Sissy Steve and Me Ch.2


Chapter 02:  Playing house with Stephaney

All night Saturday I had sweet dreams about me and Steve (er, Stephaney) and how we would play house.  The dreams always started the same with Stephaney arriving at my house already wearing a pretty play dress. Calling for me, Brenda, are you ready yet?  My answer was always ‘no’.  Then she would run upstairs to my bedroom and find me still in my ‘baby doll’ nighty.  Then I’d wake up smiling.  I just knew that one day my dream would come true (giggle).

This was Sunday and we generally went to Church early.  But this morning I told mom I didn’t feel well.  Mom reminded me that after church they were going to the lake for a picnic and swimming.  I told mom that I’d walk over to the lake if I felt better later.  The lake was only 3 blocks from home, so it wasn’t far. Mom and my little sister wish me well and left for church leaving me to my own devises (tee-hee).  I listened intently for the car doors to slam shut, the car to start, then to drive away before I moved.  But then I moved like a flash, jumping out of bed (with just my undershorts on) and ran to mom’s closet.

I just stood there gazing at all the dresses and lingerie just waiting for me (I giggled at the thought).  Pulling my shorts off I reached in and pulled moms panty drawer open.  There, right on top, was a beautiful pair of pink panties.  Then gingerly, stepping one foot then the other into them, I pulled the panties up. They felt so good, so silky cool, they fit perfectly, just like they were made for me (I giggled again).  With panties on, I now noticed the crinoline petticoat and pulled it off tits hanger.

02 Petticoat.jpgStepping into it the feel of the crinoline on my legs overwhelmed me.  So strange, so good, so girlie, my little soldier was standing at attention and ready to shoot.  Oh what a feeling (giggle).  Looking in the bedroom mirror I saw a beautiful dancer (in my imagination) and I twirled the petticoat till I could see my panties (giggle).  Oh what fun I was having, but then the doorbell rang, and my bubble burst, Damn, who is that?

I peeked around the corner, still partially dressed in ‘my’ petticoat, and yelled down, ‘Who’s there?’.  Steve opened the door and said ‘It’s me Brian and I have a surprise for you’.  Come in Steve’ I yelled back, ‘I’m up stairs’.  We’ll be right up ‘Brenda’.  ‘We’ll’ I thought, who could be with him.  Then Steve went on to explain ‘I was dreaming last night about the good time we were having and apparently I talk in my sleep.  So my sister Karen heard everything’ and so this morning she offered to help us be ‘girlie’.  ‘Oh no’ I thought to myself, our secret didn’t last one day.  Then Steve continued ‘She even offered to get us ‘girlie shoes and socks’.  By now Steve and Karen were at the top of the stairs and could see me in my pink panties and petticoat.  Karen smiled and said ‘Well Brenda, aren’t you a cutie (tee-hee) and I think ‘Stephaney’ should also be dressed as a proper girl (giggle) and join you’.

02c1 Karen fitting my bra.jpgWithout any argument Steve got undressed and went to the closet.  He picked out ‘virgin’ white panties, slipped them on, then a white petticoat and bra.  Then Karen said ‘nice choice Stephaney, virgin white (tee-hee), Brenda you had better get a bra too dear, you’ll need one before you pick out a dress’.  ‘Sit down Brenda’ Karen commanded in a stern, yet loving, voice.  As I sat for Karen, she started to help me with my bra.  ‘Nice choice’ she said ‘cups are not too big, in fact just about the right size for a 12 year old (giggle)’.  Then I noticed ‘Steph’ was having a hard time hooking his bra.  I wouldn’t have that problem with Karen helping me (tee-hee).

How does it feel dear?  Oh Karen, it feels great, like it belongs, except the cups are a little big.  Don’t worry, I’ll fix that, and she reached into moms panty drawer and started stuffing the cups with panties.  How’s that dear, now you’ve got nice silky smooth, cool, ‘tits’ (giggle).

Then Karen produced two pairs of high heeled ‘girlie’ shoes from her purse.  Try these on boys then go pick out a dress to match them.  Doing as Karen told us we put them on but walking in them turned out to be a problem.  Karen noticed how clumsy we were and offered some encouragement ‘in no time boys you’ll be walking like girls (giggle)’.  Now get a dress that you really like dear, a real pretty one Brenda.  I loved it when Karen called me by my ‘girlie’ name (tee-hee) and did as I was told.  I picked out a pale yellow little girl dress and I noticed Stephaney had picked a real short red dress (so short it looked like it was for an 8 year old girl).

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