Job Interview 4


"And that's a wrap!"

I turned round to see Miss Prendergast and Monica striding into the room with big smiles on their faces. They were applauding and laughing. All the girls were applauding and laughing. And I just stood there stark naked with my cock up Marlene's whatsit, where it seemed to be permanently stuck.

"Smile," said Monica, "for the cameras. You're on 'Stripped and Humiliated' the on-line and off limits TV show that shows men for what they are."

I looked round horrified as the mirrors around the room slid back to reveal the hidden cameras. I'd been well and truly had, and to cap it all I'd been caught stark naked f*cking a sex doll.

Monica turned to the cameras.

"As I said, I was sure we'd find that a man would f*ck anything to get a job, and here you see him f*cking poor Marlene."

I was still trying to extract my cock, but it seemed to be gripped tightly. I struggled and struggled, getting more and more panicked. Monica just grinned at my ridiculous efforts.

"Oh dear, he seems to be stuck," continued Monica to camera, she turned to me, "No good trying to trying to extricate yourself. Marlene's no tramp. She's a top of the range model. She wants you to give her a good time. She grips your penis till she orgasms. So you know what you have to do. Get f*cking and get Marlene to come. Come on. The viewers are waiting."

So I did. In total panic I starts thrusting into Marlene rhythmically as the girls clapped in time to each push and chanted in unison.

"In out, in out, in out..."

"Come on," encouraged Monica slapping me on the rump, "you can go harder than that. In... Out.... In... Out."


"In... Out... In... Out..."

Monica's voice came out clearly audible from my computer speakers. Of course the show hasn't been streamed live. They just wanted to give that impression. It had needed editing, it had needed comments and a commentary adding, and of course the obligatory rolling Twitter feed.

What it hadn't needed apparently was my permission to be broadcast. Monica had explained that as I had done everything of my own free will and the subscription sex channel it went out on was based somewhere with an unpronounceable name, they owned the copyright and could do what they liked with it. And what they liked was to show me f*cking a sex doll. On the other hand Monica had kindly given me a free subscription to the channel so I could watch. The whole show was her idea apparently. Viewers paid ten bitcoins (whatever they were) to watch, so she was only getting toy money - which was probably why she was letting me watch it for free.

"In... Out... In... Out..."

I watched myself, my face red and sweating with effort and embarrassment, as stark naked, my hips bucking, I rammed my cock in and out trying to give Marlene an orgasm. The view cut to a shot from the rear and I could see the red stripes across my bottom. I squirmed a bit on the hard seat in my study. It was still sore a week later. The viewers would be watching my balls, they had a clear view of them bouncing up and down as I rhythmically rammed home.

The screen cut to Monica's grinning face as she whispered in to the camera.

"He's fallen for it again viewers. We told him he had to f*ck Marlene to orgasm before he could get his cock out. And he fell for it again! As if!..."

An inset of Monica squirting superglue up Marlene's, well, up Marlene, appeared.

'...well we wanted him to put on a good show and we thought he'd need a bit of encouragement!'

The screen cut back to my heaving buttocks again. My balls were bouncing rhythmically in time to the chanting. Monica was slapping my buttocks in encouragement.

The screen cut back to Monica again.

"Well that's enough of that. I think we can switch Marlene on now. She pressed a large red button on a remote control. My face had now appeared in the top right hand corner and you could see the look of surprise at that moment.

I remembered the moment so well. Marlene started vibrating my cock in waves and the penny dropped. It wasn't Marlene they were wanting to orgasm. It was me. Stark naked in front of... How many... I glanced at the viewing figures at the bottom of the screen... Two thousand three hundred and forty three men and twenty-six thousand seven hundred and eight women. Gosh! That was a lot of bitcoins! If only it had been real money Monica would have been raking it in!

How could I forget it!

"He's coming. He's coming," yelled Monica exitedly.

"Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeees!" I yelled, and the screen showed my face, my balls and of course that infallible sign of a really strong orgasm, my rear hole, contracting simultaneously.

I'd been made to orgasm stark naked with close on thirty thousand people watching.

Still, I had got a f*ck out of it and it I hadn't made too much a a fool of myself had I? Not like some of the other blokes who had turned up for interview. I mean one had been wearing plum coloured trousers and a pink shirt, and another had wittered on about stretching the envelope and blue sky thinking. What twerps. Couldn't have been that keen on the job as they hadn't even taken their shoes and socks off. So I hadn't looked as much of a fool as them, and it wouldn't have been too bad if it hadn't been for...

I looked back at the screen and the credits started to roll over the picture as I stood limp cocked beside Monica when she said those fateful words...

"And viewers, you won't be surprised to learn, as appropriate punishment for being such a gullible fool, I'm sending him home stark naked with six stripes across his bum."

And she had.

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