Job Interview 3


"Come on and meet the girls," Monica took me by the hand and led me towards the door into the outer office where the three girls who worked in the department had their desks.

"But I can't," I said wiping my eyes, "I've got nothing on..."

"Oh the girls won't mind that and I think they have a little game to play, to see if you'll fit in."

"But... But..."

"But what?"

"But it's... My... Oh dear..."

"You mean your penis is up. I don't know why you men have to be so shy about these things. We girls don't mind. In fact, knowing the game the girls want to play it might be a positive benefit. For you that is."

She led me through the door.

"Here he is girls! He's passed the tests so far, even if he needed a bit of encouragement."

She pointed out the stripes on my bottom and a big cheer went up.

"So he's shown he's a good sport and can take his punishment from a girl like a good man should. Now you need to see if he'll fit in. I'll leave him in your capable hands"

Monica returned to her room and I was left like a nude statue trying to cover my penis with my hands.

"Hi," said a bright looking girl with dark hair, "I'm Veronica. Did she get you with her new came then. Brought that over from Ireland she did. Said she'd have you stripped and whacked before she brought you through. That's Monica for you. That's why she's in charge."

"Yes... Well... I... Er..."

"Sting a bit does it?"


"Tell you what, you get over my knee and I'll rub some cold cream in while I tell you what we're going to do."

She wouldn't take no for an answer and I was soon over her knee and she was massaging my bottom with cream. And not only my bottom...

"Er... You're er... Rubbing it in my er..."

"Well a bit of cream up there'll not do any harm, or round here..."

Oh heck... Where else was she going to go? There was no chance of my cock going down with her massaging there!

"Now," she said when she'd finished (and I must say my bottom felt a lot better for it) "I'll tell you what we're going to do. We're going to play f*ck, marry or dump - or at least our own version of it. You're going to stand up on the table at the end of the room and answer the girls' questions. After twenty minutes we take a vote. If the majority is marry, then you have a job, if it is dump then your sent home in the altogether with six stripes on your bum. Okay?"

"But what if a girl votes well.. The other..."

"You mean f*ck. Don't be so shy! We know what you mean. Well, not very likely is it? But I suppose in that case you can stay, but only if you f*ck the girl first. Can't say fairer than that can I?"

"I suppose not," I mean no girl was going to say that was she?

"Up on the table with you then. First question. Sharon?"

A well endowed blonde with a short skirt and big boobs stood up.

"How many girls have you had sex with?"

"Well that er... Depends what you mean by sex."

"No it doesn't. How many girls have you actually shagged?"

"Well, if you mean actually, your actual..."

"Yes your actual..."

"Well none,"

"Nine did you say. Not bad for a little un'."

"No, not nine, er... None."

"You mean you've never had a girl. Oh... How disappointing."

"Yes, right. Not a big impression there," said Veronica, "what's your question Beryl?"

Beryl was short and rather saucy looking.

"How many girls have seen you naked?"

"Well er... Including today, well that's five of you. Then there was the chamber maid at the hotel last night, and then she brought her friend back with her. Then the hotel manager after they complained. Then the policewomen. And the time I got locked out my hotel room with nothing on and that party of oriental schoolgirls joined me in the lift. And there were the girls who stripped me at the swimming pool last week when I got in the wrong changing room. Then of course the girls at the graduation party, and the fourth form girls at school. Then there was... Oh dear. About a hundred and forty three I think."

"Well that was a bit more impressive. Tracey?"

"Tracey was a chirpy lass with an East Enders accent."

"Wot's yer favourite sex fantasy then Babes?"

"Oh dear. Being seduced by a sexy girl I suppose."

"And then there's my question," Veronica came last

"Would you f*ck one of us to get the job?"

"Yes, of course..." I mean, what else could I say.

"So time for the vote. Sharon?"


No surprise there.



I was in with a chance then.



"All down to me then," said Veronica, "and I say marry. So it's a tie."

"What happens now," I had visions of walking home in the nude if it was a tie.

"Oh, I think we let Marlene have the casting vote."

"Who's Marlene?"

"This is Marlene," said Sharon suddenly opening a cupboard door to reveal... Oh my gosh! A life sized sex doll. There was no doubt what Marlene was going to say.

"F*ck!" pronounced Veronica posing as Marlene.

I'd been set up. I was going to have to f*ck the sex doll to get the job, or walk home in the altogether.

"Well you did say you'd f*ck one of us to get the job. Looks like it's going to be Marlene. A sort of first for our little virgin."

The naked Marlene was bent over the desk, her strikingly realistic vaginal lips pouting. My cock was now as hard as a rock again. I was going to have to... I didn't have a choice. And I wanted to... Now it had come to it I wanted to f*ck Marlene just to show the girls I could do it. To show them what I was made of.

My cock went up and I started to...


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