Thursday, June 8, 2017

Long lost illustration added to Miss Annie's "7 Days"

I just added a new illustration to Miss Annie's classic 7 Days.

It is actually a lost illustration I forgot that I worked on and put to the side which I eventually forgot about.

Hope you revisit the story and discover the new illustration for yourself. Enjoy!

If you are wondering about my absence... well I'm now writing from my new home inside a closet. Yes literally a clothes closet. Its a little cramped, but I should a little more time now for the blog now that I have more privacy work.
Link: 7 Days


  1. This is the nanny taking him on one side to the her on the other side? Loved all the illustrations you did for this story, with the marriage conformation on the bed my favorite, hope the story continues, with maybe the husband the mastermind behind the house and the nanny and the towns people helping him get a wife.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the art with the story! It's unfortunate, but Miss Annie left the ending open for another installment. However she has said before that she may one day return t do another chapter... Maybe...

      Please look at her other stories as well in the blog.