Saturday, February 4, 2017

Victorian Style Feminization

A Victorian Era feminization scene. Beautifully drawn. 

Unknown Artist.


  1. The victorian times could be very kinki. As much as we think they had very prudish type attitudes. They had a serious BDSM culture. They had whips, bonds to be used with their sex. and even the first dildos. There wasa mechanical dildo that was invented too. It was all very interesting.

    1. I agree Ryan, usually very prude people seem to be the most kinki.
      I know that era has so many possibilities for a good feminization story. I have yet to read a good one.

    2. I know. I have considered trying to write a good feminization tale that takes place in the victorian age. But, its difficult. The thing is. there was a strong BDSM culture in that time. But it was mostly male domination to female sub. Some Female domination to male sub but not much.
      As for feminization, forget it lol. It was such a prudish culture. We are talking about an era where homosexuality was illegal. It could land one in jail.
      So, I dont see any way to write a forced feminization tale in that era.

    3. I don't think that's necessarily true actually

  2. this is by the brilliant artist Sardax