Thursday, October 1, 2015

Working on a new Adventures of Rikki & Annabelle episode

Hi Ladies,
I'm happy to announce I have another cartoon episode of our two heroines, erotic author Rikki and illustrator Annabelle on the way! Another collaborative effort between me and Rikki.

I also have a new 7 Days illustration on the way (if you can't get enough of it). Also a new story pick of the week with an illustration as well!


  1. 7 days is a very weird story. It wasnt very enjoyable. I liked the step sissy much more. Man Dating is a very good story too.

    What ever happened to your illustration of Phoebe? Did that get lost
    I love the cartoons you two do, and I am happy to hear you and RIkki are working together again

    1. Hello Jasmine, 7 Days is actually the most viewed story on this blog.

      Caroline has not contacted me for Man Dating, Step Sissy will get a few illustrations after the cartoon, but Pheobe will have to wait for a while.