Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Kylie Gable Interview on Erotica Author's Corner

Hello Friends and Fans,

Kylie GableI'm excited to announce that we have Kylie Gable as our guest on a new edition of the Erotica Author's Corner.

Blog followers first knew Gable through The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu book review (required reading for fans of forced feminization fiction). Many of you know I have a little fan girl crush on her books, so this was very exciting for me.

However as a journalist, I did ask Kylie Gable some tough and interesting questions about disappointments, outfits, personal questions and obstacles.

Here is a very small sample:

Welcome to College Ominibus: Welcome to College Books 1 to 10 by [Gable, Kylie]Annabelle: Tell us a little about your own fans, how have they reacted to your books? How have your readers affected you and your craft? Do readers get upset over outcomes of your stories?

Kylie Gable: This is actually one thing I'd love more of. I crave the feedback of my readers and want them to post more on my blog.

Hope you all enjoy as this interview got deep into Gable's craft and past experiences. 

Click Below for Interview:
Kylie Gable Interview


  1. Thanks for this great interview Annabelle

  2. Thanks Dklyde. I hope you have gotten a chance to read Kylie's books. They are in the same spirit of Robyn's "The Exchange Student." An all time favorite of the blog.