Monday, January 22, 2018

Two of Priscilla's erotic stories are now up!

For the first time stories, Aunt Margo Knows Best and Mincing Maid, Miss Mandee are now available on this blog for your personal pleasure.

From Aunt Margo Knows Best:

Ten minutes later I was huddled on the couch, a sobbing wreck! Margo had spanked my butt raw! Phyllis held me as Margo stood off to the side saying, "I had no idea he was such a sissy, pantywaist. Goodness! I barely hit him. Much softer then I hit you dear," she said as Phyllis rubbed my head.

Below is an illustration I have in the works for The Subjegated Step Sissy...stay tuned.

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  1. This drawing of Rhonda and Antonio is awesome darling. "A picture is worth a thousand words?" Well yes, I would think so. Look at Rhonda's eyes. Those eyes say everything about her plight. "I cannot believe this is happening? I have a set of pert boobs and I'm about to give my new, hairdresser boyfriend a blow job?!"