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From Monica Levine as told to Priscilla Gay BouffantI give many, many thanks to Carrie P.

I had so tired of mother's complaints concerning William; I agreed to turn him over to her for "rehabilitation." The results were astounding if not unusual. Mother inferred they were permanent.

I sat calmly as mother and I chatted. I had just returned from an extended business trip involving our family concern. I was in the process of picking up my new husband William to return to our leased condo. Mother had never been pleased with my marriage to William and then I heard rumors about him that caused me displeasure with him. So, when I'd went on my first trip for our family owned company I agreed with mother that possibly William should be left in her care. He'd protested but not strongly enough. I'd been on the move but a week when I spoke with mother about an indiscretion on William's part.

"He was rude with Sylvia Carstairs. I have decided to discipline him with the assistance of the household staff. I thought it best to inform you, Monica," mother said firmly. "Mother, I think it is best you follow your instincts. If the rumors I have heard are correct, discipline and guidance may be what William needs at this juncture," I agreed.

Of course I wasn't quite prepared for the results of her discipline. Upon my return from business, when she instructed one of the maids, Yvonne, to bring William into the sitting room, I smiled idly. However, when my spouse meekly entered the room I could only marvel at my mother's success with his new comportment. Not only did he enter the room timidly the look of abject fear on his face said it all.

I could have probably passed him on the street without recognizing him. His long black hair was cut to a flipped pageboy style and painted a reddish-brown. With the makeup on his face, he looked like a completely different person. He was wearing a turquoise silk blouse, a turquoise and yellow print miniskirt, shiny translucent nylons and a pair of open toed sandals with a three inch heels.

Once he saw my look of calm acceptance he did his very best to relax. He stood quietly and peacefully with his hands folded demurely in front of him. He had obviously practiced this position quite a bit in the six weeks or so I'd been absent. Another thing he must have been schooled in was walking properly in those cute high heeled sandals he was wearing. He walked expertly and prissily with an air of daintiness one only sees in a properly schooled débutante. "Well Monica what do you think of Miss William? Is this not an improvement in your philandering, smart-mouthed hairdresser hubby?" I can't wait for Sylvia Carstairs to see the improvements," mother added. "Mother the improvements are perfect! His behavior is sweet and demure. I am certain Sylvia will approve. William, I expect you should thank mommy for her help dear. Can you curtsey yet? I believe your appreciation should be shown with a pert little feminine dip," I smiled. Indeed he did curtsey. His thank you to mommy was perfectly sweet in the most darling of sissy voices. Then he had managed to summon up the unmitigated gall to turn to me and request that we leave to go home.

"I don't think so my dear little sissy. No, we won't be going tonight. At least you'll not be going anywhere. Mother wants to show you off to Sylvia and we don't want you developing any bad habits. He owes Sylvia quite the apology doesn't he mother?" I grinned. "Oh indeed he does Monica. I plan on having her over for dinner next Saturday evening. Our Miss William will be in proper sissified dress to appropriately apologize for his utter rudeness during her previous visit," mother commanded firmly.

"Then that settles it. We'll both be staying until then, especially in William's case. You'll not be leaving this home for some time William. Mother, I'd like to ask you if William and I could move in with you. I think William should not be out of our sight and that of the household staff until he learns to behave properly," I added. "Well of course you may dear. The two of you can occupy the master suite. I haven't used it since your father's untimely death," Mother added. "Mother, that is so thoughtful of you. However I'll take the master suite and heretofore it will be know as the mistress suite. Miss William on the other hand will occupy my old room. Its suitable as it's a girl's room and appropriate for a sissy," I laughed.

"Shall I desire his presence in the mistress suite I'll call for him by sending one of the maids." Mother, I am going to sublet our condo. I intend to purchase a suitable home as soon as I am earning a large enough salary. I also want to be certain Miss William is able to behave properly," I added. I then instructed Yvonne to take my weeping sissy spouse away to prepare for bedtime. "Bring him to me in an hour or more when his evening toilette is completed Yvonne. Mother might I borrow Michelle to prepare me for bed?" I asked.


Ninety minutes later I was seated up in bed, propped with a pillow, reading some figures from my business trip. My dear maid Michelle had given me both a bubble bath and massage. After washing my hair she had brushed it and tied it off with a ribbon. There was a light tap on the door and Yvonne requested to enter. "I've brought Miss William as you instructed Madame," she said. "Miss William" looked perfectly darling in a velour negligee and matching bed jacket. He was perched on white open toed satiny mules with baby blue rosettes at the toes. His pink fingernails were longer then I realized, and oh my, but his hair was just precious.

He blushed as I smiled at both he and Yvonne. I could not help but comment on his hair though, as it was set in curlers and covered with a pink turban that was fitted with a pink bow at his forehead. His face was shiny with facial cream and he was wearing a touch of freshly applied pink lipstick. "Oh dear you look so pretty and ready for bedtime Miss William. Did you set your hair yourself or did Yvonne help you?" I asked. "I'm being taught by both Miss Yvonne as well as Miss Michelle, to do it myself ma'am. Ma'am, I mean Monica dear, might I spend the evening with you here in the Mistress suite? You've been gone so long and we have so much to discuss darling," he practically begged.

"Oh do we have so much to talk about you cheeky little sissy? No Miss William you may not sleep with me this evening. I have no desire to spend the evening with a sissy boy who has cream on his face and has his hair in curlers," I glowered. "Not to mention the fact you are wearing a couple of coats of creamy pink lipstick," I admonished. "I'll be speaking to mother about this impertinence in the morning. We'll discuss an appropriate consequence, Miss William. Yvonne, please escort Miss William back to her boudoir," I added.


Next Saturday evening came much too soon for William. Mother was not going to spare him even the slightest bit of humiliation. Mother and I along with Sylvia Carstairs were assembled in the drawing room having a before dinner cocktail. We were dressed in gowns. Michelle had entered to say that dinner would be served shortly. "Michelle is my naughty son-in-law ready as instructed to apologize to Miss Carstairs? Yes, well bring him in dear," Mother smiled. I was never ready for the lengths mother would go to in order to humiliate my sissy hubby. Miss William entered with the appropriate trepidation and well he should. Mother had dressed him only in a red satin slip trimmed in black and a pair of open toed heels.

His smoky dark hose were held in place by garters attached to his panties. He stopped and stood demurely a good ten feet from the three of us. I assumed his waist had been cinched tightly to ladylike proportions and he must have been wearing a gaff as he was girlishly flat in front. Someone had spent a long time on his makeup and his long pearly white fingernails. He hand a strand of pearls around his neck and I noted his ears had been pierced and held a baby blue jeweled stud in each. His hair was perfectly sissified. It was heavily jelled and slicked down. Its dark black shade with crimson highlights shimmered in the glow of the chandeliers. Parted on the left side it was pulled up and back and ended in a tight little bun at the nape of his neck.

Mother snapped her fingers and moved her hand back and forth. Miss William had been standing still, one hand on his buttocks and the other on his thigh. He began to do a well practiced sashay to and fro in front of the three of us while mother narrated. "As you can see Sylvia, Miss William is not the arrogant male of two months ago. I've reduced him to a mere slip of a panty wearing sissy boy. Isn't it amazing what a mother-in-law's firm hand can achieve? Miss William please do stop and turn around so that Sylvia can examine your pretty girlish curves," mother ordered.

As William stopped and twirled I saw him gulp and try his best to hold back his sobs and tears. "He looks marvelous Lydia. I must give you my compliments," Sylvia added. "Miss William you may come closer to us but not too close. You may stop right there. Now kneel and offer Miss Sylvia your undying contrition," mother ordered. William knelt and now fully sobbing large sissy tears, begged Sylvia Carstairs' forgiveness.

"You may be forgiven Miss William but only if you agree to continue to submit yourself to this perfectly beautiful training you are enduring. I think under the present state of affairs your mistresses should prolong your chastisement for the foreseeable future," Sylvia Carstairs asserted. "Well said Sylvia, and I know both mother and I agree as does Miss William," I emphasized. William shook with his sobbing and heard very little until Yvonne placed her hand on his slender shoulder and said, "You must stand Miss William as I'm to return you to your parlor so you may do some ironing." My sobbing sissy spouse exited. I hoped he would touch up a few of my tennis dresses. I do so love playing tennis to keep fit and for relaxation.


Throughout the following weeks I worked closely with Ms. Phyllis Lane, the executive vice president of mother's company. I was being groomed to take over the corporate affairs as mother was already enjoying semi-retirement. Mother came to the offices only for important meetings. This left her much time to amuse her self with the domination of my sissy husband. Between mother, the two maids and Vivian, the head housekeeper, Miss William was kept busy with all aspects of being feminine. "It is my goal to be certain that Miss William can one day take his place in society as an exquisitely trained feminine individual. Until that time though he'll remain the pretty sissy he now aspires to," mother explained.

The head house keeper Ms. Valerie saw to it he was learning the domestic arts as to cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing. The two maids split the responsibility of teaching him, hairdressing, grooming, makeup and nail care. Mother drilled Miss William in the arduous aspects of feminine comportment, girlish speaking, high-heel walking, and a sense of fashion as well as skirt management. Indeed she was a task mistress and wanted me to take part in these particular aspects of Miss William's feminine education. "I want William to have an instinct to sit on a toilet any time he needs to use one. If I see him standing while he is peeing he will pay the price. I will expect you to assist me in enforcement of my rules, Monica," she stated.

So the following Saturday as I strolled through the house after a tennis match with my fitness coach I came upon Miss William and Michelle in William's boudoir as Michelle instructed him in the art of giving himself a pedicure. I stood to the side and noted his fingernails were painted the same soft pink he was using on his toenails. He wore a crimson kimono and his hair was up in curlers. This seemed to be a common theme. Often the maids had him set his hair or their hair to practice this sissified task. "Michelle has William been behaving?" I asked. "Oh yes Miss Monica. He whimpers a little when I make sure his hair curlers are nice and tight but all I need to do is wave a hairbrush in his face. Mistress Lydia gave the entire household staff full corporal punishment privileges as to Miss William's behavior modification," Michelle assured me. As William, seated on a divan, worked diligently on his toes mother entered the room.

"There you are my lovely daughter! Come with me to my boudoir I have something to discuss with you as to William's training. Michelle see to it that our little sissy is properly groomed and bring him to my boudoir in 45 minutes for those procedures we discussed." mother stated. Mother filled me in on the upcoming events she'd scheduled for the early afternoon and I grinned as I knew my sissy husband was in for further degradation at my mother's hands.

William entered her boudoir quite innocently, though he must have known mother was going to spare him no shame. Michelle had done an outstanding job on his grooming. She'd given his hair a very neat and sleek upswept style with a lovely top knot of curls. His makeup was perfectly done. He was still wearing the kimono but now had high heels with open toes to show off his pretty pedicure. Mother let me begin the festivities with an explanation.

"William dear, mother and I are not pleased with your progress. We're trying to instill in you a love for things feminine and a desire for a feminine lifestyle but you appear to us to be just going through the motions. We think that you still harbor silly notions of one day dressing and living as a boy again and we need to rid you of those abhorrent ideas," I added. "So we are going to have you undergo a small procedure at my hands and an attitude adjustment under mother's tutelage. I'm going to place a little something in your rectum to assist you with walking more femininely. Then mother is going to give you a little reminder of your everyday place in this household," I smiled.

I had him get over my lap and Michelle lifted his kimono. He shuddered when I put on a pair of sterile latex gloves with two loud snaps. Michelle lubed two fingers of one of the gloves and I carefully inserted both lubricated fingers into his anus. He not only shuddered but whimpered and gasped. I silenced him with a smack of his butt using my other hand. "Quiet, and relax you little sissy. I am far from through with you. Michelle put plenty of jelly on that butt plug and hand it to me. Now, Princess William, prepare to be impaled," I laughed. It was the smallest of the kit of butt plugs mother had purchased. She had laughed when she showed me the largest, saying, "By the time we put this one up his buttocks he should be walking like a real slut!"

He resisted at the point where I had one half of the plug inside him. I cautioned his to relax and enjoy it before putting the plug fully home. He gasped and whinnied but finally calmed down long enough for Michelle to put a tight, elastic, panty brief on him. As instructed he walked back and forth for my mother as she nodded her approval. He was told that should he need to have a bowel movement he should remove the plug himself, clean it and reinsert it. "You may need help so you may ask Michelle or Yvonne the first few times. However we won't tolerate your silliness for too long. Now get over my lap for a nice hairbrush paddling. A daily paddling will rid you of those evil boyish thoughts. It will teach you good, submissive girly behavior," mother added as she struck his aching butt with her first stroke. All told William would receive a dozen swats with the hairbrush that day and the same amount or more each day for the entire next week. Immediately the results were quite evident.

Over the next 30 days we would take trips to: 1) a bridal shop where he would model gowns and he agreed excitedly to renew our vows with him attired in the pink gown we purchased. 2) We then frequented a very high dollar, exclusive lingerie boutique where he would try on and model no end of lovely, filmy, frilly confections. On both occasions the modeling was done in full view of a few select customers who took great pleasure in teasing and deriding him.

We then went to an exclusive footwear shop the following Saturday where he took in the pleasures of shoe shopping. There the young saleslady was so amused by our sissy that she asked if she might show him off to other salesgirls. "We've never had a sissy to wait on. I think it would be fun to share him with everyone," she laughed.

Mother loved my idea of him having his hair done at the very salon where he had once worked, and where he had philandered behind my back. Wonderfully enough while we where there one of the socialites he had philandered with entered the salon. The timing was perfect. "Goodness Monica it has been ages! You look lovely dear! Where has that yummy hubby of yours been? I haven't seen him for some time," she said. "Why Felicia it is nice of you to ask. You know dear I found out he was running around and I pulled the reins in. Mother and I found it necessary to practice some real domestic discipline. Here he is now. The salon ladies have just completed his makeover," I said to her surprise. William appeared blushing even through his makeup. He'd begged not to wear a dress to the salon so mother and I had put him in silver lame Capri slacks and matching heels with a see through white blouse that showed off his pink brassiere.

Felicia's eyes were quite wide open as was her mouth. All she could manage to say as she made her hasty retreat was, "You've certainly made him look quite pretty. I had to agree with her. My sissified hubby had become quite pretty and sweet. I allowed myself the luxury of kissing him on the cheek as the salon owner handed me the end of his leash and I pulled him to me.

"Time to go home dear," I said.

"Yes mistress," he agreed.


The vow renewal ceremony was perfect. The household staff was there as well as mother. Mother and I invited select friends and we made sure all of William's past lady friend lovers were present. William looked frightened as mother led him down the aisle, his hands tied firmly behind his back. His mouth was taped closed behind his veil. He looked lovely in his pink gown and matching heels.

He was right as he should be frightened. The prior evening he'd been put through a ceremonial name change.

First his long red hair had been cut into a gamin pixyish style. Then he was told he was no longer to be called Miss William. From now on he was to be known as Isabelle. When he reached the alter, he was knelled down to a thin satin pillow by Yvonne and Valerie. Kneeling next to me while I stood, he nodded as the minister we had hired from a local chapter of the Society of Isis read his vows of submission. After the vows had been said, he was helped to lower his head down to kiss my heels through his taped mouth (a sign he accepted his vows). He was then helped to stand and was given permission to turn his cheek as I kissed him. The flower girl then approached the alter with a pink diamond dog collar. The young lady presented the collar to me which I then fastened around my Isabelle's neck. "Mmmph" was all he could say. "Mother will be training you in your new marital obligations Isabelle," I said. He looked a bit more frightened and surprised. My mother then handed me a matching pink colored leash which I clipped to his collar.  "When I am satisfied you can make my daughter happy, I'll return you to her for safekeeping," mother laughed as she took hold of the leash to led him, to polite applause to the reception hall.

The fun had only begun.

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  1. This is a sad story of a wives complete betrayal of her husband and their vows of love. It is little different than if the story has a husband and his father began sexually abusing and humiliating his newly wed wife.

    A cool next part would be the husband totally accepting womanhood, beginning the real transition against the wives will. Seducing and marrying a loving rich and powerful man and then waging a war and hostile takeover of his ex wifes company.
    But I know the author isnt like that.

  2. rereading it a few times, there seems to be a detail that I missed. The story says he philandered behind her back. I assume that means he cheated, adultry. But the story glosses over it and mentions it in such an offhand way as if it doesnt think thats an important detail. So why should I care? It doesnt sound like the women care all that much that he did it and doesnt go into much detail.
    The motivation seems to be mentioned in a much stronger way at the start of the story when the wifes mother says hes rude to some of the women. Thats it, and doesnt tell us how hes rude or what he does. Maybe thats just their opinion but he really isnt. We can never be sure and it doesnt give us his side of the story except to say that the wife cruelly rejects her husbands romantic advances toward her and how he cries.

    1. Jasmine, thank you for taking the time to read Priscilla newest story. It is a a great example of a "Forced Feminization Story", told in that classic petticoat discipline style! A very mysterious story as well! I can't wait to draw scenes for this! Jasmine dear, if you enjoy reading "Forced Feminization" stories with a lot of detail and a protagonist that secretly enjoys being dressed like a woman, then you may enjoy "The Princess of Aragon" on this blog!

  3. The story is pretty standard fare. However the descriptions of William's clothes are top notch.

  4. Great illustration!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Ken for reading the story!

      Annabelle B.

  6. It's always fun to read about gender role reversal wedding. ;)

    1. Alex, with the lovely legs again? Thanks you Alex! There will be a beautiful wedding scene when I complete Subjugated Step Sissy Part 5. I hope it to be my very best!