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Hope everyone is enjoying their labor day! Ryan Rose, or as i call her "Rose" allowed me to share her story to the blog, "All Grown Up." She is a new author and was looking to get back some feedback on her tale. If you could please give a read to her story and leave a comment or two, it would be really appreciative.

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All grown up

By Ryan Rose

What do you think happens to all of the terrible men who get turned into
little baby girls by vindictive women. What happens to them and what
kind of women do they become when they grow up. Lets find out

Alice had just turned twenty one a few weeks ago. Her childhood had been
a vicious struggle. She excelled in high school even if she didn't get
along with the other girls. There were various reasons for that. The
girl scene that teenage girls indulge was still totally foreign to her
and held little appeal. Girls in their teenage years are awkward enough,
but it was ten fold for her. She struggled and her studies excelled and
the girls taunted her enough for that. It hurt her a lot, but nothing
near as much as her mother hurt her during her childhood. She was
downright cruel, as if it was some sadistic act of revenge.

You see, Alice actually was a grown man. He was a cruel sadistic man who
pretty much deserved what he got. His mother, was actually his wife
before she had some friends with some very advanced tech transform him
into a baby girl. His wife, who was his victim during the marriage
adopted him. Her revenge was vicious, and the other various women he
abused took delight in also abusing him.

He grew up again in a dark abusive childhood. His new view on life now
showed him that he was terrible and he figured he pretty much deserved
it. But Alice wanted something more.

She looked across the table at the other darked haired older woman,
hoping for some understanding. "Kimberly, I know the way I treated you
when you worked for me all those years were wrong. I am so sorry I hurt
you. I should have respected you. I hope you can forgive me for it. But
what happened to me is so much worse. I did what I did four times in my
office. My mother invited various men to do it to me continuously during
my childhood. For years from ages 5 on up. Here is what bothers me, and
I hope you can forgive me enough to understand that these men are sick."

She spoke up, "Allen, I have forgiven you years ago. I didn't take part
in what she did, She stoped being my lover years ago. I will help you."

It was hard to believe that this girl, as a man raped her. She was so
much older than him now, she was a woman in her 40s.

"Those sick men my wife invited to abuse me, delighted in molesting
girls that age. Once I got too old, they lost interest. Even of those
teachers. They wont stop, they will find other girls to abuse. Please
help me, expose them, expose my wife. I have learned my lesson. She
hasent, she was an evil woman when we were married, I was cruel too. But
she wont stop. You know what she did to me and other women," Alice

"What do you want me to do?" Kimberly asked.

"Come forward with me. Make statements at the police, that she invited
men to abuse me and watched. That will be enough to put her away for a
long time. Then give names of those men, You know who they are."

She smiled. "Yes, I will help you." Then she went to hug Alice.

She was shocked enough, Kimberly must have seen. "Alice you look nothing
like the man that hurt me. There is none of him left. Just a shattered
little girl crying out. I will help you."

They went to the police station together. They both gave their
statements. The detectives were horrified at what they were told. It was
nothing new to them. It wasn't like they haven't heard statements from
sexual abuse victims before that were abused as children. Even if it was
invited by the parents, unfortunately, that happens too. They took the
two womens statements. It was recorded, evidence was collected. Then
warrents were sworn out by the judge.

His wife Karen was sitting comfortably in her manner that she had stolen
from her husband so many years ago. A few thoughts crossed her mind that
brought total erotic delight to her as she smiled into the darkness. She
reveled in the humiliation that her sadistic husband felt when he was
touched by a man, and violated. It happened over and over, and she loved
the look on that bastards face when he faced what he did to her and the
other women in his life. The fact that she often took delight in others
humiliations didn't enter her mind as she cheated and stole from others.
She often ripped apart their family's, taking their homes and property.
She had a long history of fraud, theft, and many other crimes. She could
be as vicious as her husband. She didn't consider what she did to him as
a crime, he was her husband, and a man. She never considered the fact
that legally he was a child, and she had become his parent when she
legally adopted him. He was legally adopted as a five year old girl. She
never considered any of that.

Then there was a knock at the door and she went to open it. There were
officers at the door holding official looking documents. She was taken
and handcuffed. She was totally shocked when her rights were read to
her. "You are under arrest for aggregated child sexual abuse. You have
the right to remain silent." She had no idea what they were talking
about. She never abused a child.

Nothing made any since until she was taken to the station and saw Alice
there, beeming with glee seeing her in handcuffs taken to a cell. Now it
all came very clear and she tried to protest.

Luckily, the officers didn't understand and began questioning her sanity
at the nonsense she began spewing. This idiot may not even be competent
to stand trial. Alice, a fifty year old man who abused other women.
There was no way.

Now Karen heard herself and realized it. She shut up in embarrassment.
Standing beside Alice was Kimberly. She realized she was done. And she
realized that what she did was a crime, alice was a little girl being
abused by her. She was alices mother. There was going to be no mercy on

Then she realized how screwed she was when some of the other men she
invited over came in, wearing handcuffs. She was lead to a cell, and
bowed her head in dispare. That bastard had won again. He screwed her
over, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Most of the men got from 10 to 20 years, few made it out of prison
She got life with parole. She would be an embittered elderly woman she
she got out, but she would be on the sex offenders life.

Alice eventually found happiness in the arms of another woman around her
age. She got his company back, and resolved to respect women, because
she was one. Her wife helped her run the company, but it went though a
transformation from the way her mother, ex wife ran things.


  1. Does his company become the forced fem protection agency, I do not think it got to the point of sympathy for a former abuser learning his lesson, as being the abused and getting justice for that. A good original story idea lots of possibilities, what if even as a loved girl he can't change his spots.

    1. Thank you for your comment on my story. How do you think I could have got to the point where you sympathized with him

  2. In the whole process of him atoning for his action's he was used by a lot of men who needed to be put away and this was his atonement but he put himself there. He was only there because his wife was the wrong one to cross if it had been a more normal wife how badly might he have become, I guess at some point all the actions of the characters reach the point of what the rest of their lives will become, but if he had been a good husband would his wife have become so cold?

  3. From the description, the wife was not exactly an angel herself before her husband's abuse. Also, it's not clear to me whether the husband was truly sorry for his abuse or sorry that he was punished. I do like seeing abusers get their just rewards, though perhaps Alice should not have benefited as well she did, i.e. gaining control of the company. However, It was a good story.

  4. Thats actually a good question that I never really considered. if he had been a good husband would his wife have become so cold? The answer is yes, it was a marriage of two very rotten mean people who pretty much deserved eachother. But since the question was asked, the answer wasnt clear. I should have made their characters more clear to the reader.

    Thanks Karen, thats another thing I should have made clear. Thanks for revealing that to me. I will try to make it better