Friday, December 29, 2017

What Martin Hastings got for Christmas and a new series to the blog!

Happy soon to be 2018! Here is an illustration I had cooked up for you Martin Hastings Saga fans! Hope you enjoy this little gift for you all. More stories and illustrations to come 2018! 

I have new stories from authors like Priscilla and Tiffany and new art for favorites like Subjegated Step Sissy and Man Dating coming soon. I also wanted to take this time to introduce Amanda Stern to the Forced Feminization Illustration Art Blog! She has given me her blessing in sharing her stories to the blog. I will be adding some art to her ultra erotic and finely crafted Eyes on the Prize story! A tale of a young man getting caught in underground network run by women to turn unfaithful men into feminized male sissies! 

Eyes on the Prize 1
Eyes on the Prize 2
Eyes on the Prize 3

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Adventures of the Rikki and Annabelle edition

New comic strip of the Adventures of Rikki and Annabelle B. Happy Holidays Fans!
How Rikki and Annabelle spent the holiday

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Super Slut Dolls 4 and 5 now published!

Tiffany Miller's Super Slut Dolls 4 and 5 are now posted for your super hero sci fi fetish pleasure!

Super Slut Dolls 4
Super Slut Dolls 5

Paul captured tied and gagged by secret sorority girls

The cover of Perils of Paul: Initiation

When drawing this I thought of Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut and a little of the 50 Shades of Gray phenomena.

I really wanted to show in this picture that the girl is in power here against a very nude and vulnerable Paul.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Kylie Gable's Mask of the Jaguar now released with book link

It has been a tough week for me. Last week I injured my back at my job which slowed down all my projects and updates of the blog. Sorry about that.

I first have to thank you all those that commented on Priscilla's newest story, Sorority Sissy. It is a great read from the master.

Before I got hurt I had just finished all my illustrations for Kylie Gable's Mask of the Jaguar. It will be the refined edition of the book with visuals.
New readers, the story is this, two female vigilantes: The Jaguar (in black) and her partner Katsumi (white catsuit) kidnap abusive, corrupt, and bigoted men and they punish them by forcefully feminizing them.

Link to Illustrated version:

Mask of the Jaguar

Monday, November 20, 2017

Priscilla Gay Bouffant's "Sorority Sissy" now published!

Master Feminization Author Priscilla Gay Bouffant returns to the blog with a forced feminization story! "Sorority Sissy"!

Psst....The Cassandra Sisterhood (Subjegated Step Sissy) make their return in this new erotic femnization story!


Sorority Sissy

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Link to Kylie Gable's Doubling Down a free ebook

A while ago, Kylie Gable made available for free one of her stories, Doubling Down. Sorry to the fans for not making this aware to them.

 I read Kylie Gable's Doubling Down story and I was impressed and loved how the girls capture the boys. I said once and I will say it again, Kylie is a master at entraping males in her stories. Just read any story from her and you will see why. Which is why I was excited to see her share one of her finest examples of her skill as a gift to potential new readers.

This story features one of the best and smartest entrapment moments in any forced feminization story. Kylie is a master at writing blackmailing plots against her male characters.

This story is no different! The Hawthorne sisters decide to payback the Martin twin boys next door one day while both teenager's parents are away. They feminize the boys through panties, makeovers and dates with other boys!

This story feature forced crossdressing, and some forced bisexuality.

Link to free copy
Doubling Down
Great read!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Author Priscilla Bouffant is recovering

Hello fans,

I got a message from the amazing master author of feminization literature today, Priscilla Gay Bouffant.

She is doing better, but recovering from an illness.

I'm putting up this post simply in hope that fans of her stories like The Subjegated Step Sissy and Makeover at the Mansion would write to her to leave their well wishes.

Thank you in advance for being thoughtful and respectful.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Rikki's crossdressing story, Kylie Gable's "Mask of the Jaguar" and Valerie Whip's new Perils of Paul book!

If you have been wondering where I have been, well I'm working on new drawings for three really great authors, Rikki (first illustration), Kylie Gable (middle illustration), and Valerie Whip (bottom illustration.

Rikki and I are working on a new story for the transmagazine, it was supposed to be out this month, but time issues will delay it. It is about a man with a secret crossdressing hobby. A very naughty dirty story from Rikki.

Kylie Gable and me and working on the revised version of her Jaguar story, "Mask of the Jaguar." It should be out early next month. It is about the female vigilante The Jaguar and her partner Kitsumi punishing a high powered executive for stealing his secretary's ideas. A lot feminization fun.

A finally, I'm excited to announce Valerie Whip has released a new Perils of Paul book "Double Knots." It is out now on Amazon, but we are already working on a new Paul book, "The Catering Job." In this erotic follow up to "Double Knots" Paul takes up a job as a waiter for an upscale private dinner party for some wealthy individuals...but it turns out they are into some kinky entertainment and Paul gets to be part of it....if really needs the money!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Beware The Jaguar's brand of justice!

Abusive husbands, sexist males, bigots and homophobic males in power beware! The Jaguar and her partner Katsumi have their own brand of justice!

Below is an illustration I did for Kylie Gable's The Jaguar: City of Fire and Rage. In the story The Jaguar and Katsumi feminize two powerful men who have targeted the LGBT community. Their punishment is a makeover being glued together with their hands on each other's butts as well as orally connected to each other's...privates!

A great erotic forced feminization e-book to read!


The Jaguar: City of Fire and Rage

Monday, October 30, 2017

Perils of Paul: Double Knots is out now

Perils of Paul: Double Knots is out now on Amazon! This is the fourth book in the series by Valerie Whip. This time Paul encounters the flirty and kinky sexual minx April. She has plans for him involving rope and a little makeup...oh no if only she didn't find out about his panties fascination!    

Will Paul be able to escape from being blackmailed by kinky April?

Find out by picking up a copy of Perils of Paul: Double Knots.

Link Below:

Perils of Paul: Double Knots

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Working on new art for Tranzficition online magazine

Hello Everyone, 

Lately I have been busy at my day job and also working on three separate feminization projects: The Jaguar, Perils of Paul and lastly Tranzfiction (below). I'm working on some art for Rikki's original story featured in Tranzfiction. If you missed the issue or the notice, here is the link:

Sunday, October 8, 2017

CFNM fan is looking for another like minded CFNM fan

Hello Everyone,

I have a fan that is looking for another like minded fan of CFNM to chat with about the kink. Nothing extreme or overtly dirty, he just would like to find another fan of the genre.

His name is Michael Augatine. His email is below:

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Three college guys feminized and having a three way...from the Jaguar: Birth of Predator

I wanted to share with you fine readers and fans an image I did for Kylie Gable's The Jaguar series. As some of you know The Jaguar is a female vigilante that feminizes mean and cruel males and humiliates them through a variety of ways as seen below in the illustration. 

I highly recommend picking up a copy on Amazon and check out the rest of the series!


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Super Sex Dolls by Tiffanny Miller now up on the blog

Tiffanny Miller recently allowed me permission to host her story, Super Slut Dolls. It's a cross between a superhero story, dollification and feminization.

Great erotic sci fi fun.

Link to page:

Super Slut Dolls

Super Slut Dolls 2

Monday, August 21, 2017

Like Father Like Son illustration

A simple quick fan art illustration I did for a I short story I read a while ago called "Like Father Like Son," by Willow Cage on Fictionmania.

"It is right darling. Now be a good boy and take your place between my
legs. Thank your Daddy properly," he said, his voice almost commanding.

I swallowed hard and walked over to him. As I knelt between his legs, I
ran my hands up his thighs. I gripped his cock gently with one hand and
leaned forward. As my lips touched the head of his cock, all seemed to be
right with the world. As the warm smooth cock slipped into my mouth I
wondered what would come in the days ahead.


Friday, August 18, 2017

The Jaguar: The Birth of a Predator

This is just a friendly reminder that Kylie Gable's The Jaguar: The Birth of Predator is available on Amazon. It is an origin story to Gable female vigilante who feminizes her male enemies who prey on women and sexual minorities. This is the second book to feature artwork from Annabelle B (me). 

In Birth of Predator, Sheila Wentworth recalls her time when she was college student who discovers her roommate is a victim of revenge porn. Sheila adopts the identity of the Jaguar to help her friend before her reputation is ruined forever!   

The Jaguar hogties a college frat guy while she searches for the guy that secretly videotaped her roommate.
The Jaguar: The Birth of a Predator 

The Jaguar Stalks Her Prey (fictionmania)

Friday, August 11, 2017

Perils of Paul Book 4 art preview

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a rough of an illustration I'm working on for Valerie's follow up to Perils of Paul: Summer Forced Feminization Vacation, it is titled, "Double Knots."

This time Paul is working as a camp wilderness volunteer and encounters a girl with kinky plans for him. Above April (right) is is spying on an suspecting Paul (left) as he tries on a pair of her pink thong panties in the boy's shower room. Unknowing he is being videotaped by April through the wall!

Below is a sample from Valerie's story Perils of Paul: Double Knots:

When Paul told April that he intended to take a shower before he left the campus because he was all hot and sweaty, April was elated. She told him that she had something she had to go do and quickly left to make sure the peep holes were still usable. She ran to the ladies shower area and moved the step ladder over to the spot in the shower wall and peeked. Sure enough she had a perfect view of the open shower area. It was late and most everyone had left the gym. She watched silently as Paul entered the shower room and hung his towel on a hook and strode over and turned on the shower. April watched Paul intently as he unknowingly present his cock to her eyes. “Not bad. Not bad at all.” April said to herself.  She watched as he rinsed in the hot water. He began soaping himself up and she noticed him paying a disproportional amount of time soaping his penis. 

Paul Was revisiting the image of April bending over picking up the strands of rope and thinking how wonderful it would be to stick his tool deep inside her tight little ass. As he imagined this scenario he became aroused and being totally alone he began to masturbate. He started pulling his organ slowly helping it grow within his hand. Then with more enthusiasm he began pumping it faster until it was pulsing on its own. He kept the pace going faster and faster until he spewed his seed all over the shower floor in front of him. 

April could not believe her luck not only to have witnessed Paul jacking off but to have captured it on her I-phone. The fun wasn’t over yet. April had placed a pair of her stretch lace panties on the bench below the shower hooks. She had carefully allowed just a small portion of the lace to show from beneath a towel lying on the bench. Sure enough the bait worked. As Paul stood toweling himself near the hook he noticed the lace and reached over and held up the panties. April watched as Paul dropped his towel and spread the panties out and then held them against his waist as if to test the size. He then held the crotch to his nose and smelled them. She saw him glance in both directions and then he did what she had hoped he would do. He put them on and pulled them up. She saw him adjust his dick and balls to fit in the tiny panties. He began rubbing himself through the soft lace fabric. He stood in front of the full length mirror and modeled his new panties feeling his ass cheeks protruding from the bottom of them. He wrapped his towel around himself and left the shower area. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Andy Latex Interview now up on the Erotica Author's Corner section

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to inform everyone that I have a new interview up on the Erotica Author's Corner. This time we have prolific erotic visual artist, Andy Latex on the blog as a guest.

He discusses his work and the ideas behind his illustrations. We explore the theme of feminization and the aesthetics of his artwork.

Something you don't want to miss out on reading


Andy Latex Interview  

Perils of Paul: Summer Forced Feminization Vacation announcement

New cover for Book 3 in the Paul series
Valerie and I are putting the finishing touches to the follow up to Perils of Paul: Initiation.

This time Paul finds himself getting a makeover by some girls on a trip to the beach.

Below is a sample of the book:

"Jenny hasn't cum all day and needs a release.  I want you to help her.  If you please her I’ll help you."  Jenny took off her suit and eased herself onto my chest placing her pussy just below my chin.  She then knelt up letting her honey box hover over my face.  Candi's wet tongue gave a flick at my still rock hard dick and told me to please her.  I knew exactly what was desired so I began to lick at Jenny's lips.  Jenny settled down a little tighter to my attentive tongue.  I could taste her saltiness.  

Candi whispered, "Good boy, now do it right so that you both can cum."  

When we finished Patti said, "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?  We want to play dress up next.  No, I mean we want to dress you up." Patti came over with a very sexy looking bra and panty set and told me to put them on.  

"Taking all my hair off was weird enough; I'm not putting that stuff on".  

"Suit yourself, but you are the one that's totally naked in an all-girl's rooming house with no keys to your car".  

"Give me a break man, what did I ever do to you"?  

Candi interrupted, "Look we just want to have some fun.  Please play with us".  
Paul in a dress adjusting his thong panties

"You guys are crazy, I'm not doing it".  

Candi jumped up on the bed and landed on my chest knocking me back down.  She placed a knee on either side of my head with her furry muff in my face.  Jenny grabbed my nuts and held on tight causing me to scream out in pain.  Patti shoved a rag in my face that stunk like nail polish remover and I passed out.

Perils of Paul: Summer Forced Feminization Vacation will be out this Friday on Amazon!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Andy Latex Interview announcement

Hello Everyone,

I'm sorry for my absence, but I will bringing you tomorrow an interview with erotic visual creative artist Andy Latex!

He runs the Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy Latex Blog!

I think you will enjoy getting to know him a little and learn about his creative mind.

Bless you all,

Love Annabelle B

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Message from Rikki

Hello Everyone,

I was recently contacted by Rikki about launching a new blog. She plans on hosting an IM or chat session to answer any questions you may have.

I don't have a date or time, but its in the works. Please stay tuned and thank you for your patience and loyalty.

Bless you all and kisses,

Annabelle B and Rikki

Miss Saskia Blog!

Hello Everyone,

I recently came into contact with Saskia from her Saskia TV Bloggywog Blog. Its is a blog dedicated to TV fantasies visuals. I recently looked through it and found some good stuff!

Take a look and see for yourself!


Saskia TV Bloggywog

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bouncing Balls story added by Joe X and Chloe Latex issue

Hello Everyone,

I am happy to announce that Joe X has shared another of his stories with us titled, Bouncing Balls. It is another CFNM story from his kinky British mind.

I have tired to get into contact with Chloe Latex from the Becoming A Rubber Doll story, but no luck. I will be adding an illustration I have been wanting to get illustrate. I hope you guys will like it. I'll keep you posted.

As far as MMH? I'm thinking of a character profile...


Annabelle B.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bending the Bookshelf: Perils of Paul: Initiation by Valerie Whip & Annab...

Check out a review from Bending the Bookshelf's Sally Bend on on the second story to the Perils of Paul series!

Thank you Sally.

Bending the Bookshelf: Perils of Paul: Initiation by Valerie Whip & Annab...: Although it clearly shares some of the same themes as  Perils of Paul: Consequences , I am not really clear on whether  Perils of Paul: ...

Monday, June 19, 2017

Future blog post

I have getting questions about future illustrations for the blog. The answer is, yes there will be more made and added in time.

I'm slowly getting back into updating the blog and will pick up where I last left off.

Comments from you fine folks helps in keeping this site alive. I thank you all that leave a comment or question or two for me. It shows people enjoy this kinky stuff.

Bless you all,

Annabelle B.

Friday, June 16, 2017

CFNM story: "Just a Little Prick" has been added!

Its been a bit of length of time since we have had a story from Joe X, but he has been gracious enough to share one of his CFNM stories, Just a Little Prick 


Stupid woman.  What on earth was she thinking about.  I pressed as hard as I could.  Concentrating as hard as I could.

Suddenly she took her hand away and as I fell forwards she passed her other hand in front of my eyes?  What?  What?  What was happening?

"Sleep!" she commanded, "Sleep!"

"...and wake!"

I opened my eyes.  I was standing in the middle of the room.  I could see the girls standing round me.  Their mouths agape.  Expectant.  I tried to move but I couldn't.  It was as if I had forgotten how to.  If only I could remember I would be able to, but I couldn't.  

 Link: Just a Little Prick 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

New MMH Art and two new stories to the blog

Hi friends, I added some new art and content to the blog recently.

Karen Jensen's A Boy Lost. A story about a boy finding a new side to himself with the help of a bisexual girl and girl's clothes.

A new author contacted me, named Brianna who wants to share her story, Look Ladies His Boobies. A story about a dominant woman feminizing her husband into a submissive maid.  

And finally I added added a new Martin Hastings illustration to the Martin Hastings Saga Characters/Art page.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Long lost illustration added to Miss Annie's "7 Days"

I just added a new illustration to Miss Annie's classic 7 Days.

It is actually a lost illustration I forgot that I worked on and put to the side which I eventually forgot about.

Hope you revisit the story and discover the new illustration for yourself. Enjoy!

If you are wondering about my absence... well I'm now writing from my new home inside a closet. Yes literally a clothes closet. Its a little cramped, but I should a little more time now for the blog now that I have more privacy work.
Link: 7 Days

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Perils of Paul 2 now available!

Perils of Paul: Initiation is now out on Amazon! It was written by Valerie Whip and features some really kinky femdom between college students! No feminization, but its pretty steamy. I think followers of my illustrations will enjoy it as I did illustrating it.


Perils of Paul: Initiation

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Perils of Paul: Initiation coming!

Hello Everyone, 

I will be having a new book out hopefully this weekend with Valerie. Its the second book in the Perils of Paul series. Paul is in college and is invited to escort a female friend to her sorority ceremony what follows is a steamy femdom experience that will leave you reaching for your lubricant or favorite vibrator. 


"No!" I shouted, "What's going on?"  Lacy screamed out, "Paul please, you'll ruin everything."  Before I could speak again I heard Steve start to say something almost in unison with Matt. "Lacy, what is this?" I retorted.  Lacy let out a shriek in obvious pain.  "Lacy, what happened?  What's the matter?"  That same voice again ordered silence.  I protested, "Enough!  What the fuck is going on?" trying to break free of the hands that were desperately trying to hold on to me.  Steve or Matt again chimed in to complain, but their voices were cut off in mid sentence.  Lacy screamed again, and then I heard her muffled whimpering. 

I was led to a small platform that I tripped over while being led up onto it.  I felt my ankles being secured to the floor and then my wrists were fastened to something and the hands let go of me. I tried to get off the platform but my feet could not move.  Suddenly my hands were being raised in opposite directions above my head.  Then a thick cloth was placed at my lips and pulled tightly behind my head. 

Lacy cried out again, and as I opened my mouth to speak the gag was tied firmly in place. 


I felt the slight breeze of people passing very close to me and heard their feet shuffle past.  I heard an admiring hum like something tasted good, as one person passed.  A drum sounded once, and all movement stopped.  A very low chanting started. I couldn't make it out.  It was a foreign language.  The volume increased, and then suddenly stopped. 

A voice some distance from me made an announcement also in the foreign tongue.  I heard the rush of people coming to a standing position.  It sounded like fifty or sixty people.   

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Japanese CD Bunny Masturbating at Crossdresser Tube

Happy Easter Everyone! I'm sorry to say I have no Easter themed illustrations for you due to the workload and multiple project I have going on.

However I wanted to re-share a link to a video I saw a while that you all might enjoy. It's of a young Japanese male dressed in bunny girl outfit pleasuring himself with some help from an intimate object...

Anyway it's cute and simple. No forced feminization in the video, but who knows maybe he is being blackmailed by girls behind the camera like in Kylie Gable's stories!

The video is originally from Crossdresser Hub.

Screenshot from video

Video Link Below:
Japanese CD Bunny Masturbating at Crossdresser Tube

Friday, April 7, 2017

Monday, April 3, 2017

Blog updates for April

Hello Everyone,

I'm sorry for my absence, but I have been hit hard by life with my day job now asking more of me. My grandmother was hospitalized nearly three weeks ago. I also got into an argument with my fiancé over our new home.

Here is rundown for the blog: I have new Martin illustration on the way, very soon. Look for it here. Rikki and I got in contact again three weeks ago while I was away in Northern California. She is fine,  although she is having a hard time logging into her blog account. Has anyone ever received mail from her via gmail? Contact me if you have please, it would help us greatly.

I also have Martin Easter illustration on the way, but I will release it first through Patreon.

Perils of Paul 2 is another project I'm working on with Valerie for Amazon. We should have the book out this month. We expanded the story and it will feature art for the story.

Other great news is Andy Latex will be on the Erotica Authors Corner. We will discuss his work and artwork!

Also it's no secret I'm working with Kylie Gable on the origin story for her Jaguar vigilante saga, something I'm very proud to be a part of. I read the rough draft and its great! Fans of forced fem should be satisfied with it.

And finally I have a new contributor to the blog, Ashley. She wanted to share her experiences, so I gave her a spot under, Ashley's Journal. Kinky stuff!



Sunday, April 2, 2017

College guys gets humiliated in bathroom by girls!

College guy gets surprised and humiliated by college girls in bathroom! Originally from Mtv's Undressed show.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Martin and the Baron being wed Illustration

An older illustration that I touched up and colored of the Baron forcibly marrying Martin from Book One of The Marriage of Martin Hastings by Rikki. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Girl mounting boyfriend.

Found this lovely illustration of a girl mounting her boyfriend while he is wearing a chastity device. Very simple, but sweet and lovely.

Unknown Title
Unknown Artist

Friday, February 17, 2017

Working on review for Mindi Harris book

Currently working on an illustration and review for Mindi Harris' collection of forced feminization book.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Valentines Day MMH Fans

Hello Friends, 

I hope you all have a great Valentines Day. I designed this special Martin Hastings Saga card for the fans of the series. 

Martin is forced to pose for a boudoir photo shoot for the pleasure of his husband the Baron.  

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Giving the brother a makeover

Drawn by an unknown artist. Love the line work and character facial expressions! That outfit the boy is wearing is so cute!

Unknown Title
Unknown Artist

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Caught! working sketch

A working rough for the follow up to the "Caught" illustration. Still needs a little work. The idea was that the guy is caught breaking into a house during slumber party and getting feminized by the girls and later being prepped to be "taken" by another male.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Perils of Paul: Consequences now published!

Perils of Paul: Consequences is now published on Amazon Kindle!

It is the first book published by me and author Valerie Whip!

Ever since they were little Paul and his sister have had an interesting relationship involving girl clothes. Things get interesting for Paul one day when he is caught by his sister in her clothes and then is blackmailed into doing her bidding which leads to a girl sleepover party that he will never forget!

Some may remember the story on Fictionmania and this blog, but this story has been revised and expanded.

It features new illustrations to help bring to life the more erotic scenes!


I just couldn’t get over how I felt wearing my sister’s clothes. It was exciting and forbidden. I liked the feel of the silky fabrics and the way I could flip up the hem of her short skirts to reveal my thigh and ass. It was just so much fun. Over the years I continued to invade my sister’s room and wear her clothes whenever possible. My sister would accuse me of being in her things every once in a while but I would always denied it. I guess I must have gotten bold or just plain stupid. 

I began to try on her clothes almost every time she was out of the house and I felt I had enough time to play with her things. My sister was a flirt. She loved turning guys on my wearing sexy clothes or rolling her shirt shorter after she left the house. Her clothes became even more fun to play with because she was buying really sexy lingerie. I even found a condom in her drawer under her bras.  I think over the next couple of years I tried on all her underwear and half of her skirts, blouses and dresses. 

It is at $2.99 on Amazon Kindle, download a copy and let us know what you think.

Thank you,


Perils of Paul: Consequences

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Friday, February 3, 2017

Book Announcement: Perils of Paul: Consequences

Dear Fans and Friends of the Blog,

I'm happy and proud to announce that I along with Valerie Whip will soon be releasing Perils of Paul: Consequences to Amazon Kindle.

It will feature 5 new illustrations to help bring this forced feminization short story to life!

This new revised version of Valerie's tale goes deeper (no pun intended) into Paul's secret fascination with girl's clothing and features expanded dialogue and erotic scenes!

I want to invite all fans of erotic fiction to pick up a copy when it is released and and let us know what you think.

Thank you!  

Perils of Paul: Consequences

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

New story uploaded! Naughty Girls by Joe!

Joe's Naughty Girls is a story of a traveler that gets a group of sexy young women at his doorstep one day and learn they want to shoot the next episode in their erotic internet adventures at the cottage he is renting out.

He unwilling falls into their plans and gets an unexpected surprise!

This story contains bondage, whips, panties, CFNM, and of course Joe's clever funny story telling style.

Joe's Naught Girls 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Major Life Change

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm in the process of a major life change. I may be moving out soon along with getting married to a beautiful girl.

I apologize to the authors and you the readers for not much coming through this month and I promise not to leave you hanging. I am working on a few art pieces (little by little) and I still have a few stories to upload.

Thanks for patience. Love you all!

Annabelle B.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Stories! Joe's Taught a Lesson and Bambi Ch.3

Hello friends,

I hope everyone got a chance to read the interview I had with Kylie Gable, it was fun and interesting to conduct. I'm going to try to invite a few more willing authors to be on the Erotica Authors Corner in the near future. Thank you to those who commented on the interview.

This week, I have Brenda Gova's latest entry in her surreal Bambi series (picture right), her character makes a trip to a fetish shop in this episode.

We also have Joe Taught a Lesson by Joe. In this story, he has a male worker for an underwear company "persuaded" to perform a very humiliating performance in front of his all female co worker audience.

Brenda's Story:
Bambi Ch. 3

Joe's Story:
Joe Taught a Lesson