Monday, July 13, 2015

Sorority Pledge (Story Pick of the Week)

This week Story Pick of the Week come from Kennal. Written and beautifully illustrated by Kennal, In the story/comicbook, Sorority Pledge a young man, named Brandon is trying to get into the fraternity at his college, but in order to to gain acceptance he has to break into the sorority sister's house and steal a pair of panties.

The young man is caught early on by the girls and is given an ultimatum, do as they say or be reported to the Dean who is one of the father of one the girls. Not wanting to get kicked out of college, the young man agrees and is quickly forced to strip naked in front of the other girls he is then ordered to put on a cute pink thong (likely the one he was going to steal) which awkwardly fits him.

The pink thong is just the tip of the iceberg, before he knows it he is corseted into a very tight short pink body hugging strapless dress, given breast forms, heels, given a slutty make over and has a blonde wig. Once Brandon looks in the mirror he realizes he has been made into a delicious young little minx now re-named "Brandy."
"Brandy?" -Brandon
"Yes!" - Sorority Sister
"Such a classy name for a little slut don't you think?" - Sorority Sister
"Little Slut?" -Brandon
 After the sorority sisters are done with their masterpiece, they take Brandy to a mysterious room inside the sorority house where he learns some shocking secrets of the sorority and later another big twist.

The story is very raunchy, but not tongue and cheek or vulger. Let's just say its very suggestive! Its cute enough that it could have been a story line to MTV's Undressed from back in the late 90's/Early 2000's, but with a little more "freedom" on sexual situations.

4 Stars! A great read and visual experience.

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