Friday, August 11, 2017

Perils of Paul Book 4 art preview

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a rough of an illustration I'm working on for Valerie's follow up to Perils of Paul: Summer Forced Feminization Vacation, it is titled, "Double Knots."

This time Paul is working as a camp wilderness volunteer and encounters a girl with kinky plans for him. Above April (right) is is spying on an suspecting Paul (left) as he tries on a pair of her pink thong panties in the boy's shower room. Unknowing he is being videotaped by April through the wall!

Below is a sample from Valerie's story Perils of Paul: Double Knots:

When Paul told April that he intended to take a shower before he left the campus because he was all hot and sweaty, April was elated. She told him that she had something she had to go do and quickly left to make sure the peep holes were still usable. She ran to the ladies shower area and moved the step ladder over to the spot in the shower wall and peeked. Sure enough she had a perfect view of the open shower area. It was late and most everyone had left the gym. She watched silently as Paul entered the shower room and hung his towel on a hook and strode over and turned on the shower. April watched Paul intently as he unknowingly present his cock to her eyes. “Not bad. Not bad at all.” April said to herself.  She watched as he rinsed in the hot water. He began soaping himself up and she noticed him paying a disproportional amount of time soaping his penis. 

Paul Was revisiting the image of April bending over picking up the strands of rope and thinking how wonderful it would be to stick his tool deep inside her tight little ass. As he imagined this scenario he became aroused and being totally alone he began to masturbate. He started pulling his organ slowly helping it grow within his hand. Then with more enthusiasm he began pumping it faster until it was pulsing on its own. He kept the pace going faster and faster until he spewed his seed all over the shower floor in front of him. 

April could not believe her luck not only to have witnessed Paul jacking off but to have captured it on her I-phone. The fun wasn’t over yet. April had placed a pair of her stretch lace panties on the bench below the shower hooks. She had carefully allowed just a small portion of the lace to show from beneath a towel lying on the bench. Sure enough the bait worked. As Paul stood toweling himself near the hook he noticed the lace and reached over and held up the panties. April watched as Paul dropped his towel and spread the panties out and then held them against his waist as if to test the size. He then held the crotch to his nose and smelled them. She saw him glance in both directions and then he did what she had hoped he would do. He put them on and pulled them up. She saw him adjust his dick and balls to fit in the tiny panties. He began rubbing himself through the soft lace fabric. He stood in front of the full length mirror and modeled his new panties feeling his ass cheeks protruding from the bottom of them. He wrapped his towel around himself and left the shower area. 


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