NEW! Step-Sissy 2

By Karen Jensen 

This is a continuation of Step-Sissy. For it to make sense, you really ought to read the first part.

All characters are the product of my imagination and any resemblance to anyone, either real or imaginary, is strictly coincidence.

I gratefully thank Annabelle Brito for editing this document and suggesting changes that make the story better and more readable.

I don't know how long I lay there on the sofa crying. It had been the worst day of my life and I was sure it wasn't going to get any better. My face, hair, and dress were all covered with Mark's cum. I was certain I would be punished for that and felt powerless to prevent it.

Somehow I fell asleep on the couch and the next thing I was aware of was Megan's hand shaking me and her voice telling me to wake up. Her voice was soft and even sounded a bit compassionate. I immediately put my guard up wondering what further humiliation and pain she was going to inflict on me. Instead, she gently took my arm and helped me to my feet.

"I'm sorry for what happened. Mark went too far. He was not told to rough you up. Come Brianna, let's get you cleaned up."

She stripped me right there.

"You will have to wash these clothes tomorrow, Brianna."

I nodded but said nothing. She led me to our parents' bathroom where they had a walk in shower with multiple shower heads. She turned on the water for me, adjusted the temperature and gently pushed me forward towards the shower. I walked in and let the warm water run over my body. I was shocked when Megan stripped completely and followed me into the shower which was more than big enough for the two of us.

She grabbed the soap and started washing me. Her touch was soft and sensual, and felt awfully good. I was facing the wall of the shower and Megan was behind me. She played with my nipples, causing them to get hard and then caressed my ass. She stuck one of her soapy fingers into my anus. I was pushed against the wall. When she put her finger into my anus I tried to move away but she held me firmly and I could not move. She started to finger fuck me and to my shock and embarrassment, I felt my cock getting hard. Unable to move I could only stand there watching my erection grow.

"It looks like my little sissy is enjoying herself" she laughed.

I ignored her comment but I desperately wanted her to bring me off. She did not touch my cock, though she washed me all around it. Finally she handed me the soap and told me to wash my little penis, but not to ejaculate. I obeyed her. I had learned my lesson about disobedience earlier that day and was not going to give her any excuse to discipline me.

Then she ordered me to wash her. Caressing her beautiful breasts was heavenly and I can't begin to describe the feelings I had when she took my soapy hand and moved it over her pussy. I stuck one finger in and then two. Finally she stopped me and with the handheld shower rinsed us both off. Then she ordered me to my knees. She pushed her wet pussy against my nose and ordered me to bring her off. I tentatively licked her pussy. It tasted so sweet and I put my tongue inside her and heard her gasp. I rolled my tongue over her clit. She grabbed my head with both hands and pushed it hard against her. It took little time for her to let out a primal yell while she came. Her juice dripped out of her pussy and I eagerly lapped it up. It was the best experience I had all day, maybe in my whole life.

We stepped out of the shower and she handed me a towel. She ordered me to dry her. I needed no urging and patted her whole body which caused a predictable reaction from me. She took the towel and flicked it against my penis which caused it to deflate immediately. Then she told me to follow into her bedroom.

She reached into one of her drawers and handed me a purple chemise and motioned for me to put it on. It had spaghetti straps and when I had it on it barely covered my ass. Then she told me to lie down on my back in her bed. Megan then turned away from me and put on a black baby doll but no panties. She reached into a drawer in her bedside table and pulled out a black dildo. It had to be at least 7 inches, much bigger than my penis. It was very lifelike with balls at the end. She strapped it on, positioning it at her pussy.

I realized she was going to use it on me and I was terrified. She straddled me moving the end up to my mouth.

"Suck it sissy! Get it nice and wet!"

After sucking Mark I knew what to do and got to work. It was rubbing against her clit and she started panting. I speeded up wanting desperately to please her. She was bouncing on top of me forcing the dildo deep into my throat. She was clearly in control and all I could do was try to breathe. She let out a scream and started to orgasm. Finally she collapsed on top of me and lay there till her breathing slowed down.

She ordered me to face away from her. I felt her arms around my chest and she played with my nipples through the chemise, again getting them nice and hard. Then she lifted the skirt of my chemise over my ass and I felt the tip of her dildo at my entrance. Never having anything in my ass, other than her fingers in the shower I was scared, yet at the same time excited remembering how hard I got when her finger penetrated my anus.

She entered me slowly. It hurt. I begged her to stop, but she kept pushing her pseudo cock into me. I took short shallow breaths. The pain did not abate. Finally I felt the balls against my ass. She was all the way in. She stopped and held it there. Gradually the pain stopped and I just felt full, as if I had to go to the bathroom.

She withdrew slowly but stopped with the head still inside me. Then she pushed it back in. It hurt a bit less this time. She continued pulling out and pushing in, fucking me as if I were a girl. The pain lessened and I realized my cock was getting hard.

"Oh my God!" I thought. "Am I really gay?"

All I knew was that I was getting incredibly hot from the fucking.

"Does my little girl like being fucked?" she laughed.

I did not respond, but her words turned me on even more. I could feel pressure building and started to wonder if I could actually cum without touching my cock. She speeded up and all I felt now was intense pleasure. It was far different from anything I had ever experienced. Before I even realized it I started to ejaculate.

"That's it little girl, cum for me!"

A girlish scream escaped my mouth as I felt something that I had never felt before. I don't know how long it lasted but I am sure I ejaculated more than I ever had. There was a puddle of cum on the sheet in front of me.

Megan wrapped her arms around me and pulled me to her, causing her phallus to bury itself deep inside me. She took her finger and scooped up my ejaculate from the sheet and began to feed it to me. I sucked it off her finger. When she had fed me all she could, she wrapped her arms tightly around me. Within a few minutes her even breathing told me she was asleep. I was trapped in her arms with her dildo up my ass. Somehow I managed to fall asleep that way.

When I awoke Megan was gone, but her phallus was still inside me. There was a note on her pillow. She told me to put on the matching negligee, which was on the bed, to clean the dildo, and to come to the kitchen. I did as she asked and went to the kitchen. She was sitting at the table drinking coffee. She wore cutoffs and a tank top and looked incredibly sexy. Needless to say I was terribly confused by her treatment of me last night after her draconian methods earlier in the day. She offered me a cup of coffee and told me to sit.

"Did you enjoy last night Brianna?"

I blushed as I thought about it and felt another erection coming. I looked down and nodded, unable to look at Megan.

"Would you like more of that?"

I nodded again, feeling my face getting hotter.

"So would I. You are very good at cunnilingus. In fact, so good, I will recommend you to my friends."

The thought of performing it for Rita and Linda was an incredible turn on. By now I had a solid erection. It did not go unnoticed.

"It appears that you like the idea. If you cooperate with us, you will be rewarded as you were last night. Otherwise, …well you can guess."

I nodded, knowing full well what she was referring to and I certainly did not want any more spankings.

"Good! Now eat your breakfast. Then shower, dress in the clothes I will lay out for you, clean the bathroom, change the linen on my bed and wash the breakfast dishes. Then we will discuss the plans for the day.

I obeyed her and dressed in the knee length black a-line skirt and white blouse. There was a matching white bra and panties, black pantyhose, and 2 inch black sandals. I accomplished all the chores that she ordered me to do and found her sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and playing on her iPad. I was unsure how to approach her. Should I treat her as my mistress as I had to yesterday or as my lover of the previous night. I decided to err on the side of caution and as I approached her I curtsied to her.

"Miss Megan, I have completed my chores. Do you wish to inspect?"

She actually gave me a warm smile and I relaxed.

"I don't think that will be necessary. And when we are alone, you may drop the "Miss" and do not have to curtsey. Ok?"

"Yes, thank you."

"Good! Hang up your apron and have a seat."

I followed her order and sat down with some trepidation. I could sense that she was about to say something I was not going to like.

"Brianna, we are going shopping this afternoon. You can't continue wearing my old clothes, nor my mother's shoes. We have to get you clothes and shoes of your own. How much money do you have in your account?"

I told her the amount and she said it would be enough. I really was not happy with having to buy girls' clothing with my money, but was afraid to voice any protest. She handed me a purse with makeup, a hair brush, and some tampons, which caused me to blush. Then she warned me to take my debit card and off we went.

When we arrived at the mall, Rita and Linda were waiting for us. They greeted both of us with air kisses. I was puzzled how they could be so mean to me yesterday and so friendly today. I vowed to be on guard, though I didn't know what I could or would do if they turned mean again. I felt really vulnerable being out in public and dressed like a girl.

Our first stop was, predictability, a store catering to teen girls. It was reasonably crowded and not a single guy in the store. I had a really bad feeling about this, but there was nothing I could do to prevent whatever was going to happen.

The girls dragged me to look at skirts and tops first and each of them had their own opinion on what I should try on. It took little time before I had a pile of clothes over my arm. They were not finished, however, as we walked over to the dresses. It was then that a salesgirl approached us.

"Hi, I'm Becky. Would you like me to put those in a dressing room for you? You can continue looking until you are ready to try on the clothes."

"This is my step-brother. He likes to dress up like a girl. Will it be alright if he tries on the clothes?"

"She is a boy?"

"A bit of a sissy, actually."

"I can't really let her..him use the dressing room. The store is too crowded."

I breathed a sigh of relief until I noticed that she was eying the pile of clothes I was carrying, probably calculating what kind of a commission she was about to lose.

"I have an idea. We have a back room I could let her..him use. Why don't I put the clothes there and you can let me know when he is ready to try them on."

"Sounds great!" Said Megan.

It didn't take very long before my arms were loaded with dresses of different styles and lengths. I could see how my bank account was going to be drained.

Before she would let me use the back room, Becky insisted on my proving to her I was a boy. The girls readily agreed and I was soon raising my skirt and lowering my panties. She laughed and could not restrain herself from commenting on my diminutive size. My face must have been a bright shade of red judging from the heat I felt. Laughing, she left us alone while I stripped and began the arduous process. I spent the better part of an hour trying on all the clothes the girls picked out for me. When we were done I had 5 dresses, 5 skirts, and 8 different tops. It took all of us to carry the packages back to the car.

I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking we were done and grateful I still had some money left. How wrong I was on both counts.

Our next stop was a shoe store. I won't bore you with the details, but I walked out with 8 pairs of shoes. The highest had 4" heels and the lowest 2" and they were several different styles and colors. This time, the girls did not reveal my true gender. The shoe salesman, however, asked me for a date. Fortunately, I was able to turn him down without Megan overruling me. I breathed a sigh of relief as we left the store.

By this time I was exhausted and hoped we would go home, but a lingerie store was next on our agenda. As in the dress shop, Megan explained to the salesgirl that I was her step-brother exploring my sissy side. The salesgirl, whose name was Chloe, laughed, but said she would help us but she too wanted proof that I was really a boy.

She led me back to a dressing room and Megan ordered me to strip naked.

"Oh my! He is really tiny!"

The girls all laughed and once again I turned a brilliant shade of red.

"What can I help you with?"

"I think he should have a proper bra fitting. Don't you?"

Chloe nodded and said she would return with tape measure. I stood there naked, and despite my humiliation I felt an erection coming on. By the time Chloe returned it was full blown and I was ordered to "take care of it". So, once again, in front of the girls I had to jerk off. Rita ordered me to catch my ejaculate in my hand and lick it up. Chloe roared with delight, as did the other girls, watching me humiliate myself.

The bra fitting was even more humiliating as the girls discussed amongst themselves what cup size I should be. They finally decided on a C cup which Chloe thought would be appropriate for my height and build. Then she suggested breast forms that she could glue to my chest and would only be removed with a special solvent. I started to protest but a look from Megan stopped me in my tracks. I had gotten through the day to this point without a spanking and I didn't want one now, not in the store, and certainly not in front of Chloe. I realized that any protest from me would be in vain and would almost certainly result in further humiliation.

When we left the lingerie store, I was sporting a pair of 34C breasts and had bags with several bras, two dozen panties of various styles, some slips, pantyhose, stockings, a couple of garter belts and a couple of waist cinches, one of which I was wearing. I also had a bank account with a near zero balance.

We returned home where I had to put on a fashion show for the girls. They hooted and laughed as they made me do a runway walk the length of the living room and back, in each outfit. Some consisted of only bra, panties and heels. It was quite embarrassing and made even more so by the constant erection I was displaying. Finally, Megan ordered me to "take care of it" and once again I had to jerk off in front of the girls, catching my ejaculate in my hand and licking it up to their delight. For the last few walks down the runway I tucked my cock back between my legs and showed a flat front.

The last outfit I wore was a white gauze baby doll dress which barely covered my ass. I was wearing hot pink panties and bra underneath. My legs were bare but I wore white wedge sandals with 4 inch heels. The dress was practically transparent and my underwear showed through. Megan insisted I keep it on while I prepared dinner. Linda and Rita each gave me a peck on the cheek before they left and finally it was just Megan and me. The day had been very stressful and I hoped there was nothing planned for my evening.

For dinner, I baked us each chicken breast, a small baked potato and salad. We ate pretty much in silence, and I was grateful that she was not humiliating me any further. After dinner I washed up in the kitchen and plopped down on the sofa in the family room, planning on watching some TV. Megan was in her room and I hoped she had decided to ignore me for the evening. I wasn't sure how I would survive the time remaining till our parents returned home when I would be able get out of my girlie clothing.

No sooner had I sat down then the doorbell rang. Megan yelled for me to answer it. I didn't know if she was expecting anyone and the idea of someone new seeing me in my see through dress and hot pink underwear did not thrill me. I was not about to argue with her however, so steeling myself for the humiliation I knew I would feel, I answered the door.

To my surprise, Mark was at the door, looking far less confident than he had the night before. I wanted to close the door in his face, but I was unsure how I would explain it to Megan.

"May I come in Brianna?"

I stepped aside and started shaking, fearing another evening of pain and humiliation.

Before either of us could say anything Megan walked into the room and exchanged greetings with Mark. Then she turned to me and told me she was going out and I should entertain Mark. That was the last thing I wanted to do, but she was gone before I could offer any protest.

Mark and I stood there looking at each other for what seemed like hours, but was only a few seconds.

"I owe you a huge apology Brianna. Those girls told me you were gay and enjoyed it rough. They said that you liked to be slapped around. I overheard Rita and Linda talking on the phone today and realized I had been setup. I am so sorry for what I did last night. I don't enjoy that sort of thing and I am sorry I hurt you."

I did not know what to say. Frankly, it was the last thing I expected to hear from him. I would like to atone for my behavior and want you to beat me as I did you last night. He removed his belt and let his pants fall. He tried to hand it to me but I refused.

"I can't do that, Mark. Pull up your pants and come into the kitchen. Let's talk. Would you like a soda?"

We sat at the table and talked for awhile. The more we chatted the more I liked him. I realized he wasn't the brute he had been the previous evening. I told him I wasn't gay and that Megan and the other girls were forcing me to dress and act like a girl while our parents were gone. As humiliating as it was, I admitted to him how Megan had easily beat me up and that I was really afraid of her.

He was sympathetic, but could do nothing to help me. He said he would tell his sister he was not interested in dating me, though he admitted it would be a lie. I was afraid I would have to date other guys and was afraid how that would go, especially if they gave them the story about my being gay and liking rough sex. We sat silently for a few minutes, sipping our sodas.

"I have an idea Brianna that would help us both, if you are game."

My ears perked up and I listened as he told me his plan.

"You and I should date. As far as anyone will know we will be boyfriend and girlfriend. We don't have to engage in any sexual activity that is, unless you want to. I will not lay a hand on you or hurt you in any way. We can imply to the girls what we are supposedly doing, and they will be happy to think you are humiliated dating a guy. I can even suggest to them that I am spanking you. What do you say?"

I thought about for a few moments. What he said made a lot of sense, but I wondered if I could trust him. Thinking it over I decided I could. After all, why would he drop his pants, give me his belt and ask me to beat him? I smiled and held out my hand. We shook on it.

"So, now I am your girlfriend." I said.

I batted my eyes at him in a flirtatious manner. He laughed.

"If you keep that up, I might take you up on your offer. I may be gay, and you are a pretty girl, but I know what you have hidden in your hot pink panties."

We both laughed.

"It's getting late and I have to get up early tomorrow. I better go."

I walked him to the door.

"Brianna, there is a 50s dance at the community center on Saturday night. Are you up for it as our first official date as boyfriend and girlfriend."

I dreaded to think about the costume Megan would put on me, but I realized that it would be an appropriate event to convince the girls we were dating, so I agreed.

I'm not sure what came over me, but after opening the door, as he turned to say good night I put my arms around his neck and kissed him briefly on the lips. I immediately felt myself turning red. He winked at me and walked out. And I was hard.

Megan came home awhile later and she had obviously been drinking. She was also quite horny and ordered me to lie on my back on the floor. She immediately straddled me and placed her pussy over my mouth. She was not wearing panties and she was very wet. I soon discovered why as a blob of semen entered my mouth. She had obviously been fucking her boyfriend and was holding his ejaculate to feed me. I was grossed out by it, but was powerless to do anything other than swallow it and all her juices.

"That's it Brianna, clean me out good!"

And I did just that. I felt a bit sick to my stomach by the time she climbed off me.

"You did well Brianna. Good night!"

She went off to her room and I went to mine. All the night clothes in my drawers were ultra feminine with nylon and a lot of lace. I picked out a white chemise which had the least amount of lace and a pair of white panties to sleep in. At least I did not have to sleep with her dildo in my ass, for which I was grateful.

Friday night came and I looked forward to seeing Mark, though I worried how Megan and the girls were going to dress me. First I squeezed into a white open bottom girdle with 4 garters for my stockings. I was given a pink bullet bra and matching trunk style panties. The stockings were nude and attached to the garters which ran under my panties.

"That is so you can drop them easily when you have to pee or to grant Mark access to your ass."

I blushed when Megan said that, but did not respond. I had no intention of allowing that and if our agreement held, Mark would not try anything like that.

Finally, she held the dress up so could slip it over my head. It was a black sleeveless dress with white polka dots and zipped up the back. I knew I would not be able to remove it without help.

It had a built in petticoat, but Megan gave me two more petticoats to wear under it. She gave me a pair of black pumps with 2 inch heels to wear. Under ordinary circumstances they were easy enough to walk in, but I was afraid I would fall and injure myself when I tried since the petticoats ensured that I could not see my feet or where I was stepping. I wondered how women survived like that in the 1950s.

She had me sit at her vanity while she put on my makeup and fixed my hair. She attached a bun on top of my head and frankly, I thought it looked ridiculous, but I did look like a girl.

"Every boy there will want to dance with you" laughed Megan.

"I hope not" I responded, getting very nervous.

Just then the doorbell rang. I went to answer it and it was Mark, looking like the Fonz.

"He smiled at me and told me I was very pretty. I blushed when he said that and before I could even thank him he grabbed me and kissed me, hard on the mouth. I was surprised and a bit put out by his action but he whispered as he pulled away

"That was for Megan's benefit."

I relaxed a little after he said that, but I can't say I did not enjoy it, at least a little bit.

Megan handed me my purse and told us to have fun. She was obviously enjoying my discomfort as I had to hold on to Mark to walk. I wondered how I would be able to dance in the outfit I was wearing.

When we arrived at the dance, most of the football team was there and Mark introduced me as his new girlfriend. Though I was extremely nervous, no one seemed to realize I was anything other than what I appeared and I relaxed a bit.

Mark really enjoyed dancing and though I was not a great dancer, I found I could follow him. It was easier to dance than I expected. When they played a slow dance he pulled me close to him. I could feel his erection against my belly and the knowledge that I was turning him on soon had an effect on me. I had tucked my penis back between my legs, but I could feel it start to stiffen and it was becoming quite uncomfortable.

When the song ended we moved to a group of tables on one side of the dance floor where the football team had gathered. The girls at our table were headed to the ladies' room and asked me if I wanted to join them. I did not really want to accompany them, but thought it might seem odd if I refused. I found a free stall, lifted my skirts, pulled down my panties and sat to pee. I remembered to wipe myself and after washing my hands I fixed my lipstick. When we finally left, as a group, I was grateful to get out of that feminine sanctuary. The rest of the evening at the dance was actually fun. I did enjoy dancing with Mark once I was able to stop worrying that I might be gay. I couldn't deny that I was turned on being so close to Mark, and I tried to convince myself it was just the circumstance of having to pretend I was a girl.

The last dance was slow and he wrapped both arms around my waist pulling me close. I had no choice but to put my hands around his neck and I leaned my head on his shoulder. I couldn't deny how good it felt, and when I felt his erection growing against my belly, I rubbed myself against it and giggled.

"Be careful, sugar, or you may get more than you bargain for" he warned me.

I was operating on instinct and without thinking about it when I kissed him, I inserted my tongue into his mouth. He sucked on it eagerly and suggested we get out of there. I nodded my agreement as the song ended and we started to make our way to the exit.

Some of the team were continuing the party at one of the girl's houses and we were invited, but Mark told them I had a curfew and we had to get me home. I giggled all the way to the car.

"Is Megan home tonight?" he asked me.

"I don't know".

"Well, my folks are home so we can't go there but I know a good spot."

We drove for a short time and he pulled over to a curb near a deserted park. He got out of the car and helped me out of the passenger side. He grabbed a blanket from the back and a bottle of wine. I gave him a questioning look and he grinned at me.

"What can I say? I was a boy scout and I try to be prepared."

I laughed at his remark and let him lead me into the park. We found a grassy spot hidden from the street where he spread out the blanket and indicated I should sit. I more or less flopped and did not know how to handle my skirts. I'm sure he got a great view of my panties, but if he did he showed no sign of it.
He sat down next to me and opened the wine. Then he offered me the bottle.

"What, no glasses?" I giggled.

He laughed and indicated I should take a taste. I was snuggled up to him with his arm around my shoulder. We passed the bottle back and forth and talked about nothing of significance. We were just enjoying being with each other. Before I knew it, I had drained the last drop of wine from the bottle. He took the bottle from me and threw it into the grass. Then he turned me gently towards him and kissed me.

It was very sensual and I put my hands on his face as I returned his kiss. He gently lay me down on my back and rolled on his side with one arm under my shoulders. We continued to kiss and I felt his hand running up my leg under my skirts. My cock was straining to be free from its prison, still bent back between my legs. Slowly his hand crept up my legs and onto my stomach. He grabbed the waistband of my panties and pulled them down. He patted my thighs indicating I should spread them and free my cock. He gave me one last kiss on my mouth and lifted my skirts up above my waist, actually covering my head with them.

The next thing I felt was his tongue on the inside of my thigh. He licked both my thighs and then my hairless balls. I don't think I was ever harder as he took my cock in his mouth. I forgot all about being gay. All I wanted was relief and I knew that was going to come very quickly.

After I came in his mouth, as he did the previous time, he kissed me and shared my ejaculate with me. I was not unhappy about receiving it from him. We lay there for awhile hugging and kissing. I ran my hand along his groin feeling his erection through his pants. I sat up and leaned over to give him one more kiss. I reached for his belt.

"You don't have to do that, Brianna if it makes you uncomfortable."

I leaned over to kiss him again.

"I want to Mark. I want to."

I unbuckled his belt and then his pants. I pulled them down to his knees and along with his boxers. His cock jumped up at me. I had forgotten how big he was. With his not forcing me to suck him it was a much more pleasant experience. I liked the silky feel of his cock on my tongue. I gently stroked his balls as I sucked on him. He was clearly as much in need of relief as I had been and it was not long until I felt him tense up and shoot his semen into my mouth. I swallowed most of it, saving a bit for him as he had done for me.

I crawled up his body with a smile on my face. As I kissed him, I deposited the last few drops into his mouth. He rolled me over on my back and with a smile on his face started tickling me. Before long we were both laughing and he stopped when I begged him too.

By now it was pretty late. We picked up the bottle and blanket and headed back to his car. He gave me a nice gentle kiss when he walked me to the door. I watched him walk to the car and then drive off before letting myself in. I decided then and there, that if I am gay, so be it.

Dressing like a girl, however, was another matter. Even after a week in skirts I did not like the tightness of the bras, the awkward and unsteady feeling I had having to walk in high heels, nor the feeling of vulnerability that the thin dresses and short skirts gave me. No, I would get out of my panties and dresses as soon as my dad came home and put a stop to it. While I hated the thought of his seeing me dressed like this, I could see no other way out of my predicament.

Having exhausted my bank account, there were no more shopping trips, I did have to play lady's maid to Megan and serve her girlfriends as a maid servant. They also had me model my new clothes more, and often had me walk around the house in only a bra and panties. I suppose one of the more humiliating things they had me do was to sunbathe in a bikini I had bought on our shopping trip. Predictably, I developed very obvious tan lines which I knew could only have one possible explanation. When my time as a girl was over, I would be too humiliated to go swimming.

I continued to date Mark, making Megan believe it was because she was forcing me to do so. The reality was that I enjoyed being with him. Several times he expressed the desire to see me as the boy I really was, but that was not possible, at least not until our parents came home.

Finally the big day arrived. Megan told me that Rita would be bringing me clothes to wear. I was anxiously waiting for Rita to come with what I expected to be my boy clothes. As the time drew near for our parents return, however, there was no Rita.

"Megan, where is Rita, I want to change my clothes."

"Don't worry Brianna. She will be here in plenty of time."

I paced around nervously. My stepmom called when they landed at the airport and said they would be home in 1 ½ hours. Just a few minutes later Rita arrived. All she carried was a garment bag. She kissed me on the cheek as she came in and handed the bag to Megan.

"Are those my clothes?" I asked.

"Yes, sweetie, they are."

She had an evil grin on her face and I got a bad feeling about what was in the bag. My suspicions were confirmed when Megan opened the bag.

They had me dress in a very short white A-line skirt and a sheer pink top that left my navel exposed and clearly displayed the lacy white bra I wore underneath. I wanted to hide but that would only delay the inevitable. I had no boy clothes in the house and I could hardly walk around naked.

Eventually our parents arrived and Mom walked in followed by a woman I did not know. She kept her head down and did not look at us. Mom looked at me and smiled.

"You are very pretty Brianna, prettier than I imagined you would be."

My heart sank. She knew about my forced feminization and obviously approved. I wondered what that meant to my future.

"Where is dad?" I asked, clinging to the hope he would save me.

Mom turned to the strange woman and said "Come here Suzanne and lift your head up!"

I looked closely at the woman and realized it was dad, dressed like a girl and not looking very happy about it!

I turned to look at mom and she was smiling at me.

"Meet my new maid, Suzanne!"

The End


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    1. I loved the ending too, so delicious and it makes you want to read a sequel.

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