Friday, June 12, 2015

Miss Annie interview coming and more illustrations on the way

Hi everyone,

An unexpected project came up with a community I work with sidetracked me this week. Here is what I have coming:

An interview with erotica fiction writer Miss Annie is coming. I'm working on getting more. We will see how that works...I also have some illustrations for Miss Annie's 7 Days.

I want to roll out a graph for the Martin Hastings Saga tomorrow, so everyone please make a comment.

I also have my pick of the week tomorrow.

By the way, the "Bridesmaid for a Friend" illustration has gotten more views than any other illustration I have posted here!? Why!? I can someone please tell me why? I won't make any judgements or criticize anyone. I just want to know why.


  1. I dont know why Bridesmaid is so popular. It was very good. Personally, I liked the one you did for Man Dating. That was great. I love all of your Martin illustrations.
    Cant wait to see the graph you made.

  2. Perhaps the number of hits you have received for "Bridesmaid" is tied to the popularity of the story on FM.
    I liked the drawing but my three favorite works from you are: "Mother's Day " "Martin and The Baron in Bed" and "Tabitha."
    Just my two cents

    1. Thanks for enjoying it! Bridesmaid for a friend actually was slammed by certain readers for not being "true" regardless I'm glad pele enjoyed it. There are a few more Martin visuals on the way! Thank you for supporting this by commenting!