Saturday, December 10, 2016

MTV's Undressed - Season 2 - Episode 1: Handcuffs

In high school, I used to secretly watch and enjoy MTV's Undressed. This show was an anthology series revolving around the sexual experiences of high school students, college students and post college graduates.

Despite being having no real nudity or sex, this series proved to be very steamy and erotic that created loyal cult following among people my generation as it had almost every kink imaginable! Love triangles, gay, lesbian, bisexual, crossdressing, humiliation, blackmail, interacial, name it! Undressed pretty much covered it!

Below is episode 1 of Season 2. It has high school boy being helped dressed as a girl by his best lady friend, a straight girl switching places with her lesbian twin, and a guy waking up in bed wearing panties while handcuffed to a girl!  


  1. Fun to look back at the start of some sort of acceptance that we even existed and weren't after every man's son. The twin's were great too a fun switcheroo.

    1. Indeed! This show was on the cutting edge. To bad season 3 never got uploaded, it had a guy being blackmailed into wearing lingurie by a kinky college student!