Monday, September 19, 2016

Review and Illustration: M.C Questgend's The Nightmare Vacation

Chris surprised by his new female body. 
M.C Questgend’s The Nightmare Vacation, starts out with recent college graduate Chris Granger taking a vacation trip through Europe. While stopping by Amsterdam he succumbs to a mysterious illness which causes great pain, emergency surgery is needed. When Chris wakes up free from the immense pain, but that the doctors had accidently performed gender reassignment on him as well! Now he has to deal with being a female while on vacation!

The Nightmare Vacation by [Questgend, M.C.]With the title “The Nightmare Vacation,” you almost believe that the story would be a Hostel-like feminization story, but in reality you have a story about a young man coming to terms with his new skin as a young woman and the relationships that emerge from the change into the opposite sex.

M.C writes treats her readers to plenty of surprises as Chris returns back to America as she tries to reconnect with everyone. You would think nothing would shock you from the trauma from waking up a girl, but M.C writes treats her readers to plenty of surprises as Chris returns back to. M.C has a talent for shaking things up when you least expect it. Chris or Christine’s interaction with her family is well put together as a tense and awkward experience. The father struggles to look his new daughter in the eye.
The author has a way in making you care about the characters. The sense of isolation that Christine goes through most of the book is done very well. Unfortunately I’m left wondering what would the story had been if she slowed down a bit in certain portions of the story. The story is easy to read, but she glosses over many parts of the story. The first part of the book feels as if the author was in a rush to get to the sex transformation. We also are left with little to no descriptions of the physical characteristics of the characters in the book.

When it comes to the more intimate moments of the story, M.C delivers on the erotic department! The buildup to her first sexual encounter is done surprisingly well and the last one is sensuous borderline raunchy! However there are a few problems or scenes that feel a little out of place in a soft sentimental semi-erotic self discovery novel, but would feel just right at home on a rated R Fictionmania story (no offense, I love Fictionmania). Without spoiling too much, the inner slut in Christine takes over in one scene causing a bit of turbulence in the flow of M.C’s style of writing.

A missed opportunity is missed by not fully exploring the inner conflict inside Chris regarding his sexuality. The reader never really believes Christine is fully heterosexual, alas a great opportunity to help give a little more dimension to our heroine is missed. However a later trauma in the book helps flesh out the Chris character out in a different way which ultimately helps her welcome the future as a woman.

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