Just a Little Prick

Joe X

"You can hypnotise anyone."

Gemma said the words in that stupid I-know-it-all tone she always adopts when she is showing off to the group.

"No you can't," I said.  Well I couldn't let her get away with a stupid comment like that could I?

"Of course you can.  You saw that bloke on the telly doing it."

"What I saw was that bloke on the telly doing a magic trick."

"He stuck a needle through that girl's hand and she didn't feel a thing!"

"Look Gemma.  We used to do that at school.  The skin on the back of the hand is really insensitive. Mid you nip up a little bit very hard you can stick a needle through and not feel anything.  We used to tease the first formers doing it."

"Bully them you mean."

"Well they didn't feel it even if they did shout a lot."

"Well I tell you this.  I saw it done on YouTube.  So I bet I could hypnotise you no bother."

What a laugh.  People who think they can do something just because they've seen it in YouTube.  Well I'd show her!  I'd show her a thing or two!

The six of us were there.  Me and the five girls who worked for me, sitting in the private bar of the Hotel Grand relaxing after a day at the course on 'How to Influence People'.  It was the sort of stupid course our company was always sending people on.  How to influence people indeed!  There was one way to get people to do what you wanted and I knew it.  Shout at them.  Humiliate them in front of others.  I found it usually worked.  On most people that is - Gemma was one of those stubborn people who only shouted back.  The little know-all!  Well I'd show her.  I formed the plan immediately.  I'd make sure she was so humiliated she wouldn't question me again.  Ever.

"Right," I said, "if you can hypnotise me and stick a needle through the most sensitive part of my anatomy without me feeling it, or complaining, or stopping you you win.  And if you can't..."  I paused a bit to let my next words sink in, "...you stand on that table and sing the National Anthem."

"You're kidding me!"

"No I'm not.  You made a claim.  Now have the balls to back it up."

Gemma would never be able to resist that.  And I rather fancied seeing her make a fool of herself.

"You mean you'll let me hypnotise you and stick a needle through your cock..." I tried to suppress a gasp.  I'd actually meant my lip... "...that is what you meant isn't it?"

Well I couldn't let her wriggle out if it that way.  If she thought that would put me off she was quite mistaken.

"Of course.  I tell you what, if you can hypnotise me, get me to take all my clothes off and stick a needle through my er...  Well my..."

"Your cock."

"Yes, through er... there you win.  But if you don't you can stand on the table with no clothes on and sing the national anthem"

She'd back down now for certain.

"You're on," she said, "but if you lose you have to go down to the hotel foyer with no clothes on and sing the national anthem."

"And if you lose you have to go down to the hotel foyer with no clothes on and sing the national anthem."

Stupid know-all.  Well she was going to pay and no mistake.

"Right," she said, looking flustered now, "right.  Let's see then.  Hold out your hand."


"You heard me.  Hold out your hand."

"What are you going to do?  Smack it?"

"In your dreams."

She put her hand out.

"Now press down hard on mine.  Harder.  Really hard."

I pressed.

"Harder.  That's right.  Concentrate.  Hard.  Keep your mind on it.  Think of nothing else.  Hard as you can."

Stupid woman.  What on earth was she thinking about.  I pressed as hard as I could.  Concentrating as hard as I could.

Suddenly she took her hand away and as I fell forwards she passed her other hand in front of my eyes?  What?  What?  What was happening?

"Sleep!" she commanded, "Sleep!"

"...and wake!"

I opened my eyes.  I was standing in the middle of the room.  I could see the girls standing round me.  Their mouths agape.  Expectant.  I tried to move but I couldn't.  It was as if I had forgotten how to.  If only I could remember I would be able to, but I couldn't.  It was not as if I was asleep.  I could see the girls.  I could see Gemma standing in front of me, but all I could do was blink and move my eyes.  I struggled to speak, but all that came out was a gurgling noise.  And I could hear the girls.  The silence had broken.  There was a nervous titter, then a guffaw, then a laugh, then suddenly they were all laughing.  Great howls of laughter.  I looked round the room moving my eyes from side to side and I realised the reason why.  My clothes were scattered all around.  I was stark naked.  Suddenly I was hit by the most intense feeling of embarrassment I have felt in my hold life.  The girls could see me naked.  The girls who worked for me.  They could see everything.  They could see my penis.  I was completely exposed.  Completely vulnerable.  I could feel my face burning with shame.

I looked at Gemma and gurgled again, and I had good reason to gurgle.  With her left hand she took hold of my penis.  With her right hand she held something before my eyes so I could see it clearly.  It was a needle...


Well, I was going to have to do it now and no mistake.  Still he'd asked for it and now he was going to get it.  When he started going on about how clever he was, the way he usually does, and how stupid the course was I just thought I'd glad him a little.  Him saying nobody could make him do anything he didn't want to, me saying he would have to if he was hypnotised, him saying nobody could hypnotise him, me saying anybody could be hypnotised.  Well we'd just seen that bloke doing a hypnosis trick on the television where he stuck a needle in a girls hand and she didn't feel a thing.  And he said it was just a magic trick.

And well, things just escalated from there to this crazy bet.  If I couldn't hypnotise him, get him to strip naked and stick a needle in his private parts, if you know what I mean, then I'd have to stand on the table and sing the National Anthem stark naked.  Well you know me.  I never back down.  Never. I'd give it a go.  And if I couldn't do it no way would I be getting my kit off!  What do you take me for?  An idiot.

Not that is ever hypnotised anyone in my life, but I'd seen it in this YouTube channel.  It looked easy enough.  The bloke demonstrating it said it worked every time.  Mind you I got the shock of my life when it actually did.  There he was, standing in front of me, in your actual bloody trance.  I thought he was kidding at first.  But no.  He was quite oblivious to what was going on.

What on earth was I supposed to do now.

"Get him to take his clothes of Gem, go on, you said you would.  You can get him to do anything."

And do you know what.  I suddenly got this great feeling of power.  I'd actually put someone in a trance.   I was in control.  Absolute control.  It was like the most powerful turn on I'd ever had.  I could get get him to do anything.  I just knew I could.  What else had I seen that bloke on the video do?  Oh yes I remembered.  I knew what to do and how to it.  I looked at him straight in the eye and spoke with the voice of authority that I used to browbeat him with at work,

"I am now your master and you are my slave.  You will think what I tell you to think.  You will do what I tell you to do."

His eyes looked down submissively.  I knew he understood.

"You're feeling hot," I said, "really hot.  The sun is blazing down on you.  You want to feel it on your skin.  Your bare skin.  You must feel it on your bare skin.  You must be free, you must feel it on your naked body.  Take off your shirt.  Feel the sun caress your naked skin."

And it worked.  A look of sublime contentment came over his face.  He looked up as if looking at the sun.  He unbuttoned his shirt and took it off.

"And your shoes and socks.  You must feel the sand between your toes..."

"And your pants, and all clothes, you must feel the sun on your bare skin.  You must be naked.  Completely naked..."

I looked him up and down.  Nice legs, a cute bum, and a dainty little cock.  Loud mouthed bullies always have little cocks don't they?  It's what gives them their inferiority complex.

What to do next.  Turn the screw.  Now I had him under my foot, the power had become a total aphrodisiac, and somehow I knew exactly what to do.

"I'm now going to count down from ten, and when I reach zero I will tell you to wake.  But remember I am your master, and after you wake whenever I say the words 'Submit to me' you will go back under my control.  Now I am going to wake you, but when you wake you will be so embarrassed you won't be able to move. And you will realise you are naked.  Completely naked.  And it will be the most embarrassing thing you have ever experience.  The girls who work for you will be seeing you in the nude, you will be showing them everything, compelled naked, totally vulnerable, totally humiliated.  And there will be nothing you can do about it.

Ten, nine, eight..."


"What is it Tracey?"


"Oh yes.  Of course," she handed me the needle, "of course.  Ten, nine, eight...."

And there he stood in front of us.  In the nude.  Completely in the nude.  Bright red, trembling with embarrassment and unable to move.  A funny gurgling sound came from his mouth.  I'd done it.  I'd actually gone and done it.


"Pleathe..." I tried to utter the word 'please' but all that came out was a barely intelligible grunt, "pleathe..."

But I knew it was no good.  She had me.  I was frozen with embarrassment.  She could do what she liked with me.  I had told her she could stick a needle through my cock if she got me naked.  And Gemma was Gemma.  The girl who never backed down.  The girl who always did what she said she was going to do.

She looked at me and grinned.

"Little prick," she said.

It's not a very big one, average I would say, well within the normal range according to Wikipedia, and that's the same as average isn't it?

"Little prick, in your little prick..."

"Oooh!" I felt that and with my prick pricked suddenly it was as if my whole mind came back to normal.  Like when something triggers the memory of a dream you thought you'd forgotten.  I'd been on a beach in the hot sun.  I'd had to feel free, to feel the sun on my skin, I'd thrown my clothes off.  I'd....

I could move, I could speak, I could....

I felt a tug on my private parts and looked down.  A small ring had been inserted into the under surface of my dangling willy, just below the head in its most sensitive spot.  It was attached to a chain.  Gemma tugged on the chain again and I was yanked forwards by my penis.

"Gemma, please, no...  Please...  No..."

But it was no use.  She was pulling my penis towards the door and I was helpless to resist.  Gemma never backed down.  And through the door was the hotel lobby.


It had been Tracey's idea, though how she came to have one of those penis rings in her possession I'll never know.  She's a dark horse is Tracey.  I looked at her.

"I use it for controlling my boyfriends," she said, "once they've got that in and you've got the chain they're at your mercy aren't they?  You're in complete control.  They're your slave so to speak."

It sounded like a good idea.  Complete control.  Yes, a very good idea.  He seemed stuck I pinched up the skin on the underside of his cock.

"Little prick," I said, well may as well let him know we'd all noticed his dainty dimensions, "Little prick..."

Not that I actually stuck the needle in his cock.  I'm not that mean.  That was only for show.  The ring was detachable, it just nipped the skin and was held tight in place as I squeezed it closed.  A little gasp.  Well he had to feel it a bit didn't he?  He deserved that.

"Come on," I said, "You're back to normal now."

Then a little tug, just to let him know who was in control.  He whinged and begged, but I just gave another tug.  It was mean I know, but it was the feeling of power.  It was irresistible.  I just had to show him off.  And he said I could do it.  He'd said I could hypnotise him and make him sing the National Anthem stark naked.  I was only doing what he had consented to.  That was real power.  I have another tug and he followed me meekly out the room.


I didn't know what to do.  I should have done something I know, but I was so crippled with embarrassment that I could do nothing but beg.

"Please Gemma, please.  I'll do anything but don't pull me out there."

I knew it was useless.  With no clothes on I was totally submissive.  She tugged on my penis again and I followed her out the room and into the corridor.  It was late in the evening, but there would still be people about, but Gemma didn't seem to care.  She was going to parade me through the lobby with no clothes on.  When Gemma said she would do something she never backed down even if it meant....  Even if it meant...  What!

Gemma marched briskly along the corridor tugging on my penis while I trotted behind completely nude and completely submissive.  The girls followed giggling.  She pushed through the door and out into the lobby.  Two girls, Japanese perhaps, stood at the desk checking in with the pretty young receptionist.  They stopped and looked round open mouthed as I was paraded round the lobby.

Gemma hauled me up on to a table.

"You know what you have to do," she said, "sorry there's no piano accompaniment."

Oh no!  I was going to have to sing the National Anthem in the middle of the lobby, with no clothes on.  That's what I'd agreed to do, and I wasn't going to get away until I'd done it!

"I er..."

"Come on.  Start singing..." said Gemma, giving little tugs on my penis by way of encouragement.

I started singing.


Poor boy, I almost felt sorry for him, almost but not quite.  He'd volunteers to be hypnotised, he'd volunteered to be stripped naked and led out by his cock if he was, so he had nothing to complain about.

He had plenty to be embarrassed about.  Having no clothes on in public and having a dainty little cock for a start.  Having to stand on a table and being cheered on by an audience only made things more embarrassing.

The two Japanese girls who were checking in seemed to enjoy it immensely.  Especially when he stood to attention during the National Anthem.  Well that is the correct thing to do isn't it?  Mind you it's not just normally your cock standing to attention, it must have been the effect of seeing those Japanese girls laughing at him.  It has that effect on some men.  I use it to good effect sometimes when they can't get it up.  I make them stand in front of me with nothing on and I laugh at them.  It usually does the trick.  And if it doesn't I can kick them in the balls.  I didn't measure it.  Five inches perhaps?  No wonder they were laughing at him!

It gave me an idea though.  No, I wasn't going to kick him in the balls, not yet anyway, maybe later.  No I had a better idea.  I'd seen on that video how you could get a person under control again just by implanting the suggestion when they were in a trance.  I was going to give it a go.

The applause had died down and he was looking at me pleading to be allowed to get dressed.

'Not yet', I thought, 'you have a final performance before you get the kick in the balls'.

"Submit to me," I said.


It was excruciatingly embarrassing.  I stood there with nothing on singing the National Anthem while Gemma tugged on my penis.  And the most terrible thing happened.  The Japanese girls started laughing and my penis started to react, and the more it reacted, the more they laughed, and the more they laughed the more it reacted until it was vertical.  If there is one thing that is even more embarrassing than standing in a room full of girls completely nude, it is standing in a room full of girls completely nude with your cock vertical.

I looked at Gemma and begged.

"Please," I said, "Please!"

But it was no good.

All she said was "Submit to me."

And all of a sudden I felt calm and warm and happy.  I was standing naked in a room full of girls and it was right.  I felt a warm glow through my body, a tingling that started in my hands and feet and spared and spread until it reached my balls.  My ball were soft and warm and glowing, the tingling travelled up my penis, my penis was hard and hot, the tingling reached the tip and hit the pleasure spot.  My whole body was convulsed in and orgasmic convulsion, and my penis exploded with pleasure.  It was wonderful.  I had performed for the girls and it was the most wonderful thing I had ever done.  The smiles on their faces, the cheering, the laughing.  I smiled.  It was wonderful to have given and received so much pleasure.

It was only when she kicked me in the balls that I realised what I'd done.


I just wanted to see if I could get him, well, you know, excited.  After all his cock had gone up so he must have been in the mood.  I didn't quite expect a full on mime of...  I don't quite know how to put this delicately so I'll have to leave it to your imagination.  In any case he must have enjoyed it judging from the shouts at the end.

I wasn't going to kick him in the balls, not really, he didn't really deserve that, but you see after he'd put on that performance I told him to wake up and he didn't.  He was still in a trance.  And I remembered from the video, if you can't wake somebody up then giving them a quick shock usually does the trick.  I thought that would give him a shock.  If I'd thought a bit longer then maybe I'd have thought of something else, but then I've had a lot of practice.


I stood there me balls wincing as she lifted my penis with the chain and planted her foot squarely on my delicate orbs.  It brought me to my senses.  What had I been doing! It had seemed perfectly right and natural to stand naked in front of the girls and...  and...  Oh heck!  What had I been doing!

I would have to... Have to...  I couldn't...  I struggled to move and I couldn't.  I was back in that stupid state where I couldn't move.  I tried to speak and only the gurgles came out again.


We left him standing there.  I mean what else could I do.   If a kick in the balls didn't bring him to his senses I'm not entirely sure what would.  After all the effect would wear off in time.  According to that YouTube video anyway.  And you can always believe what you see on the internet can't you.  The receptionist was quite nice about it.  She said it would liven up her night shift, which I gather was not usually that lively!  She told the Japanese girls that it was an example of modern performance art and they were very impressed.  They had their cameras out and were pulling on the chain as we retreated back to the bar.


I'm sure that once I just manage to move a bit I'll break free.  I just don't seem to be able to remember how to move.  The Japanese girls have brought their friends and they keep giving my penis a tug.  They seem to be expecting another repeat performance.

Oh no!  It's going back up again.  And that will be the sixth time!

Oh!  Oh! Oh!  Ooooooooooooooooh!

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