that would be forever.

"Marian, it is truly good to see you and I do so appreciate your effort
in improvement, your hair, your skin, your clothing, all show me your
effort.  I am very pleased with your efforts and progress."

Tuck eyes were locked on to Jake's, he could not tear them away as if
they were magnetically attached.  Jakes deep brown eyes seemed closer
than they had ever been before. The strength of Jake's hand holding his,
the comparison in size so very apparent, made his body feel even
smaller. Jakes words like honey, dripped slowly from his lips, the smile
so open and real.  He felt the grip on his hand never hard, but with
upmost control, pull him even closer, their lips now only inches apart.

"You have done well Marian, so very well," and then they were together.
They were kissing. Jake was kissing him. It was unimaginable, it was
magic, it was so different. He felt drawn like a silver ingot melting
and being brought to its owner, and then reformed. Jakes tongue, hard,
pressing, opening,  his lips rough, his beard hard, all thrusting,
taking, owning, and there was a deep desire there as well, his yes, but
he felt Jake's too, and yes there was a smile, a shade, evidenced in the
kiss, pulling them tighter together. Tucks eyes closed again, but this
time they might never reopen.

"Oh so much better, now that was a lovely welcome." Mr. Getty said
approving the warm welcome and passionate kiss.

"Oh Jake," Mrs. Getty said, "You are a dear and you have made my dear
Marian feel so welcome."

Tuck could barely speak.  Jake still held his hand, his lips were hot
and fresh, the taste of Jake still lingering on them.  Jakes body, his
arm and support kept Tuck up from the floor.  Jake turned to the couch
and took a most willing Tuck with him.

"You ladies have done an admirable job, he is looking so much better."
Jake said arranging himself and Tuck on the couch Tuck close to him.
"He is wearing a bra I see."

"Yes he is, it's entirely not needed," Mrs. Getty said shaking her head
slightly, approving her negative.

"I see," Jake laughed, "but necessary?"

"Quite so," Mrs. Getty agreed most seriously.

"I expect I should then see Marian wearing a bra on a more frequent

"Most certainly, yes, but as you and he have pointed out it is entirely

Jake laughed again, "I do not see any reason to argue with that logic."

Mr. Getty smiled, raising his glass in salute, "Such a bold and
brilliant young man you are, Jake."

Tuck could only smile, his voice coming back, wanting to say something,
ask questions but understanding that his opinion on the subject, any
subject, was not requested.  His questions on the decisions that had
already been made would be not only superfluous but unasked for.  The
glow he still felt from Jakes warm words, his lips, his taste, held him
silent. Jakes strong arm rested on Tucks leg.

"Marian would you care for a drink?" Mr. Getty asked.

Without even thinking about it Tuck turned his head toward Jake, a
question on his lips but unasked.

"Marian will have a glass of white wine."

"Excellent choice,  I have a Ramonet Montrachet of which  I shared a
glass with Mrs. Getty last evening, it was most desirable."

"Thank you, sir," it was the first words that came from Tuck since first
entering the room. His voice had moved into a higher pitch range, his
words delivered in much more moderate voice .

Jake smiled enjoying the ease of control he held. There was no a word of
discomfort or objection. No argument, just acceptance, and gratitude.
His hand moved somewhat higher on Tuck's leg.

Tuck felt the move but did not acknowledge it in any way.  Jake's hands
were large, nearly fitting around his thigh on their own.  Jake was
saying something in return to Mr. Getty's comment, his hand left the
position on his thigh to make a point,  leaving a spot of warmth, the
cool room air showing him the exact spot Jake's possession had taken.
The hand moved confidently up and down while Jake was making his
conversational point and when finished, the hand came back down on his
thigh once more but this time even higher, almost as if it was searching
for his little hidden secret.  The strength and position pulled a

Jake was in his element, the conversation drifted across subjects like a
cascading wind, drifting and picking up the sail for a brief three
minute sprint. Having the control and the possession of Marian beside
him brought not only the strong competitive male out from under, it
brought out his power and confidence.  He thought of Marian as a boy not
a girl but the closeness, even the kiss, seemed so natural so near
perfect, it was hard to explain. He glanced over to Tuck during a brief
moment and looked at Marian and saw changes that just added to his
pleasure. He smiled and reached over and adjusted the blouse Tuck wore,
a brief, gentle touch to the fabric, a slight move, a bit straighter
after his adjustment. The bra seemed to be entirely not needed, but
added so much, he would make sure it was a standard from this point

"I will be back in a minute," Mr. Getty said, "I have a quick call I
need to make this evening. I will be back shortly," standing up and
asking for leave, he smiled at Marian on the couch.

Debra used the occasion to stand herself and pulling her cell from her
large purse, then walking off to the side, and out another door, her
drink in hand. Mrs. Getty, a minute after Mr. Getty left, stood, said a
quick apology, remembering some undone chore, and departed the room.
Quite suddenly Tuck and Jake were left alone in the big room.

"Marian I am pleased; your behavior today is so much improved. I think
the discussion we had this morning was well appreciated."

"Thank you Jake."

"A spanking like that I believe brings clarity and understanding,
especially when it is delivered over my lap and fully bare."

"Yes Jake," Tuck did not know what else to say.

"I was quite lenient in the number and severity, next time I assure you
that both will be improved upon."

Tucks bottom seemed to relive the smarting on both cheeks.

"Are there still marks?"Tuck was not sure where the conversation was

"Not any more. I think they have mostly faded, during the day."

"Let me see."

There it was, the conversation had just moved off into a realm where not
even fantasy would seem so unrealistic. What did he expect him to do in
the living room pull his pants down and for Jake to inspect his morning
spanking. He wanted him to do that, in front of Mr. and Mrs. Getty and
Debra? They were not in the room, but they could walk back in at any
second. Maybe this was a joke or a test.

"I am sorry Jake, I don't think this is an appropriate place for such an

This was the first time that Jake had heard Marian talk back, to
disagree with any of his requests, suggestions or demands. The good
feeling he held, the smile of contentment, changed in second, vanished,
and erupted in anger.  The heat grew, boiling to the top, the feeling of
control lost, transformed from one of contentment to one of fury.

His hand, heavy and hard reached out and slapped Marian on the face. It
was fast and without thought, without planning, the sharp sound echoed
across the room.

The suddenness and near immediate transference, the change from the
comfort and protection dissolved as if acid dropped on a thin sheet of
paper. The slap so quick, without warning, exploded on his face, the
tears that flowed came not only from the intense pain but the hurt that
Jake could turn on him so quickly and without provocation.

"I did not ask for a discussion, I did not ask for your opinion did I?"
He yelled.

Tuck was nearly speechless, his hand now on the blistering, hot impact,
he mumbled, "No sir." His voice soft and through tears, the 'sir' added
without thinking but after it was said, it was accepted.

"I don't want to see that kind of behavior again," the words came out
quietly, calm, they were almost kind in nature, it was as if a switch
had been hit from on to off, the raging torch extinguished .

"I am so sorry Jake, I was not thinking," Tuck said, the tears still
fresh, the harsh sting there but slowly fading.

"Will that happen again?"

"No Jake, your request..."

"What request?"

Tuck saw that this was now more of test and perhaps training in
response. He stopped, looked up and took his hands from his face and
folded them together, one hand over the other in front and on his lap.
He took a second, breathing in and out twice. His voice absent of tears,
"Your request to look at my bare bottom, to see if there are any marks
left from this morning."

"That's correct. I won't see such disrespect or argument again will I?"

"No sir."

"Alright then let us have a look."

Tuck stood up straight and turned so that his back was to Jake, and
undid the belt on his pants, then reaching behind he pulled the rear
zipper down and undid the clasp in back, both now disengaged, he lowered
his pants and panties as one, a little afraid that Jake would see the
ultra fem lingerie that Mrs. Getty had him wear. He stepped free of
both, the heels giving him some difficulty. His bottom now bear, he bent
over at the waist slightly so Jake could take a look at his bottom.

"Bend over more, and spread your feet apart."

The directions were not argued and Tuck bent farther over so his bottom
was now higher than his head.  He moved his feet farther apart, the
heels he was wearing seemed to make that harder.

"Very pretty panties Marian," Jake laughed, holding the discarded
lingerie up for closer inspection. "Cute socks too," he noted touching
the tight elastic holding the pink knee socks up to his thighs that
Camille had provided.

"Mrs. Getty wanted me to wear a pair of her panties as a symbol of my
new employment."

"Very nice, I am sure, like the bra, they will not be a singular event."

Jake's hand went to Tuck's exposed bottom covering the pink, warm skin
with his hot hand. He pulled the soft cheeks apart. The move rude,
intrusive, but as he felt the power of such, the knowledge that he owned
the boy in front of him, bent and exposed, the intimate touch sent a
very private signal to his own secret spot. He felt his cock pulse and
enlarge.  He ran his finger up the center between the soft cheeks, over
the little hole closed tight.  He felt the pulse of Marian each time his
fingers explored. Tuck's little penis cute and tight hung down. Jake
his finger trace over the soft skin, marveling at the small size, and
his own control.

"Yes, I can see evidence of my attentions this am, it's still red here
and here," with his voice, his hand followed to the spots sending
shivers across Tucks body. "But it looks like your bottom is quite
ample.  I think it can take significant more attention without any issue
and this evening's outburst will definitely be awarded with the
appropriate attention."

Tuck heard the words and knew he would be over Jake's lap again and
quite soon.

"Ah, what is going on here, might I ask," Mr. Getty voiced his question
upon returning to the room.

Tuck stood, but without permission, naked from the waist down, his two
hands went to cover his small penis, still trapped in the chemicals that
had bathed it yesterday morning.

"I was just inspecting Marian's bottom to see if he had any marks left
over from this morning's attentions."

"What pray tell is the outcome of the inspection."

"I found a few. Marian bend over again, I want Mr. Getty to see how well
you accepted this morning's spanking." The request was delivered
directly. There was not to be an argument or discussion.

Tuck could not begin to imagine how the evening could have gotten worse.
He bent over once again following Jake's demands exactly, his head
his eyes closed , he spread his feet, wider than before, now naked in
front of both Jake and Mr. Getty.

"Yes, I can still see the imprint of your hand on his fair skin, right
here," the observation was immediately followed by the placement of
hands. Laying them over the exact spot the original impact was felt.
"But I do think the boy's bottom is most well adapted for much harder
strokes, even with a cane or ruler, when called for."

"I agree, but a cane? Isn't that a bit extreme?"

"Well it does have to be applied with some level of skill, welts are the
result, some may weep a bit of clear liquid," Mr. Getty lectured in a
calm voice, "but you do everything to keep from cutting the skin. Quite
intense and painful for hours, they are lessons that are not forgotten."

Tuck was still bent over, his bottom in full view of the two men. Now
hearing and considering that the spanking in his future could become
much more intense.

"My word, what are you two boys doing with my Marian?" Mrs. Getty said,
as she too returned to the room.

"Dearest,  Jake was just inspecting Marian's bottom to make sure there
were no lasting marks as a result of his spanking this morning."

"What a dear fellow.  Jake, you are such a friend to be so concerned, I
trust you found no such dire marks after his bare bottom spanking?"

"No, my love, Jake was indeed gentle this AM.  Marian has a very full
bottom and it will take much greater attentions in the future."

"Jake, is everything is all right?" Debra said, she too returning from
her phone conversation.

"No, all is fine , I was just making sure Marian's bottom was not scared
from this morning's spanking," Jake replied, explaining the situation
for a third time

"So nice of you," Debra said putting her phone away.

"Yes, I remarked so as well, a great friend Marian has in Jake," Mrs.
Getty moved closer to see the evidence for herself.

Tuck was not so sure, he was still upside down, his ass naked and his
little boy toy just barely hanging down, almost invisible, as it was so

Debra could see the same and smiled enjoying the both the discomfort and
the humiliation that Marian must be feeling. The size of his little
penis pleased her. The chemical solution she had used was well
appointed, marketed solely for making the vagina tighter.  The expensive
cream was not sold in the United States. Having done a wonderful job on
Marians little toy, she would insure its use on regular basis.

"You can rub some cream over the impact area which will counter the red
and slightly swollen aspects," Debra added, hoping to keep the scene

"An excellent suggestion, do we have any creams that you think would be
appropriate, Mrs. Getty?" Mr. Getty asked.

"I am sure we have something, let me get Danielle to find something."

"Mrs. Getty,  I should have something in my purse," the large bag
holding all of the items previously used on Marian in the bedroom was at
her feet, "Yes, this should do well."  She handed the tube to Jake.

"How much should I use?"

"Just put some in the palm of your hand and warm it up a bit, it goes on
quite easily," she smiled helpfully, "Just a little in your palm should
be enough. It goes along way."

Jake took the tube and opened the top and squeezed an amount into his
hand, pooling an amount in his palm.  Debra smiled having forgotten how
large Jakes hands were, the amount in any other hand would be dripping
on the floor.  The giant gob of cream was rubbed between his two palms
warming the cold to warm.  Finished, he looked up at Debra, she smiled
as if giving him permission to follow through. He smiled back and then
began to smear the thick cream over Marian's plump bottom.

"Get the cream well between his bottom cheeks too," Mr. Getty said, his
voice saying that he was there to take the responsibility should Jake
desire to abdicate. Mr. Getty's voice had become a bit deeper and more
gravelly as he watched Jake bring his hands to Marian's bare bottom.

Jake ran the lotion covered fingers over Marian's plump bottom, he knew
it was Marian's, which made it even better, he was not sure of the why,
he just knew the intense feeling of control, so powerful could only get
more intense as it grew even deeper and stronger. His warm hand molded
the soft skin and he insured his fingers slipped between the open
cheeks, covering Tuck's little cute rose bud. He so wanted to let his
finger enter the little hole.

"That's good Jake, that should make his cute bum feel much better," Mrs.
Getty offered watching Jake smooth the lotion liberally around Marian's
smooth bottom.

Tuck was beyond words, he could not begin to explain the feelings he
had. They were mixed, on one hand, an ultimate humiliation at being
handled in this manner, by and in front of so many people, and on the
other a smile of contentment, hidden, so nobody could recognize it.
Jake's warm and large hand, holding him, touching, molding hi soft skin
on his bare bottom, so much of a gentle touch, intimate, and so very
close.  He could not explain it and he could not move.

"I see some redness here," Debra said recognizing the openness and
slight red nature of Marian's sweet rose bud also well displayed, and
sensing the capability of adding another element to the evening's fun.
"Oh my, no, I don't like this," she said placing a finger directly on
the tender ring.

"What ill are you referring to?" The question asked by Mr. Getty.

"It looks like Marian has a bit of irritation in regard and as a result
of the enema I gave him earlier today. Minor, but it should be treated."

"Would you have the proper pharmaceutical in your ample supplies with
you this evening?" Again Mr. Getty voiced the exact question that Debra
wanted to hear.

"Let me check," she said seeing that her plan was moving along quite
nicely. She went over to her purse once again and dug in to the contents
for a few seconds, more so to show her desire to help, than an actual
search.  Finished with her little exhibition of exploring, she extracted
a tube of vaginal lubricant. "This will work well this evening and I
will bring something more appropriate  in the morning that Marian can
give you Jake."

"Thank you Debra, you are most kind," Jake said taking the tube from

"Just put a little on his bum hole right there," she put her own finger
on the bump of flesh, "and rub it in."  She was trying to hold back both
a smile and laugh. She decided to push it another step.  "Put a bit
on and simply push some into his bum. The lotion will bring the swelling

Jake was rubbing Tuck's little pucker softly, the aspect of control and
submission was becoming more apparent. He looked up at Debra to see if
she was serious, her smile, and a slight nod, indicated he was permitted
to do as she suggested.

Tuck could not believe his ears, and was very close to bolting and
running out of the house, no matter the condition he was in. The
intrusion and violation of both his person and privacy was reaching the
maximum amount he could handle. The attention that Jake was sharing with
him kept him in place, head down, bottom up, as if his feet were in

"Ok, let me see if this works," he said his finger now coated with a
large glob of the lubricant.

Carefully he rubbed it around the little hole, again gently pressing on
the center, pressing harder as each second passed, opening the hole more
and more, pressing harder on the little bud, watching it open slightly.

"Press harder, honey, push your finger in, use some effort. It feels
good, believe me," she laughed.

Jake did not smile but pressed harder not wanting to be made the fool,
and the finger pushed inside just barely breaking the barrier. He was
surprised at how easily it entered, he could feel the heat, and
slickness. He pulled it out and then back again.

"Deeper than that."

Jake looked up at Debra smiling and daring him.  He pushed his finger
into Tucks bottom, pressing farther and up to the first knuckle. His
hand being overly large, the digit by its self opened Tuck's bottom up.
He heard Tuck moan. He pushed even harder and like a door opening, his
finger slid all the way in.

"That's good, here is some more lube," she held the vaginal cream tube
ready as Jake pulled his finger free, she smeared a large amount on the
finger and he plunged it back in. The effort easier and more free each
time he opened Tuck up.

"Oh that's good, why don't you use two fingers, you can get more of the
cream where it's most irritated.

The explanation was enough for Jake to consider using two of his fingers
and to open Tucks bottom even more. The idea seemed like it had much
merit. He smiled as she coated two fingers with the pink cream

Her smile broadened  wondering how far she could push it.

Tuck heard the suggestion. Not two fingers. He tried to pull back, but
felt Jakes take hold of his arm pressing it up behind his back and
holding it tight, totally preventing  escape.  The pressure against his
rose bud increased. And then , an odd pain, as if he was taking a never
ending load on the toilet, a fat shit that would not come out, intense
pressure and then fullness, as both of Jakes fingers pushed deep inside
his bottom. He felt the connection, being owned and controlled, by Jake.
The pleasure began to build, he closed his eyes, as Jake took hold of
him, filling him, taking possession of him more than ever before.

"That's good Jake," Debra said, her smile evidence of the active
pleasure, watching Jake move Marian to a different platform, taking him
farther than she had planned. It was coming together, but she was only
at the first step, so much more to come.  "Here is a bit more," she said
as she squeezed a thick gob on to Tuck's ass, "see if you can get in
deeper and coat the inside well."

Jake pulled his fingers free and watched as Debra squeezed even more of
the pink vaginal lubricant on to his fingers, it was nearly dripping off
as he turned them around slightly keeping the thick cream from dropping
off to the floor and then quickly stuffed both fingers back in to
bottom. He felt the Tuck's jolt, almost electric as he brought his
fingers deep inside to the limit. He pulled them free again, and then
pushed in again, the same jolt, Tuck's pleasure. Where was his own? In
again, ,and then he felt it.  His cock growing on each thrust, the
owning, the control, the rush grew.  He pushed in again deeper, and then
noticed that his pants were straining, his cock was huge, stiff, his
tool hard like iron. He held Tuck's arm even tighter, pushing his
fingers in deep, opening Tuck up, making him his own.

"Yes keep that up, just deep and all around. Here is more." She smiled
pouring more of the lubricant into Tuck's open hole.

Tucks eyes closed tight, the feeling growing, the exhilaration , the
pleasure, and then it started to build.  He could not tell what was
happening, his own little cock, still small, still barely there, began
to pulse, to throb, almost in time to Jake's thrusts. And then, like a
soft explosion, he felt the pulses grow and his little cock, soft and
small, pumped out three times, his eyes clinched tight, his arm held,
his bottom full, three pulses, a little soft stream of cream dripped to
the floor.  He felt like he was going fall to the floor too.

Debra saw the soft white cream slip from the baby cock and knew that
Jake had caused the gentle eruption. She smiled, the evening could not
be going any better.

"That should do well," Debra's smile grew even larger watching Jake
finger fuck Marian in front of an audience.  She was not sure if Jake
was aware he had caused Tuck to climax. "I will have a more correct
pharmaceutical in the morning, and I will apply it while I am getting
Marian ready for his first day of work."

"Oh dear that's wonderful, I knew hiring you to help Marian would be a
god send. Thank you dear." Mrs. Getty said offering a towel to Jake to
clear his fingers of the pink lubricant, and a second to Debra to clean
the remaining cum from Tuck's little toy. She had seen the eruption of

"Glad to be of help, Mrs. Getty. Jake you can apply the second
application in the afternoon."

"That will be fine we have a party that will be attending that evening."

"Yes I know I have a special outfit I know you both will love."

Tuck was standing now, his hand over his little toy, looking for
permission to get dressed again.

"I am sure Marian feels much better now, Marian you should give Jake a
nice thank you," Mr. Getty instructed.

Tuck recovered the pink panties from the floor, carefully stepping back
into them.  The heels he wore making it a bit of challenge.  His hands
still a bit shaky but pulling them up and into place, his little toy
well tucked back.  He stopped and looked over at Debra and then to Mrs.
Getty, sensing their concerns.  He took a small step to stand in front
of Jake, he looked up at him.

"Thank you Jake, I feel much better now," his voice soft and gentle.

"Oh dear, Marian I know you can do so much better than that, I think
Jake deserves a 'very' nice thank you," Mr. Getty's voice was getting a
bit rough and Tuck could hear the dissatisfaction.

Tuck was worried that both Mr. Getty and Mrs. Getty, were not content
with his response. He thought how badly the original welcome had gone.
Failing on two occasions could make his continued employment more
doubtful.  The look of deep concern on Mrs. Getty's face confirmed the
real worry he was feeling. Jake was standing next to him wiping his
fingers clean of the lubricant.  The look on his face showed that the
previous thank you did not satisfy him either.

"Jake," Tuck said making another attempt at his thank you , moved even
closer, still wearing only the pink panties.  He could feel his bottom,
it was still open but now empty, he got closer still. His lips just
inches from Jakes. He saw the smile on Jake's face and knew his next
words would be welcomed, "My apologies, I offer my heartfelt thank you
for the attention you shared with me, it is difficult to put into
words."  His face now only inches from Jakes, "Thank you," Tuck closed
his eyes and kissed Jake on the lips.

Jake pulled away quickly. There had been no move toward him. The kiss
was wrong. He had made a mistake. He felt so embarrassed. He wanted to
run. Then he felt Jake's hand on his near naked bottom, hot and strong,
the strength taking hold of his bottom, molding his soft buns, pulling
him up to his toes, ever closer.

"You can do better than that," Jake said so only Tuck could hear.

Tuck's eyes closed once more, his lips opened. Jake crushed him close,
their lips met once again, as Jake took hold of Marian, taking him for
his own. The kiss was deep and full. His lips open, Jakes strength and
control displayed so all could see.

"Very nice dear," Mrs. Getty was smiling as Jake allowed Tuck's feet to
return to the floor. "Marian, I think Ms. Debra can take care of your
first treatment with the more apt pharmacological lotion that will treat
your bottom's irritation."

"Yes Mrs. Getty, I would be pleased to do so, and I can leave the lotion
with Marian when I see him in the morning and Jake can do the second
dose later that evening."

"Don't stop the enemas. I do want him well cleaned out for the day as we
discussed." Mrs. Getty reminded Debra, "I cannot abide anything less."

"Heaven no.  Mrs. Getty I will use a stronger cleaner that has a lovely
scent. It should be less irritating "

"Good, I am sure you will have that well in hand." Mrs. Getty was

Jake watched as Marian pulled up the tight pants, pulling the pink belt
into place. Mrs. Getty was kind enough to offer her assistance taking
care of the rear zipper and fastening the snap at the same time. Jake
decided the look was becoming more acceptable, even the bra, which at
first seemed to be over a line, it too was becoming much more part of
the look.

"I can handle that," Jake added, his smile said that he would enjoy
Marian's renewed application more in private, "I will be seeing Marian
that evening, the treatment should take just a few minutes,"  he pulled
Marian back to the couch, this time with Tuck actually sitting on his

"I will give Marian instructions; it's a little different, but easy. I
am sure that you and he can handle it."

Tuck could only imagine that in the morning Debra would be closely
involved in his dress, makeup and hair for the day, and now even more so
with the added complication of the lotion application. The combination
caused him to worry; the same lotion application by Jake caused him to

No one gave a second notice to Jake holding Tuck on his lap. His arm
around Marian, his other hand placed squarely over the small, contracted
little toy between Tuck's legs, hidden by the tight fabric, and tucked
well between his smooth thighs.

"Not sure if Jake has had time to share the work hours and schedule for
tomorrow with you Marian, but the morning will be in Mrs. Getty's
observation and control and in the afternoon, you will be in mine."

Tuck looked over at Mrs. Getty who was smiling, and then over to Mr.
Getty, who was patting his lap.  Tuck saw the motion as a silent
command. Jake pulled his arm and hand free, inviting Tuck to stand and
take the new seat.  Tuck stood and walked over to Mr. Getty's chair.  He
turned sideways and sat down on the older man's lap. Mr. Getty's hand
came immediately up and around his waist to rest on Tucks thigh, and
then further, the other hand to rest quite unashamedly on the top of his
hidden and contracted little toy.

"I am looking forward to our first encounter," his hand moved and
touched Tuck on the chin finger pulling Tuck's face to his, "You will be
taught much," without a further word. he kissed Tuck.

The kiss was soft and gentle, a new hello and welcome to his inner
circle. The kiss was over even before it began.

"Jake," Mr. Getty turned to toward Jake sitting on the couch watching
his friend and insuring Tuck's proper behavior, "I believe that we have
come to a rather positive position."

"I do as well, sir. I will be here at 6 PM, if that is acceptable."

"Most acceptable."

"Well my family and friends, dinner is now served. I trust your
appetites are open and welcoming a banquet of untold delights," Mrs.
Getty stood having been given the cue that the dinner was waiting for
them in the dining room.

Tuck still sitting on Mr. Getty's lap watched as the group was led out
of the room.

"My sweet Marian," there was another kiss, far less gentle than before,
"you have so much to learn." Mr. Getty smiled, his hand grabbing Tuck's
blonde hair, roughly and without a moment of hesitation or gentleness ,
holding the boy now inches from his own face,  the hard hold painful,
tight and  under very close control.  "So much to learn."

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  1. Oh my did this story come roaring back with an excellent chapter that I can only say made me feel yummy inside. Jake is so lucky to have had a roommate that had potential to please him and his bosses both and Marion seems to be accepting his fate sitting on both gentleman's laps, then being handled and kissed. That was hot, what a journey he has been on he is going to be a lovely companion.