Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Adventures of Rikki and Annabelle

I'm going over my my notes and found this last comic we did of The Adventures of Rikki and Annabelle. It was taken down on Rikki's Blog, but I decided to bring it back. If you are unfamiliar with the cartoon, its a cartoon about me and Rikki having fun with cliches of Forced Fem literature and Martin Saga mythos. Here is me and Rikki on the Martin Hastings Saga's "Princess Pedestal" from Ch 8 of Life and Times of Lady Vargos  


  1. I like your cartoons, you should post them all
    and will you post your martin and Baron pictures here too?
    Maybe you could make an illustration of Martin and Baron in the mens restroom after the banquet and Martin with the Baron straddling his face in chapter 10. Or, maybe just his face when Leanne woke him up in chapter 11, seeing him with dried semem all over his face.

    1. I'm working on it Jennifer. Thank you for the suggestion.

    2. Martin with the Barons Semen on his face would be a great illustration
      what do you think