A Boy Lost

Karen Jensen

Joe spends the afternoon with his best friend Sara. After getting caught in the rain he is forced to wear her clothes and so the adventure begins.

Sara and I had been best friends since we were infants. We were like brother and sister. She was 4 months older than me and until we were about 10 had lived within a few blocks of each other. Our moms had been sorority sisters and roommates in college and had remained close friends. Her dad had taken a job across the country and it was a sad day for all of us when they moved away. Sara and I kept in touch via email, text and the occasional phone call. Though she had never said anything to me, from her messages, I strongly suspected that Sara was a lesbian or at least bisexual.
Her dad was killed by a drunk driver a few months before her 15th birthday. It took almost a year, but after the settlement, she and her mom moved back to our town.
My dad was a minister opposed to drinking and, of course, to pre-marital sex. My parents had met in college through the church they both attended and married soon after graduation. Sara’s mom had been the maid of honor at their wedding.
One of our mom’s sorority sisters was getting married and both my parents and Sara’s mom were invited to the wedding. It was a Saturday afternoon in Middleton, a town about 100 miles from where we lived. The plan was for my folks to drop me off at Sara’s house and drive with her mom to the wedding. They expected to return sometime that evening and would pick me up then. But, like many plans, an unexpected event altered it and would irrevocably change my life.
My folks dropped me off late morning, and after the usual warnings about being a good guest, etc. they took off, leaving Sara and me on our own.
“So do you have any idea what you want to do today?” I asked Sara.
“Yes, if you don’t mind I would like to walk over to the mall. There is a store there that is holding a skirt for me and I want to pick it up. Do you mind?”
Neither of us was quite old enough to drive and because of the way the bus routes in our city were, it would take twice as long to go by bus than it would be to walk. I agreed and we took off. The mall was about ½ hour walk from Sara’s house. When we left her house the sun was shining and except for some clouds in the distance it was a magnificent day.
She picked up her skirt and we wandered through the mall, finally stopping at the food court for lunch. Then we decided to head back to her house. When we exited the mall we could see that the clouds were moving in and the sky was getting darker. We picked up the pace but the clouds opened up and before long we were both soaked through to the skin. I must admit I enjoyed the view of Sara’s blouse clinging to her. It was transparent, showing off her breasts through the lacy pink bra she wore.
We were both very wet and cold by the time we got back to her house. After removing our shoes at the door, she took me to her bathroom and gave me a towel.
“Take off all your clothes and take a hot shower! Hand me your clothes through the door. I will wash and dry them and I’ll find something for you to wear after I shower in mom’s bathroom.”
I luxuriated under the warm shower and stepped out reluctantly, not wanting to use all the hot water. I dried myself and called to Sara, but there was no answer. Assuming she was still in the bathroom I wrapped the towel around me and sat on the toilet to wait for her. She wasn’t long in coming and knocked on the door. I opened it a crack and she handed me a pile of clothes. There were blue jeans, a long sleeved top and a pair of white cotton panties.
“Sara, I can’t wear these. They’re girl’s clothes! Don’t you have anything else?”
“Well, no boys live in the house, so you don’t really have a choice.”
“But panties? Give me my boxers, I don’t care if they are wet.”
“They are already in the washing machine. It’s only the two of us and I won’t tell anyone. Just get dressed already!.”
Realizing I had no other choice I slipped on the panties. They were surprisingly comfortable and were not too dissimilar to the briefs I had worn when younger, though the material was much thinner. It was a pullover blue top with a v-neck collar and ¾ length sleeves. It had white flowers on it and was quite feminine. I put on the jeans but could not zip them all the way up nor could I button them.
“Sara, I have a problem.”
“Can I come in?”
“Yeah, I guess so.”
She came in, looked at me, and smiled.
“I was afraid of that.” she said. “That is the largest pair I have.”
“So what am I going to do?”
“You’re not going to like it.”
“You will have to wear a skirt.”
“No way!”
“Then you will walk around in just your panties” she laughed.
“You’re enjoying this too much.”
She laughed.
“Hey look, it is an opportunity to see how the other laugh lives. Let’s have some fun with it. Ok?”
 “What do you mean?”
“Let me fix you up and see how you look as a girl. It is only for a couple of hours until the wash is done. What do you say?”
I can’t say it was something I ever thought of doing, but she seemed really excited at the idea and I decided if it would get me closer to her I would do it.
She clapped her hands and giggled. Then she took my hand and led me to her room.
“Drop the jeans and remove the blouse!”
I turned my back to her while I stripped and heard her rustling through her drawers and closet. She came up behind me and slipped my arms through the straps of a bra which she hooked in the back before I could protest. I felt trapped and realized that I would need her help to remove it. Then she slipped some pads into the bra.
“I used these before my own girls developed” she remarked and laughed.
She handed me a pair of dark blue tights and explained that I had to bunch them up and slip my toes in them. Then I was to pull them up to my waist. I sat on the bed and after going through some contortions, I was able to get them on. I marveled at how they felt on my legs and could feel the beginning of an erection which I frantically tried to hide from her. If she noticed it she said nothing.
She told me to put the blouse back on and then handed me a blue denim miniskirt. It buttoned in the front but had some elastic in the back which allowed it to fit. It barely reached mid thigh.
“None of my shoes will fit, but I think mom’s might. Wait here and I will be right back!”
She returned quickly and handed me a pair of dark blue sandals with a modest wedge heel, maybe two inches high. I sat on the bed while she buckled them. Then she had me walk in them. The heels were not too high and after a couple of minutes I was able to navigate in them. She ordered me to take small steps and put one foot in front of the other so I looked like a girl walking in them.
I wanted to see what I looked like, but she told me to wait; that she was not finished with me yet. She sat me at her vanity facing me away from the mirror and held my face in her hands as she studied me.
“I think you’re going to be a pretty girl! She said with a smile.”
It was not exactly what I wanted to hear, but I had agreed to do this so I sat there passively. She took a comb and brush to my hair and even trimmed it a bit. When I complained she assured me it would not be noticeable when I became a boy again.
After she was happy with my hair she started on my face, explaining what she was doing as applied each powder, cream, etc.
“Who knows, you may want to do this again and I won’t be there to help you.”
She smiled as she said it.
“As if” I thought to myself.
When she was done, she took a step back and just stared at me.
“What?” I said. “Do I look like a clown?”
“Hardly. Go to my closet and take a look at yourself. I can’t believe it myself.”
Remembering how she had told me to walk, I sashayed over to her closet and went inside where she had a full length mirror. I stood in front of it and to my great shock I saw very pretty teen age girl staring back at me. While I could see myself in her, it wasn’t me. I heard her walk in behind me and saw her in the mirror as she stepped next to me.
“Well what do you think Charlotte?”
“I can’t very well call you Joe looking like this and I have always loved the name Charlotte. Do you like it or would you rather I call you something else?”
“No, Charlotte is as good a name as any, I guess.”
“So what do you think of how you look?”
“I can’t believe it. I really look like a girl.”
“Yes you do and a pretty one at that. I think I am jealous”
She smiled and put her arm around my shoulder, pulling me close to her.
“I like you like this Charlotte. Will you be Charlotte for the rest of the day? For me?”
Before I could answer the lights went out. We walked through the house. It became obvious very quickly that a power failure had occurred. The washing machine had stopped and when we went to check on it, it was full of soapy water.
“I guess I will have to be Charlotte for awhile whether I want to or not.”
“Well then let’s have some fun with it, ok?”
First she gave me some pointers on how to act like a girl. Her reasoning was that to experience being a girl, I should act like one and talk like one. After a few tries she felt that I got the voice down. I did not have a very deep voice and was able to modulate it so it sounded quite feminine.
She took my hand and led me into the family room. The lights were still out and though it was only mid-afternoon, it was quite dark. The whole valley was covered in dark clouds and the rain was coming down heavily. Sara lit some candles giving us some light. Then she pulled out her tablet and put on some music.
“Come on, Charlotte, let’s dance.”
As kids we enjoyed dancing together and with the fast music being played we were soon hopping around the middle of the floor keeping time to the music. I could almost forget how I was dressed; we were having so much fun. A slow song came on and I reached for her intending to put my arm around her waist.
“I’m wearing the pants, so I get to lead” she said.
She put her right arm around my waist and pulled me to her. We were dancing very close and I enjoyed the close proximity to Sara.
“If only she weren’t gay” I thought to myself.
The closeness caused a predictable reaction which she could not help but notice.
“That is so inappropriate for a girl like you Charlotte”.
I felt my face turn red and started to apologize, but noticed her grinning.
“Actually, I am flattered that I can turn you on” she said “or is it that you enjoy being a girl?”
I was tongue tied, but before I could respond she smiled at me and said “Relax, I was only teasing.”
She again pulled me close and we danced a bit more with Sara leading. I lost track of time. We were having so much fun alternating between slow and fast dances. We took a break and had some soda, but then resumed our dancing. We lost track of the time when we were interrupted by the telephone.
It was Sara’s mother on the phone. It seemed that the road they would need to take to get home was closed due to flooding and they would be spending the night in a hotel, hoping it would be open the next day. Then I got on the phone to talk to my dad and he told me to stay there with Sara, but warned me that nothing should happen between us. His meaning was clear to me. I assured him
Sara and I were no more than friends. Her phone decided to lose its charge at that moment and with power out we could not recharge it.
We danced a bit longer when the doorbell rang. Before I could move or even think to move, Sara answered the door and this behemoth came in. He had to be 6’5” and weighed well over 250 lbs. She introduced Stephen to me. I was so scared I thought I would piss in my panties, but he gently shook my hand and smiled at me.
“It’s nice to meet you Charlotte.”
 Then he turned to Sara.
“I tried to call you to confirm for tonight, but there was no answer.”
“We lost power and my cell phone died. I haven’t been able to charge it.”
“So are we on tonight for the party?”
“Charlotte is visiting. She was supposed to go home by now, but her folks are stuck in Middleton so she will be spending the night with me. I’m sorry Stephen but I’m going to have to cancel.”
“Bring her along! Marcus doesn’t have a date he is bummed by it. She can go with him. I know he would like the company.”
I was sure Sara would turn him down, but she shocked me.
“Sounds good! Pick us up at 8:00. We need time to make ourselves beautiful for you” she laughed.
Stephen leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. He turned to me and smiled.
“Nice meeting you Charlotte. See ya later.”
She closed and locked the door and turned to me.
“How could you do that?” I said. “I can’t go to the party with a boy. I’m not a girl and I am not gay! What were you thinking?”
“Relax Charlotte. It will be fine.“
“I can’t relax and it won’t be fine!”
“Look. Stephen thought you were a girl. In fact, if I didn’t know better I would think you were a girl. You seem to have it down pat with just the few pointers I gave you earlier.”
“What if he tries something, like… well you know.”
“He won’t.”
“How can you be so sure?
“I know Marcus and he is a gentleman. Also, Stephen is gay. He is a member of the football team. I date Stephen so that no one suspects that either of us is gay. This is a very conservative community and it would not go well if people knew the truth.”
“What about Marcus? Is he gay also?”
“No, I don’t think so. It would be better if he didn’t find out about you.”
“But what if he tries to seduce me, or worse?”
“He won’t! He is a good guy. I will tell Stephen the truth about you and that you aren’t gay. He will keep an eye on you. Anyway, the alternative is to sit here in the dark. In case you haven’t noticed the power is still out.”
She looked at her tablet and remarked that it was almost out of charge.
“At least we can have some fun. You might even enjoy it. You don’t seem to be too upset about wearing my clothes now.”
Before I could respond to that she held up her hand.
“Look, I have as much to lose as you do if you are found out. I have to live with these people. You may suffer some embarrassment but will never have to see any of them again after tonight. And I know you can pull it off. Don’t you trust me?”
I did trust Sara, but this was so far out of my comfort zone that I was not sure I could pull it off or wanted to. She moved close to me, put her arms around my neck, and kissed me. She stuck her tongue into my mouth and twirled it around. I was shocked and turned on. She had to feel my erection against her stomach. She moved her body against mine and I thought I was going to cum in my panties right there. Suddenly she pulled away.
I stood there stunned at her action but wanting more. She had a sly grin on her face.
“Did you like that?” she asked me.
I could only nod in response.
“There will be more of that and more if you come to the party.”
“Was she offering me sex?” I asked myself “and was it worth the humiliation if I were found out?”
Before I could answer she said “I will make you a deal. I will order a pizza and then we will get ready for the party.”
“What’s the deal?”
“If the pizza delivery boy reads you, we won’t go to the party. But you have to act like a girl in front of him, like you have been doing all day. Is it a deal?”
Feeling trapped I agreed.
The pizza delivery guy knew Sara and when I answered the door he ogled me. I told him I was a friend of Sara’s. Then he asked me if we could go out sometime. I saw Sara smiling when I told him I had a boyfriend. After he left she broke out in laughter. I was doomed to going to the party dressed like a girl and with a boy. My stomach was in knots and I could barely eat any of the pizza.
Sara lit candles and placed them around her room to give us light. She had me strip to my underwear and to my shock she did the same. She smiled at me and said “We’re all girls here.”
That didn’t stop this girl from getting an erection which was painfully obvious.
“Go to the bathroom and get rid of it” she said with a smile.
Blushing, I did as she told me and returned with my cock in its flaccid state. She handed me a panty girdle and told me to tuck myself back between my legs and put on the girdle.
“We don’t want it springing out at some inopportune moment during the party, now do we?”
The thought of that happening only increased my nervousness. I did as she ordered.
Then she pulled a couple of dresses from her closet.
“Now remove your makeup. We will need heavier makeup for this evening.”
She handed me some wipes and I returned to the bathroom and followed her instructions.
When I returned she wrapped a strapless bra around my chest and inserted the pads. Then she handed me a lime green dress with spaghetti straps. The hem had green fringe hanging from it. I slipped it on and she zipped me up. The skirt barely came to mid thigh but the fringe came down almost to my knees, making the dress appear longer than it was. Then she gave me black pantyhose and instructed me how to put them on. While I was doing that she left the room and returned with a pair of her mom’s shoes. They were black open toed stilettos with a bow on them and were higher than what I had been wearing.
“These are 3 inches, so it will be a bit more difficult for you, but that dress screams for high heels. Put them on and walk around a bit while I get dressed.”
It was not easy walking in them, but the experience I had earlier in the day helped and I soon got the hang of it. I glanced over at Sara and watched as she removed her bra and panties, exposing her beautiful breasts and hairless pussy to me. Without the panty girdle I would have been painfully hard, despite having cum just minutes earlier. As it was, the panty girdle was very uncomfortable while I was trying to get erect. It would be that way all night, though I would be happy to be wearing it.
She exchanged her underwear for a red strapless bra and matching bikinis and slipped on a strapless red dress that also only came to mid thigh but without the fringe I had on my dress. She put on nude pantyhose and red stilettos.
“We will be the two hottest girls at the party” she remarked.
That was not what I was hoping for.
She had me sit at her vanity while she applied my makeup. She spent more time on it then she had that afternoon and when she was done I was shocked. The effect she created was dramatic and I could feel myself getting excited just looking in the mirror. If I didn’t know it was I ataring back At me in the mirror, I would have wanted to date that girl. She dabbed some perfume on my wrists and neck. She hesitated for a moment and sprayed in on the cleavage created by the bra.
She giggled as she said “In case Marcus wants to explore your breasts.”
I turned red just thinking about a boy trying to touch my pseudo breasts.
“Now continue practicing walking in those heels while I do my own makeup.”
When Sara came out of the bedroom she looked awesome. If I weren’t in love with her before, I sure was now. She twirled around for me and asked me how she looked.
“You will definitely be the prettiest girl there.”
She gave me a kiss on the cheek and wiped off the lipstick she had left there.
“We have a few minute before the boys get here, so let’s practice dancing.  We want to be sure you can move in those shoes. We danced a couple of fast dances and then a couple of slow dances. Being so close to her and smelling her perfume was turning me on, but the panty girdle did its job.
At precisely 8:00 the doorbell rang and it was Stephen and Marcus. Marcus was an African American and was even bigger then Stephen. I would learn that they were the starting tackles on the football team. I felt positively tiny next to them.
Marcus gently took my hand and smiled at me as he introduced himself.
Sara handed me a shawl and took one herself as it was getting cold outside. The rain had finally stopped but the sky was still threatening.
We were driving in Stephen’s car so I had to sit in the back with Marcus. We made some small talk as he wanted to know where I lived, what interests I had, etc. He also wanted to know if I had a boyfriend. Without thinking I said I didn’t and immediately realized that could be a big mistake.
The party was in full swing when we arrived. The boys left us to get us drinks.
“Just relax Charlotte. You are doing fine. No one can guess your true gender unless you fuck up big time.”
“That’s what I’m afraid of. I shouldn’t have told Marcus that I did not have a boyfriend.”
“It’s too late now. Just make the best of it. He is not going to try to rape you. So just enjoy yourself. You will never have to see him again after tonight.
The boys returned and Marcus handed me a cup of punch. I was very thirsty, probably from nerves, but I downed it all in one big gulp. He had a surprised look on his face as he was sipping his. Then he asked me if I wanted to dance.
I figured it was better than just standing around and since they were playing a fast song I didn’t have to get too close to him so I agreed. There were couple of fast dances and I found that despite wearing the stilettos, I was able to keep up. Soon, however, a slow dance came on and before I could turn to walk off the dance floor, Marcus gently put his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him. My head did not even reach his shoulders despite the 3 inch heels. It was not long before I felt his erection rubbing against my stomach. When the dance ended I told him I needed another drink. I needed to get away from him. The idea that I was turning him on was very unnerving to me.
To calm my nerves more than anything else I downed the drink quickly. I was starting to feel a bit lightheaded. With my father a minister and a teetotaler I had no experience with alcohol and did not realize the punch had been doctored.
Sara noticed my unsteadiness, grabbed me and took me to the bathroom.
“Lay off the punch Charlotte! It is spiked!”
“What do you mean?” I asked in my ignorance.
“There is alcohol in it and you are drunk, or pretty close to it. What happened? Did Marcus hurt you? ”
“No. He is really nice. It’s just that.. Well you know what happened to me when we were dancing this afternoon?
Sara smiled at me.
“You mean when you got an erection?”
“Yes. Well Marcus got one while we were dancing.”
“That’s great!”
“It means that he thinks you are a pretty, sexy girl. You are pulling it off.”
“In that sexy dress you look like a girl and with my perfume you smell like a girl. He can’t ignore his senses.”
“But what if he tries to take advantage of me?”
“He won’t. Marcus is a gentleman. All you have to do is say no if he tries to go too far.”
I thought about it for a moment and nodded.
“While we’re here I have to pee” said Sara.
With that she lifted her dress, pulled down her pantyhose and panties and sat on the toilet. I stood there and stared at her pussy while she was peeing. She noticed my staring and smiled at me.
“Do you like what you see?”
I was embarrassed at being caught and mumbled something incoherent.
“Well, maybe later you get a bit closer to it.”
With that she wiped herself and adjusted her clothes.
“Your turn now. Do you have to go?”
I realized that I did and followed her lead. Following her suggestion or was it an order, I lifted my skirt, pulled down my panties and peed, embarrassed that I had acted like a girl in the privacy of the bathroom.  After I had put myself back together we rejoined our dates.
Marcus and I danced a lot and talked. I really liked him, not as a boyfriend, but would have liked him as a friend. I suspected he saw me as a potential girlfriend and I was not prepared to play that role for him.
With the party winding down, we left and the boys drove us back to Sara’s house. When they walked us to the door, I noticed Stephen giving Sara a relatively chaste kiss. I was not prepared when Marcus put his arms around me, pulled me close to him, and gave me a very passionate kiss, inserting his tongue into my mouth. Once again I felt his erection growing against my stomach. The kiss was sweet and I can’t say it was not pleasant. Still, I was not interested in boys so I gently pushed on his chest and he stepped back.
“Charlotte, I really like you. I had a great time tonight and I think you did too. I would like to stay in touch, if that’s ok?”
I was getting nervous and wanted him to leave, so without really thinking about it, I nodded and gave him my cell phone number. He promised to stay in touch. He gave me another quick kiss and headed to the car. I stood there watching him go and breathed a big sigh of relief. I had pulled it off.
Sara had preceded me into the house and broke the news that the power was still out. The house was colder than it had been when we left and was getting colder. She led me to her room and handed me a nightgown and panties. Then she told me to get undressed, but to leave on my bra.
“We had better sleep together” she said. “It will be warmer that way. Ok?”
I didn’t need to think twice about it and proceeded to change my clothes. It was a relief to remove the panty girdle. She quickly stripped down to her birthday suit leaving me gawking at her beautiful body.
“I gather you like what you’re seeing” she said and she posed naked for me.
Before I could respond she walked to me, put her arms around my neck and gave me a passionate kiss. I did not resist and it resulted in an instant erection, not the first one of the evening. And since I had not had a chance to relieve myself since early in the evening it was painful.
She pulled a nightgown out of her dresser and slipped into it. Then she pulled back the covers on her bed and pushed me back onto it. She jumped on top of me and resumed kissing me. I lay there on my back feeling helpless, but enjoying it immensely. She caressed me through my bra and though all I felt was a little pressure, the act itself excited me even more.
Her hand slipped under my nightie and caressed my thighs. I thought I was going to burst. I felt her hand slip inside the top of my panties and she pulled them down freeing me. After stroking me a few times she climbed on top, impaling herself on me. She must have been as horny as I was since she came almost immediately and I followed her by just a few seconds with the best orgasm of my life. She lay on top of me as we both tried to recover.
“I love you Sara” escaped from my lips.
There were a few moments of silence as I feared I had blown it between us.
“I love you too Charlotte” she said and gave me another passionate kiss.
Since I had been called Charlotte the whole evening, I did not attach any significance to it at the time. It would cause me some confusion later on.
She rose up on her knees with her legs on either side of my body. She was holding my hands pinned above my head. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I could see the smile on her face as she slowly moved her body up towards my head.
“Lover” she said “I want you to prove your love for me.”
Before I could respond she positioned her pussy over my face and lowered it onto my mouth.
“Now clean me out!” she ordered.
With all her weight on top of me I could not escape if I had tried and I was not so sure I wanted to try. Tentatively I licked her lips.
“Good girl!” she said. “Now stick your tongue inside and get all that sticky goo out.”
With that she began to grind her pussy on me and I tongue fucked her. Our juices, mixed together dropped into my mouth. With no other option I swallowed them. They tasted better than I expected, which is not to say that I enjoyed the taste. Still, it had brought Sara pleasure and that was good enough for me. She had a few more orgasms before she collapsed on top of me.
After a couple of minutes she moved next to me and kissed me again. She rolled me onto my side facing away from her and then spooned me. My panties were still down around my knees. We fell asleep that way.
I sensed her moving in the wee hours of the morning and woke up when I felt her hand encircling my cock. I had a morning woody and she was not going to let it go to waste. This time she threw the covers off, lifted my nightie and after a few strokes took me in her mouth. She teased me with her tongue until I was whimpering and begging her to finish me. Finally she put her mouth over me and sucked hard until I blasted her with my orgasm. Smiling, she moved up and lay on top of me. She kissed me, sticking her tongue into my mouth and feeding me my own cum. With her mouth covering mine and her full weight on top of me I had no choice but to swallow.
“Good girl!” she said and laughed.
I wanted to be angry at her, but I couldn’t. I turned towards her as she lay next to me. This time I spooned her from behind and we quickly fell asleep.
It had been quite late by the time we fell asleep and then with our early morning romp, and no alarm to wake us, we slept right through the morning. You can imagine our shock when we heard a voice call out “Sara!”
Her mom was standing at the door to Sara’s room. We were slow to disentangle ourselves from each other.
“Don’t you dare move!” she said and called to my parents to come.
We knew we were in big trouble and I had no idea how I would explain why I was dressed like a girl, wearing makeup, and clearly having had sex with Sara after promising my dad that nothing would happen. I thought he would have apoplexy when he saw me, but before he could say or do anything my mom grabbed his arm and turned to us.
“Girls!” she emphasized, causing me to blush “Wash off your makeup and come into the kitchen as you are.”
Sara’s mother nodded, reinforcing my mom’s command and three of them went retired to the kitchen, leaving us to clean up and face the music.
“My dad’s gonna beat me. I just know it. With all his ranting against gays and then having sex after I promised we wouldn’t he won’t tolerate this from me.”
“I’m so sorry Joe. I got you into this. I never intended for it to go so far.”
“No, don’t say that. I really did have a good time. And I loved the way we spent last night.”
“Even the party?”
“”Yes, despite my nervousness I had a good time.
“I did too.”
“One question I have for you though. I thought you were gay.”
“I did too. Maybe I’m bi. I don’t know. I do know that seeing you yesterday as Charlotte was a huge turn on for me. When you put on the green dress last night it was all I could do to stop myself from ravaging you right then.”
I did not know how to respond. As Charlotte I turned her on, but what about as Joe, my normal self? I was afraid to ask.
“We best get cleaned up and face our parents. It will not be pretty.” She added.
We washed the makeup off our faces. Sara slipped on a pair of panties and we held hands as we moved to the kitchen, wearing only our nightgowns.


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