Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pheobe Mills

I'm going to be working on Pheobe Mills next from the Martin Hastings Chracter Profiles section. I'm currently looking for help on suggestions for quotes to use for her profile. Suggestions are welcomed. Thank you!


  1. "Rumors are not lies Mrs. Vargos. I just asked the question is it possible that you were dressed as a girl when you were younger. Fair question based on the lifestyle you are living now,

    "Poor Mrs. Vargos is forced to dress like a woman and have sex with his husband," she giggled. "Is that the scenario that turns you on?"

    "Do you believe your masochistic and submissive tendencies are what attracted the Baron over the other men he dated?"

    "Really. Is that part of your fantasy. Being seen as a helpless sex slave," she said looking him over.

    There are a few good quotes from her. What happened to the Man Dating illustration is it still coming

  2. These are great Jennifer thanks! I sent an email to Caroline asking for her opinion. Have not heard back from her yet. Hmm..

  3. Well thank you Anabelle I am looking forward to it.

    I cant wait to see what the Man Dating illustration looks like. I love that story.