Monday, March 5, 2018

Perils of Paul: The Indentured Catering Job is finally out!

After a small problem with Amazon, Valerie Whip's Perils of Paul: The Indentured Catering Job is at last out.

We had unfortunately had to cut out three illustrations for being a little to hot for Amazon. I will share them here for free to our lovely fans. Sorry for those that picked the book, you will get them here along with the text. Hopefully you will enjoy Valerie's kinky creative dirty thought mind.

Below is a free sample along with a cut illustration of the book

Don't forget to pick up a copy of Valerie's latest book on Amazon!

“My mistress said that you deserved a bonus for your performance tonight.” She began removing her tiny and sexy outfit. Her cherry–like nipple hidden behind the tiny white lace triangles and her warm sweetened snatch snuggled in her lace panties were so tempting. She then opened the shower door and I stepped back not knowing what she was going to do next. She stepped in and knelt down before me. 

The shower was drenching her as she took hold of my member saying, “And I am your bonus.” She then took my shaft completely into her warm mouth and began sucking. She slid her hands up my legs and grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed them as she sucked on my dick. She was an expert, slowly lubricating it and teasing it to full erection. She diligently kept working until she had me panting and weak kneed. I could not take it anymore and exploded into her hungry mouth.


Perils of Paul: The Indentured Catering

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