Friday, January 26, 2018

Carrie P & Priscilla story "Intermission" is now up!

In case you didn't know, or needed a little reminder....

the collaboration (first time ever on the blog!) between authors Carrie P and Priscilla is now available here on the feminization blog for your personal pleasure, Intermission.  

Sample from Intermission:

“Are you admiring the adorable picture of femininity you have become, Babette darling? It’s difficult to take your eyes off that lovely bosom of yours, isn’t it dearie? With such a slim waist and voluptuous hips, I’ll bet you’d get some catcalls and whistles if I paraded you downtown on the promenade, through the city, wouldn’t you?” Camille Deadlock sneered.

“Look at me you simpering sissy-girl. I cannot wait to see you, kneeling, kissing my daughter’s high heels, begging her pardon. Possibly for your penance, you could polish her riding boots? Maybe you could then give her a foot bath and pedicure, while she chats with some girlfriends? Wouldn’t that be a courtly act on your part? Not exactly normal manly pursuits, are those?” Camille sneered.

Intermission story

By the way, Carrie P (One of Priscilla's favorite authors) has a blog of her own writings.  The image below says it all.... Enjoy

Link to Carrie P's Blog

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