Saturday, September 26, 2015

New Art added to Miss Annie's 7 Days added!

Good morning,
Miss Annie was so kind to bless us again with her writing gift by expanding on the "Bridget's" first kiss with a boy on Day 4 of her classic story. I also added a new illustration to compliment it. Please remember to leave us a comment. Thank you!


  1. Does the story take place in the 1950s? I love 1950s fashion. The skirts, gloves, stockings, also the prom beehive updo. Very nice artwork!

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you liked my art. I asked Miss Annie for her thoughts on the timeline for you.

  3. I wish it did. In fact, I wish more stories took place in the 1950's.

    This picture is used for her big date scene and the 1950's was the inspiration. I was going for the 'goody two shoes' school girl look from the 1950's with the large skirts and sweaters. All it was missing was some saddle shoes.

    The story takes place in modern times, but there are heavy 1950's references because that is what I adore. The 1950's were only used for inspiration.

    1. You should write a 1950s set story! The only one I know of is Cheryl Lynn's Replacement Therapy on Fictionmania.

    2. *Giggles* I should. I've done so many references about the 1950's in my stories that actually doing one set in that time period would be nice.

      I love historical stories, but it's just a matter of my writing muse being active again and the perfect story plot!