Monday, August 8, 2016

Article- The Greatness of Male Femininity

A while a ago a fan named Carol shared this article with me to share with the blog followers.

Ms Brito,
Here's an article By Nancy Lewis of Washington, DC.    Ms Lewis' themes are:

Being female is better than being male.

The Alpha female trend is growing faster than you think.

Her skills:
Service to Alpha females. Actively supporting Femdom. Believe in the superiority of Females.

Assertive Women - Feminized Men

Welcome - This Forum is for the Radical Feminists of the 21st Century that have had enough of Patriarchal Control. This Forum is for Women and Girls that want to take the Assertive Lead in the 21st Century while turning the tables on Men and boys and taking a Gender Role Reversed Philosophy into the 21st Century. 

If Women want to be in "Control" they first need to "Take" that Control from the men and boys. While women and girls become more Assertive and Strong, they need to Encourage Men and Boys to be "In-Touch" with their Feminine and "Docile" side. By Women encouraging the males in their lives to become "Pretty" and "Sweet", to Look "Nice" for the Women's pleasures, as men have insisted that women do for them for centuries, it will create a Better, Less Violent and Less Aggressive World. 

By Men adopting a "Traditionally Feminine" Attitude and "Dress Code", the Women will Take the "Stress' away from men, and let the men experience the Greatness of Male Femininity! We Need Women that are Assertive and Independent to achieve this Wonderful Goal!

The Greatness of Male Femininity

Maybe I'm just so used to working in a women's world that male submission and the acceptance of feminization are slowly becoming entrenched ideologies in me. I 
find myself looking to women for authority and leadership as well as guidance in my attitudes. Or m
aybe Feminization is just evolution.


Women are  unstoppable !

        a Better, Less Violent and Less Aggressive World. 


  1. I have always found this concept to be something of an oxy moron. Feminizing males, because females are superior so they mean to demean men by feminizing them? Seriously? Then they are really elevating males to their level, but they dont want to see it that way and thats what annoys me in so many femdom fiction where they feminize men

    1. I know, it didn't dawn on me until I read a story called The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu. All these years and it hit me last year. Women making men into females and having them perform over exaguration acts of female life and engage in the position of a female during sexual acts. It's like you are trying to overstate that yeah women are the weaker sex, so we are going to make you into a girl. You bring up a good point Jennifer, but remember you have to suspend logic when reading erotic fantasies.