Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Perils of Paul: Summer Forced Feminization Vacation announcement

New cover for Book 3 in the Paul series
Valerie and I are putting the finishing touches to the follow up to Perils of Paul: Initiation.

This time Paul finds himself getting a makeover by some girls on a trip to the beach.

Below is a sample of the book:

"Jenny hasn't cum all day and needs a release.  I want you to help her.  If you please her I’ll help you."  Jenny took off her suit and eased herself onto my chest placing her pussy just below my chin.  She then knelt up letting her honey box hover over my face.  Candi's wet tongue gave a flick at my still rock hard dick and told me to please her.  I knew exactly what was desired so I began to lick at Jenny's lips.  Jenny settled down a little tighter to my attentive tongue.  I could taste her saltiness.  

Candi whispered, "Good boy, now do it right so that you both can cum."  

When we finished Patti said, "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?  We want to play dress up next.  No, I mean we want to dress you up." Patti came over with a very sexy looking bra and panty set and told me to put them on.  

"Taking all my hair off was weird enough; I'm not putting that stuff on".  

"Suit yourself, but you are the one that's totally naked in an all-girl's rooming house with no keys to your car".  

"Give me a break man, what did I ever do to you"?  

Candi interrupted, "Look we just want to have some fun.  Please play with us".  
Paul in a dress adjusting his thong panties

"You guys are crazy, I'm not doing it".  

Candi jumped up on the bed and landed on my chest knocking me back down.  She placed a knee on either side of my head with her furry muff in my face.  Jenny grabbed my nuts and held on tight causing me to scream out in pain.  Patti shoved a rag in my face that stunk like nail polish remover and I passed out.

Perils of Paul: Summer Forced Feminization Vacation will be out this Friday on Amazon!

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