Saturday, September 3, 2016

Becoming the Rubber Doll added and sneak pic into Subjegated Step Sissy and art for Rikki!

Annabelle B- "Hello Rhonda, this is Annabelle B, how are you?"

Rhonda- "Hello?"

Annabelle B- I have some great news for you!

Rhonda- I'm out of this feminzed prison!?

Annabelle B- "No, I have Chloe Latex gave us permission to share her "Becoming the Rubberdoll" series on the blog, we have a new author Ryan Rose, a new illustration for your Subjegated Step Sissy series and even a sneak peek for Rikki's Tales of Forced Crossdressing Blog  both in the sketch folder!


  1. Very nice, is this the digital drawing? I like how a complex background is washed and not taking away from the subject, but your subject seems smaller than you have had in the past which I think takes away the great facial expressions that give that slyness to your illustrations. Still think its a good addition to your portfolio and will always smile when coming across your drawing while reading the story.

    1. Thanks, its still a work in progress. Its a blend of traditional and digital work. I will finish it soon and add it to the Subjegated Step Sissy series. I have to admit it is smaller, but that is because I wanted you to see everything in the picture.

  2. Love the negligee and turban outfit! Looking forward to seeing the completed picture. Are you doing any more Rhonda pictures?

  3. Thank you. Yes, I do plan on doing more Rhonda pictures. I love Priscilla's style in this story.