Saturday, April 9, 2016

Now married online to a submissive pretty male wife!

Over the week, I tied the knot with a fan over the internet. We are role playing on google, she wants to be submissive housewife while I am the Lady Husband (the bread winner). Her name is Clarissa and has declared her total surrender to me. Its great we are going to redo our wedding because we did it rather rushed. We are even writing together our wedding vows and marriage certificate!

I have been thinking of including other people in on the ceremony. Contact me if you are interested. I want to have a wedding similar to the wedding in Kylie Gable's Sam series. Those that read that story know what I'm talking about. It would be all feminine. Hit me up if you are interested, while I'm still trying to figure this whole thing out. Please be respectful.


  1. I ad love your blog as have i been here before. Ship wishing you all the very best

    1. Thanks Staci for supporting the blog and your warm wishes.