Running the Gauntlet


I checked into the small boutique hotel in the centre of the big city.  Another few days in another anonymous place.  Business trips bored me, but still I liked these small hotels - they were much nicer than those wretched big chain hotels which were identical whether you were in Bangkok or Bangor.

The nice young girl on reception smiled at me.  Her name badge showed her to be Diane and she was very pretty with long blonde hair, a round neat face and eyes tinged with green.

I smiled back nervously.  Pretty girls made me nervous when they smiled and it produced an embarrassing stirring in my penis, which was heightened when she leant forwards to give me the registration form, for as she did so her blouse, with the two top buttons undone, gaped slightly to reveal a cleavage indicative of two very buxom bosoms underneath.  My penis stirred some more and I found his hand shaking slightly as I started to fill the form in.

The girl noticed and grinned.  She reached back for a room key.

"Number forty-seven," she said.

I picked up the key and turned to go when a woman who had been working at a desk behind Diane suddenly looked up smiled and said.

"Room twelve I think Diane," she was one of those women in their mid-thirties who seemed blessed with a patina of authority.  You just knew from the way she dressed, from her bearing, from the command in her voice that she was used to getting what she wanted.  She was the sort of woman that made me tremble a bit at the knees.  She was dressed in a tailored skirt coming just above the knee and wore a smart dark jacket over her white blouse.  She had short dark hair and an attractive if somewhat angular face.  Her voice was deep for a woman and she spoke with authority.  She was someone who knew her own mind and was used to getting her own way.  I took her to be the owner/manager.

I noticed Diane flush some more as I looked at her quizzically.

"It's an upgrade," she said quickly, turning brighter red.

I took the new key.  An upgrade!  I never got upgrades.  Perhaps I had made a good impression.  Why had Diane blushed so much though.  The fleeting thought hat she might have fancied me passed through my brain but I dismissed it immediately.  Girls as pretty as that never fancied me.

I found his way to my new room on the ground floor round a couple of corridors and dumped my bag on the bed.  It was a nice room, big and airy with large king size bed.  Much better than the poky cheap rooms my company usually stuck me in.  I smiled.  My lucky day!

I unpacked my bag methodically - I am a methodical sort of person - and went to look in the bathroom.  I whistled to myself.  It was top quality - big, luxurious full size bathtub.  I looked at it more closely - it was a whirlpool spa tub.  The room was fitted with a large and powerful shower in the corner enclosed in a clear cubicle with a big glass mirror down one wall.  Well I was in luck.  A large and powerful shower was just what I needed after a long hot journey.

I went back into the bedroom and stripped off and admired my naked body.  I looked good.  Diane didn't know what she was missing.  I returned to the bathroom and pulled the cord which switched on the power shower, jumping slightly as the extractor fan came on with a loud buzzing noise and the bathroom light became suddenly brighter.

I turned stepped into the shower, closed the door and looked at myself in the full length mirror that formed one wall of the shower cubicle.  I thought I cut quite a smart figure naked.  After all I am slim, good looking and, well, nicely proportioned if you know what I mean.  A big one if you need it spelling out!

The sound of girls voices could be heard vaguely from an adjoining room and my mind suddenly flashed to the pretty Diane and her delightful flush, and the glimpse I'd had of her nicely proportioned bosoms.  My penis started to stir at the thought and before I knew it, it was getting quite excited.  I looked down at it and as if accompanied by a sudden burst of laughter from the girls next door (what were they up to he wondered) it rose majestically to full height.  I looked at it some more.  Definitely well proportioned!  Definitely in need of some attention, and with some vigour thoughts of the delightful Diane's bosoms I gave it all the attention it needed.

After, how shall I put this delicately, the climax, I turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature before stepping under.  It felt good.  It made my skin tingle.  I directed the lower jets straight at my now relaxed but still tingly penis.  That felt even better!  Squirting some soap onto my hands I started rubbing myself down, a bit embarrassed at having pleasured myself in the shower while watching in the mirror.  "Don't be silly," I said to myself, "it isn't as if anyone was watching."


Diane and I sat in the gloom watching proceedings through the large two way mirror set in the shower wall. It gave an excellent view. I chose the guests for the 'special' upgrade room carefully. Always the good looking ones that would provide the best entertainment.  I was smiling slightly.  He had already got excited and given us, what shall I say, the full performance.  Diane was bright red with her hand clapped over mouth.

"So that's what boys do in the shower - they play with their willies!"

"Stop laughing Diane, He'll hear!"

But the way he had directed the jet!  Straight at his willy!  It was so funny Diane roared and laughed.

I turned to Diane and winked, my hand move to some controls on the wall beside me.


I was really was enjoying my shower.  I had put the jet on pulse mode and as hot as I could bear it.  Suddenly, without any warning, all the jets went full on stone cold.  As if somebody had pressed a button to switch to freezing cold.  The freezing water struck my hot skin like an icy blast with what seemed like the coldest of the lot hitting my poor willy with particular force.  I heard more girly shrieks from the adjoining room.  It was almost as if the girls were watching me as I struggled to adjust the temperature.  It was no good, it wouldn't change.  I tried to escape from the icy blast but somehow the door wouldn't open.  The water suddenly went back to red hot again, and as soon as my skin was red hot it went back to icy cold.  I was trapped, shrieking as the icy blast hit me.


Watching through the two way mirror, Diane had stuffed her hand in her mouth.  It was the first time she had watched one of these shows.  I had only told her about them that morning and she was having a terrible time stopping herself from laughing.  Under the influence of the freezing water the once proud willy had shrunk to a comical little appendage – it was so funny!  And she knew what was coming next.  I adjusted the control again.

He shrieked.  He hardly touched anything and the water was scalding hot again.  The hot water bouncing off his now freezing skin made him hop up and down so that his bouncing willy made poor Diane nearly split her sides.  He was wrestling with the controls as I moved the control to stone cold again.

He was frantically grappling with the taps.  He tried to turn the freezing water off but unknown to him I was now in full control of the water and the jets of freezing water continued to blast him no matter what he did.  He turned to the door.  He was trying to escape.  Diane looked disappointingly at me but, I just grinned back and flicked a small switch with ‘Locked’ written on it.

He pushed at the door and nothing happened.  He shoved, he eased, he tried sharp pulls and pushes, but the door wouldn’t move.  He was trapped in the shower until I released him.  We looked at him stark naked, being sprayed with freezing cold water.

Diane watched in increasing hysterics at his frantic attempts to escape as I altered the water from freezing cold to boiling hot to freezing cold every couple of minutes.  He jumped up and down in the cold water becoming more and more frantic, his little willy bouncing and his bottom becoming redder and redder as the jet of now steaming hot water struck it.

I looked round alarmed.  I was trapped.  Perhaps it was the hinge on the door.  The hinge at the bottom protruded out, perhaps if I rubbed some soap on it, it would release it.  If I could just get down to it.  There wasn't a lot of room in the shower cubicle, but if I bent over, with my bottom just about touching the mirror at the other side. And I got my legs as far apart as they would go!  I tried it.  Bending right over, lubricating the hinge with the soap. Something was obviously amusing the girls next door as howls of laughter could be heard.  But it was no good, the door wouldn't move, and as the water changed to freezing again, started jumping up and down and trying to force the door.

And then I saw it hanging from the ceiling. The red emergency cord, and I knew I would have to pull it and be rescued trapped naked in the shower.  It was too embarrassing for words.  But as I hesitated the water turned freezing again.  I couldn't stop it, I couldn't control it, and I couldn't get out.  I knew I could stand it no longer.  I pulled the red cord, and as I did so I heard a buzzer sound in the room next door.


Diane was in fits of laughter.  In his desperate attempt to get out he had bent right over with his legs wide apart to work on the door hinge.  His back was to the mirror and as he bent over we got an amazing view, right up his bottom giving is a close up of his intimate orifice, his legs apart and his manly orbs dangling down between them.  You don't see that very often, I moved the video camera to record a close up.  Poor Diane was stuffing her hand in her mouth.  Her shrieks of laughter  were so loud he must have heard.

Then he started to get mad, dancing about in a sort of wild frenzy, his balls bouncing and his willy swinging round like a pendulum.  I put the freezing water on to calm him down.  If I hadn't Diane would probably have collapsed with suppressed laughter. It was then that he saw the emergency cord.  They always do sooner or later.

As the buzzer went off I winked at Diane.

"Here's the pass key.  Go and see what further embarrassments you can heap on the unfortunate guest."


Stuck in the shower cubicle I prayed and prayed it would not be the pretty girl off reception.  My prayers were not answered.  I tried to appear nonchalant as the head appeared round the door. I was not in luck, my willy was going up again even as Diane's head appeared round the door and all hope of nonchalance was lost.

I had never been so embarrassed in my life.  Trapped stark naked in a glass shower cubicle while a pretty girl watched convulsed with laughter.


I was convulsed with laughter as well as the man vainly tried to hide his increasingly excited willy from Diane's gaze.  But whenever he put his hands over it Diane indicated to him to use them to push the door.  I hadn't seem anything so funny in years.

So, what with trying to cover his willy and following Diane's instructions to push the door, by the time I let him out he was bright red and shaking with embarrassment.  He dashed for a towel, ushered Diane out and sat down on the toilet with his face in his hands.  The picture of embarrassed humiliation.


After I had recovered sufficiently I had only one thing on my mind; to get out of the hotel as quickly as I could and not come back until Diane had gone..

Next day I sneaked back into the hotel.  Thank goodness I'd avoided her again.  It would be just too embarrassing to meet her again after the events of the previous day.  I went into the bathroom again, and again there seemed to be a loud buzzing noise when he switched on the light. I looked around.  It went on for a minute or two and then seemed to stop.  The conviction came into my mind that this had something to do with my wretched experience of the previous day. I just couldn't risk the shower again if that was going to happen another time.

I was going to have to brave the reception desk.  I was going to have to check that somebody had mended the shower.  On my way back he just hoped and prayed that I wouldn't encounter Diane there.

I needn't have worried.  There was nobody on the desk.  Nervously I rang the bell.  Nobody appeared, but I heard sounds of laughter coming from a room behind.  Intrigued, and being unusually bold for me I crept round and peered through the door into the back office.  It was empty.  I crept across and listened at a door the far side.  I'll never knew why I did it.  It was totally out of character for me, but I opened the door and what I saw made my mouth drop open with astonishment.  Through what appeared to be a large window at the far side of the room the inside of my luxurious shower  was clearly visible.  Sitting, waiting for something to happen were Diane and the hotel boss who had suggested I get the room upgrade.  Beside them on tripod was a large professional video camera. In a flash I understood it all.  When I switched the light on a buzzer sounded and the girls, summoned by the sound, settled themselves down to watch.

I looked from Manageress to Diane and back again.  Diane had gone bright red and had her hand clasped over her mouth.  The ever confident Manageress smiled and just said, "Hello, I'm Salina, Can I help you?"


It was bound to happen some time.  One of the victims would find out about our viewing room, and of course Diane had made so much noise laughing that I wasn't surprised that Big Willy Man, as we had christened him, had become suspicious.  I was surprised a bit that he had had the wit to track us down.  Still, there was always Plan B.  That was where the stupid Mr Arsehole had gone wrong, well his real name was Eric Castle, but I always thought of him as Eric Arsehole.  I remembered when I'd been stuck in that shower with the blasts of hot and cold water, well I knew something was up straight away.  So when he released the shower door I'd marched straight round to his office, without even stopping to put any clothes on and caught him red handed.  After that it had been easy to blackmail him into selling me the hotel for a quarter of its real price.  But then stupid Mr Arsehole hadn't had a Plan B.  I had.


I had thought long and hard about the revenge I would exact.  I had caught them red handed, they were in my power and I was determined that they would not get away with it.  Even so I was surprised at the ease with which Salina acquiesced.  I had thought that she would put up some sort of a fight, but she just smiled and said "OK".

Still, I supposed, she wasn't the one who was going to be humiliated.  I knew why I had decided on Diane for victim.  It wasn't just that she had seen me naked.  It was that I wanted to see her naked!  She shouldn't have given me a glimpse of those bosoms.


I had expected Big Willy Man to threaten is with the forces of the law, he didn't seem to be the sort who would resort to revenge blackmail.  But there it was, and poor Diane was to be the victim.  Oh heck!  Plan B was out the window, but ideas for a Plan C were already forming, and somehow it all seemed so appropriate.


A punishment to fit the crime.  That's what I had decided on and the idea filled me with excitement as I sat in the car with Salina and Diane driving towards the shopping precinct.  I could have reported them to somebody I suppose, but the publicity would have been so embarrassing, anyway this was a much better punishment.  I had seen a video on the internet of a girl being made to walk stark naked in the open air in a shopping precinct and I had so wished he had been there to see it.  Now I was going to see it.  Poor Diane was wearing a long zip up track suit top, and underneath I had told her to wear nothing else.  When we arrived at our destination she was going to have to take it off and walk stark naked the whole length of the shops while I filmed her on my phone.  Total humiliation - that was my aim.  The walk of shame I had decided to call it when I uploaded it.  I imagined her embarrassment she would feel as she took off the track suit top and stood completely nude with everyone looking at her.  And then having to walk past everyone.  And to add to the fun the weather was icy and there was three inches of snow on the ground.  Those bosoms would stand out firm and proud in the cold, her nipples big, firm and erect.  A very apt punishment indeed.

They pulled into the parking lot.

"Ready?" I asked almost having palpitations with excitement.

"Just a minute," said Salina, taking something out of her hold all.  I did a double take.  It was my laptop.  How had she got my laptop, then I realised.  They had my room pass key.  It would be no problem.

Salina opened it up and immediately, crystal clear on the state of the art screen, my image appeared.  Of course!  The video camera.  They had filmed me in the nude, in the shower, pleasuring my willy.  It was too embarrassing for words.  It wasn't just a flicking image on a phone.  This was a professional video camera and it had been edited into a proper little film with commentary and everything.  The moment of climax was repeated over and over, with my face in close up in one corner of the screen.  Diane was going to have to pay for this. I would keep her out in the cold till her titties turned blue.

Salina turned and smiled, clicking the video off and bringing up in its place an e-mail.  I stared.  How had she got into my e-mail account.  It was password protected !

Salina smiled again.  "Honestly, using your birthday for a password.  You see the e-mail.  It has a link on it to the Exposr site where I've uploaded your sweet little video.  Thousands of people are going to see it.  You can't help that now.  But well...  Do want me to send this?" she asked.

I looked at the e-mail.  It was addressed to everyone on my contact list.  Friends, work colleagues, next door neighbour.  Horror stricken I could only shake my head.

"Then you're going to do exactly as I say."

I realised now that there was no way I could make Diane do the walk of shame.  But then, glory be, Diane was unzipping her track suit top.  Perhaps she was going to do it after all.  But then I was confused. When she took the top off she was wearing shorts and a pullover.  She had been supposed to be naked underneath.  And why was she handing me the top.  And then as Salina switched on her video camera my mouth went dry. I realised exactly why.  Exactly what Salina was going to tell me to do.

I stood on the pavement.  My feet were freezing cold in the snow. I didn't realise my feet could get so cold.  But then I had never been in the cold in bare feet before.  I felt the wind blow up the track suit top as I fingered the zip. I thought about refusing to do it.  Of getting back in the car and telling Salina she could do her worst.  But I knew that was impossible.  She would send the video link to all my contacts: all those friends, relatives, workmates.  Vanessa next door would see me playing with my willy.  Sexy Vanessa, who I fancied so much, but never dared ask for a fuck, though she always seemed up for it.  I'd never get a fuck off her now, not after she'd seen me playing with my willy.  It was just too embarrassing.  I just couldn't let that happen.  Shaking with embarrassment I took hold of the zip.

Salina smiled.  "Try to make Diane appear nude in public would you, well, you deserve all you're going to get."

She motioned to me to pull the zipper down and held out her hand.  I took off the top and handed it over.  The icy wind blew over my bare skin.  The walk of shame.  The tables had been turned completely.  I was the victim of my own scheme.  This wasn't the bathroom.  I was completely nude.  In public.  In the icy cold.  I was going to have to do the nude walk and Diane would watch, and Salina would video it.  Legs trembling I set off on the walk.  And as the people stopped and stared I started to walk to the end of the precinct.  I looked down.  My willy, still impressive despite the cold, had turned blue.  At that moment the first snowball hit me.  I shrieked and started running.


"You just have to see this," Sexy Vanessa from the flat next door had invited me round for coffee.  In her short skirt and high heels.  Perhaps, if I screwed up courage enough I could ask her for a fuck.  I was good looking, and everyone knew Vanessa had fucked the whole street apart from old Mr McGonagle and me, why couldn't I just ask her?

"Vanessa," I croaked.

"Yes, what is it?"

"I wondered perhaps if I could have a... A..."

"A what?"

"You know a..." I couldn't get the words out, "A... A fu...  A fu...," it was no good, "a full cup of coffee."

"Never mind that.  You've got to see this..."

She switched on her laptop.

"It's gone viral," she said, and on the screen then image of a man appeared, running naked through the snow, being pelted with snowballs, "It's a video called 'Running the Gauntlet'. It's been uploaded to that charity website, you know the one, Naked Relief it's called."

Of course I did .  And I knew why Salina would have uploaded it there.  Loads of people watched that website.  They could look at naked people without going anywhere near a porn site.

"Look at this bit," she said, "oooof!  Poor soul!"

I remembered it well.  The snowball, propelled with some force, had hit me full on on the most sensitive part of my anatomy.

"Poor soul," repeated Vanessa, "right on his privates.  That must have hurt!"

"Er... Yes...," was all I could say.  Well it had.

"Brave lad for doing this," she added, "pity we can't make out his face.  It would be a picture.  Let's see it to the end.  I haven't seen it all yet."

I watched my progress as I slipped in the snow and fell,  staggered up and as the onlookers cheered and joined in the snowball throwing I finally reached the end.  Where Salina had been standing with the video camera.  And slowly the camera panned up my naked body, showing every bit in clearest detail until, filling the screen was my bright red face.

"Oh my God!" said Vanessa, "it's you!"

"Er...  Yes..." I said.  Oh no!  Vanessa had seen me naked and humiliated.  No chance now!

"Why did you do it?"

"Well you know.  Er... For charity..."

"How wonderful!  And, very impressive I may say, even if it did go a bit blue after the snowball hit it.  It was a bit mean of the person filming it to linger quite so long on your willy at that point," she hesitated for a moment as if thinking of something, "I didn't think you'd be so well... Brave.  You always seemed so shy.  I'd have asked before, but you always seemed so reserved I didn't like to..."

"Like to what?"

"Ask you for a fuck of course..."

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