Monday, March 12, 2018

Brand New Subjugated Step-Sissy chapter!

Great news fans of Priscilla Gay Bouffant! And fans of feminization literature! The mistress of this genre has crafted and shared a brand new chapter in the Subjugated Step Sissy series.

Let me take a moment to inform why this is a big deal, this series is what opened the door to what I do and like mentioned before it helped give birth to this blog, The other big deal is that Priscilla didn't need to do another chapter, I did not ask her. She did this of the kindness of her heart.

This new chapter, we find Ron getting his life back together after serving his time as Antonio's "Trophy Sissy." He is no longer Rhonda and finds work with a powerful company headed by an equally powerful woman who happens to be a member of the Cassandra Sisterhood....


“Why don’t you share a Bran muffin with me Evan, and have a cup of Green tea?” Alissa asked. Honestly, after the shampoo I thought I knew what was going on, or so it seemed?  
     I even recalled Alissa having me hand her some perm waving rods and papers. But I didn’t think anything of it. However, as she was combing me out, using a rat-tail comb, a light brush and lots of hair spray, it was like I was coming out of a trance!  I certainly never recalled, asking her to make my hair wavy, and put in shimmery blond highlights!

     “Oh Evan it looks stunning! Aren’t you glad we came here?” Lila asked.

      “Well, I mean, what color is my hair? And where did all those waves come from? Did I just get a perm?” I asked.

         “We though you needed to brighten things up a little, honey. Alissa changed your color from medium to a very light brown. Then she added some platinum blonde highlights. Then a mild body wave. Personally I think you look gorgeous dear,” Lila added as Alissa gave me the most beautiful smile.


Subjugated Step-Sissy Part 5 

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  1. Wow no escape from the Cassanda sisterhood I guess he is going willingly but it seems he has been conditioned for this from the start. At least his life will have purpose and he will become a wonderful wife. Thanks for a wonderful fantasy it was so enjoyable.

    1. You are so very welcome! When my batteries recharge I'd like to get going on the 6th, and likely, the final part.