Saturday, August 27, 2016

Karen Jensen avatar and The Jaguar's Kastsumi illustrations

I recently finished another illustration for Kylie Gable's The Jaguar story. A series about two female viglantees that feminize criminals and sexist males. All though I tried to demonstrate all of the Jaguar's trademarks the first time around in the book, I left out Katsumi (below, partner of The Jaguar)  and the full body transformation of a petty thug at the hands of Katsumi and The Jaguar.
 I'm working my way through the authors avatars on the blog. To the right is Karen Jensen (like you can't read *laughs*), but next is Priscilla and then Caroline and Brenda.


  1. Great eye's on Karen and love the look of the Jaguar art.

  2. Both pieces look great. I really like Karen's avatar I think it's one of your best.