A Big Strong Lass Part 2


Meekly I stood up and went to pick up my towel. My penis was still rigid. She seemed to have done something to it so that it wouldn't go down, so that it would stay in a state of heightened expectancy and extreme sensitivity until she released it.

"Did I say you could get dressed?"

"No, but..."

"But nothing. You get yourself into the kitchen, the floor needs scrubbing," she held out a scrubbing brush and I automatically took it.

"There you are then. Off you go. You don't want to live in a dirty house do you?"

"No Sharon,"

I didn't know what to do. I couldn't stand up to bossy girls. Sharon had won. She was really in charge now. Somehow she seemed to have taken control of my penis, and once she’d got me stripped and got control of my penis I’d lost. My chance to assert myself was gone forever; from now on I would have to do as I was told.

"Well get going. You can have your clothes back when the house is spotless."

Short of fighting her to get my clothes back I was going to have to stay in the nude until she let me get dressed. And she wasn't going to let me get dressed until I’d scrubbed the kitchen floor.

"What about..." I looked down at my still throbbing penis.

"I've given it a special stimulation," she said, "it will stay like that till I release it."

"Yes Sharon," I said. I took the scrubbing brush and went into the kitchen.

Sharon looked at me down on my hands and knees polishing the floor stark naked. My bare bottom in the air.

"Harder," she said, "or you'll feel my boot up your behind."

"Yes Sharon."

"When you've done the floor you can bring me a cup of tea. I'm putting my feet up in the living room."

"Yes Sharon."

I scrubbed and polished the floor as best I could. I tried to will my cock down but it remained stubbornly up. What had she done! Whatever it was it had been effective. Perhaps if I... My hand moved towards it...


The electric shock went through it again. I didn't date take hold of it.

If only I could get dressed. I looked round the kitchen. There were no clothes there and I didn't dare try to cover myself with the tea towel. I had to go through the living room. Did I dare march past Sharon naked? No I didn't. I thought it more prudent to make her a cup of tea.

I put the kettle on and made the tea. I put two cups and a milk jug on a tray and took it through to Sharon.

"Who said you were having a cup?" She asked.

"I thought..."

"Well don't think... And where's the biscuits. Come on Nudie Boy, fetch some biscuits."

I went back into the kitchen. I didn't have any biscuits. But I did have a plan. I could sneak out the back door, round the side of my house and in through the side door. That way I could get to my bedroom. As quietly as I could I slipped out. I crept along the path and turned the corner, and there straight in front of me was Mary McTavish, my next door neighbour. Being caught nude by your neighbour was about the most embarrassing thing I thought could happen to me, and my cock, it was pointing at the sky and I couldn't get it down. I looked at her open mouthed, but she just smiled and said, "Bit chilly for that isn't it?"

I could do nothing but smile back and scuttle into the house. My ordeal was nearly over. I crept to my bedroom and quietly tried the door handle. The door wouldn't move. I tried again, and again, and again, more and more frantically each time until...

"Looking for something?"

I turned and saw Sharon standing there, a key in her hand. She locked my bedroom door. With deliberation she popped the key down the front of her blouse. The meaning was obvious. I was her naked nudie boy and I was going to stay that way.

"I was looking for biscuits," I mumbled.

"Well you won't find them in the bedroom Nudie Boy."

"No," said I, "Sorry."

"No problem. Just nip next door and ask to borrow some..."

"I can't. Not in the nude. Please."

"Go on. I'm waiting."

"Please. Can I just have my cock down."

"I own your cock and it will stay up for good if you don't do as you're told."

I crept next door wondering why on earth I was doing this. Sharon was my cleaner for goodness sake. How had she got this domination over me? How had she got control over my cock? Why did I feel compelled to do as she said? I knew the reason though. I was nude and when you're nude you do as you're told.

Full of fear and trepidation I knocked on Mary's door. She answered quickly.

"Isn't it a bit chilly to be dressed like that," she said, "or undressed rather."

"Er..." I was lost for words.

Mary waited a couple of minutes, then, "As much as I enjoy admiring your impressive male appendage I haven't got all day. What was it you were wanting?"

"Biscuits," stammered I.


"Have you got any?"

"Um.... Yes."

I, standing at the front door completely nude was terrified in case somebody came by or one of the neighbours saw me. Dreadful Mrs Hardcastle from across the road or even worse sexy Selina from up the street. I was amazed nobody had come past yet.

"Can I come in?" I gasped at last.

"Do you really want to?"

"Yes of course."

"Well if you insist."

I looked round again. Somebody was bound to come along soon.

"Please!" I said.

"All right," and she led me through into the sitting room. I followed her, then stood and gasped. Sitting all round the room were the women from the street. Mrs Hardcastle, Sexy Selina, the lot.

"This is my neighbour," said Mary, "And this is our little ladies critics group."

Critics group my arse, thought I, and I rarely used words like arse. I had been set up. I had been set up good and proper. No wonder she hadn't batted an eyelid at the sight of my cock. She must have been in on the whole thing from the start.

"Hello," said I, horribly aware of my nudity and trying to hide my cock...

"He likes to show the girls his cock, so I invited him round today."

"No I don't," blustered I.

"In that case why were you wandering around outside in the altogether waiting for me to come out. And more to the point. Why is your cock like that?"

"I... I...” I didn't know what to say. I had been outside in the altogether. My cock was like that.

"So you like to show girls your cock."

"I suppose..." I said, unable to think of anything else to say.

"Well let's all see then."

I was forced to display my cock to the assembled group, proud and erect.

"There we are ladies, critical comments on this cock please."

"Nine out of ten", "I'd pay good money to see that", "... me! I don't mean that literally. Pity we can't measure it."

Except they did measure it.


The electric shock seized hold of my cock again as Mary's fingers brushed against it.

"Please," I gasped, "it's too sensitive to touch."

"Well I never! Eight inches!" Exclaimed Mary as she took away the tape measure.

The ladies looked impressed.

"... me!" said Selina, and she didn't even add that she didn't mean it literally.

"Ginger nuts," said Mary.

"I can't help it," I said, "It's my natural colour."

"I meant the biscuits," said Mary.


There was a ring at the door.

"Come on in," shouted Mary.

Sharon appeared to a spontaneous round of applause while I stood there red faced, dry mouthed and legs shaking. Her prize exhibit,

"How on earth did you do it!" Said Mary, "very impressive! Can you teach us?"

"It's an old Tantric massage trick I was taught when I worked in an Eastern... I mean when I worked out east. It was developed as a cure for what we might call limp willy but the adverts always seem to refer to as erectile dysfunction. Eastern princesses used to use it on their bed slaves so they could pleasure them all night. It won't go off and it won't go down till I release it."

"But can you teach us," Mrs Hardcastle looked expectantly. Her husband, George, looked the sort who would benefit from it.

"You have to be a big strong lass," said Sharon, "and to know the technique. You dig your knuckles hard into the buttocks to stimulate the penile nerve and up it goes. Permanently. You have to have strength and technique, but once you've done it you have control of the cock and it stays like that till you release it."

"And how do you release it?"

"That would be telling now."

I listened with growing horror. My cock was up permanently unless I did what Sharon told me. I was completely in her power.

"But those, what did you call them, bed slaves?" Mrs Hardcastle was still fascinated by the subject, "their... Their... Er... Thingies... Would be super sensitive. Didn't they object?"

"I don't think they had much choice in the matter. Their thingies, as you so politely put it, got more and more sensitive, until they were begging for relief, and they didn't get relief until they had performed to satisfaction."

"Fascinating," said Mrs Hardcastle, "perhaps a talk to the Women's Institute on the subject? The WI is very progressive on the subject you know. I mean the subject of alternative medicine of course. I'm sure Mr er... Mr...," she couldn't even remember my name "would be pleased to demonstrate the effect."

Demonstrate! Sharon looked at me.

"Yes, of course," I mumbled. I could hardly say anything else. Until she released my cock I was hers to command. And once my cock was down they wouldn't see me for dust.

"Excellent," said Sharon, "when's the meeting on?"

Mrs Hardcastle looked at her watch, "In about an hour," she said, "after lunch."

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