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Story Synopsis: A man is "persuaded" into performing an embarrassing performance in bra and panties, in front of his female coworkers by a trained by an expert persuader. 

"At least I didn't make a fool of myself."

"Absolutely not," Samantha replied, "we all enjoyed your, what shall I say, performance enormously.  I was really impressed."

"We're you really?  I didn't think I was that good.  It was a bit embarrassing really."

"What had you to be embarrassed about?"

"Well, you know, doing that in front of all you girls.  You must admit it is embarrassing.  Showing off like that."

"Well, there was nothing to be embarrassed about.  Remember when you were ejaculating...  I mean exaggerating...  Not ejaculating...  Oh heck..."

I squirmed in my seat.  Suddenly my bottom was burning..


I got a front seat at the lecture. It was the supposed highlight of the three day long course for aspiring sales representatives and it was led by Emily Masters, the well known expert on persuading people to do things they didn’t want to do.  She didn’t of course pose the obvious question of why the company would be wanting people to do things they didn’t want to do.  It was the job of sales representatives to do just that.  I was the only boy on the course.  Well not many boys want to sell ladies underwear for a well known chain of erotic lingerie.  I didn't want to sell erotic lingerie either, but I didn't like to admit that when I applied for the course I thought 'lingerie' was French for hardware.

The course contained some high power persuasion techniques that Ms Masters didn’t want to get out, so everybody was sworn to silence on what they learned, having to sign a little bit of paper that would get them sacked, hung, drawn and quartered if they breathed a word.

The room was set up with the participants in a circle. In the middle of the circle was a chair. An ordinary wooden chair. And pointing at the chair was a camera, the view from which was projected up on screens around the room so that everyone could see it.

Emily started off with a description of how people had managed to sell the Empire State Building and Sidney Harbour Bridge despite the fact that they didn’t own them and the buyer had no need either of building a or a bridge, again this begged the question which I wasn’t going to ask, of why we would be selling people stuff that they had no need of.

"Today," said Emily I am going to show you some high pressure persuasion techniques. I'm going to show you that you can make somebody do something they really, really don't want to do."

"Humph," the audible sneer came from me in the front row.

"You don't believe me?"

"Balderdash and piffle," I said.

"You think I can't teach you anything."

"You can teach me nothing."

"Well, I can teach you one thing."

"What's that?"

"A lesson.  Right, I need a volunteer to demonstrate these techniques on. You’re going to be made to do some really embarrassing things so don’t volunteer unless you want to.  And when I say 'made to do' I mean just that."

A few hands shot up. They might have all been keen young sales reps but they weren't that keen.

For my part I was not impressed by this woman. There was no way she could make me to do any embarrassing things with a load of cheap con tricks.

So I put my hand up. I'd show up the fraud. I'd show the cheap trickster a thing or two.

“Scaredy-cat,” I said to Samantha next to me as she sat on her hands, “no way is that Dumbo going to persuade me to do anything I don’t want to!”

"Careful," she said, "I've heard on the grapevine that the volunteers get put through the wringer."

"Just let her try putting me through it! I'll give her what for."

“Right everybody,” said Emily, "look at me, "and it must be said that her voice did carry an extraordinary level of authority, deep for a woman and resonant, “you’ve put your hands up because you want to volunteer. You’re so keen. You really want to do it. And now nothing will make you put your hand down. You just can’t do it. It’s stuck up there and will stay there until I tell you that you can put it down.”

That provoked a laugh. What a cheap trick. Nobody would be stuck with their hand up because of that. Hands came down all over the place. One after the other. Except that is for mine.  Somehow I couldn't put it down.  I looked wildly round, horrified that mine was the only hand still up. Everybody could see me trying to pull it down, but the power of suggestion was too strong; the more I tried, the more I found it impossible to do. It can be very strong - the power of suggestion you know. Emily knew there was always somebody who was susceptible.

Emily smiled, “Ladies and gentlemen,” she said (though there was only one gentleman), “we have our volunteer. Well done. Now I need you to wait outside while I explain to your colleagues what we’re going to do."

I reluctantly got up and went out the door. My hand was still up; that embarrassed me more than anything. And I had to stand outside struggling helplessly to get my hand down wondering what was going to happen; perhaps I wasn’t quite so immune to persuasion as I had thought, and I could hear the laughter of people inside as the persuasion techniques and their results were described. It was all part of the softening up process. The subject was supposed to hear.

It was ten minutes before I was allowed back in.  The girls seemed to be giggling expectantly.

“Oh, you can put your hand back down now Joe darling, unless you need the toilet of course,” it was a cheap jibe, but it got a big laugh. Emily sounded particularly condescending and patronising.

Of course calling me 'Joe darling' was all part of the strategy. You know why bosses and teachers and nurses and the like always call you by your first name. It's not to be friendly. It establishes their superiority. You are 'Bert' or 'Jim' and they are Sir or Miss or Nurse. My arm came straight down and I  looked round nervously.

“Well,” said Emily, “a big round of applause for the wonderful star performer,” I looked around with a slightly anxious glance. I normally enjoyed being the centre of attention, but this was different. I was beginning to wish I hadn't volunteered

Everybody clapped and cheered.

“Right Joe darling. What I need you to understand is you are key to this presentation. We’re relying on you to do things right, to help people to understand how these techniques work. Without your help your colleagues will get no benefit. I can see you’re not going to let us down, are you Joe.”

Well what can you answer to that, 'No – I am going to let you down’ – of course not. Already nervous with the softening up, I agreed that they could rely on me.

“So Joe, I’m going to keep you right through these presentations. I’ll make sure you do the right thing. You’ll trust me to do that. You have confidence in me haven’t you.”

‘You have confidence in me don’t you?’ the phrase that gave its name to the confidence trick. Nobody can bring themselves to say ‘No I don’t trust you’ so of course they say ‘yes’, and when they say ‘yes’ then they don’t feel able to contradict any more.

“Yes,” I said.

“Just do as I say Joe and we’ll be fine. All you have to do is follow my instructions to the letter. You’ll do it for me won’t you?”

Who’s going to say they can’t follow instructions, yet when you agree to it you mentally commit yourself to doing just that.

“And when you get it right just think how proud everyone will be of you, how good it will make you feel. You’ll have been the star.”

I bit my lip. I rather  liked the idea of being the star.  I am rather a show off after all, but of course the suggestion was planted that it made me feel good to follow her orders. These were typical soft sell techniques. Everybody knew that. Butter the client up. Make them feel good about themselves. Make them like you. Make them not want to disappoint you.

“So Joe we start with the first demonstration. I’m going to teach you to relax. Can you relax Joe?”

I nodded my head apprehensively.

“Kick off your shoes and socks Joe darling. You’ll not need those. Close your eyes Joe and listen to my voice. Can you hear my voice Joe?”

I nodded.

“I want you to concentrate on my voice and nothing else. Just my voice. Now think of somewhere where you were happy and relaxed. Somewhere out in the country with the sun shining, where the grass was green and a stream gushed nearby. Can you think of such a place Joe?”

I nodded my head.

“And you were happy and relaxed there Joe.”

I nodded my head.

“Now I want you to hold that vision in your head, because that vision relaxes you, that vision makes you feel good. Keep that vision in mind Joe darling because I’m going to relax your muscles now. First we have to stretch your muscles, then we can relax them. Now to stretch your muscles Joe. Stand with your feet slightly apart and bend forwards so you touch the floor. That's right Joe.  Now slowly stand up running your hands up the front of your body, up your legs, over your tummy, over your chest, up beside your head then stretch as high as you can. That’s right Joe, stretch those muscles. Arch your back, throw your head back, go up on your toes, reach up, reach up as high as you can, try and touch the sky.”

And there I was: barefoot, on tip-toes, back arched, head flung back, eyes still closed, reaching and reaching upwards.

“Hold it Joe darling, hold it. You can’t relax till I tell you. Hold it, hold it. And relax. All your muscles. Flop down onto a heap on the chair. All your muscles are so relaxed you can’t move.”

It was an old technique. The relaxed mind in a relaxed body is so receptive.

"Now Joe darling. I’m going to ask you some questions. Some of these questions will be embarrassing because I want the audience to see how the embarrassed person reacts. Embarrassment is an important part of persuasion. You get the client embarrassed, then they can relieve the embarrassment by making the purchase. Are you ready Joe darling" I nodded.

“Now sit up on the chair Joe”

I sat up. I was ready to be questioned. Emily set the camera up on my face and projected it on the screen so the audience could analyse my reaction in detail.

"Right. Your name is?"


"Right you can all see that there is no reaction to the simple question."

"And your height is?"

"Five foot eight."

"Okay Shorty," she paused a second, "oh - you can see he didn't like that comment. A slight shift in posture, eyes opening a bit, her face flushing slightly."

They’d all seen it in close up on the screen and nodded. I shuffled slightly in the seat wondering what was coming next, this analysing of my reaction unnerving me.

"And how big is your penis, Joe?. Okay - you'll all have seen that. The first real embarrassed reaction - the flush pass over the face and the eyes dropping slightly. Come on Joe you've got to answer."

The audience looked at the screen. I must have looked nervous. It was not a question I had been expecting or indeed liked answering.

"I wouldn't like to say."

"Come on, it's part of the demonstration.  Is it so small you don't want to admit it?"

"No, but it's rather an embarrassing question."

"Come on Joe.  I told you it would be embarrassing.  You volunteered to be embarrassed, so come on..."

"I've never measured it."

"Of course you have.  Every boy has.  Come On..  Tell us...  Girls..." she looked at the audience, "he's obviously got a little one..."

I couldn't have them thinking that.

"No... It's..."

"It's what?"

"Seven and a half inches," I  croaked, flushing more and hardly looking at the camera.  There was an audible gasp from the audience,  now they knew why I was embarrassed to answer.  It wasn't embarrassingly small, it was embarrassingly big.

"Next nervous reaction - the mouth goes dry, you get a lump in the throat and the voice croaks - and did you see how wide his pupils dilated."

They could see how the detailed description of my reactions made me nervous. I was finding it well, a bit disorientating.

"Well Joe, that is a big penis for a little boy aren't they? Isn't it Joe?" Pressurising me to answer.

The audience must have seen me looking like a scared rabbit

"Come on Joe darling. You do have a big one don't you. Don't you Joe?" Forcing me to answer.

"Yes," I croaked.

"And tell me Joe, have you ever worn ladies underwear?"

Oh no!  The girls had been told to wear the company's product, it was supposed to help them sell it better.  And I thought I would do the same.  So I was wearing 'Sexy Samantha' silk panties.  The pink ones, tied at the side with ribbons.  Well, they were comfortable, and I thought I looked sexy in them, and the feel of the silk against my bare skin...  Oh no!

"Oh that really embarrasses him. Persistent flush of the face and a nervous movement of the arm."

I couldn't admit to it.  I nervously shook my  head.

"Oh! Did you see the flick of the eyes. Look for the flick of the eyes up and right.  He's lying. It's a sure giveaway. You were lying weren't you Joe. Don't lie to me Joe , I can always tell"

I nodded.

"Do you like wearing girl's panties, Joe?"

I looked round nervously again.


"Don't lie to me...  Look at his shifting eyes girls...  And his dilated pupils..."

"Well perhaps..."

"Of course you do, don't you.  They make you feel sexy don't they?"

"Well perhaps a bit."

"Quite a lot I think..."


"And are you wearing them now?"

I didn't like to lie again.

"Er...  Yes..."

"See from the flush on his face how embarrassed that makes him.  He knows we're imagining him in his  girly panties.  So - relaxation technique again Joe," the full authoritative voice now.

I stood up visibly relieved at the break in questioning. But not for long.

"And for lying. This time you can do it wearing only your sexy girly panties."


"As a punishment for lying take off your shirt and trousers and do it in your panties!"

She knew this was the crucial point, that I had been stressed, stressed by the embarrassing nature of the questions and the analysis of my reactions, to make me more vulnerable to the request. It was a request that I would have laughed off under any normal circumstances. But I just sat there immobile.

"Joe!" Emily almost barked at me.

I just sat there and shook my head.

"Silly little boy," barked Emily, "I thought we could rely on you Joe, I thought you trusted me, and now you're going to spoil everything."

It was the sudden shift from soft sell to hard sell that was so disorientating . In the soft sell you make the subject feel good about co-operating - you're good cop. In the hard sell you make the subject feel bad about not not co-operating - you're bad cop. You are authoritarian, you are angry; you make the subject feel small.

And the smaller you feel the more likely you are to acquiesce. And I was feeling very small. Embarrassed, stressed and belittled I was going to cooperate.

And Emily knew that if I cooperated here she had me. This was something I would have had every right to refuse, and if I didn't then my will to resist was broken, and my feeling that I had to cooperate was reinforced.

And of course I did as she was told. Already. It hadn’t taken long. I told myself it was quite respectable.  No different to wearing a bathing costume.  I stood up, unbuttoned my shirt, took it off,  and hesitating slightly I dropped my trousers and stepped out of them.  I stood there in nothing but my Sexy Samantha panties trembling slightly.

"Right you can all see the signs of acute embarrassment here. The slight tremble, the nervous rubbing of his arm, the goose bumps on his bare skin."

She was right.  It was nothing like wearing a bathing costume.  The thin material was almost translucent and my cock was clearly outlined.

"Right Joe darling. Picture the relaxation scene again and listen to my voice. You are going to stretch you muscles first. Bend... And stretch..."

And I stretched, my big cock straining against the silky material of my panties, my bottom stretching the material as my back arched.

"Hold it, hold it... You can't relax till I tell you..."

And I  found that I was forced to hold the position.  I had been told that I couldn't relax till given permission, and the power of suggestion held me there.

The held stretch was another stress technique. It made my leg muscles ache and my back ache, and the fact that the I couldn’t break out of it stressed me even more. I was going to be made to stay stretched up on tip-toe until Emily permitted me to relax.

"And relax.". I crumpled back into the chair and the relentless questioning started again. Only this time I was even more vulnerable because I  was wearing nothing but a pair of sexy girly panties.

"Right Joe, when was the last time you had an orgasm with a girl watching..."

I couldn't say..  I couldn't.

"Oh Joe you're going to lie. Did you see the eyes flicker everyone, and he rubbed his arm again."

"Last Thursday," my voice was a croaked whisper.

"Joe!" The harsh tone was back, "you're lying."

The room burst into laughter and I cringed even more. I knew it was no good trying to lie any more.

"Well Joe?"

"I haven't."

"What do you mean you haven't?"

"I haven't ever had an orgasm with anyone watching.  I don't know what it's like," I was looking right down at the floor now.

"Who would have believed it! Big cock!  Likes wearing panties. Never had an orgasm with a girl watching.

"Okay Joe. Relaxation again."

"Okay Joe, now listen to my voice. Think of your happy place. Bend... And stretch..."
The alternation of the pressure of the questioning and the stretching technique also disorientates the brain, making it more vulnerable.

"And hold..." I was being made to hold myself stretched to my limit for longer and longer each time. In my receptive state, my brain wouldn't let me relax until told to, "and relax..."

I collapsed in the chair almost cringing at the thought of what the next question would be.

"Well Joe. Do you play with yourself a lot. How often do you masturbate?"

I knew I'd be caught out in any lie. I would have to tell the truth. Visibly shaking and looking straight at the floor I answered, "Every day." In my croaky nervous whisper.

"You mean you play with yourself every day and you've never had an orgasm with a girl watching?"

"Yes Miss.” I was completely broken

"Right Joe. Time for the final relaxation. You want that don't you Joe ? You want it to be all over."

"Yes Miss."

"Okay. Panties down Joe."

And I didn't even hesitate.  I was so much under her thumb, I didn't even hesitate.

"Yes Miss."

Emily watched as my panties came down. I saw her her little smile of triumph. I had deserved the full treatment. Needed to be taught a lesson.

And there I  stood in front of the girls, flushed, trembling and completely naked, in the embarrassed nude position.  You know it.  Red faced, trembling, knock kneed, hands covering my privates.  Panties round my ankles.

Emily beamed at the class.

"Well," she said, "you thought it couldn't be done. When I told you what I was going to do you said I could never make him naked. Not opinionated, assertive Joe, yet here he is stark naked in front of you. In spite of all his inhibitions and embarrassment I've made him strip naked in front of you all, entirely of his own volition.” There was a spontaneous round of applause.

"Come on Joe," she said, "final relaxation. Naked relaxation, and you are stark naked you know Joe, is always the best. Think of your happy place. Listen to my voice. Bend.... And stretch... And hold... And keep holding until I tell you to relax."

The girls watched as I bent and stretched, then stood there nude, completely nude. Trembling on tip-toe, my leg muscles taut, the cheeks of my bare bottom tight, my cock clearly visible. My back was arched pushing my bottom out and thrusting my cock out, my head flung back and my arms stretched high above my head stretching for the ceiling.

It was a highly erotic pose and unbearably uncomfortable to maintain, but Emily was going to keep me in it for the final demonstrate of her power.

"Well," said Emily, "Joe said he couldn't be taught anything, well as I said,  he needs to be taught a lesson."

I turned bright red. Still unable to move.

"Do you need to be taught a lesson Joe?"

"Yes Miss."

"Right Joe darling. You said you'd never had an orgasm with a girl watching.  Well now we are going to rectify that, you are going to have an orgasm.  With all the girls watching."

I blushed from head to toe and struggled and struggled to break free of the wretched pose that the power of suggestion held me in. It was no good. I was nude, my arms were above my head, my back was arched, my cock was thrust forwards, my bottom was stuck out, my legs were taut, I was on tip-toe and there was nothing I  could do about it.

"Right Joe, close your eyes."

My eyes snapped shut.

"Now you can feel a pair of hands gently caressing your balls. How good it feels. Those fingers gently fluttering of your bare skin, toying with your balls so that your penis starts to react."

I gasped, such was the power of suggestion, I could literally feel the hand caressing my balls. I suddenly felt more sexually aroused than I had ever been.

The watching group gasped as they saw my cock suddenly stand erect, saw my body tremble slightly, saw goose bumps appear and a clear sheen of perspiration coat my naked skin.

"Now one of the hands moves up your penis while the other continues to caress your balls. You can feel it can't you Joe. It is moving up your penis. It is stroking it gently."

And I gasped. I could feel it. Such was the thrall under which I was now held, I could feel it. Stroking my cock, increasing my arousal to fever pitch.

"Now Joe, it is gripping your penis, Gently up and down.  You can feel it can't you Joe?"

I nodded. An invisible hand was wanking me.

The crowd watched open mouthed as I started trembling more and more.

"Please, please," I moaned.

"You want it Joe. You're begging for it aren't you?"

"Yes, yes, please," I needed the relief so badly.

"And hold it..."

And I was held on the verge of orgasm.

Emily turned to the girls.

"That is the power of suggestion girls, he is desperate to orgasm, but he cannot orgasm until we let him.  So I suggest we take a break there and we can discuss what we have learned over coffee.

"But what about him?" asked one of the girls.

"Oh, he's not going anywhere."

"Please Miss," I said.

"Not a word," said Emily, "until we've finished out break."

And I found I couldn't speak.

And I stood there unable to move, in the middle of the room, naked, on tip-toe, my cock erect, unable to say a word as the girls walked round.  On the verge of orgasm.

"It is a big one..."

"Nice arse..."

"Nice balls..."

"Who'd have believed it..."

"Do you think she'll make him...?  With us all watching and everything...?"

"Of course..."


"It's all right.  He can't hear us...."

But of course I could.  Every word the girls said.  Their eager anticipation was evident.

"Okay girls," Emily clapped her hands and the girls resumed in their seats.

"Okay girls.  We've heard Joe admit he likes wearing girly panties.  Admit that he's never had an orgasm in front of an audience.  We've made him strip naked for us, and we've taken him to the brink of orgasm and made him wait.  Shall we let him have his relief girls?"

The chorus of "Yes!" Was unanimous.

"Okay Joe.  You can orgasm!  And another thing - ejaculate as hard and as high as you can.  The girls want a good show."

Suddenly the hand grasped my penis again.  It stroked rhythmically. I moaned, I screamed, I gasped as the power of the suggestion took over and my imagination did the rest. I was naked in front of an audience of girls and my penis was throbbing.

The onlookers watched, and I could see my face on the big screen as  I bucked, and squirmed and gasped until at last with a tremendous.

"Oooooooooooh!" my face contorted, my balls contracted, my hard cock fired, and the girls in the front row ducked.  But not quickly enough.

Then suddenly it was over.  I had orgasmed in front of the girls.  And obeyed my orders to the letter.

I opened my eyes and looked round. What had I done! I didn't know, but I had never felt anything like it. My cock subsided, but I still struggled to move.

"Please Miss."

"Yes Joe."

"Please can I move Miss."

"Well Joe darling, I'm not sure we've finished with you yet."

"Please Miss."

"Oh Joe - Cock erect!"

"Yes Miss," and I felt my cock stand rigid once again.

"Back arched!"

"Yes Miss," and I arched my back so that my cock thrust forwards.

"And stretch up," and my naked body stretched up on tiptoe reaching for the ceiling again.

"Emily," it was the voice of the sexy Samantha in the front row.  That was why I had chosen Sexy Samantha panties, "won't he be really embarrassed remembering all this?"

"Not at all I'm going to relax him completely now," she slapped me hard on the bottom, "he' s been a naughty boy, so I'll put him in a deep trance and tell him to forget everything."

...she slapped my bottom again.  This time hard on the right cheek

"Naughty boy! He'll just think he was showing off."

...and again.  (Left cheek)

"Naughty boy! That's what he normally does isn't it?"

...and again.  (Right cheek).

"Naughty boy! Exaggerates his performance."

...and again.  (Left cheek)

"Naughty boy!  So he won't remember a thing, but we have to give him a key in case we need him to remember.  I know - he'll only remember if one of us says to him 'Remember when you were ejaculating'.  Nobody will say that by mistake.  Will they?"

Slap!  (Right cheek)

"Naughty boy!"

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