Thursday, July 2, 2015

Subjegated Step Sissy (Story Pick of the Week)

Years ago I found this incredible classic story on Sissy Girl, The Subjegated Step Sissy by Priscilla Gay Bouffant.

In this 2003 forced fem story, Ron, a lazy privileged 22 year old young man finally has fed up his father with his embarrassing ways. While on a trip in Europe Ron's father agrees to let his new wife, Nicole (Ron's Step-Mother) feminize Ron with the help of several lovely ladies (The Cassandra Sisterhood) into a meek proper young lady!
"In a word Ronnie, I’ve convinced your father to permit me, carte blanche, in turning you into a endearing, obedient, sweet daughter that the entire family will adore to have around. Won’t that be lovely?"
In order to turn Ron now "Rhonda" into the perfect obedient daughter, the sisterhood not only dress him in the most feminine outfits and trips to the salon, they also use enemas to fully clean him, paddles for discipline and even arrange a visit to the gynecologist!

Rhonda soon finds himself having sexual experiences with other males. In one erotic situation, he has another Nancy Boy's tongue down his throat and later between his legs! This makes Rhonda question his own sexuality.

Another complication for Rhonda in the story is the surprising crush that Antonio, a strong tall and dashing bi-sexual hair dresser has on our heroine! The crush Antonio has on Rhonda is very cute and Rhonda's reaction is priceless as he is strongly encouraged to pursue a relationship with Antonio by Nicole.
"Like many very international men; Europeans especially; he is very bi-curios. In your case the attraction, from his standpoint, is probably the fact that your are a stunningly striking, androgynous, effeminate beauty. You can’t blame him for being smitten. You also have tremendous potential as a lovely female and the cosmetologist in him sees that”
During the course of the story, Rhonda is made to do the daily chores that a woman of the house would do, he even is made to wash the underwear of the women in the household.

Looking for a way out and a way back home, Rhonda looks to his potential suitor for help in escaping from the Cassandra Sisterhood, but in return he agrees to allow the handsome Antonio to take him on dates and maybe perhaps into his bed! Yikes!

This story is broken into 4 parts and each one is masterfully written by Priscilla. A very entertaining and hot erotic short story, this story will keep you on the edge of your feet as Rhonda tries to make her escape from a life of forced young womanhood!

Fans of the the Martin Hastings Saga should definitely check this one out!  It's rare to have such a great composed erotic story available for free on the Internet, so take advantage of this great offering from Priscilla!


  1. I hope you dont forget updating this with your art now that you have your other site up.
    But I fear you will :(

    1. Jennifer, did you like the story enough that you want to see some art to to it?

  2. This is one of the earliest forced fem stories I came across on the Internet. Good to see someone else noticed it!

    1. Oh I have noticed this story for a long time Lisa Tucker!

  3. Please show the "Hollywood ingénue" negligee and turban outfit!

    1. Hmmm...I think I can do that. Give me some time though.