Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Priscilla's new story "Vows of Servitude" is now up for your feminization enjoyment!

Priscilla Gay Bouffant (author of the classic The Subjegated Step Sissy), one of the original masters of feminization literature is back with an all new story, Vows of Servitude!

This story takes place in the Priscilla Bouffant universe with Claude being turned into Claudia an extra girly sissy wife male to a sexually aggressive powerful rich woman named Tanya.

"Claudia" prefering to live a life of luxury is asked to sacrafice his masulinity to Tanya and the rules of his female husband's power secret society....

She drained me dry and swallowed every drop. “There, you go, you nasty girl. Did you think I would let you come to my dinner table with your boner showing through the lovely gown I picked out for you?” Vera gurgled.

“Do you know why I drained you of all your sperm sissy? Because if you drain a sissy’s sperm, you drain away a little more of their strength and aggressiveness. When I swallowed your sperm, I gained that same strength and aggression. I’m like a sperm vampire,” she laughed.

Here is what Priscilla had to say about her latest story:

"What I tried to do in this story is really make the sissy/sissies, extra girly, and the women extra sexually aggressive in a stereotypical masculine way. I've even tried to regularly refer to Tanya as the "Husband." I wanted to develop Claudia's character, as someone, when even still a male, had no ambition but to be kept by a rich female. In this case, when it meant he would have to sacrifice his "masculine" rites of passage to do that, he/she complied. Even Claudia's babyish groveling to Mummy Vera, shows that Claude/Claudia will sacrifice any sense of self esteem simply to be cared for by whatever female will care for him/her.
Claudia will play whatever role she is assigned as long as she may stay in the good graces of her benefactresses. She's basically a borderline slut and doing her best to enjoy it.



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