Sauna Reward


Stuck in a hotel overnight with Tanya.  Every man's wet dream you might think.  Tanya, from our Romanian office, was after all the sexiest thing on two legs I'd ever seen.  And what legs!  Long and slender, with beautiful thighs, as far up as you could see that is.  And you could see a long way up given the length of skirts she wore.  Her waist was slim and her bosoms ample, as far down as you could see of course.  And with the way she undid the top buttons of her blouse you could see a long way down.  She had a face of exquisite, not quite beauty, exquisite sexiness is the best way I can put it and long lustrous auburn hair.  As I said, every man's wet dream.

And thanks to the airline strike here I was stuck for another night in the hotel in Budapest with Tanya.  Not of course that anything would happen.  I was far too shy for that, but Tanya for a companion, that was enough.  Because Tanya had a reputation, a reputation for quite what I wasn't absolutely sure, but when people talked about Tanya they sort of smiled and winked if you know what I mean.

"What we do now?" asked Tanya in her almost fluent and sexily accented English.  We had enjoyed dinner and drunk a little too much wine and it was getting near what I regarded as my bed time.  Obviously Tanya did not regard it as bed time.

I didn't want to appear a wimp and disappear to bed at nine o'clock.

"I don't know," I said, "perhaps we can..." I couldn't think of anything.

"I know," said Tanya, "let's go for swim."

"I haven't got a costume with me.  I didn't know we'd be stuck here overnight."

"Neither do I too.  I know.  We can ask at the pool if they have costume they can lend.  Guests sometimes left them behind and they have few they can lend off."

"Lend out..."


"We say 'lend out' not 'lend off''."

"That is what I say, lend out..."

"Well, yes, all, right then..."

Tanya spoke to the girl on the desk at the spa in fluent gobbledygook, which I presumed was Hungarian.  Why can all foreigners seem to speak every language fluently while the pathetic English speaker is lucky if he can stutter a few words in schoolboy French.

The girl turned to me and smiled, then said something more incomprehensible to Tanya. She was a stunning Hungarian beauty, raven haired, taller than the petite Tanya, slim and looking incredibly sexy in her white tunic uniform.  Her name badge told me she was called Elena.

Tanya turned to me.

"She say they have no costumes, but costumes are not necessary in the sauna area."

"Not necessary?"

"Yes.  It is the sauna.  You do not need wear costume in the sauna.  You can be, how you say, on the altogether.  That is right is it not.  On the altogether?."

"In the altogether.  We say in the altogether when we talk about someone with no clothes on."

"That is what I say - in the altogether."

She turned to Elena and repeated "In the altogether" and the both burst out laughing.  They obviously found the expression amusing.

"Yes... But..."

Oh dear!  Here was the big difference between the shy English and the confident European.  It's not that we English are prudish about parading around nude in a sauna, it just that we are shy.  And it's not that Europeans are brazen exhibitionists, it's just that it is natural for them.  It's what they're used to.  And now Tanya was suggesting it.

I couldn't just be the shy Englishman, could I.  And I must say the chance of seeing all the way up Tanya's legs to the top was a strong incentive.  After all, it was the norm here, nothing to be shy about was there?

"But?" repeated Tanya.

"But..  Er...  No...  I Yes...  Of course..."

"That is good then.  I meet you in sauna in five minutes," and with that she took a towel from the reception area and marched off to the female changing room.

Oh heck!  That had done it!  I was committed now.  Why had I agreed!  All right, I was going to see up to the top of Tanya's legs, but she was going to see my cock.  She wouldn't mind, she was no doubt totally relaxed about being seen in the altogether as she put it, and no doubt she would keep her legs together, but it was no good me keeping my legs together.  I'd have to display my cock, and on top of the extreme embarrassment of being naked with a work colleague, there was the added embarrassment of the size of my cock.  When I had been young I had been what is sometimes called a late developer, I had been mortified that my cock was at least two inches smaller than the other boys, but whereas the others has stopped growing in their mid-teens, I had continued to grow, at least my cock had continued to grow.  I was now mortified that is was at least two inches bigger than what Wikipedia confidently told me was the average.  As I said.

Oh heck!

I took off my clothes in the changing room, pathetically delaying the moment of exposure by going as slowly as possible, wrapped my towel round me, and crept to the sauna.  Tanya was already there, sitting on the bench with a towel wrapped demurely round her.  Thank goodness!  I'd be able to keep my towel on.


"Hello...  There is no one else here is there...  We can take our towels off then..."

"Er...  Yes...  Well...  Er..."

"Oh!  I see!  You are how you say?  Shy?  You are the shy Englishman.  But we cannot wear the towels in the sauna can we?"

"No, of course not...  I er...   Er..."

I couldn't um and er any longer, I stood up and took off the towel.  And with my face scarlet with embarrassment I sat down opposite her completely in her words in the altogether.

"There you are!" exclaimed Tanya, "no need to, how you say, blush so much.  You have gone all red, and when I say all I mean all.  Even the willy, that is right is it not, willy...  That is what you call it?"

She pointed at my cock

"Um.. Er...  Yes, that is right."

She grinned broadly.

"Even your willy is blushing."

Oh my gosh!  Her reference to the fact that she had looked at my penis made me blush even more.

"Ah, but I must take my towel off as well."

I gulped.  Oh my gosh!  I was going to see Tanya naked.  We were going to be naked in the sauna together.

She slipped the towel off and I stared at her, my eyes wide open.

She was wearing a black one pieces swimsuit.  It was tight fitting, high cut, and showed off her figure to perfection.  It was, nevertheless, a swimsuit.

"Oh..." I gasped.

"Yes?" she said, her eyes open wide.

"Sorry... I er...  I thought..."

"Oh!  I see...  You think I will be in altogether as well.  But I have swimsuit.  I do not need to be in altogether."

"No...  Of course not...  It's just that...  I thought you said..."

"I say I too did not expect to be stuck here overnight.  I did not say I did not have swimsuit."

"Yes, yes...  Of course..."

"I say it is all right for you to be in altogether.  But would not be proper for me, would it?  I mean I am how you say, boss, yes.  It would not be right for me to be in altogether."

"Yes...  I mean no...  Of course not..."

"That is right..." and she grinned again.  It was obvious she'd lured me in there to get me naked.  As I said.  Tanya had a reputation.

"Now tell me," she said, "how is it you have so big willy?"

"It's not...  I mean not really..."

"Oh but it is..  I try many willies.  All different sizes.  How you say?  One size fits all?"

One sized what?  Oh my gosh!  She couldn't mean what I thought she meant could she?


"And yours is very big willy.  How is it so big?"

This was just like foreign girls, no reticence, an English person wouldn't even discuss the size of someone's nose, and here was Tanya discussing the size of my cock as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

"It...  It...  Er..." I stammered blushing even more furiously than before.

"Oh!  You have gone bright red!  Like beetroot.  You are too hot perhaps.  Perhaps we go sit in Jacuzzi."

"Yes...  Yes...  Absolutely..."

I could sit in the Jacuzzi with all the bubbles and Tanya would stop talking about my cock when she couldn't see it.

"Good...  This way..."

I hastily followed Tanya out of the sauna.  She walked towards the door of the sauna area and it suddenly dawned on me that the Jacuzzi was outside the sauna area, in the part of the spa where you were not supposed to be naked.

"Tanya," I cried out, "I can't go through there, I've got no clothes on!"

"Not matter," she said, "you wear towel."

"But I left it in the sauna."

"You wear mine."

She handed me her towel and strode through the door.  I scampered after her wrapping her towel hastily round her waist.  The Jacuzzi was at the far end of the swimming pool, past the reception area and Tanya nodded to the gorgeous Elena, who grinned back at her, as we passed.  We reached the Jacuzzi.

"Quick.  No one looking," said Tanya, "give me towel and get in."

I looked round.  We were out of sight of the reception desk and there was no one in the pool.  I'd soon be hidden in the Jacuzzi which Tanya had switched on and was already bubbling away nicely.  I was soon going to be covered.  Thank goodness!

I handed Tanya the towel and jumped in.  Tanya lowered herself in gracefully and we sat side by side, my nakedness thankfully hidden by the bubbling Jacuzzi


Thank goodness!  I was in the Jacuzzi.  The bubbles were bubbling away.  I was covered up and Tanya had clambered in beside me.

"Tell me," she said, "how is it your willy so big."

Oh no!  She wouldn't let the matter drop.  I'd better say something.

"It just kept on growing..."

It was the best I could do.

"But the girls like it...  Yes?"

It was a question rather than a statement.  I may have been about a bit, but my willy hadn't.  I was embarrassed to admit to my lack of experience.

I fell back on quoting Robert Burns.

"Well you know the old saying 'Nine inch will please a lady'!"

"Nine inches!  That is how big!  Nearly thirty centimetres!"

"No... No... that is just an old saying." But she didn't seem to hear me.

She called out something in foreign to Elena and her eyes opened wide.  I assumed it was the Hungarian for "thirty centimetres".

I thought perhaps it was time to make my getaway.  But it was too late.  As soon as I thought of standing up I heard voices behind me and turning round I saw a group of girls approaching.  Oh no!  I immediately recognised some girls from the local Budapest office.  I couldn't stand up now.  Not with the other girls there.  Oh heck!  I was well and truly trapped.

Trapped naked in a Jacuzzi with five local beauties.  What more could you want!  The girls squeezed in so that we were all squashed in together.

"Pit you arms round me and Erszebet," said Tanya, she was on my left and Erszebet squeezing against me on the right.


"Put your arms round our shoulders.  There is not room when squeeze together."

"Oh yes...  Right..." to tell the truth I was so embarrassed by my predicament that I would do anything I was told.

Tanya started gabbling to the girls.  Thank goodness for their arrival in one way.  It was a distraction from the size of my cock.

Then suddenly I heard the dreaded words, "...harminc centimeter..."

I knew what the Hungarian for thirty was.  I was in room 130 and I'd proudly learned it.  She was telling the girls the size of my cock.  And it was no where near thirty centimetres,  thirty centimetres was nearly ten inches and my clock was no more than eight at the most.  Thank goodness none of these girls would ever see it at, how shall I put this, full size.

How embarrassing.  But there was nothing I could do except wait for the girls to go, after all they couldn't stay in the Jacuzzi forever, and then make my escape.

Then something happened.  I felt a hand on my leg.  I looked first at Tanya, and then at Erszebet. Both were chatting away.  It hat to be one or the other, but I didn't know which one, and with my arms pinned firmly behind the girls backs I could do nothing to push it away.

Should I say something.  What could I say.  I didn't know who to accuse.  As soon as I said anything the hand would vanish and I would look a complete idiot.  There was nothing for it but to allow the wandering hand to wander.  And wander it did.  Further and further up my leg.  Right to the top.  Until..

Oh my gosh!  It was fondling my balls.  Naked and with my arms trapped my private parts were unprotected, vulnerable to any assault made on them.  Not that I would call it an assault.  It was more of a gentle squeeze and a little stroke.  I suddenly realised what the hand was trying to do.  It was trying to get my cock up.  Perhaps that was what the girls were saying.  "One of you get his cock up...  We want to see this..."

But which one was it.  I just couldn't tell.  But whoever she was, she was good at it.  My cock was gently responding.  It would soon be completely rigid.

Tanya suddenly looked over her shoulder and called out to Elena on reception.  Elena, a sexy amazon in her white tunic came striding across.

Tanya said something to her.  She grinned and said something in reply nodding in an approving fashion.

I was finding it difficult to concentrate, as by this time I was being....  Oh my gosh...  Fingers had grasped my penis and I was being gently but firmly wanked by the invisible hand.  I tried to work out if Tanya could be wanking me while speaking to Elena.  I couldn't decide.

Tanya turned to me.

"You'll never guess what," she said "Elena offer you free special massage.  Complimentary on hotel.  That is what you say no?  On hotel?"

"Oh... Er...  How nice..." it was hard to concentrate with my cock in the grip of the mysterious hand.

"Good, good..." and Tanya and Erszebet suddenly leapt up, pulling me up with them, displaying me stark naked and fully erect to the assembled girls and Elena.


My name is Tanya Simonescu and this is short story I write for my English teacher Mrs Lombrady.  It is a true story but it is a little bit naughty, but Mrs Lombrady say that does not matter as it is important to learn naughty words in foreign language.

Last week I go on important visit to Budapest plant with one of my English subordinates (that is right ?  Subordinate?).  He is a very nice man but very much the shy English person.  I have to go with him because I come from part of Romania where we speak Hungarian.  While on visit I speak to girls in local office to arrange good time for him.  We suggest nice clubs with naughty girls, but he goes red and says he would rather not.  I see he is very shy and he needs good seeing to as is said in English.  I think perhaps he like a nice f**k.  People say that is very naughty word in English so I do not write it all.  As I say, I think he like nice f**k and I tell him hotel room number, but he does not come.  I am annoyed because I am looking forward to nice f**k also.

I think no chance of getting f**k then we are held up in hotel extra night, and I suggest club with naughty girls, but he just want to have dinner.  Then I think of good plan.  I speak to hotel spa girl called Elena.  I speak to Erszebet and girls in office.  All agree.  Only problem is all want nice f**k.

So after dinner I say to him "why we not go swim in pool?"

He say "I do not have costume."

I know this.  He is not expecting to be in hotel with swimming pool.

I say "No problem we borrow costume at hotel pool."

Of course when we go to pool there is no costume for him and I say no problem we go in nude sauna.  I know he will agree because I am boss and he is sort of man who do what boss says.  Also he like to look up my skirt and he think I will be in nude also.  But this is not plan.  I plan nice reward, but I plan little punishment first because I do not get nice f**k.

So we go in sauna and I am in nice swim costume and he is in what English call birthday suit.  That is funny expression no!  Birthday suit!  And my eyes open wide because I see he has very big cock!  (Is this right word?  Can I say cock).  I think perhaps he is shy and not want nice f**k because he only have little cock.  But no!  He has really big cock!  He say it nine inches!  That is nearly thirty centimeters.  I am really cross because I miss f**k with big cock.  I say I have one size fits all c**t (I am told that is very naughty word in English so I do not write) so he is sorry he miss nice f**k.

So here is next part of plan.  It is very funny you will see.  It will make you laugh!

I say "It is hot in here.  Perhaps we go in Jacuzzi."

He agrees because he will be covered in Jacuzzi and I will not be able to see cock.  But I have plan with other girls that they will come in Jacuzzi and then he will have to get out of Jacuzzi and be seen in birthday suit by all girls.  This is little punishment I organise before he get reward which I explain later.

So we all get in Jacuzzi together and I tell girls about big cock and all want to see big cock.  I mean all want to see big cock when it is big.  So Erszebet say she will make cock big.  She is sitting next to him and I think is girl who is good at making cock big.  But I say, yes try to make cock big but do not touch how you say in English, private parts - yes.  Because he might run away if Erszi play with private parts.  I can see Erszi type of girl who like to play with private parts, but she say she know how to make cock big, so I say yes - make cock big...

So when Erszebet say cock is big I call to Elena and she come over as we agree and I say "Oh!  How nice!  Elena offer free massage!"

This is plan to give reward.  But now is punishment.  He mumble something in reply and Erszebet and me pull him up and show him in birthday suit with big cock to all the girls.

Now all the girls want nice f**k!  But what happens I explain next week.


Thank you Tanya for your entertaining story this week.  Your English is certainly improving and you have learned some of the more colourful words in the English language.

However I do have some comments to make.  You are still failing to put in the appropriate article - for example 'show him in birthday suit with big cock to all the girls' should be 'show him in HIS birthday suit with A big cock to all the girls.

You should also put more detail into your stories.  We know your hero?  victim? has a big cock, but you don't describe him in any detail.  You could add so much more to the story by describing him in his birthday suit in some detail.  You could also add a lot by describing in more detail his embarrassment at being seen in his birthday suit.  Perhaps you can do this for me.  I would enjoy reading that.


A. Lombrady


Oh no!  With my arms around the girls on either side of me, when they stood up they pulled me up with them and exposed my erect penis to all the girls in the jacuzzi.  It was clear why the invisible hand, whoever it belonged to, had been wanking me so assiduously.  The girls had obviously wanted to see the famous 30 centimetres. I could feel my face burning.  It is one thing being exposed naked to a bunch of girls, that is embarrassing enough; but to be exposed naked with your penis erect, that is embarrassment of the wish the ground would open up and swallow you magnitude.

My first thought was to run, but I still had my arm round Tanya, and she had grabbed it so that I could not get away.  I couldn't start fighting Tanya, so I just had to stand there on naked display while she chatted to the girls.  I'll give them this though, not one batted an eyelid.  They must have been warned that this was going to happen because nobody gasped, or remarked on the fact that there was an eight inch erect penis on view.  And with being displayed like that to the girls there was no way it was going to go down.

Tanya stood and chatted in foreign for a full five minutes before remarking in English.

"Well you don't see that very often...." Mouths dropped open round the Jacuzzi, "...somebody being offered  free massage I mean."

"And you don't see anything like that very often either," said Erszebet, pointing at my erect penis.  One of the girls started to giggle, then more than one, the giggle became titters and then laughs and soon they were all laughing uproariously.  It was clear they had been fighting hard to restrain themselves for the past five minutes and now they could do so no longer.  They roared and laughed, at me, at my nudity, at my erect penis.

My face crumpled and I turned to Tanya.

"Please," I said.



I explain in essay how he deserve special punishment for not giving me nice f**k.  I know that this is naughty but I like nice f**k so he needs to be punished and at end I give him reward so all is good.  No!

So I explain to Erszi  to get penis big but not to play with penis (this is polite word?  Yes?  I can write this word?). Erszi like playing with penis, but I say no, and she wink to me that penis is big.  So we stand up and Erszi hold one arm and I hold other arm so he can't move and this is punishment showing big penis to all girls.

He nice looking man.  Slim, nice figure, nice legs, nice bottom (this polite word too?).  I like nice bare bottom.  It is sort you want to how you say, spank, yes that is word, the sort you must spank when you see it.

He is very embarrassment.  His face all red and lip is trembling.  But I, how do you say in English, turn screw for punishment.  I make him stand in front of girls and tell them no laugh until I say.  Then when I say all laugh very loud.  It is so funny and he is so embarrassed and his face, how you say, crumples up.  So I think that is enough punishment.  I get nice f**k later perhaps.  No is time for reward.    


Thank you for supplying the extra detail Tanya.  Yes you can use the word 'penis' when referring to a man's private parts. 'Bottom' is also quite acceptable.  But you are still failing to put in the determiners, so 'Erszi like playing with penis, and she wink to me that penis is big.' should be 'Erszi likes playing with A penis', and 'she winkS to me that HIS penis is big.'

We also speak of a penis being 'erect' when it is aroused.  Perhaps this is an expression you can use in your next essay.  I look forward to reading your next essay in some anticipation.  Perhaps you can help improve your use of adjectives by describing his 'erect' penis and indeed all his private parts in some detail.  That will be a useful exercise.

A. Lombrady (Teacher of English)

PS - perhaps if available you could provide a picture.  So as I can assess how good your description is.


With my penis still vertical Tanya and Elena march me across the spa to the treatment room.  Thank goodness there is no one else there.

Elena points at the treatment couch.

"Head there," she says pointing at one end, "and feet there.  Face down please."

I lie on the couch face down, completely nude.  Thank goodness.  My cock is now hidden.  Elena pours hot oil over my back and starts to rub it in gently.  That is gently at first.  Then more firmly down my arms, rubbing and pummelling, then up my legs, then down my back and then she turned her attention to my bottom.

"He has nice bottom.  Yes?"

Wait a minute!  That wasn't Elena.  That was Tanya's voice.  Up till now I'd been relaxing with my eyes closed and my head in my arms.  Now I looked up and looked round.  All the girls were there.  Watching.  They were watching me get massaged in the nude.  Oh my gosh!  I'd have to say something.  I opened my mouth...  But...


Elena kneading my buttocks had suddenly pressed her fist in hard.  It must have hit a nerve or something because suddenly what felt like an electric shock struck my balls and shot straight to the end of my cock.


She'd done it again.  She turned to the girls and said something and they all started giggling.

"Oooooooooooh!"  The electric shocks were shooting regularly up my cock now.


The girls were in fits of laughter at my predicament.  Elena must have explained to them what she was doing.

"That is good?  Yes?" she said, slapping my buttocks, "keep head down, is time to tone up bottom..."

She muttered something in foreign.  There was a short pause then...


"Ow ow ow!" my buttocks were suddenly stinging, "what was that for?" I gasped.

"Bottom needs toning," she said ,"head down..."


"OOOOOOW," my buttocks were stinging again, "thank you but perhaps..."

"You're welcome," she said, "head down..."


"OOOOOOOOOOOOW," my bottom was well and truly toned up.

". That is good?  Yes.  You must turn over now."

Turn over!  Oh no!  All the girls were watching and I'd have to display my cock again.  But I had no choice.  I turned over, wriggling a bit as my sore bottom touched the bed.

"Good," said Elena, "I see that makes you very happy."  She could mean only one thing.  My cock looked as if it had grown another inch with her special treatment.

She worked hard on my chest and abdomen, getting lower and lower until.  Oh my gosh!  She grabbed hold of my balls.  My face must have been a picture.  The girls burst out laughing.

"Sorry, sorry," said Tanya, "we make fun of you.  Is only little naughty tease.  But we think you need nice reward."


"Yes nice naughty reward.  You want reward?"

"Well yes but..."

I had no idea what she meant.  Not until Erszebet started.  I could tell now who had been wanking me in the Jacuzzi.  She had a special technique.  And now she was doing it again.  This was my so-called reward.  A public wank from a raven haired beauty.  In front of all the girls.  And they were all chanting and cheering and I was frozen immobile with embarrassment until....

Oh no!  I made a spectacle of myself...



I continue naughty story.  I hope it is not too naughty!

I explain already how I do not get nice f*ck so as little punishment I arrange to show naked body to girls.  My friend Erazi make sure that his penis is erect (that is right?  - 'his penis is erect'?).  His penis is very big and all girls laugh and laugh and he goes very red.  So I think he really really embarrassed - that is good punishment now he can have reward.  So Elena say she give him massage and Erszi say she give him reward.

So Elena take him to massage room and we follow.  He is lying on bed on tummy (that is right? - tummy) with no clothes on and he look very very sexy with no clothes on.  He has head in hands and eyes closed so we can admire sexy body with no clothes on.  He has slim figure with nice legs.  He has tan all over (how he get tan all over?  Perhaps he go to special spray naked body with tan salon?).  And he has very sexy bottom.  It is nice and big and round with nice firm cheeks and I say to Elena - yes - it must get spank.  It is good I can talk to Elena in Hungarian and discuss how we spank bottom.

And Elena pour oil on him and we all enjoy watching her rub oil into naked body, but he hear me talk to Elena and he look up and see we all watching and he go very red.  But he cannot do something because Elena digs fist into buttocks and he go "oh oh oh!" and his face go even redder.  And Elena explain that she stimulates penis nerve and this gives him sexual thrill.  I must learn this!  So I say that is very funny do again stimulate penis nerve, and she do again and again, and I see from face he gets much pleasure.  Yes I must learn this!

Then Elena says to me is time to spank bottom, so she say 'keep head down I tone bottom'.  Tone bottom!  That is good way to describe spanking!  No!  So Elena nod to me and I spank left bottom and she spank right bottom (that is right?  Right bottom and left bottom?).  We spank very hard, make hand sting, make bottom sting!

And he go 'ow ow ow'!  And Elena say is good because is toning bottom!  And he believe her!  So we do again!  And he go 'ow ow ow ow! And bottom go nice pink colour.  And Elena say is good and he believe her!  So we do again!  And he go 'ow ow ow ow ow!'  Is very funny and bottom is bright red.  Yes is naughty but is good fun (that is right?  Good fun?) spanking nice bottom and making it go red!  And he has nice bottom and is nice red colour.

So Elena say to turn over and he is very embarrassed because penis is bigger even than before.  This is because, Elena say, he enjoy having bare bottom spanked by girls!

So now we can study private parts.  Here is description of private parts as requested by A. Lombrady.  Private parts are smooth and are tanned.  So perhaps he go to salon where they shave private parts and spray on tan.  Balls are big and held tight.  Elena give them little squeeze to relax and we see left one a bit lower than right.  They look very nice as are not hairy!  Penis is erect and of impressioning size, it is perhaps 26 centimeters in length.  It points not straight up but leans a bit to left ~ what I call Tower of Pisa penis!  It is how you say?  Bare at end!  I attach picture taken by E. Kiraly as requested by A. Lombrady to show accuracy of description.

And now is time for reward.  Erszi has volunteered to give reward.  Erszi likes to play with penis!  She very good!  Stroke, stroke, up penis, down penis, tickle end of penis!  Bring how you say - to brink yes? - then stop!  She is how you say in English 'cock teaser' (I can say this 'cock teaser' - not too naughty?).  So she tease cock!  Rub rub tickle tickle!  Bring to brink!  Stop!  Bring to brink!  Stop.  Erszi very good!  Know how to tease cock!  Then Erszi say now is time.  Tell girls to down count down 'Ten, nine, eight..."

Rub rub tickle tickle...

"Seven, six, five..."

Stroke stroke...

"Four, three.." Is at brink!

Wank, wank, wank, wank, wank!!!  (I can say this yes?  I look word in dictionary and it say is 'not in polite usage'.  I think this mean is naughty word!)

"Two, one!"

Wank, wank, wank...  And...  Fire!

Right on 'fire' balls contract, start pumping, hard!  And Erszi!  She enjoy joke!  She point 'gun' at me and...  Squirt, squirt, squirt all over Tanya!

How we all laugh!

End of story!  I hope is not too naughty!



Thank you Tanya for a most entertaining story.  I have compared your description of his private parts with the picture you sent me and I must say it is very accurate.  I particularly enjoyed your graphic description of the bottom spanking, perhaps you have a picture, or even a video of that, so that I can see how good your description was?  In English you say 'right buttock or right bottom cheek' when you are describing a spanking, but otherwise it was very good.

I did enjoy the humorous ending!  No video of that I suppose?

Your grammar still leaves much to be improved but on content alone.  OMG!  10/10

A. Lombrady, Teacher of English.

PS - sorry you did not get your nice fuck.



Dear A. Lombrady

Thank you for you enjoy my little story.  Erszi have uploaded videos to  It is site she like very much.  It is very popular.

Yours faithfully

T. Simonesxu

PS - I get nice fuck from Erszi.  She fuck very well.


How I escaped I don't know.  When I recovered from my 'reward', Erszebet was laughing her head off and Tanya was wiping her eyes.  Oh no!  I'd just hit the boss straight in the face.  It was all Erszebet's doing!  I hadn't aimed anywhere.  I'd never live this down.  I jumped off the table and what with Erszebet laughing, and Tanya wiping and all the rest spellbound by what they had seen I ran as fast as I could.  It was only when I got into the hotel lobby that I realised I still had no clothes on.  That caused a bit of a stir and took some explaining!  I mean I didn't want to get Elena into trouble, so I said I'd been in the sauna and I thought I'd heard the fire alarm so I'd rushed out.  They seemed to believe me.  I think.

I think I will have to learn some Hungarian for next time, or perhaps Romanian.  Fortuitously a teacher has written to me offering private lessons.  I asked her how she had chosen me and she said she'd seen the videos.  I think she must mean my holiday videos on Facebook, though why that should interest a language teacher I'm not sure.  Still,  I'll give it a go.  You never know what might happen


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