Monday, January 22, 2018

Vows of Servitude Part 2 now up!!

Almost 10 years ago I stumbled upon a forced feminization story site, there I read 2 stories that reflecting now, I realize changed my life. One was Adventure at the Mall (now illustrated on this blog) the other was Prisiclla's story The Subjegated Step Sissy. I could not believe what I was reading the first time I read it, I was literally shaking (I'm dead serious) when the erotic moments arrived. I thought it was the most erotic taboo thing I have ever read.

In a way Priscilla is 50% (maybe more) responsible for this blog existing, she helped open the door to this wonderful and erotic genre to me.

Starting the Week of Priscilla, I have the conclusion to Vows of Servitude now added. will it end for Claudia at the hands of Mummy?

Vows of Servitude part 2  

But I will be adding more Priscilla content as the days go by this week. I will announce them here, so be on the look out.

Also Priscilla has allowed me to share her email contact:

Contact Priscilla:


Annabelle B.

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