Thursday, March 9, 2017

Martin and the Baron being wed Illustration

An older illustration that I touched up and colored of the Baron forcibly marrying Martin from Book One of The Marriage of Martin Hastings by Rikki. 


  1. I am glad you have finally have this illustration fully made. I am also glad that we see this isnt the rest of Martins life. It is just sad that finishing the final section of the tale is taking so long and every time she begins to make some headway that something in life interrupts her progress and it has to stop. Its like fate or something supernatural doesnt want her to finish it
    it is such a wonderful and intense tale that I love it
    I hope your marriage is good, Annabelle.

    1. Great to hear from you Jasmine. I'm still working on some Martin art, although I have not heard from Rikki in a little while as well...
      Hope she is doing well.

  2. GREAT, Martin certainly has that somebody help me look in his eyes, and the Baron looks sufficiently imposing. Thanks for bring back this moment in the story that Martin begins his journey as Mrs. Vargos.