Man Dating Ch. 6

By Caroline S 

Tuck sat in the club's spacious lobby trying to get his head around the day's activities, especially the ultimatum that Debbie had just laid out, her list of demands for the evening folded neatly inside the man purse at his side. There was still no way that Jake would ever come to think of Tuck as a sex partner, Jake was not in the least bit interested in Tuck that way. But Debbie seemed sure that she could manipulate the situation to that end. The determination in her voice and the look in her eyes gave Tuck pause and concern that her desire might overcome any obstacle in her way. He was not the obstacle, but rather the weapon, and in that lay Tuck's concern. The list seemed impossible.

The glass of champagne offered by the staff had been gladly accepted, and he looked forward to a second as he nursed the one in his hand. He watched the small beads of condensation drip slowly down the outside of the glass, which was being held delicately in the now graceful and lovely hands that were his own. He marveled at how the gloss of "the overtly natural" color, it's identification in the catalog of colors, seemed to catch the light. The additional length made his hands seem even more slender than before. Girl hands Jake had called them, and looking at them fanned out in front of him he had to agree.

"They're very lovely."

"Thank you," Tuck said to the woman taking the seat beside him. He put his hand down, slightly embarrassed at the overtly feminine gesture.

"A man should be able to look his best, and convention be dammed, you look awesome... most handsome indeed. What's your name, sweetie?"

Tuck blushed, the near opaque makeup he wore not hiding the soft glow the compliment had caused. "My name is Francis Tucker, but everyone calls me Tuck."

"Nice to meet you, Tuck. I'm Felicia Getty, Fella for short, and I have to say that look really fits you," she said, taking in all of the changes that had occurred since Tuck's arrival at the spa.

"Who worked with you?" She reached over and gently tucked a loose strand of Tuck's new blonde hair behind his ear revealing the golden rings hanging from each ear, the movement sending them spinning.

Tuck smiled and his blush diminished to some extent, the open and friendly conversation so different from what he had been so recently subjected. "I can't begin to tell you all the people responsible for this," Tuck said waving a hand from his head down to his waist, as if he was a magician's assistant showing off the miraculous transformation as she stepped out of the glass box seconds after entering, "but I guess Debbie gets the blame for most it."

"Blame? No, congratulations maybe... but I just love everything."

Tuck blushed again.

"And your make up?"

Tuck was most concerned with this last element that Debbie had insisted on. She had pushed this latest affront to his masculinity most emphatically, and no amount of argument would dissuade her. Finally, as Tuck's objections were becoming an impediment to her plans, she simply picked up the phone and looked at him most seriously, saying, "Do I need to make a phone call? The attendants attempting to apply their skills did not quite know what to make of the question, but were most pleased at the sudden transformation that Tuck made and how cooperative he became.

He didn't have a mirror at the moment, but he knew the image in the mirror he saw as they finished gave him a decidedly metro-sexual look. He couldn't bring himself to say the word sissy.

"Judy and Kia, I think. Judy did my lips and they both were responsible for the rest of the overt damage. I think they went overboard."

"No, not at all, it's very subtle and just brings your features out so well. The eye liner is just barely there, and the colors in the shadow just bring out those gorgeous brown eyes, and your eye lashes... I wish mine were that long."

"Those are Debbie's doing."

"I would never have guessed." She smiled and took the opportunity to reach over and touch them softly as Tuck just stood still for the impromptu inspection. "No, they're just perfect," she said smiling.

"She said they were semi-permanent, since each individual eye lash was adhered with surgical cement. It seemed like it took hours."

"Well it was well worth it, the look is fabulous." She took a sip of her own glass of Champagne as the tray was offered and passed. Tuck put his half empty glass on the tray and took another.

"So who's the lucky guy?"

Tuck's cheeks blushed again, the warm red rush of blood glowing underneath the powder adorning his cheeks. "No, it's not that way at all." Tuck took a sip of his drink, trying to find the right words. "We're just friends going out for dinner.

"Okay, sweetie, just friends," she gave Tuck a smile and a conspiratorial wink. "Well spill it, sweet boy, what's the story?"

Tuck smiled at the older woman; she was fabulous in her own way and just a joy to talk with. "I don't know that it's a big deal. I have a friend that is tired of dating in the traditional manner, and he wanted to try something he's calling man dating." Tuck dropped his volume slightly and leaned closer. "It's nothing sexual, just friends going out and having a good time."

"Oh dear, what is that lovely perfume you're wearing?"

"Oh yeah, I think Debbie may have made a mistake and used a perfume as opposed to a cologne. She said it was close and nobody would be able to tell the difference."

"Well honey, you can and that is something called "Passionate", and it's... oh... about a thousand or so a bottle; and I have to say you seem to have a few dollars' worth splashed on." She saw the sudden worry on Tuck's face. "But on you it works perfectly, I just love it."

She sat back in the soft leather couch, her glass in hand, and was quiet for a few long seconds. Her eyes went to Tuck's hair and earrings. Sensing her gaze, his hand went to brush the hair away from his face again and to position it behind his ear. He took a nervous sip from his glass. She smiled and leaned over to speak to him in private.

"Mary Anne," she said, reading his name tag and using the false identification for the first time, "I think you look perfect, and I think it is perfectly wonderful for a boy to look fabulous." She kissed his cheek.

"Thank you, I'm still getting used to it. I guess I was looking pretty ratty, and this is an improvement."

"So whomever are you improving for?" she asked the same question in a different way.

"Well, my friend Jake. Jake... arranged the day. We're going to dinner later."

"Jake, of course! Small world, he works for my husband; well actually he runs one of my husband's businesses. I love Jake, so he is the lucky guy. And you must be the new Marsha."

Tuck rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Oh please, not you too," he said to himself, "and you seemed so nice."

"I'm sorry, I just meant we each can have one guest who has club privileges, and Jake has you in that role. It's really quite exclusive; you should be flattered that he thinks of you as that good a friend."

"We've been close for many years, he's my best friend."

"Friends are very important." She stopped for a second, looking hard at Tuck. "Tuck I know we just met and all, but I feel like there is a connection that I don't get from very many people. I call it a magnetic attraction and I feel that with you, but it's ok if you don't feel the same way, my feelings won't be hurt."

"But I do," Tuck blurted out quickly. He blushed, "I'm sorry I interrupted."

"No, you didn't," she smiled. So you feel it too?"


"So we can be friends?"

"I'd love that, really, thank you." Tuck said."

Felicia took Tuck's hand in hers and looked in his eyes. "I have to warn you," she smiled, "I can be very demanding sometimes, even intense, and I have a feeling that our friendship could become, well, let's say very intimate."

"Give me a kiss, I have to scoot. Shopping tomorrow morning, meet me here at 10, we'll take my car." And she was gone.

He watched her walk across the lobby, but before she got out of sight she turned back, caught his eye and gave him a smile. He waved and smiled back.

The opulence of the club was jaw dropping, Tuck felt like he had stepped in to another world, and he wondered after tonight how long that step would be and if there was to be a second to follow. He took another sip of the chilled wine and glanced down at his watch. The bulky and scarred time piece looked suddenly quite odd on his wrist, the smooth skin and the graceful hand, at odds with the old Timex piece that he had worn for years. He had meant to get a new band for months, perhaps it was time; he smiled, perhaps something in gold. Even at that, the old watch would never match with the new look.

The outfit that he had found hanging in his locker when he returned from the salon was in a bright pink plastic protective cover with the words "From Kisses with Love" in bold script printed on the outside. Evidently it was the standard packaging for the store but it certainly was not subtle in any way. Having had some previous experience with the body stocking, a sort of combination t shirt and underwear, it was easy to slip into and get everything adjusted. The wisp of lingerie that Lawrence had added seemed smaller than he remembered, and to get it to fit in a comfortable manner, Tuck had to resort to pushing his balls up and pushing his penis back between his legs, in the same manner that Lawrence had done at the shop earlier in the morning. The creams that Debbie had applied were still active, and also aided in keeping his already small penis at its smallest, further insuring the fit, although he was loathe to say anything that she had done during the day was done to make his life easier. The smaller volume was easily tucked up and back and neatly hidden by the brief lingerie, doing its best and succeeding quite well, to hide any evidence of maleness between his legs. He was a bit concerned that the very tight tucking and the reduced size of his penis had grown somewhat comfortable and routine. Even now as he looked down briefly there was absolutely no evidence of any maleness.

The pants were the same as he had on at Kisses, but they had been expertly altered by the fitting he had endured. He had no idea how you could make pants to form fit so deeply into your ass, and tight into the crotch, and yet still be a relaxed fit. The blouse that was selected to go with it was long sleeved and looked like a dress shirt with deeper collars. The tie was a rose color, almost pink, and very wide. The shirt tucked into the pants, and again the tailoring that Lawrence had done was near magical as the shirt fit perfectly into the pants, tight and correct. The shoes that he seen earlier, a kind of sandal with a just a hint of a heel, were the same color as the pants, a soft yellow. The heel did seem a bit more than before, but that could be his imagination.

The only down note and a worry in regards to what he was wearing, was that it was too much or not right. But as he mulled that around in his head the thought evaporated as it was Jake that had selected every aspect and it was now up to Tuck to wear it with pride and without complaint. He was determined not to be the one to back out of the deal, and if this was a joke all along, he was going to be able to say at the end of the day that he had gone along with the full intention and without objection, like a true friend. If it was not a joke, then he would make the best of it and enjoy the time he had with his best and really only friend. But maybe even that was changing, as he looked back over his shoulder to where Felecia had just left him.

The watch also needed a new face, but told accurate time. Jake should be arriving almost any minute.

On the table beside the leather sofa was a collection of reading material. Tuck looked over the collection, wine glass in hand, and pushed the various periodicals around; there was Newsweek, The Economist and several other magazines directed to the 1%, then at the bottom was a Cosmopolitan, and he pulled it from its buried position and on to his lap. He flipped through the pages as he nursed his glass of champagne.

As Jake entered the lobby, he glanced around for Tuck. His gaze fell over Tuck briefly who was fully engrossed in the magazine and did not see Jake enter.

Jake dismissed the lovely girl sitting on the couch and continued his visual search of the room. He glanced down at his own watch a bit peeved that Tuck was not there and waiting, not the most auspicious way to start a date. He stepped farther into the room to see if Tuck had taken residence in one of the side rooms off the main lobby and scanned them briefly, but still did not see Tuck. He made one more step into the room and he was now standing in front of Tuck.

Tuck turned the page and took a sip of his drink and at the same time looked up at the imposing giant that stood in front of him wondering how he could have missed such an intrusion into his space. The man was looking around well over his head and to the left and right, evidently looking for someone among the crowd scattered across the lobby, and then as he turned back and looked down their eyes met.


"Yes..." a pause. Tuck was near speechless as he had no idea of Jake's reaction to the new look. It was a book that was as yet unopened, and he was so afraid to turn the page. He didn't know quite what to say.

"Wow, I would have never recognized you."

"I know, they kind of went overboard... If you're not ok with it we don't have to do this tonight."

"No... that's not it at all. Just give me a chance here; I'm used to seeing you look ratty all the time. It's quite a shock to see a nice looking man, someone that I'm not ashamed to be out with.

Tuck blushed, forgetting for a moment about the drastic changes that had already occurred, the kind words from his friend eclipsing everything. "So it's okay?"

"It's better than OK, you look great. What do you think?"

"I am getting used to it, I guess. Some things seem like they're over the top, though."

"No, they fit you! The more I look at you the more I like it, the more it's you."

"Thank you," was all Tuck could think to say.

"Where's Debbie, I want to thank her."

The mention of the witch came burning back into his memory along with the day's events that she had orchestrated, and he was sure that much of it was done without Jake's involvement or permission. Her agenda, the only thing on her mind, had been revenge on Jake. Tuck was reluctant to play any part in her scheme, but it seemed that his choice in the matter was severely limited. It was up to Jake to reject it, and hopefully in that rejection it would not harm their friendship. The balancing act had begun, she had fired the first salvo of her secret war, and he was the round that had landed in the field. He wasn't sure if the result was a direct hit or not, but the words of acceptance by Jake were most welcomed.

"I don't know. I lost sight of her after we finished in the salon and I went to get dressed."

"Your hair looks better, too."

The understatement that Jake had just uttered made Tuck smile, because it was more than just better, it was totally different. "That look might take a bit of getting used to."

Tuck smiled, "For me, too."

"Yes, hi... Debbie?" Tuck hadn't noticed that Jake had called her on his cell while they were talking. "Great, see you in a second." He put the cell back in his pocket.

"She's coming up."

"Oh, that's nice," Tuck said, wanting to say something far different.

"She told me you got in the wrong mud bath?"

"Yes, my mistake," not wanting to tell him that it was Debbie's plan to make him smooth all over. And then there were the female hormones, but that had to be rumor, really, more of a funny story to entice women to partake; it was all mind over matter, for any kind of physical reaction to the bath was just that, fiction.

"So you are hairless?"

"Yes," Tuck said quietly.

"All over?"

"Yes," he said again.

"Even down there?"

"Yes, even there."

"Wow, that must itch something fierce."

Tuck didn't want to mention that the mud bath was supposed to have a very long lasting effect and it would be months before he had to worry about an itch.

"Bet you'll look great in a bikini," Jake laughed, ribbing Tuck like he always did.

"Not that you're ever going to see that," Tuck came back as strong, smiling that the friendly banter was back.

"Well, does she ever look like a million dollars," Debbie said coming up to Jake and Tuck, keeping the female play going for a bit longer.

Jake smiled and gave Debbie a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek. "You look pretty good yourself, girl," Jake said, giving the brunette a quick, friendly once-over, but without the flavor of any long term attraction or romantic involvement, it was just friends now. He hoped that Debbie had no hard feelings and that their relationship would could be pursued on that basis without any hurt or rancor.

Debbie's reaction was not exactly cold, but Tuck could sense the tension while Jake, with his larger than life persona and great ways, missed the subtlety of her emotional state. Tuck could sense that seeing Jake and feeling his hard body against her rocked her back a bit and set her off slightly from her normal balance. The fuse was lit, and Tuck was hoping that at least for next few minutes he could keep her smoldering anger from reaching the point of ignition.

"You did a great job with Tuck," said Jake, completely oblivious to Debbie's emotional state.

Debbie smiled, holding her ever present tablet in her arms, looking back and forth from Tuck to Jake. "He was a joy to work with, we can't wait to have him back," she said in a semi-automatic voice, cool and nearly detached.

"Well I gave you quit a project, I'm afraid. He was a real mess."

Tuck was a bit put off as they were talking about him as if he was not even there, but he was watching Debbie for more clues as to how the conversation would proceed.

"It was nip and tuck there for a while," she laughed, using his nickname in that manner, and she acknowledged Tuck for a brief second as she glanced in his direction. It was cold and calculating.

"It took me a few seconds to even recognize him, I'm so used to him looking like a slob."

"Hey, not always."

"Well most of the time," and his comment was not directed to Tuck. "I was embarrassed to be seen with him, but now... you've done wonders.

"It was all there, all I did was bring the little princess to the surface," she said as she reached over to adjust Tuck's tie.

"Thank you, you did an amazing job."

"Mary Anne," she said, fingering the mislabeled name tag, "just had a lovely day and had her first massage, too." She turned to Tuck, "It was your first time, was it not?"

Her meaning was very clear to Tuck, but went right by Jake again, who was really oblivious to the underlying conversation going around him. She was daring Tuck to speak or object to his recently assigned feminine name. She reached over and touched his shirt where his name badge would have been affixed; the badge safely stored away, waiting for his next visit.

She continued as she turned back to Jake, "Jason told me he is looking forward to having Mary Anne back on the table, even as early as next week."

"Deep massage?" Jake interrupted, thinking back on the conversation he had with Jason.

"Oh yes, that's right, very deep. He was amazed at how deep Mary Anne could take it."

"I told him the deeper the better, as that's the only way to get a good massage."

"I guess Marsha liked Jason's attentions, too."

Tuck wasn't going to let the conversation go any further and interrupted once again, ignoring her look and not caring what Debbie might say.

"Jake said he didn't recognize me when he first walked in, so you can see how well your transformation worked out, turning such a ratty looking guy into this," as he gestured at his face and hair.

Debbie didn't like being interrupted as she had more to share about Tuck's afternoon with Jason. She glared over at Tuck, "Yes, I can see that. We were worried as to what we were going to do with that rat's nest, but as you can see it all came out in the end." She lifted the blonde curls covering his ears and showed off Tuck's new earrings.

"Oh those are nice, although a bit fem, don't you think?" Jake said as he watched the rings catch the light. They spun in circles, a result of Debbie's touch. "But I guess they work with the whole new image. I'm fine with them."

Debbie was not sure how to take Jakes acquiescence to Tuck's decidedly feminine looks. The earrings and the blonde hair were the crowning touch, and she thought that Jake hadn't even noticed the amount of make-up that Tuck was wearing.

"Thank you again, just a marvelous job. I hope you'll be able to teach him how to keep this," he waved his hand roughly in front of Tuck in a similar manner to all the other magical waves conducted that afternoon. "I'd hate to see him revert to the old Tuck."

"No, you don't worry about a thing. As long as Mary Anne is the new Marsha, he will be kept in this state, and better, for weeks to come." Her voice nearly gave away her overall plan for Jake's seduction. "And I'm sure we can teach Tuck to care of his look in between visits. In fact, I will make that my own special task." She looked at her iPad, and with a stylus she wrote and said, "Help Mary Anne with her make-up and hair."

Jake was not listening as he was looking at this cell for any new messages. "That's great hon," he said to whatever she had said and agreeing in general principle. "Well, we have to go, I have reservations for eight."

"You kids have fun," said Debbie as she turned and left without even waiting to wave or see them off.

"You ready?"

"I guess. So you like how I look?"

"It's a 100% improvement, so yeah... you look fine."

"Okay, then let's go."

"One thing, Tuck... this is a new you, and I never really liked the nickname Tuck, so from now on you're Marion; and not Mary Anne, just Marion. Okay? This is a new start for us."

"Okay, and I feel different too, not really like the old Tuck," Tuck said for the last time, acknowledging again how his life was changing, but most appreciative of his friend dropping the aging joke and calling him by his real name, "so that's my name... Marion."

Tuck looked at his friend as he opened the heavy, large glass doors leading out to the covered walkway and brushed away a tear that had started to form in the corner of his eye. Jake was walking quickly to the car that was parked in front and did not notice.

The car was waiting out front and the club's doormen, almost on cue as if rehearsed, opened each of the doors in unison, offering entrance to the softly purring BMW for both Tuck and Jake. Tuck slipped inside and was immediately struck by the luxury of the vehicle.

It was the BMW that Jake normally drove to work, not the weekend truck in which Tuck had spent many an hour. The differences between the two modes of transport were apparent, of course, but the most amazing was the quality of the sound, or more accurately the lack of it. As the doors closed, with authority, and the engine already on, Tuck could hear himself think.

"This is nice!"

"First time?"

'So many firsts,' Tuck thought before answering the question. "Yes, in your BMW. Most of the time it has been my car or your truck."

"I don't date in my truck."

Tuck thought before saying anything, yes this was date. "It's very nice."

"You know Marion," Jake said as if trying out the new name, kind of like a practice run. He felt comfortable with it, so he repeated, "Marion, you really do look nice tonight. It is so different from your past close calls with a hair brush or a washing machine."

"Yeah, I guess I clean up ok," Tuck said in self-deprecating manner.

"Well, whatever you want to call it, the effort will be maintained as long as we are dating."

Tuck looked over at Jake to see if he was smiling, like the joke was nearing an end, but all he saw was a serious and resolute face that looked at the road in front him.

"I think that statement is clear enough," he said as he turned and looked directly at Tuck, "so there is no room for any misunderstanding."

"Yes," Tuck agreed, sensing the seriousness of Jake's demeanor. "I will do my best, of course."

"I know this thing about how you look and taking care of yourself is new, so I have asked Debbie to help. If you need anything, she said to call. And you will be visiting the club on a routine basis and the salon will take good care of you. Even Jason said he's looking forward to your next visit. You made a nice impression today, I am proud of you. And then there is the fitness arena. "

"I didn't see that."

"Not this visit, but you will. There's no sense in not taking full advantage of the club's services, and my personal trainer has said he would be glad to work with you."

"That should be fun."

"Alex is not fun, but he is worth every penny. He will work muscles you didn't know you had."

"Oh, ok... not fun."

"It will be good for you get rid of that flab and build some tone, too."

Tuck looked down at himself seemly poured into the pants and wondered what flab he could be thinking of.

"But you did well, I got only good reports."

Tuck smiled, not exactly sure what he might think about the actual events of the day and how Debbie had orchestrated them. Better that he not know all the secrets of the day.

"I heard from Felicia Getty," Jake said as he was getting on to the freeway. The BMW powered up from the approach speed to 70 miles per hours in just few seconds, and Jake expertly slid over three lanes of traffic into the HOV lane without missing a beat. The same maneuver would have taken Tuck one lane at time and he would still be looking for a hole in traffic.

"She was quite taken with you."

"She is very nice."

"She told you I work for her husband, yes?"

"Uh huh, she said you ran one her husband's businesses. I really had no idea Jake. I knew you were a manager, but running the whole place?"

"Well, we never really talked about business, Marion. I might now, but not with Tuck."

Tuck thought about that last bit and realized how much he had changed from this morning. Was Tuck so different from Marion?

"Well congratulations anyway, that's great."

"Thank you, but the funny part of this whole conversation is that she's really the boss. It's her family money that owns the slew of companies that make FGG, Inc., the Felicia Getty Group. This could be a real chance for you in a big way. I can see things changing for you, Marion."

"More than this?" he said looking up at Jake and smiling.

"Yes," Jake said.

"I guess we'll see."

They drove along in silence, both inside their own individual worlds. Jake moved the BMW in and out of traffic, his hand gripping the wheel in a lazy but well-practiced arc, evidently picking apart some project detail as he drove. He smiled as he turned back left, bringing the vehicle to the high speed lane again at the same time the solution had made itself apparent, and he filed It away for further review when he returned to work.

"I do like the new you, Marion," Jake said, turning his attention back inside the vehicle. "It really takes a strong sense of self," he said, laying his big paw on Tuck's leg in a reassuring manner, "to let others help you find a hidden value and your real sense of worth. The old look is gone, I hope forever. It is forever, isn't it Marion?"

Tuck felt the hand on his leg, and it was anything but assuring. It felt heavy and warm, and sent an odd mix of feelings through him. He could feel the strong male fingers as they nearly wrapped around his leg, he could feel their strength, but most of all was the strange sense of comfort.

Tuck was a bit lost for words. The only thing that sprang to mind was thank you, and then he remembered the question at the end about staying this way. This way? How different he felt than he did this morning. Could he stay this way? Could he stay this way for Jake? And what next, what more, is the question he had to ask, as this was just the opening salvo for Debbie. How did he defuse this? And then as he looked down at the strong tanned hand that held his leg, he had to ask did he want to?

"I want to be my best, not just for you, but for me, too. I think Debbie did go overboard a bit, but the new look, toned down with some work, could be good for the long run."

Jake turned to Tuck with a smile, his hand still on Tuck's thigh, and said, "No, honey, don't change a thing, it's nearly perfect."

Tuck was stunned, but the affectation was uttered in a way that did not offend. He blushed and turned, not wanting Jake to see any emotion in his face, and looked out the window until he felt normal again. Jake's hand left his leg and returned to the wheel.

"We're here."

Tuck hadn't even noticed where they were going for the past ten minutes, letting the quiet hum of the BMW and the music lull him to a very relaxed state.

As the car came to a stop at the curb his door was pulled open, evidently Jake had released the lock on the door, and he unbuckled his seat belt and took hold of the hand that was offering him assistance out of the car. It was gratefully accepted as the curb offered a bit of challenge, the different height being an immediate challenge in walking, and the difficulties caused by the extra heel on his shoes didn't help either.

"Welcome to the Gray Ghost, we hope your meal will be everything you might have dreamed." It was a mantra delivered in a slight accent, possibly Hungarian or Czechoslovakian, but most definitely east European. For Tuck it was dark and delicious, as if the Count himself was wishing him well for the evening. He smiled as a brief vision of candles lighting the way up a dark staircase flashed through his mind. Tuck caught the eye of the young man assisting in his exit from the car. The attendant flashed a bright smile in Tuck's direction as he took the slender hand and grasped it in such a delicate, yet strong manner as Tuck stepped from the BMW.

He had heard of the Gray Ghost but had never been there. Mainly what he had heard was that it was almost impossible to get into, and after you did, the prices for most people, and certainly for him, was budget breaking. But tonight he didn't have to worry about that as he was Jake's date. Yes, Jake's date. He was beginning to get comfortable with the idea of man dating, and after all, it certainly had its perks. He looked down at his new duds, certainly not what he would have selected, but they were definitely quality and selected with unquestionable taste, just not his.

Jake had come around the BMW after having handed the keys over to the valet. He came up beside Tuck and put his arm on his hip, leaned closer to his ear and asked, "Ready to go in?"

"Yes, I think so."

Jake stepped in front of Tuck and opened the door. It was the beginning of his control of the evening, the opening salvo so to speak. It was done deliberately and openly, so that Tuck had no question as to how the evening was to progress.

He looked up at Jake and said simply 'thank you' and stepped on into the restaurant.

Jake followed a few seconds behind.

"Good evening, welcome to the Gray Ghost. You have reservations, and the name?" he was asking Tuck as he stood there.

Tuck just smiled and said, "Good evening to you as well." He turned back to look for Jake who was speaking to another person that was just leaving the restaurant.

"Name, please?"

Tuck thought he could say the name, but this was Jake's thing, he would let him take care of this. Tuck smiled and just took a step back from the Maître d's desk, looking down at this watch. It still looked out of place on his wrist, even more so if that was possible. His man purse was slung over one shoulder; he reached in and pulled out his cellphone, not for any other purpose than to have something to do. He noticed that the cover picture had changed again, and he was looking at a picture of himself looking at his new earrings as they were first being put on. He wondered, looking at the picture, was he masquerading as a woman now, or just as an attractive man. The picture could have been either.

Jake came up to the desk and clapped the Maître d on the shoulder. "Louie, you are looking very fit tonight."

"Ah Jake, I did not see you come in. Your table is ready. Is this lovely creature your dinner partner this evening?"

"Louie, this is my longtime friend, Marion. And this is a special night, our first real date."

Tuck was a bit put back, as Jake offered no other explanation, and nothing about Man dating, two male friends, just guys. But maybe this fellow was not important enough to get the whole story, and was he expected to explain the concept to everyone they met? He thought again about it and decided that Jake knew best and he was not going to worry.

"Oh how wonderful for you. Mary Anne, we are so pleased to have you join us. Let me show you to your table."

Jake laughed aloud. He had tried to use Tuck's name correctly, but yet again it had been turned to the feminine form. He wondered if people were seeing a different Tuck than he saw. Jake watched Marion walk into the dining room, and then watched as people's gaze shifted from their own dinner companion to Marion. The smiles came from both men and women, and he saw Marion catch more than one eye and smile back. Jake smiled too, as he was so pleased with the transformation from the oafish clod that was Tuck to the sophisticated attractive man that he knew Marion really was.

"May I," as Louie pulled Tuck's chair out for him. Tuck took his seat and it was then scooted forward slightly until he was a comfortable distance from the table. Tuck looked at the table top and was dazzled by the settings, it was more silverware and plates and glasses than he had ever encountered in any restaurant.

"Not a bad place, what do you think?" Jake asked as he too settled down in his chair.

"It's just amazingly beautiful... the décor, the table, I just hope the food is as good."

"Oh you don't have to worry about that."

"Good evening and welcome to the Gray Ghost." A young man had come up to the table, a white linen napkin over one arm. He was quite handsome, and Tuck wondered if they had modeling contests for the jobs there. The thought brought a smile to his lips, as the new him could probably get a job there if he wanted. "May I get something for you two to drink?"

Tuck thought they might have his beer and he started to say something, but a quick look from Jake brought that action to a quick end.

"I will have a bourbon, Dan West, 20 year old, and a bottle of White Tornado, Silver Oak 2001."

"I do believe that we still have that in stock." He turned to the side and whispered into a lapel microphone, and almost immediately turned back to the table. "Yes sir, it is. You have excellent taste, it is an amazing vintage. If there is nothing else?"

Jake just said thank you, and the waiter turned and left.

"I know you will find this wine truly an experience."

Tuck could sense that the control aspect that was Jake's fetish could put most women off completely. But he was not most, and not a woman, and after all this was a big joke and he was going to go along for the ride. "I truly cannot wait."

"Jake, Jake, Jake," said a portly fellow who had rolled up to the table. "It's been so long since we have seen you, we have missed you. And this must be the very special Mary Ann. Debbie called and said you would be joining us this evening. She said that I was to take extra special care of this special... girl."

Jake laughed, "Lazlo, good to see you, too. That Debbie, she has a way, but yes, Marion," and he pronounced it correctly, "is a special friend of mine and we are enjoying a special night. Marion, this is Lazlo, he owns the Gray Ghost."

"Ah, my good friend, the bank owns most of it; they merely let me play here."

They both laughed.

"We are so happy to see you both. But we have not had the pleasure of visits from special people like Mary Ann here, but I can see that we are missing an opportunity not to invite them more openly." The little bald man was smiling warming, but eyeing Tuck in a very specific manner, one in which gave Tuck some cause for concern. Meat on a stick was what came to mind. But special people?

"Well yes, Marion is special, and spent the better part of the day with Debbie in a..." he paused, not sure what to call it, and decided ... "a betterment program." Jake was oblivious to the kind of special person to which Lazlo had alluded.

"Well, all I can say is that Mary Ann looks fabulous, and Jake, you are lucky man to have this lovely creature at your table. We normally don't have couples like you, but it is something I can see changing in the future."

Jake looked at him with a slight questioning look, but dismissed any thought of insult as he saw the big smile, and then remembered that Debbie had mentioned the whole concept of man dating to him. It then became clear as to what he meant. "Yes, I think it could be a social wave for the future, too."

"Indeed. Debbie said that Mary Anne would probably like a tour of the kitchen and then perhaps later actually help in the preparation of the desert."

"Oh that would be wonderful. I'm sure Marian would enjoy the special attention."

"Of that I am certain."

Tuck was not at all sure of anything at the moment, and felt like he might be thrown to the sharks before Lazlo left the table if it was even remotely attached to Debbie. He began to worry.

"Marion, the wine will chill while you're gone, and I have a quick call I need to make," said Jake.

Lazlo came over to Tuck's chair to help him out of it, and then offered his hand as an additional assist in terms of standing and did not let go.

"We will be back in a few minutes, I am sure Mary Anne will enjoy the tour I have planned for her."

Jake was not listening and waved his hand absently, already dismissing the two from mind, his concentration firmly on the call that was just beginning.

Tuck did not like the use of the "her" pronoun and was actually preparing the words he was going to use to explain the misconception, but noticed that Lazlo was holding tight to his hand as he guided him, essentially pulling him across the full dining area and through the swinging doors into the kitchen.

Tuck could immediately sense the difference in the situation, not only in the noise level, but now his hand was being gripped even tighter, and the urgency in which Lazlo was pulling him frightened him They were heading in a direction that looked like it ended in the back of the kitchen.

There was a table with a large glass bowl sitting on it. The bowl was empty.

"So Debbie called me..."

The words were uttered and then stood silent, as if hovering in the air above Tuck's head.

"She told me all about your little deception and how you snuck into the ladies locker room. If it were up to me, I would have called the police right then. She said she thought about it, but she said she had a better idea, and I can see part of it now."

Tuck thought about saying something in his own defense but thought better of it, as Lazlo seemed to be in no mood for his side of the conversation.

"Well, she suggested a little extra punishment for you tonight."

Tuck was getting nervous, what had the witch suggested now?

"You see that bowl?" asked Lazlo bobbing his head towards it.

Tuck nodded, acknowledging the vessel on the wooden table.

"That bowl is going to be filled during the night with cum. That's right little girl, all evening my waiters are going to masturbate into this bowl and fill it as much as possible, and for dessert, your cream filled pastry is going to be the results of that effort. Slick, slimy, cold, sperm filled pastry, and then covered with more. I have 20 staff members and they are young, most can come two or three times in a few hours. We are going for a record."

Tuck could only look at the bowl empty for now. "But... really, this is all a mistake."

"Yes, and one you made today. Bon appetit."


"Your tour is over. Let's get you back to your table. One word of this to Jake and Debbie said she will bring hell down on you."

Tuck knew the truth in that. Witches had a special attraction to Hell, perhaps it is where they vacationed.

Lazlo grabbed Tuck again by the hand and led him out of the kitchen. The staff had a different look for him on his way out as opposed to the way in, as if each new their contribution to Tuck's desert would be enjoyed quite soon.

Jake was just finishing his phone call and laying his iPhone down on the table. He stood as Tuck was helped back into his seat. Tuck smiled at the gesture, and noted it to himself that it was probably more automatic than it was directed to his more feminine look.

"So how was the tour?"

"Interesting," was all Tuck could think of as he took his seat and felt Lazlo pushing his chair in expertly, so that he was back in position at the table.

"Quite an impressive operation back there," Jake observed.

"We do our best," Lazlo answered.

"Lazlo tells me that he has a special dessert planned for you."

"I have to tell you it was Marsha's favorite as well," Lazlo interjected.

The more Tuck heard about Marsha the more he could see how much a slut she was.

"Enjoy your meal. I will want to borrow Mary Anne again as we prepare the dessert. She asked to see how we make the cream filling."

"That will be just fine. I have another call I need to make and the timing is about perfect."

Just then the wine steward rolled his cart up and brought out the now chilled bottle of white wine. He opened a small stand and placed the ice bucket and the bottle of wine next to the table within arm's reach for Jake.

"The Silver Oak, and excellent choice sir, our compliments, your wine knowledge is admirable." He said the last using his Cedon uncorking tool, removing the cork and handing it to Jake.

Jake lifted the cork to his nose and breathed in the aroma of the wine. He smiled and handed the cork back. The steward took Jake's glass and poured the correct sample size into his glass, holding it between two fingers on the delicate stem. Jake took the glass and cradled it between his thick fingers like a delicate bird, swirled it and then took a sip.

"Most satisfactory."

"Thank you, sir."

He reached over to take Tuck's glass and poured the wine with his other hand behind his back, all the while looking at Tuck, not the glass, and stopping at the perfect mark. He then used the towel to wipe the edge of the bottle.

"Sir, may pour you a glass as well?" Seeing that Jake was drinking straight whiskey, he was sure it was one of the more exclusive brands, the color deep and clear.

"No thank you," Jake said, lifting his glass slightly.

"Of course," the wine steward uttered quietly, and backed off a step. "Please let me know if there is anything more I can do to be of service."

He exited back into the dark of the restaurant, leaving Tuck and Jake alone.

"Marion, I have to say this improvement is so outstanding. So tell me about your day at the spa."

Tuck wondered how much Jake already knew and how much he should share.

"Well you already know about the name mix up, that led me to into the wrong shower room."

"Yes, I spoke to Dot. She is in love with you by the way, they both are." He took a sip of his drink. "And then you got into the wrong mud bath."

There was so much more to the meeting with the two ladies in the changing area, and evidently Dot held back more of the salacious events of their encounter. 'Love, huh,' he thought to himself. 'She'd be fun on a date. Hell, she'd be fun anywhere.'

"Yes, the wrong mud bath."

"So it removed your hair, all your body hair."

"Yep, and very well I might add." Tuck took a sip of the wine and continued. "What next, mmm..." he held the wine, looking at the color and how the subdued light of the restaurant made it glow. He paused to consider his next part of the story.

Jake interrupted his thoughts. "So nowhere on your body, even down there? It's all gone?"

"Smooth as a baby, yes."

"Is it itchy?"

"No, I'm fine." He wanted to tell him that the special bath not only removed it but had a more lasting effect. He wasn't sure it was ever going to grow back, and as long as Debbie was in the picture, he knew that the bush around his penis was only going to be in his imagination. He was not going to mention the threat of female hormones mixed in, besides, it was only a rumor. "They did offer some creams to make any itching easier to handle."

"Creams?" Jake asked.

"Yes, it helps the irritation of that kind of sudden hair removal."

"Oh... that's good."

"Softer too," Tuck offered.

"Huh?" Jake missed that connection.

"It makes the skin softer, too. More moisture or something, but it feels nice," Tuck explained in more detail.

"Let me see." Jake reached over and took hold of Tuck's hand, his big paw engulfing the slender appendage, graced with nails and color. Tuck looked at the difference and it was as if he had stepped out of his body and was seeing a man holding the hand of a lovely lady. There was no maleness to his hand any more, not in comparison. Jake pushed up on the sleeve of the blouse that Tuck wore to expose more of his arm and ran his rough, calloused hand up and down Tuck's arm to test the smoothness and softness for himself.

Tuck lost his breath. His eyes closed involuntarily as his cheek flushed and he felt a stirring between his thighs. His little cock, so carefully pushed between his legs, trapped by the tight and unforgiving material, pulsed and strained to thicken.

"Yes that is nice, so very soft." Jake continued to hold Tuck's hand for a few more seconds and then let go.

Tuck attempted to resume his overview of the day and begin breathing once more. He took another sip of the wine to clear his mind, but it didn't help. There was some wetness developing that he hoped would not seep through.

"Lovely," Tuck said, not knowing why he would use such a word, "the wine tastes good."

"Yes, it should at 150 dollars a bottle." Jake looked a little peeved but the look passed. "What happened after the mud bath?"

It was whirlwind of a day. Tuck wanted to say what came next, but the feeling of Jake's hand still stroking his arm lingering there in front of him clouded any other subject.

"I guess I was a bit upset at finding out I was in the wrong bath."

Jake stopped him with a glare. "You didn't say anything to anybody about it being their fault, did you?"

"No... I just laughed it off, things happen."

"Good." The glare was still there, but disappearing slowly. "I would not be happy if you had been anything other than apologetic. After all, it was your fault."

"No, I was very nice about it." Tuck paused, thinking he needed to add something, but was not sure what assurance he could share after the fact.

"But you did get good reports back, didn't you?" Tuck asked quietly, feeling the first hints of submission just admitting to the fact of being monitored like an errant child.

"I did at that. Everybody told me you were a lovely guest and most said that they would want to see you again without being prodded. So I am very happy with your behavior."

Tuck didn't know how to respond. "Thank you."

"So you had a massage after that?"

"Oh yes."

"He is a wonder, no?"

"Oh yes, truly talented."


"Oh yes, I feel like a new man."

Jake laughed a little and raised his glass. "God yes, here's to the new man."

Tuck raised his glass as well. "To Marion."

"Yes, to Marion. Goodbye and farewell to Tuck." Jake clinked his glass with Tuck's and chugged his scotch.

Tuck was quiet for a second. "Jake, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, honey. Anything."

Tuck took the jibe with grace as he wanted to get something else off his chest.

"Was there really anything wrong with Tuck?"

Jake looked down at his drink and then up at Marion. "It just got old."


"I got tired of seeing someone that I genuinely liked be so... beneath himself."

"I don't understand," Tuck said quietly.

"It's just that Tuck was one sided. I could see how desperate he was for my friendship. He was getting old without growing. I was ready to lose him, drop him out of my life. It was his losing attitude, not pulling it in for himself, just his acceptance of his lesser self, when I know that there was this better person underneath. This is what I was friends with, but it was hidden, lost, gone. So yes, it would have ended quite soon. But this... all this brings me the friend I was looking for, and as I explained, opens the door to a social dynamic that is important to me."

"But the control?" Tuck asked.

Jake stopped. He didn't like that word, and Tuck could see it on his face. Jake stopped talking and looked down at his drink. Tuck could see a look cross his face, as if he was deciding whether this is what he wanted or not.

Tuck took a sip of his wine and gently touched Jake's arm.

"I never said thank you."


"I said I didn't get a chance to say thank you for the clothes. They are really something that I did not expect."

"You like them?"

"How could I not, Lawrence is a clothing genius. They fit like a glove. I have never worn anything like this before."

"They do look good on you. Stand up."

This was a moment of decision for Tuck. Flashing through his mind was the word 'control'. Did he stand as if ordered, or did he stand proud to show off his clothes and how tight and revealing they were, showing off to his date. He felt that Jake was on a precipice, too, and he had already told him if this did not happen, and by association if it did not work out, they were done. That few seconds lasted an eternity.

As if in a dream, Tuck stood from his chair and took a step closer to Jake so he could take it all in, inviting him to touch if he felt the need.

"Very nice indeed. Turn around."

Tuck did not hesitate and turned around, his bottom facing Jake as he still sat.

Tuck went back and forth and finally did a full 360 turn for Jake.

"I think you like them," Jake said smiling, his drink in hand. "I bet they feel different without any hair, too."

Tuck was not sure if Jake was rubbing in the supposed error on his part, or making a genuine observation, as the clothes did indeed feel different sans body hair.

"Especially down here," said Tuck as he let his hand, now gracefully adorned with nails and soft color, pass over the flat front of his rear zippered pants. He was reassured as he didn't feel any moisture there.

"I can only imagine," Jake laughed, knowing his thick matt of body hair would go with him to the grave. "No bulge, either."

Tuck wanted to share the continuing saga of his torture and modification by the witch Debbie, but refrained." Oh, I guess I'm tucking it back out of the way, and now it just feels better, especially with the tighter fitting clothes."

"I can see that."

Tuck could plainly see that Jake really wanted to feel for himself, but either the intimate inspection or the lack of privacy in the middle of the restaurant kept him from reaching out. Tuck let his own hand do the work, and very firmly pushed his hand between his legs, feeling the empty crotch, and then up and down the smooth flat front of his pants. He did it thoroughly and teasingly slow. Tuck watched Jake's eyes as they traced the movement of his hand over the flat front.

"See, no bulge at all."

Tuck thought that was enough show and retook his seat. "So thank you again for your gift, it was very unexpected, but so very appreciated."

"There's more to come," Jake said simply as he smiled back and took a very healthy sip of his drink.

The crisis was averted, but the odd relationship was now much more real and less of a joke. Tuck wondered how far this would go and in what direction. The list was still in his purse. The list that Debbie had given him, the ultimatum; impossible, but demanding a solution.

The wine had slowly disappeared and only a small amount lay at the bottom of the glass. Jake recovered the bottle, glistening with dew and wrapped in a towel. He poured Tuck a second glass.

"I hear the food here is quite wonderful," Marion said, breaking the silence again. He had considered using the word good, as Tuck would have, but felt the more descriptive word suited his new image.

"Yes, I've always been impressed with Chef Gordon's pallet. He's a master in the kitchen."

Tuck thought for a second about his response, and then realized that the conversation and the comment of being impressed were reserved for Marion, not Tuck. "A talented chef can take the most mundane ingredients and bring them to life... imagination is a talent. This is a rare event, thank you for sharing it with me." Tuck was pleased with his response, a truly Marion comment, far from anything Tuck would have uttered.

"My pleasure," Jake said simply, but with a smile.

"Will we see menus?"

"No, I have already ordered."

Tuck could see the control factor surfacing again, his response was key once more. "I trust your taste. I know anything you select will be fabulous." He questioned the word fabulous, but it passed by as if he used it every day.

"I'm pleased that you think so."

Tuck smiled and brushed an errant curl of blonde hair back behind his ears, aware of this very feminine gesture, revealing the gold dangling earrings that he now wore. He took another sip of his wine, and the second glass tasted even better than the first.

When the food was served it was incredible. The first course was lobster bisque served in a very flat bowl, just enough soup to tease and not enough to tire. A five leaf Caesar salad came next, called that as they only use five leaves out of every head, and it was heavenly. The main course was baked grouper with a wine reduction and a Maryland crab polenta on the side. And throughout the meal Marion maintained a level of conversation of which Tuck had only dreamed; it was intelligent, engaging and a sharing with his friend that he had thought was absent forever. But lingering behind everything was the desert, or rather the threat of desert.

"So you'll be shopping with Ms. Getty in the morning?"

"Yes. She said to meet her at the club at 10:00 AM."

"Don't be late."

"I won't."

"She is quite taken with you."

"She is quite something herself; just elegant, a real joy to talk to. I'm flattered that she is interested in pursuing a friendship."

"Just remember she is my de facto boss, so show absolute deference to her requests. Show her nothing but respect. I expect your behavior to improve over today's issues. Have I made myself very clear?"

"Yes, very much so." Tuck reached out his hand and touched Jake's hand lightly. Jake did not pull away. Tuck looked Jake in the eyes, "Please Jake, I know how important this is to you, I won't disappoint you."

Jake moved his hand slightly and took Tuck's in his, "Marion, I know you won't."

This seemed the first note of confidence that Tuck had heard, and he smiled. Their hands did not move for a few long seconds.

"It looks like it's time for desert," Jake said, waving his big hand in the direction of the kitchen as Lazlo was coming directly to the table.

"I do hope you have enjoyed the meal we prepared for you?"

"Absolutely, first class, the chef has the touch. It was a rare treat, and quite memorable."

"And Mary Ann, I hope you were delighted as well?"

"It was incredible," Tuck said, thinking for a moment that he might have a way out of the planned end of meal surprise, "and I just don't know where I would put another bite. You have fully sated any need for more this evening."

Lazlo of course knew what Tuck was trying to avoid, but he was having none of it. "Oh my no, my staff has been hard at work all evening preparing the pièce de résistance of delights for you. You will not disappoint them, would you? Besides, you are invited to the kitchen to put the finishing touches on my masterpiece." His smile was most threatening, but Jake was already on the phone and didn't notice.

"Of course Marion will be delighted to take part. I have to take this conference call; you go with Lazlo and see if you can help."

Lazlo stood behind Tuck's chair and assisted him out of his seat, again taking Tuck by the hand and leading him across the crowded dining area through the swinging doors into the din of the kitchen. In no time at all they were back in front of the table with the glass bowl. It was decidedly no longer empty, and it was sitting in a second bowl of ice.

"You can see that my staff has been hard at work creating your culinary creation. The cream sauce is almost ready. Now we just need to fill the pastry."

Tuck looked at the congealed sperm lake filling the bottom of the bowl. The ice bath made the cum thick and viscous. Fill the pastry... how, he wondered.

"This is a pastry syringe," said Lazlo, handing Tuck a stainless steel syringe looking device, "pull the plunger out and it will suck up the sweet cream. Then you push the needle into where it needs to go and you push the plunger back in, forcing the cream back out," he said while demonstrating the device's simple physics.

It looked simple enough as he looked at the device that was now in his hands.

"Go ahead, suck up your lovely desert cream."

Tuck took the syringe and tentatively held it over the bowl. Without much choice, he let the needle dip into the pool of cum.

"Good, now pull the plunger out slowly."

Tuck following directions and pulled the plunger, watching the barrel fill with the slime until the plunger had reached it maximum limit. He looked at the bowl, the level had hardy moved at all.

"Now push the needle into the pastry."

The pastry was sitting on a bright pink plate. It looked completely out of place amid the fine bone white china the restaurant used. The syringe needle pierced the skin of the fluffy pastry.

"Now slowly push the cum into your desert."

Tuck slowly depressed the plunger and watched the congealed cum slowly empty from the barrel and into the void behind the flaky crust.

"Good, now keep filling it just like that until all the gifted sperm is well seated in your desert."

Tuck looked up at Lazlo as if he was going to challenge him, but both knew that play was not in the cards.

Tuck went back to the bowl and then filled the syringe five more times until the bowl was empty and he could no longer pull any of the thick cream up using the syringe.

"Almost finished, my little deviant!"

Tuck cringed as he thought Lazlo, who was probably a nice man, was doing this solely based on Debbie's false accounts of the day. Maybe he normally wasn't such a bad guy.

"Now this is the best part, at least for me. Peter, get over here."

A young, shaggy haired man hurried to his side.

"Hold this." He handed the pink plate with the now filled pastry to Peter, who held it carefully in two hands.

Lazlo undid his pants and dropped them to his ankles, and then dropped his boxers down as well. His cock was flaccid and hung down below his belly. The fat formed a soft layer that threatened to hide his manhood completely.

"Get busy."

Tuck was aghast.

"Here?" his voice barely a squeak.

"Now! I know all your secrets, Debbie was quite detailed."


He felt a hand on his shoulder and was being pushed to his knees in front of the fat man.

Lazlo grabbed his cock and began playing with it while his other hand pulled Tuck closer, whose face was now against his hardening penis. "Suck it... open those pretty lips and suck it."

Tuck started to object again, but felt his hair being held roughly and his face forced into Lazlo's crotch. "Open your fucking mouth, bitch, or else my next call is to Debbie," he added, the threat real.

Tuck opened his mouth; Lazlo stuffed his cock in, still limp, and held the boy tight to him. His cock was getting harder by the second, and he pressed forward till it filled Tuck's mouth. The hardness filling Tuck grew not only in length, but it was getting thicker as well.

"Good, it's now in. Do you feel it filling your pretty mouth? Peter, hold the plate right here, you are to catch any drips or blobs right on top of the desert, understand?"

"Yes sir," Peter replied. "This is so hot. Guys, you have to see this," he yelled back, evidently calling a crowd.

"Take it out of your mouth now and spit on it." He pulled his cock from Tuck's mouth.


"Spit on my cock, now."


"Like this..." and Lazlo let a load of his own spit drop between them and land on his dick, some of it dripping off and onto the desert.

"Spit now!" He was holding Tuck's hair in his hand and pulled it roughly.

Tuck's mouth was dry, but he managed to spit out a little bit to mix with Lazlo's contribution.

"Okay, when I come you are to spit it out and not swallow any of it... understand?"

Tuck nodded.

"Now suck."

This time Tuck simply opened his mouth and allowed Lazlo to stuff his spit soaked cock between his lips. The added lubricant allowed the hard cock to slip in and out more easily. Tuck hoped the session would be over soon, but was trying to block out having to bite into the cum soaked desert later on.

The cock filled his mouth and every thrust seemed to go deeper. He was silently wondering how long Lazlo's cock was, but he was in no position to measure. But if he pushed his cock in any deeper, he was going start to gag. He had no idea that was precisely the plan.

The blonde locks of Tuck's hair were an easy purchase, and Lazlo took full advantage, holding Tuck firmly in place as he assaulted the boy kneeling on the kitchen floor.

"Go Mr. H.," a chant started, the background din of the kitchen hiding the encouraging voices from the patrons in the restaurant.

The cock flew in and out, deeper each time, hitting the back of Tuck's throat.

"Ukkkk..." the cock pulled back and held for a second while Tuck caught his breath, then the slick cock slammed back home and then urgently in and out.

"UKK hHHH..." Tuck gagged, bringing up heavy phlegm. Lazlo's fat tool rested once again... the extra mouth lube dripped off his chin onto the plate held ready under his chin.

"Give it to her, sir."

Tuck was pulled in harder as the hard cock continued its assault. The thick gag-spit coated the cock, as it continued to pour from Tuck's abused lips.

"CUM, CUM," they chanted, and the cock erupted. Lazlo was easing back and filling Tuck's mouth with cum. Tuck's cheeks bulged, his mouth full of his own thick phlegm, and now the jets of hot spunk added to the mix.

"Don't swallow," Tuck was instructed again, as if he wanted to swallow this load filling his mouth.

"Spit it out now."

"Gladly," Tuck thought, but it was all caught on the plate and further covered the desert, now swimming in a pool of creamy white sauce, a sauce of his own making.

One of the waiters offered Tuck a white napkin to wipe his face and one to Mr. H. to clean the last of the sperm from his rapidly deflating cock.

"Just one more thing, a candle... to commemorate your first date." Lazlo pulled a bright pink candle out of a box. It was much larger than any birthday candle Tuck had ever seen, and it was pushed into the pastry, some of the cum filling oozing through the hole. He took a lighter and lit the candle. "Your desert is now complete." Tuck finally realized that the candle was in the shape of a penis.

Tuck looked down at the pastry, saturated with spit and cum on top, and the white cream pooling around the rest of the plate. Inside, of course, it was still filled with the chilled cum.

Lazlo handed the plate to Tuck as he was getting off the floor from his knees.

"Shall we return you to your table?"

Tuck held the dish in two hands like it was radioactive, but followed Lazlo through the kitchen where his staff quietly applauded his mastery of the desert, each knowing that they too had played a small part in the delectable delight that was soon to be enjoyed.

Lazlo held the door open so that Tuck could exit first. The cake, now with its singular candle, pulled many eyes to the little procession following Tuck back to the table.

Oh my God I cannot believe this happening. I just watched the entire kitchen staff supervise me filling this tort with a bowl full of their cum. Injecting it si it is bursting with their sex creams. While I have been sitting here chatting with Jake they had been masturbating into the bowl, and filling it with therw hot stick cream. They even made me lick the bowl after I was done. How embarrassing but I did not miss a drop, Jake would be proud of my effort to please. I can still taste it on my lips, sticky too. I just hoe he can't tell. Now I have to sit here in front of Jake and cut each bite out that will be saturated with their creams, not one but nine different creams, and each forkful just dripping with cake and cum. Smile as Jake is watching I have to show him that I appreciate the extra effort. I will need a spoon so I don't miss any. Jake would notice if I did not finish. I don't want Jake to be displeased.

"Great timing, I just finished," Jake said, laying his phone back down on the table.

"Mary Anne is a delight, and she was instrumental in creating this masterpiece."

"What's with the candle?" Jake asked.

"As you mentioned that this is your first date, the single candle celebrates this auspicious occasion. I felt it appropriate for two men such as yourselves, to show the new bond you share."

Jake laughed. "I guess it does at that. Well Marion, this is all yours. I couldn't eat a thing."

Tuck set the desert in the center of the table, hoping that it could more easily be dismissed. Lazlo pulled Tuck's chair out for him and repositioned it once again at the table. He took the folded napkin that was to the side of the plate and placed it in Tuck's lap, and at the same time took the desert plate and put it directly in front of Tuck, even providing a clean fork. Several of the other staff members had also joined them at the side of the table, waiting for Tuck to bite into the special treat.

Lazlo stepped to the side, waving his hand in a large flourish toward the unique and now fully prepared desert. "Bon Appétit."

"Well go on," urged Jake, "they're not going to leave until you've tasted their creation."

Tuck picked up the fork and looked again at what he had helped create.

"I'm really not that hungry."

"Nonsense," Jake said in a low voice, "you're not going to embarrass me in front of Lazlo, after the special treat he has prepared just for you. I won't have it, especially after you have done so well all night."

"But..." Tuck tried to stay something in defense and explanation.

"You are going to eat every bite off the plate and then lick the plate clean," the last was almost a growl.

Tuck looked at the plate not knowing where to begin, although he knew it didn't matter where he began, as it would all end up in the same place.

Lazlo watched expectantly as Tuck picked up his fork and cut into the crust, breaking it open and cutting the first bite. The chilled cum clung to the crust like a thick paste. Tuck gently moved his fork under the separated piece and arranged it so it sat squarely on his fork, really doing nothing more than avoiding the inevitable.

"Marion, I'm not going to tell you again, this was made especially for you," Jake whispered, trying to avoid the curious look he knew must be coming from the staff, patiently waiting for the expected compliment to the chef. Jake was getting madder by the second. "I will not tolerate this level of rudeness."

Tuck realized that they had won, he had no other recourse. Putting the fork down would risk Jake's wrath and potentially end his friendship with him. His only choice was to begin to eat the cum drenched plate of food if he didn't want that to happen.

The waiting fork found its way to his mouth.

The combination of the pastry and the gelled cum was, to say the least, odd. There was the growing familiar acidic taste of the sperm, but it was a little sweet, too.

Tuck, his job of consuming the cum-soaked pastry far from over, wanted to dismiss the small throng from around the table. "Oh my, I have never tasted anything like this. It's like you have added a special ingredient."

"Yes! We have 12 special ingredients, to be exact, and then there was the last one that I would have to say was the most special, would you not agree?"

Tuck looked daggers at Lazlo but Jake didn't notice.

"Of course, and thank you for making it just for me, I am so flattered," he said in a voice that was trying to hide his true feelings, but just barely.

Tuck could see that Jake was calming down considerably.

"You have to taste the cream sauce," said Mr. H. stepping over. "May I," he asked, taking the fork away from Tuck. He sliced into the center of the pastry and cut a bite that was at least twice the size of Tuck's original try at the desert. He then swirled the cut piece in the lake of cum and gag-spit until it was fully saturated. "Open wide." Jake was smiling now, and he broke into a huge grin, clapping his hands as Lazlo fed Tuck the large cum soaked bite.

The food filled Tuck's mouth completely, and he had no option but to chew the offering fully. The cum gel melted in his mouth and a fresh lake of spit nearly dripped from his chin, but it was scooped up by the helpful Lazlo and fed back in.

"Oh yes, I can see you're enjoying our culinary masterpiece."

Tuck tried to smile around the mush filling his mouth.

"There's plenty more where that came from. We will make sure we have what we need to prepare your special treat whenever you visit."

Tuck tried to say thank you for nothing with his eyes, but was only able to manage a look that said 'thank you can I have some more'.

Lazlo took the swallow as an invitation for another bit to be cut and fed.

He was too fast, and in a second Tuck's mouth was full of another cum soaked pastry bite.

He chewed and swallowed, and then using his napkin he was able to stop being force fed any more.

"Oh thank you," he said as he pushed the fork away, "but I will finish the rest on my own and lick the plate clean." The last was for Jake's benefit, sure that once the staff was no longer there he could feign being full and Jake would back off making him eat every bite.

Tuck was wrong. Jake watched him carefully long after the staff had moved back to the kitchen, all smiles and laughing, with Lazlo leading the way. Even though he didn't make him lick the plate exactly, Jake had another thought in mind.

"Was that as delicious as it looked?"

"Oh yes, it had a bit of a different taste at first, but once I got used to it I found it delicious." Tuck was not sure that was such a lie.

"Well I have to tell you I was bit worried there for a second about you going back and being Tuck and embarrassing me."

"I'm sorry; I just wasn't that hungry, but it was sweet of them to make something so special."

"I appreciate you making the effort, and in the end, you did say the taste was quite wonderful. Is it something you would like to have again?"

Tuck thought about that for a few seconds.


"Maybe next time I'll feed you your desert."

Tuck thought maybe Jake should have the special desert next time.

"But you still have to lick the plate."

"But I thought you just meant that as... well, when you were mad..."

"No, I meant it."

Tuck looked down at his empty plate, still swirling with the cream of Lazlo's cum and the copious amounts of gag-spit that were mixed in.

"Just pick it up and lick?"

"No, that would be rude. Use your fingers."

Tuck thought that might even more rude, but dipped his finger into the cum soup and then licked it clean.

"Here, let me help," Jake said, putting his own finger in and swiping though the muck, coating it fully and then tasting it himself.

"Not bad. I can see why you thought this was delicious."

He dipped his finger in again and presented it to Tuck. Jake put his cum stained finger up to Tuck's lips touching them lightly, and Tuck opened his mouth to let Jake push his finger inside. Tuck put his tongue gently on the finger taking the cum off for himself, and then closed his mouth over the finger and sucked on it lightly. Jake pulled his finger free with a slight pop. Tuck smiled at the funny noise. They both looked at each other, Jake's finger wet but clean of the cum. The question that neither of them asked but was wanting to be screamed aloud, was what just happened? Tuck waited, not moving.

Jake slowly dropped his hand toward the plate once again, dipping not one but two fingers into the muck, getting even more of the slime on his fingers, and presented it to Tuck. Was it a challenge, or a request?

Tuck, with no hesitation at all, opened his lips to invite his friend's fingers inside, the taste stronger this time. He licked, sucked and then swallowed, and the fingers slid out spit slick without a pop. Would there be a third time, or was the game over? His eyes closed, he opened his mouth in anticipation, waiting to see. It was up to Jake, he was in control. Tuck felt four fingers sloppy with the slime; four manly fingers, fit and strong, entered his mouth and he gently closed his lips around them. Tuck let his tongue dance over them, licking and tasting and sucking them clean.

Jake continued the dance of feeding Tuck the cum pool from the plate until there was nothing left.


It was a pronouncement of finality, there were no overt sexual undertones. He had accomplished the mission. The plate cleaning may have been a little unorthodox in execution, but it was finished. Tuck was still trying to breath. Having the hard fingers inside his mouth was a sensation that he had never had. But having it with Jake, what did that mean?

"You ready to leave; I already took care of the check."

"Yes, I think so." Tuck was just coming back to the real world. Had that really happened?

"You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow. And we are having dinner with the Getty's tomorrow evening. She said she wanted to find you something extra special, her treat."

Tuck didn't speak, afraid that his words would come out as blurred as his brain was at the moment.

Tuck stood from his chair and begin to walk out, but his mind was still not operating in a correct manner, the off kilter aspect of the world affected everything, and he stumbled and started to fall.

"Honey, careful." Jake caught Tuck before he made it to the floor, and took Tuck's hand. It was big and warm and he would not slip or fall while holding it... he didn't let go.

Did he just call me honey?

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